The Evil That Men Do...
Insiders Work Toward Socialism

Albert V. Burns
October 2, 2002

The vast majority of Americans, indeed people all over the world, have been carefully indoctrinated with the idea that the existing political spectrum has Naziism on the right end and Communism on the left end with the doctrine of "democratic socialism" somewhere near the middle. An extremely clever propaganda ploy! If you remember, Naziism was National Socialism, Communism is international socialism and democratic socialism is just that. Accept that spectrum and you will have socialism anywhere along it.

A more correct political spectrum, and one which I believe in, has total government on the left and zero government on the right. Note that total government includes Naziism, Socialism, Communism and any other form of total autocratic control. Zero government would be anarchy which really isn't a form of government at all but which is used to institute some form of total control. The political spectrum is closer to being a horseshoe than it is to a straight line since the jump from anarchy to dictatorship is a very short move.

Using this form of political gradation, the constitutional republican form of government which our Founding Fathers gave us would lie closer toward the no government end of the spectrum. We Constitutionalists are NOT far right wing, we are actually middle-of-the-road.

The second thing which needs to be looked at before getting into the discussion of just WHY the internationalists, bankers, etc. are moving the world toward socialism is a discussion of logic. Somehow logic isn't being taught much any more for obvious reasons: if you can think logically you are not as easy to control.

There are three basic rules in beginning logic: 1. If you start out with a valid premise and use correct logic your conclusion must be correct; 2. If you start out with an invalid premise and use correct logic your conclusion must be false; 3. If you start out with either a valid or an invalid premise and use faulty logic you cannot know whether your conclusion is true or false. There you are: College Logic Course 101!

Now to get to our question of the day: Why would the super-rich and other Insiders want to subject the world to socialism? Don't they know it has failed everywhere it has been tried? Are they uninformed, misinformed or stupid?

Inherent in those questions is the unspoken premise that these people are dedicated to improving the lot of the poor, downtrodden masses; that they want to stamp out poverty, ignorance and disease, etc. as we are told over and over. If you start with this premise and use ordinary logic then their actions make absolutely no sense whatsoever, hence the confusion in the minds of thinking persons.

Remember the second rule of logic above? Believing that those who manipulate the world's affairs behind the scenes really want to improve the living standards of the world is, in my opinion, a totally false premise. These people KNOW that socialism is a failed economic system, which is precisely WHY they are driving relentlessly toward its establishment. That sounds totally paradoxical and insane, doesn't it? Perhaps that is because you don't understand how their minds work!

The United States became the world's mightiest economic and military power precisely because our people were free to innovate, invent, work hard and KEEP the benefits of their ingenuity. We became a nation of plenty with millions of salesmen trying to move the "too much." After almost 6000 years of man's history of recurrent famines suddenly here in one place on the earth we have never had a famine! (Yet!)

I have read that between 1860 and about 1920 the gross national product of the United States was DOUBLING every eight years in a geometric progression which moved us from being essentially an agrarian economy to being the richest nation in the world. We were on a roll!

Unfortunately, by 1920 the seeds of destruction of that economy had already been sown. By about 1908 the idea of "tax free foundations" had been established to protect the wealth of the rich from the devastating effects of their own plans for this country. In 1913, a disastrous year, three things took place which were to prove catastrophic for us: the 16th Amendment was passed to allow for an income tax on the American citizen's wages; the Federal Reserve was instituted to control all banking in this country, and the 17th Amendment was passed to change the manner of election of Senators who were supposed to represent the individual states rather than the people in the states. These changes to our system were made deliberately and with malice aforethought! The big question is still WHY? Again, the answer comes from an unusual source. In 1937, Leon Trotsky, one of the big three in the Russian revolution of 1917, wrote a book called The Revolution Betrayed." On page 112 of that book he stated: "The basis of bureaucratic rule is the poverty of society in objects of consumption....When there is (sic) enough goods in the store, the purchasers can come whenever they want to. When there is (sic) little goods, the purchasers are compelled to stand in line. When the lines are very long, it is necessary to appoint a policeman to keep order. Such is the starting point of the power of the Soviet bureaucracy. It "knows" who is to get something and who has to wait."

I submit that there you have a perfect explanation of why these Insiders work toward socialism. In place of an economy where there are millions of salesmen trying to move the "too much," you will have an economy with millions of ration clerks trying to apportion the "too little." These megalomaniacs promote socialism because they know that socialism MEANS control over people! If we become dependent on the government for our food, clothing, housing, transportation, all means of commerce, then we will be totally at the mercy of the government. We will be controlled much more effectively than if they used guns.

G. Edward Griffin made a 16mm movie of a speech he gave back in the late 60s called "More Deadly Than War." In that talk he reported on an anti-Communist refugee he had talked with. In that conversation the refugee explained how the Communist regimes, after the first burst of violence, didn't need soldiers everywhere because the people were controlled much better through economic means. Then the refugee said, and this is aimed at everyone reading this column: "You know, I came to America expecting to find a nation of free men. But, instead, I find exactly the same thing. Everywhere I look I see men and women who know that the Communists are making headway in this country. They know that something must be done and that someone must stand up to them. But they, themselves, do nothing. They remain silent, because they're afraid that if they speak out or take a stand publicly, it'll be bad for business. They may lose a client. They may even lose their jobs. Or perhaps they're already receiving a regular government check, and are already too dependent upon some of the very people and programs they know they should oppose.

"These men have voluntarily gone behind the Iron Curtain. They're already taken over by the Communists. The only difference is that, for the present at least, they can still get out anytime they really want to. We could not." (Remember that was way back in 1969!)

It is long, LONG past time for the American people to wake up to the reality of the fate which is rapidly approaching them. Every dictator must have control over the economic life of his citizens. That is true of all such regimes, whether they be Fascism, Naziism, Communism and, yes, Socialism! Total government control is totalitarianism — that's what the word means.

Are you going to spread this message far and wide among all your friends, relatives and acquaintances? Or are you content to try to live out your own remaining time span in the hope that it won't affect YOU too badly?

As a first step in furthering your own education and then that of those around you, I highly recommend that you purchase your own copy of "More Deadly Than War" now available on video tape. Although it was originally produced in 1969, it is even more valuable today since it covers precisely what we have been talking about in these last three columns. Mr. Griffin is in business as "Reality Zone", P.O. Box 4646 Westlake Village, CA 91359. You can also order by phone at 1-800-595-6596 or via the internet at The last I knew, the video was selling for $19.95. You really should consider also getting his video "The Grand Design — The Hidden Plan Behind U.S. Foreign Policy." Although this was originally given in 1968, it is incredibly pertinent today as he shows how BOTH political parties have been working toward world government ever since World War II. The last I heard, if you buy both at once, each is cheaper.

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Albert V. Burns writes from Utah and is a regular columnist for the Spanish Fork Press. He has an extensive knowledge of the conspiracy which has been working so hard to destroy this nation and incorporate it into a one world government. He has developed an extensive personal research library and the knowledge to find what he needs, to write his columns. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

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