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"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.
It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies.
The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated;
but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end
for they do so with the approval of their own conscience." —C. S. Lewis (1898–1963)

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“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government
from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” —Thomas Jefferson

“Just because you do not take an interest in politics
doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you.”
—Pericles, Greek statesman, 495–429 BC

“I am certain that nothing has done so much to destroy the juridical safeguards of
individual freedom as the striving after this mirage of social justice.”
F. A. Hayek, Economic Freedom and Representative Government (1973)

Truth is always stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sense. — Mark Twain

"Economic power is exercised by means of a positive, by offering men a reward,
an incentive, a payment, a value; political power is exercised by means of a negative,
by the threat of punishment, injury, imprisonment, destruction.
The businessman's tool is values; the bureaucrat's tool is fear."
— Novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand

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Why Islam is Not a Religion
It should be uniquely classified in its own category

Rebecca Bynum
There is no higher truth than Islam, no higher good than Islam and nothing more beautiful than Islam. Islam has replaced God, you see, and its ultimate goal is not to lead men to seek those higher values. Islam exists simply to perpetuate itself.

Latest Clue That DOJ Investigation of IRS Is a Sham
Hans von Spakovsky
Evidence has been accumulating for some time that the Justice Department's criminal investigation into the IRS scandal isn't a real investigation. But the latest indication it may be a sham came to light through an embarrassing but highly revealing error made by a senior communications aide to Attorney General Eric Holder.


Why the United States is a republic and not a democracy
A Republic v. A Democracy
Why the U.S.A. is one and not the other.

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Week ending 21 September 2014

Benghazi Bombshell: Clinton State Department Official
Reveals Details of Alleged Document 'Scrubbing'

Sharyl Attkisson
As the House Select Committee on Benghazi prepares for its first hearing this week, a former State Department diplomat is coming forward with a startling allegation: Hillary Clinton confidants were part of an operation to "separate" damaging documents before they were turned over to the Accountability Review Board investigating security lapses surrounding the Sept. 11, 2012, terrorist attacks on the U.S. mission in Benghazi.

More Evidence of Benghazi Cover-Up

Roger Aronoff
Hillary Clinton has long pointed to the "independent" 2012 Accountability Review Board (ARB) report as the ultimate arbiter of the Benghazi attacks, but newly revealed allegations by a former State Department employee call into question whether the ARB was given the full set of facts by those at State, or if, instead, a massive cover-up was launched to shield those on the 7th Floor from the fallout over Benghazi.
Australia Raids Foil Reported ISIS Beheading Plots
About 800 federal and state police officers raided more than a dozen properties across 12 Sydney suburbs as part of the operation – the largest in Australian history, Australian Federal Police Deputy Commissioner Andrew Colvin told the Associated Press. A sword was removed as part of evidence at one of the homes. Separate raids in the eastern cities of Brisbane and Logan were also conducted.

Australians Now Wish They Were Armed
After Latest ISIS Plot Revealed

Nick Adams
ISIS the best advertisement for the 2nd Amendment. Never before have I felt so naked. Now more than ever, I wish I was armed. And I'm not alone. Any and all home-grown Islamic terrorism should be able, if need be, to be met by a well-armed civilian militia.
Jihad Comes to America
The Challenge of Stopping Do-it-yourself Jihadism
Jonah Goldberg
Al-Qaeda always had an odd obsession with destroying aircraft and committing dramatic acts of murder. This fixation had an advantage: Such elaborate plots were easier to be foiled by law enforcement and intelligence agencies. The Islamic State has discovered that beheadings – which are cheap and relatively easy to conduct – have a huge impact in the West.

ISIS Urging 'lone wolf' Jihad Attacks On U.S. Soil
A law enforcement bulletin obtained by warned that Islamic State fighters have increased calls for "lone wolves" to attack U.S. soldiers in America in recent months, citing one tweet that called for jihadists to find service members' addresses online and then "show up and slaughter them."

Why is the Brendan Tevlin Murder So Underreported?

Originally, the teen's murder was labeled an attempted robbery, allowing the media to remain silent. Now, court documents have revealed that Brown's motivation for killing Tevlin had less to do with thievery, and more to do with America's pushback against Jihadist terrorism in the Middle East.

Radical Islamist Suspected of Killing Three Gays in Seattle
Guns Down 19-Year-Old NJ Teen in Cold Blood

A confessed radical Islamist by the name of Ali Muhammad Brown has committed murders that he claims are an act of "vengeance" against the United States. In a string of murders ranging from Oregon to New Jersey, the suspected killer has declared his jihadist intentions.

Law Enforcement Bulletin Warned of ISIS
Urging Jihad Attacks on U.S. Soil

A law enforcement bulletin obtained by warned that Islamic State fighters have increased calls for "lone wolves" to attack U.S. soldiers in America in recent months, citing one tweet that called for jihadists to find service members´ addresses online and then "show up and slaughter them."
Obama's Fatwa: AG Holder Enforces Islamic Sharia Law,
Citizens Can't Use Zoning Laws To Block Mosques

Pamele Geller
In a striking violation of the establishment clause, Obama's lawless administration is imposing the sharia nationwide, allowing the  rampant construction of rabats and jihad recruitment centers at a time when we should be monitoring the mosques and restricting construction of  Muslim Brotherhood beachheads and Islamic State madrassas.
Losing the Half-Century War on Poverty
Patriot Post editorial
We were only a few short years into the War on Terror when the Left demanded we pull the plug because of a lack of results. Yet 50 years into the War on Poverty declared by President Lyndon Johnson in 1964, we've spent an estimated $22 trillion trying to alleviate poverty with little to show for it.
Audit: In Potential Violation of Law,
All Obamacare Plans in 5 States Cover Abortion 

All of the health plans offered by Obamacare exchanges in five states include coverage for abortions in a potential violation of the law that says at least two plans must be available to consumers who don't want any association with the controversial procedure, according to a government audit released late Monday.
Businesses Report Cutting Jobs Due to ObamaCare
Businesses are cutting jobs due to ObamaCare, according to surveys by several regional Federal Reserve Banks. "Roughly one fifth are saying they're moving from full time to part time," [economist John] Goodman added. "More than one in ten are saying they're doing more outsourcing – all this because of the new health care reform."

Hurdles for Obama Health Law in 2nd Sign-up Season
Law's Convoluted Connections with the IRS Worries Some

Potential complications await consumers as President Barack Obama's health care law approaches its second open enrollment season, just two months away. Don't expect a repeat of last year's website meltdown, but the new sign-up period could expose underlying problems with the law itself that are less easily fixed than a computer system.

Tax Refunds Will Be Cut for Obamacare Recipients
A significant benefit of the Affordable Care Act is the opportunity to receive money-saving tax credits up front to cut the overall cost of health insurance, but now hundreds of thousands of consumers could owe back some of that money next April. "Health insurance is confusing enough, and now they're adding the complexities of the Tax Code," said Lorena Bencsik.

Administration Threatens to Cut Off Obamacare Subsidies to 360,000;
Income Verification Added to Immigration Status Confirmation

The Obama administration announced Monday that it will cut off tax subsidies to about 360,000 people if they do not offer proof of their income in the next two weeks. Officials will send final notices this week to individuals who signed up for ObamaCare with income levels that didn't match government records.

Obamacare's 'family glitch' Could Affect 2 Million Americans
In theory, Obamacare is supposed to offer fully or partially subsidized health insurance to Americans below a certain income threshold if they do not have the option of obtaining affordable coverage through their employers. "Affordable" is defined as coverage cheaper than 9.5 percent of household income. But under a ruling by the Internal Revenue Service, an employer is only required to offer affordable coverage to individuals.
Bombshell Emails: White House Coordinated with Department of Labor
To Hide Illegal Obama Fundraiser Hilda Solis' Schedule

The Department of Labor coordinated with the White House on whether or not to release hidden portions of former Labor Secretary Hilda Solis' schedule as Solis battled an FBI investigation into her illegal fundraising for President Obama.
Study Finds Michelle O's Healthy Food Program
Elitist, Sexist, and Shames Working Mothers

First Lady Michelle Obama has made healthy eating and exercise her signature issue. But, a recent study published by the Sage Journal found that her "elitist" advice actually "shames poor and middle class mothers." The College Fix added that the study found that Michelle Obama's healthy eating program is also sexist.
FOIA: Emails Reveal 'Collusion' with Green Activist Groups
Over EPA Climate Agenda

Obama's EPA in collusion with "green" lobby groups – Report details the conflicts of interest, "unalterably closed minds", internal activism and influence of outside interest groups on the Obama Administration EPA. Documents raise questions re EPA rules legality.

EPA Rife With Green Conflicts of Interest;
Groups and Individuals Named

"Example after example clearly show that senior leadership in the EPA, made up exclusively of career bureaucrats and former, and likely future green group activists, operate on behalf of the green groups, and do so to the exclusion of other legitimate stakeholders and the public at large," said Christopher C. Horner.

Prepare for a Deluge of Climate Change Hype
Alan Caruba
What the mainstream media have largely failed to report were the nine international conferences on climate change sponsored by The Heartland Institute, a Chicago-based think tank. Heartland’s “Climate Change Reconsidered” reports are filled with the science that debunks the doomsday scenarios.

Climate Hype Exposed
[L]aws and regulations implemented in the name of preventing climate change have increased the cost of virtually everything people make, grow, ship, drive, eat, and do. With so much at stake, it is essential that climate research is honest, accurate and credible, and that the resultant energy and climate policies are based on sound, replicable science. Instead, the studies and reports are consistently defective and even deceitful.
GAO: More Coal Power Plants To Close Than Expected
More coal-fired power plants will close because of environmental regulations and competition from other energy sources than previously thought, according to federal watchdogs... The report said that raises concerns about having enough electricity supply to meet demand in certain situations, potentially increasing instances of blackouts.
Senator Sessions: America Not an Oligarchy
Where Masters of the Universe Decide Immigration Law

Thursday on the Senate floor, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) railed against the secret deals President Barack Obama has made with IT CEOs to use his executive power and grant amnesty to upwards of 5 million illegal immigrants already living in the United States.
"The people said no, no, no"
Sanctuary: NY Democrats Seek Full Citizen Rights for Illegal Immigrants
Illegals Could Also Apply for Professional Licenses and Serve on Juries

Illegal aliens in New York could score billions in Medicaid and college tuition money – along with driver's licenses, voting rights and even the ability to run for office – if Democrats win control of the state Senate in November, The Post has learned. A little-known bill, dubbed "New York is Home," would offer the most sweeping amnesty available anywhere in the country to nearly 3 million noncitizens living in the Empire State.
Common Core's Revenge
Spencer Irvine
The Pioneer Institute, a Massachusetts-based think tank, released a new study, "The Revenge of K-12: How Common Core and the New SAT Lower College Standards in the U.S." to help parents, teachers, and policymakers understand the problems with the Common Core State Standards.
Iraq: ISIS Issues New School Curriculum:
No Music, Art and Literature for Mosul Kids

Islamic State militants have issued a new set of retrograde academic guidelines as schools reopened in cities controlled by the jihadist group in Syria and Iraq. According to a new curriculum imposed in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, art and music are now banned subjects and all classes about history, literature and Christianity have been cancelled.
Gang Members Who Fatally Shot Chicago Boy, 9,
Thought He Was Trying To Warn Rivals

Four men have been arrested and charged in the killing of 9-year-old Antonio Smith Jr. on Chicago’s South Side on Aug. 20. Police said the triggerman thought the boy was trying to warn rivals that he was stalking them when he opened fire.
College Student Forced to Remove American Flag from Balcony,
'Could Offend Foreign People'

While Smith's lease agreement with the apartment's management does have a clause that says "no signs or other personal property may be kept outside the premises," attorney Christian Curry told ABC. that the clause comes close to infringing on First Amendment rights.
'Interceptor' Cellphone Towers Found Near White House, Senate
Mysterious "interceptor" cellphone towers that can listen in someone's phone call despite not being part of any phone networks have turned up near the White House and Senate. A company that specializes in selling secure mobile phones discovered the existence of several of the towers in and around the nation's capitol.

Week ending 14 September 2014

Why is Obama Kicking the ISIS Can Down the Road?
Nonie Darwish
When Obama declared he had no strategy yet on ISIS a few weeks ago he was perceived as a weak and indecisive leader, but is that all the reason for his reluctance to fight ISIS? Or are there other, hidden reasons why Obama does not want to destroy ISIS?
Islam is a Socio-Political Construct Masquerading as a Religion
Stu Tarlowe
Over the past several weeks, there’s been a plethora of discussion over Obama’s “strategy” vis-à-vis ISIS, whether he actually had a strategy and, if so, what it might be. Well, he certainly had a strategy for the speech he gave last night. Like an entertainer who opens his act with his biggest number, Obama’s strategy was to open his speech with the most blatant, brazen, bald-faced lie imaginable. [More]
“There is a rank due to the United States, among nations, which will be withheld, if not absolutely lost, by the reputation of weakness. If we desire to avoid insult, we must be able to repel it; if we desire to secure peace, one of the most powerful instruments of our rising prosperity, it must be known that we are at all times ready for war.”
—George Washington, Fifth Annual Message, 1793
Prophetic Words: G. W. Bush Predicted
Terror, Death and Chaos of Iraq Pullout

Bush made the remarks in the White House briefing room on July 12, 2007, as he argued against those who sought an immediate troop withdrawal. "To begin withdrawing before our commanders tell us we are ready would be dangerous for Iraq, for the region and for the United States," Bush cautioned. He then ticked off a string of predictions about what would happen if the U.S. left too early.
7 ISIS Facts Every American Should Know
In January, President Barack Obama dismissed the Islamic State (ISIS) as merely a “JV team.” Last week, Obama reversed that position and told NBC News ISIS is “not a JV team.” Given the Administration’s contradictory and muddled messages, here, then, are seven ISIS facts:
It's Not a Misnomer
The term "moderate Islamist" is contradictory

Andrew C. McCarthy
An Islamist wants government by sharia, Islam's totalitarian societal framework and legal code. There is nothing moderate about sharia. Those who want it implemented are not "moderates" even if they don't commit mass-murder to get their way. Sharia is also anti-liberty, anti-equality, and anti-Western.
CAIR Wanted Obama to Distinguish Islamic State from Islam in
Prime-time Address

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) wants President Obama in his speech on ISIS Wednesday night to reject the jihadists' "misappropriation of Islamic terms and concepts," and to recognize that the terrorist group was created by "the lack of freedom and justice in the region."
Jihadi Tapes Reveal ‘PB&J’ Code in ‘culinary school’
The American who coordinates the Islamic State’s online propaganda efforts was caught on tape by the FBI in 2006 plotting “peanut butter-and-jelly sandwiches” from “culinary school” – code for terrorist attacks and training camps. The phone and online conversations give a chilling look inside the head of a homegrown terrorist.

Boston Bombers' Mosque Tied to ISIS
Now it can be revealed that another regular worshipper at the Islamic Society mosque was Ahmad Abousamra, who is now the top propagandist for ISIS. Abousamra's father, a prominent doctor, even sat on the board of directors of the Muslim organization that runs the mosque. He stepped down after the FBI began questioning his son.

Turkey Says No to Obama;
Denies U.S. Permission for Combat Attacks on ISIL

Turkey will not allow a U.S.-led coalition to attack Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorists in Iraq and Syria from Turkish air bases, AFP reports. Turkey will also not participate in combat operations but will instead focus on humanitarian aid to the countries. ISIL currently controls large portions of territory in Iraq and Syria along Turkey's borders.
World at War
Victor Davis Hanson
In truth, the world has dropped its vigilance since 9/11; Western populations are exhausted by economic hard times and acrimony over the wars in Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan. The charge of Islamaphobia means that Western societies have trouble confronting radical Islamists in their midst, like Major Hasan, the Tsarnaev Boston Marathon bombers, and throngs of virulently anti-Semitic Muslim immigrants in Europe.
Rise of the Islamic State – A Retrospective
Manifestations of Foreign Policy Malfeasance

Mark Alexander
Obama had hoped he could get through the upcoming election on the deception that his foreign policy was successful...But alas for him, it's not to be. After major meltdowns under Obama in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Jordan, ad infinitum, and major expenditures of blood and treasure in Iraq, the latter has been overwhelmed by the metastasizing jihadist heir apparent of al-Qa'ida, properly known as the Islamic State in the Levant.
Kerry ´Taken Aback´ by
James Foley´s Mother´s Reaction to Handling of Case

Chelsea J. Carter
The U.S. government Friday defended its handling of James Foley´s case after the slain journalist´s mother told CNN that officials suggested the family could be charged if they tried to raise money to free him.
Coalition Refusing Obama´s ISIS Fight Far Bigger
Than One Helping It

Thomas Rose
For all the ridicule heaped upon George W. Bush’s so-called “Coalition of the Willing” by President Obama, Vice President Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry, among others, the US-led 2003 operation to liberate Iraq and overthrow the regime of Saddam Hussein was assisted by 49 nations that provided material military support including troops, intelligence cooperation, material, logistics, ground facilities, and financial assistance.
Obama's Betrayal of the Constitution
Bruce Ackerman – New York Times
Mr. Obama may rightly be frustrated by gridlock in Washington, but his assault on the rule of law is a devastating setback for our constitutional order. His refusal even to ask the Justice Department to provide a formal legal pretext for the war on ISIS is astonishing.
NY Times: ‘Assault Weapons’
A Myth Democrats Created In 1990s

On September 13, the 20th anniversary of the signing of the federal assault weapons ban, The New York Times ran a column explaining that the very term "assault weapon" is one the "Democrats created" in the 1990s in order to ban "a politically defined category of guns."
File under:
We Told You So
If Loyalty Had to Be Defined By a Picture,
This Would Be It.

A military working dog spotted in an airport protecting a soldier while he sleeps, this German shepherd is quickly becoming a viral sensation. It's a great reminder that heroes come in all sizes (and breeds).
Four Legs and a Life of Service
EPA Proposed Regulation Would Significantly Hurt Access to Electricity
John Eick
There is a key distinction between climate change denial and having major concerns with a proposed EPA regulation that would place a significant financial burden on the economy, grossly expand the power of the EPA at the expense of the states, and threaten electric reliability while providing little in the way of environmental benefit.
862 MegaWatts Gone as
Duke Energy Retires Coal Operations at W.C. Beckjord Station

Due to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's increasingly stringent regulations on power plant emissions, Duke Energy Ohio three years ago announced its intent to retire Beckjord Station's coal-fired units 1 through 6 – totaling 862 MW of generating capacity – by Jan. 1, 2015.
No Country for Burly Men
How feminists skewed the stimulus plan towards women's jobs.

Christina Hoff Sommers
A "man-cession." That's what some economists are starting to call it. Of the 5.7 million jobs Americans lost between December 2007 and May 2009, nearly 80 percent had been held by men. Mark Perry, an economist at the University of Michigan, characterizes the recession as a "downturn" for women but a "catastrophe" for men.
13-year-old Piano Prodigy is Treated as a Truant
Instead of a Star Straight-A Student

Petula Dvorak
The prodigy, who just turned 13, was one of 12 musicians selected from across the globe to play at a prestigious event in Munich last year and has won competitions and headlined with orchestras nationwide. But to the D.C. public school system, the eighth-grader from Mount Pleasant is also a truant.
School Labels Chapstick 'over-the-counter drug' –
Student with Severe, Bleeding Lips Denied Use

When 11-year-old Grace Karaffa was told she couldn't use ChapStick at her Virginia elementary school, the girl – who'd been prohibited from using it for years to treat her dry, bleeding lips – decided she'd had enough. The fifth-grader created a petition and presented her case before the Augusta County school board last week, arguing that a ban on the most commonly used remedy to treat chapped lips was "inappropriate," her father told

Week ending 7 September 2014

Too Cool to Care: Could Obama’s Privileged and
Pot-filled Adolescence Explain his Presidential Lassitude?

James W. Lucas
National Journal reporter Ron Fournier writes that "virtually every post critical of Obama has originated from conversations with Democrats…" Veteran journalist Bob Woodward also reports being told by numerous Democrats of President's Obama's disengagement from many major issues. In the last few days the New York Times has reported even Harry Reid complaining how disengaged the President seemed.
Leave Obama Alone! Liberals Actually Believe
Obama Is the First President to Be Publicly Criticised

Andrew Stiles
As the world burns, President Obama is taking criticism from all sides... Of course, most of this criticism is due to the prevalence of social media, but even so, Obama defenders have returned to one of their favorite arguments: Criticism of our current president is unprecedented; literally no one criticised the sitting president until 2009.
Top CIA Officer in Benghazi Delayed Response to Terrorist Attack
The security contractors – Kris (“Tanto”) Paronto,  Mark (“Oz”) Geist, and John (“Tig”) Tiegen – spoke exclusively, and at length, to Fox News about what they saw and did that night. Baier, Fox News’ Chief Political Anchor, asked them about one of the most controversial questions arising from the events in Benghazi: Was help delayed?
Van Susteren Pressured to Drop Benghazi Investigation
Why haven't we seen the documents retrieved in the bin Laden raid?
Stephen F. Hayes
The intelligence trove was immense... It included 10 hard drives, nearly 100 thumb drives, and a dozen cell phones – along with data cards, DVDs, audiotapes, magazines, newspapers, paper files. In an interview on Meet the Press just days after the raid, Barack Obama's national security adviser, Thomas Donilon, told David Gregory that the material could fill "a small college library."
STRATFOR: Ukraine, Iraq and a Black Sea Strategy
George Friedman
The United States is, at the moment, off balance. It faces challenges in the Syria-Iraq theater as well as challenges in Ukraine. It does not have a clear response to either. It does not know what success in either theater would look like, what resources it is prepared to devote to either, nor whether the consequences of defeat would be manageable.
What Churchill Told FDR as World War II Erupted
Exactly 75 Years Ago

Michael Freund
According to Britain's wartime prime minister, Winston Churchill, World War II was one that should never have had to been fought... If allowed to continue gaining steam, as the Nazis were able to do throughout the 1930s, groups such as ISIS, al-Qaida, Hamas, and other Islamic jihadis will be far more difficult to stop.
From the Thousand Year Reich to the Global Caliphate
This is more than a "manageable problem."

Jeffrey Lord
If there is anything to learn from this historical pattern, it would be that Mistake Number One is to not take what's happening very seriously and do something about it… With ISIS and all those Islamic radicals making it perfectly plain that in their quest for a global caliphate they are following the old, well-worn pattern of history. A pattern that once produced the vision of the "thousand year Reich."
From World War II Nazis to World War III Jihadis
Michael Freund
By allowing Nazism to fester and grow, and by sitting on the sidelines as it consolidated its power and pushed beyond international borders, the Western world had made a nearly fatal mistake. And yet, it appears that the same shortsightedness, lack of purpose and sense of urgency in the face of the ISIS threat are once again threatening to breed a disaster of epic proportions.
West Point Report Describes Islamic State Threat as Crisis
4 Years In the Making

"ISIL did not suddenly become effective in early June 2014: it had been steadily strengthening and actively shaping the future operating environment for four years," the report from the West Point center said. The report said that the "shattering" of Iraq's security forces in June is a "case-in-point, the result of years of patient preparatory operations."

FBI National Domestic Threat Assessment Omits
Islamist Terrorism, ISIS/L

The internal FBI intelligence report concluded in its 2013 assessment published this month that the threat to U.S. internal security from extremists is limited to attacks and activities by eight types of domestic extremist movements – none motivated by radical Islam. They include anti-government militia groups and white supremacy extremists, along with "sovereign citizen" nationalists, and anarchists.

The FBI's Islamic Terrorism Denial
Robert Spencer
The FBI focus on "anti-government militia groups and white supremacy extremists, along with 'sovereign citizen' nationalists, and anarchists" is ominous, for while there are indeed such people, the Obama Administration has already shown a disturbing tendency to lump all of its opponents into such categories, with scant concern for accuracy, and to be willing to use the IRS and the courts effectively to criminalize opposition to its agenda.

Source: Obama Given Detailed Intelligence for a Year
About Rise of ISIS, Waited Too Long to Save Foley

The official – who asked not to be identified because the President's Daily Brief is considered the most authoritative, classified intelligence community product analyzing sensitive international events for the president – said the data was strong and "granular" in detail. The source said a policymaker "could not come away with any other impression: This is getting bad."
Poll: One In Three Men In Devout Muslim Pakistan
Say Raping Boys Is Acceptable

Sexual abuse in Pakistan is rife. An estimated four million children in the country are forced into work from an early age due to poverty and of those, more than a million live on the streets where they are easy prey for men like Ijaz...
Report: Islamic State Has Carried Out Atrocities on "an unimaginable scale," Christians Burned Alive, Yazidis Buried Alive
What is striking about this report is that it is coming from the jihad-aligned United Nations. These savage actions by the devout Muslims of the Islamic State are so monstrous that even the United Nations is forced to acknowledge them.
“You May Not Be Interested in War,
But War is Interested in You”

Alan Caruba
Younger generations can be forgiven if all they know of war is what they have learned in school or seen dramatized on film and television. For most Americans, the Civil War, the two World Wars, and the conflicts in Korea and Vietnam are events that occurred "a long time ago." For my generation, born just prior to or during World War Two, wars have been a constant element of our lives.
Romney Capitalizes on 2012 Clairvoyance About
Today's Global Hellscape with Searing Op-ed

Noah Rothman
It isn't so much that former Massachusetts governor and 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney was a prophet. Just that he had read a book or two. Throughout the course of the campaign, the turnaround artist and blue state Republican issued some dire but necessary warnings to the American public about how the geopolitical environment was changing for the worse.
The Need for a Mighty U.S. Military
Mitt Romney
Russia invades, China bullies, Iran spins centrifuges, the Islamic State (a terrorist threat "beyond anything that we've seen," according to the defense secretary ) threatens – and Washington slashes the military. Reason stares. Several arguments are advanced to justify the decimation of our defense. All of them are wrong.
Obama Has It Wrong –
American Workers Aren’t Better Off Under His Policies

Investor´s Business Daily Editorial
Sure, the stock market's done well and employment has picked up, but the most important indicator of their financial situation is whether take-home pay keeps pace with inflation. And by this measure most households are falling behind. Median household income, according to the Census Bureau, is down by more than $2,000 in real terms since Obama moved into the Oval Office.
Federal Judge:
U.S. Constitution Doesn't Require Redefinition of Marriage

Ryan T. Anderson
[Judge] Feldman noted that Louisiana's marriage law furthers two important interests: "linking children to an intact family formed by their biological parents, as specifically underscored by Justice Kennedy in Windsor" and "safeguarding that fundamental social change … is better cultivated through democratic consensus." That is, Feldman noted the two central issues in this debate – the policy question: What is marriage, and the legal question: Who gets to define marriage.
What the United Nations Doesn't Want You to Know
Brent Parrish
My friend Lt. Robert Powell from the Pacific Freedom Foundation recently emailed me about a new PowerPoint presentation he put together (compiled and written by Irving Baxter Jr.) on the murky origins of the United Nations. This is also a subject matter I've delved into quite deeply myself.
Kerry Says It Is Our Biblical ‘Duty’ To
Protect Muslim Countries Against Climate Change

During a speech on Wednesday, United States Secretary of State John Kerry took the opportunity to address what the administration believes the U.S. should be focused on in "Muslim-majority" nations: combating climate change.
Tesla Needs $3B in Tax Breaks for New Battery Factory
Tesla has relied heavily on tax breaks to sustain itself. Hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars have supported Tesla throughout its time as a publicly-traded company, money that has also floated CEO Elon Musk's other companies such as SpaceX and SolarCity. Though Musk is big on talking about the free-market, his firm needs a lot of taxpayer help to survive.
If There's No Imminent Threat To Our Southern Border,
Why Is Ft. Bliss Stepping Up Security?

Tom Fitton
Just hours before the start of the Labor Day weekend, Judicial Watch learned through a network of sensitive sources that an operational element of the terror army "ISIS" was active in the Mexican border city of Juarez – a stone's throw across the Rio Grande from El Paso, Texas.
Report: Fed Gov´t Autopsy Also Finds
Michael Brown Not Shot in Back

It took the Washington Post 2,017 words and 59 paragraphs in a feature about Dorian Johnson, who initially said that his friend Michael Brown was shot in the back, to reveal that the federal government's autopsy also reportedly did not find that to be the case.

News Organizations Sue for Access to
Possible Michael Brown Juvenile Records

Juvenile records are confidential in Missouri, so it's not definitively known if Brown was arrested before he legally became an adult. Police have said Brown had no adult criminal record. The family's attorney, Benjamin Crump, has refused to discuss whether Brown had a juvenile record. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch and a California online journalist have filed separate petitions to determine whether Brown had past legal trouble.
EXCLUSIVE: What We Found On #MichaelBrown's Instagram Account
Charles C. Johnson has exclusive obtained social media postings of Michael Brown that destroy the media narrative that Brown was nonviolent. In stark contrast to the "gentle giant" portrayed in the national media Brown's social media accounts reveal a misogynistic young man obsessed with drugs, money, and violence. He described his interest in "money, weed, and weather" on his Instagram.
Illinois' Second Largest District Drops Michelle O's
School Lunch Menu

Hummus is too fatty, pretzels are too salty. Even hard-boiled eggs and yogurt don't make the cut. Michelle Obama shockThose restrictions and others imposed on schools through the revamped "healthier" National School Lunch Program convinced officials in Illinois' second largest school district to forfeit nearly $1 million in federal lunch aid to serve students food they want to eat, rather than what the government tells them to, CBS reports.
No More Affirmative Action Presidents
Thomas Sowell
The latest Gallup poll indicates that 14 percent of the people "moderately disapprove" of Barack Obama's performance as president and 39 percent "strongly disapprove." Since Obama won two presidential elections, chances are that some of those who now "strongly disapprove" of what he has done voted to put him in office. We all make mistakes, but the real question is whether we learn from them.
Push for $15/hr by Fast-Food Workers May
Hasten Development of Burger Robot

A company called Momentum Machines has built a robot that could radically change the fast-food industry and have some line cooks looking for new jobs. The company's robot can "slice toppings like tomatoes and pickles immediately before it places the slice onto your burger, giving you the freshest burger possible." The robot is "more consistent, more sanitary, and can produce ~360 hamburgers per hour." That's one burger every 10 seconds.
Proposed 'burger robot'

Week ending 31 August 2014

Constitutional Chutzpah
Seth Lipsky
There are three ways something can become what the US Constitution calls the "supreme law of the land." President Obama can't get his climate-change agreement made supreme law of the land by any of those constitutional routes. Not even close.
ObamaCore: 'Why Johnny [Still] Can't Read'
The Systemic Dumbing-Down of America

Mark Alexander
In 1955, TIME magazine published a cover story, "Why Johnny Can't Read," an early indictment of post-war centralized government education institutions, which were graduating students who couldn't make the grade... Arguably, federal government diktats regulating state and local government schools have resulted in a progressive and systemic dumbing-down of generations of young Americans. Indeed, Johnny still can't read.
Barack Obama Refuses To Decide and Fails To Act
Janet Daley
Just in case you thought that the Leader of the Free World was secretly harbouring a calculated, well-developed plan for bringing Isil under control and putting Russia’s imperial leader back in his box, Barack Obama banged that idea firmly on the head last week.
If You Want To Stop ISIS, Here Is What It Will Take
Angelo M. Codevilla
Killing the IS requires neither more nor less than waging war – not as the former administration waged its "war on terror," nor by the current administration's pinpricks, nor according to the too-clever-by-half stratagems taught in today's politically correct military war colleges, but rather by war in the dictionary meaning of the word.

11 Reasons Why ISIS Might Be More Dangerous Than al-Qaeda
Steven Bucci
ISIS is not just the terror group de jour. They are a hugely successful movement with an apocalyptic, nihilistic philosophy. When they say "convert, join us, or die", they not only mean it, but they follow through with horrific effect. But let's look deeper. What else makes them such a real security threat, to Iraq, to the region, to the world, and to the U.S.? Here are 11 reasons.
Jimmy Carter to Headline Fundraiser for Hamas Front Group;
May Have Crossed Legal Line Aiding Terrorists

The Justice Department recently implicated Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) which claims to be America's largest Muslim organization, as the lead conduit in a scheme to illegally pass on $12 million to Hamas, the Palestinian terror group established to annihilate the State of Israel. Hamas is officially designated a terrorist group by the US government.
Letting the cat out of the bag on the role of Public Employee Unions
Michael Barone
Where do public employee unions get their money? Directly from dues paid by public employees, who in turn get that money from taxpayers. Where does that money go? Politically, almost entirely to the Democratic Party, as Scheiber admits. Public employee unions, whatever else they do, are (in almost all cases) a mechanism for mandatory taxpayer financing of one political party.
What Economic Recovery?
71% Say Country Is On Wrong Track

Stephen Moore
President Obama was doing a little jig on the tables last week at the White House – figuratively, or course – when we got a decent jobs and GDP report. Mr. Obama even chided those who would dare question his economic stewardship by saying: "Since I have come into office, there's almost no economic metric by which you couldn't say that the U.S. economy is better and that corporate bottom lines are better. None." Oh really.
Will IRS's Strategy of Destroying Evidence Pay Off?
Seth Mandel
[IRS officials] have been betting that, since their illegal targeting campaign against those who disagree with President Obama has had the backing of Democrats in Congress, they needed only a media strategy, not a political one. And that media strategy appears to have been: conceal or destroy potential (and actual) evidence, and assume that this activity will be less damaging than whatever is in the files they've worked to hide. It's a direct challenge to the media, in other words.

The IRS Scandal Has Arrived
Walter Russell Mead
This wouldn't be a matter of bribes or personal blackmail or sexual misconduct or any of the ordinary forms of corruption that are unfortunately far too common. Rather, it's about the deliberate use of the power of the federal government to go after political opponents, and then a desperate attempt by others to cover it up.

George Will on IRS:
“It Is Off The Rails And It Is Now Thoroughly Corrupted”

"I can just hardly wait until the IRS lawyers go into that courtroom and tell the judge that it would be too onerous to stop obstructing justice in this case. That's a really interesting defense. You know, Lily Tomlin, the comedian, used to have a character, the Bag Lady, who said, 'no matter how cynical you get you, just can't keep up.' And that's the way it was with the IRS."

IRS Lawyer: Lois Lerner's Blackberry Deliberately Destroyed
After Start of Congressional Probe

Thomas Kane, Deputy Assistant Chief Counsel for the IRS, wrote in the declaration, part of a lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch against the IRS, that the Blackberry was "removed or wiped clean of any sensitive or proprietary information and removed as scrap for disposal in June 2012."
Dreamers? Texas Border Bust: Cash, Weapons and Grenades Seized
Inside the four backpacks the agents ended up finding a mixture of dollars and pesos that added up to $650,000 as well as the cocaine which had a value of $90,000. Just west of Sullivan City, in Rio Grande City, border patrol agents seized 20 rounds of .50 caliber ammunition, 10 of the rounds were incendiary, five armor piercing and five regular rounds, the news release shows.
Obama Violating Constitution (Again) with
International 'Accord' in Lieu of Senate Approved Treaty

Anthony Watts
The Obama administration is trying to create a "politically binding" international treaty regulating climate change without the consent of the Senate. This move subverts Article II, Section 2, Clause 2 of the Constitution, which says the president is allowed to make international treaties that are legally binding only if two-thirds of the Senate ratifies it.
Solar Power Is Supposed To Replace Fossil Fuels, Right?
$2.2 Billion Solar Plant Requests Use of Natural Gas!

The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating Station concentrates sunshine, heating water and converting the steam into electricity. But lately, it hasn't been getting enough sunshine – despite being located in the blistering Mojave Desert southwest of Las Vegas – so the plant's operators are asking for permission to bring in more of another fuel source: natural gas.

Avian Mortality From Solar Farms
Jonathan DuHamel
The Ivanpah generating station, in the Mohave Desert uses 173,500 heliostats each with two mirrors to focus sunlight on a tower where water is converted to steam to generate electricity. This method is called "solar-flux" and it generates very high temperatures. The Forensics Laboratory calls this facility a "mega-trap" because it attracts hordes of insects which, in turn, attract insect-eating birds that get singed by the heat.

Let's Minimize Wind Energy Bird Kill
Nothing 'Green' About Killing Hundreds of Thousands of Birds Annually

Michael Hutchins
Regardless of the slaughter, the wind industry has only paid lip service to bird protection laws, including the Endangered Species Act, Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, and the federal government has been letting them get away with it.
Al Gore Myth of Arctic Meltdown Destroyed as Ice Cap Grows;
Al Gore Predicted It Would Be Ice-Free By Now

Stunning satellite images show summer ice cap is thicker and covers 1.7million square kilometres MORE than 2 years ago. Yet for years, many have been claiming that the Arctic is in an ‘irrevocable death spiral’, with imminent ice-free summers bound to trigger further disasters.
How Fracking Insulates USA
USA Today Editorial
Iraq, Libya and Syria are in turmoil. Russia, the world's largest exporter of natural gas and the second largest exporter of oil, is bullying Ukraine and by extension Western Europe. And Iran's nuclear program may yet provoke a market-roiling conflict. Amazingly, as all this has transpired, U.S. gasoline prices have been stable, even falling.
The Government Is Controlling Private Property to
Save Frog Species Not Seen in 50 Years

Scott Blakeman
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is seeking to protect the dusky gopher frog on the Endangered Species List by designating over 1,500 acres of private property in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana as a "critical habitat" for the embattled amphibian. But here's the kicker: The frog hasn't been seen on the land in question for over 50 years.
Federal Judge Rules Against Calif. Gun Purchase Rule
U.S. District Judge Anthony Ishii of Fresno said the 10-day wait for current gun owners is a restriction on constitutional rights that isn't justified by safety concerns. He noted that all firearms purchasers, including second- and third-time buyers, must pass a state background check of their criminal and mental-health records, but said it was unreasonable to make gun owners wait the full 10 days to acquire another weapon.
Chicago Crime Rate Drops As Concealed Carry Applications Surge
Since Illinois started granting concealed carry permits this year, the number of robberies that have led to arrests in Chicago has declined 20 percent from last year, according to police department statistics. Reports of burglary and motor vehicle theft are down 20 percent and 26 percent, respectively. In the first quarter, the city’s homicide rate was at a 56-year low.
Embracing the Obvious Truth
Caroline Glick
It isn't hard to understand the truth about Israel and Hamas... The greatest threat to faux reporters like the New York Times Israel bureau chief Jodi Rudoren and her colleagues are people who refuse to accept their distortions and insist that the truth be told. The most dangerous of the truth tellers are the non- Jews who stand up for Israel.
TIME Retracts Claim Jewish IDF Harvesting Palestinian Organs;
So Called 'Report' Long Known to be a Fraud

On Sunday, the magazine deleted the allegations from a two-minute video on its website about the Israel Defense Forces and added a correction, writing at the end, "Correction: The original version of this video cited a contested allegation in a 2009 Swedish newspaper report as fact. The allegation has been removed from the video."

TIME Mag Forced to Edit Israel Blood Libel from Report
Early Sunday morning it was found that TIME magazine had included in one of its video reports the lie that Israeli soldiers were selling the organs of dead Palestinians on the black market... Media watchdogs had discovered the lie in a Time-produced video on the history of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).
Gov. Bobby Jindal to Sue Obama Administration on Common Core
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said he was filing a lawsuit on Wednesday against the Obama administration over alleged manipulation of grant money to force states to accept Common Core as their school standards. Mr. Jindal is also accusing the White House of manipulating the regulatory process to compel states to take the much-disputed educational program.
At Ease: Obama Eyes Transgendered Troops
Having already lifted the "don't ask, don't tell" ban on gays in the military, the Pentagon "likely will" allow transgendered Americans to serve openly in the military where 15,500 now secretly serve, according to a new report issued by top former generals. Three of the top brass, endorsing the deployment of transgendered troops, also said their effort has the support of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and President Obama.
Geo. Washington U. Tells Faculty Not to Inform Students of Cheaper Textbook Alternatives to Protect Campus Bookstore, Then Relents
In a letter dated July 17, the university reminded faculty members of its "contractual obligation" with Follett, which runs the campus bookstore. Since the company has the "exclusive right" to provide textbooks and other course materials for all of the university's courses, "alternative vendors may not be endorsed, licensed or otherwise approved or supported by the university or its faculty."

Week ending 24 August 2014

Obama’s Golf Outing After Foley Beheading Was a Huge Mistake
Michael Goodwin
President Obama’s decision to hit the links and yuk it up with pals immediately after speaking about the beheading of James Foley was no ordinary mistake. Nor was it a simple gaffe. With even his media praetorian guard appalled, the golf outing is sparking a wider understanding that Obama is hollow, empty of the routine qualities Americans expect from their president.
Declare War on Shariah
Frank J. Gaffney, Jr.
Nearly thirteen years after 9/11, it is past time to recognize that we are at war not with one group of “terrorists” or another. Rather, adherents to a doctrine or ideology they call shariah are at war with us. Shariah is, at its core, about power, not faith.
The Rise of Progressive Oligarchy
David Corbin & Matt Parks
In what might have appeared to be a minor political event a few weeks back, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called congressman Tom Marino (R-PA) "insignificant" and "inconsequential" in a debate on the House floor. Why would the former House Speaker insult a colleague in such a manner?
To Fix Foreign Policy Mistakes,
President Obama Must First Admit Them

Jackson Diehl
That Obama is somehow not responsible for the Iraq pullout would be news to anyone who remembers his announcement of it... The sudden disclaimer certainly raised eyebrows among the numerous senior officials who have said, both on and off the record, that Obama resisted leaving behind a stay-on force, slashed its size far below that proposed by military commanders and expressed relief when a legal snag provided him a pretext to pull the plug on Iraq altogether.
Obama's Hubris is His Undoing
Jonathan S. Tobin
Historians will have the rest of the century to unravel the mess that is the Barack Obama presidency. While they can explore these years of foreign policy disaster and domestic malaise at leisure, the rest of us have 29 more months to see just how awful things can get before he slides off to a lucrative retirement.
Mitt Romney: Obama “worse than even I expected”
Just about everyone attending the rally pestered Mr. Romney privately and publicly about whether he will run for president again. Each time, Mr. Romney insisted that he would not run. He has made that claim repeatedly as supporters clamor for his candidacy and his actions – if not his words – send mixed signals about his intentions.
Unions Rebel Over Obama's EPA Power Plant Regs
Labor unions for years have hounded the Obama White House over allegations that officials are dragging their feet in making a final decision on the Canada-to-Texas Keystone XL oil pipeline. But labor organizations are now piping up regarding an EPA proposal to cut carbon-dioxide emissions by 30 percent by 2030. The rules are intended to curb global warming.
All This Greenhouse Gas Regulation for 0.018 Degrees Celsius!
Jillian Kay Melchior
The EPA's new proposed rules, which seek to limit carbon emissions from power plants, would cost the American economy $51 billion, as well as 224,000 jobs, every year through 2030, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates. With that significant of an economic impact, one would hope the EPA had a pretty good justification, right?
Is the Post-EPA Regs Power Grid Ready for a Truly Hard Winter?
Jazz Shaw
During the dog days of summer (which haven't been all that doggy in the Northeast this year) it's not very popular to sit and speculate about the winter months ahead, but the people responsible for keeping the lights – and the heat – turned on have to do it. One of these folks is Joe Bastardi of WeatherBELL Analytics, and he's looking ahead with some trepidation.
Emerging Solar Plants Scorch Birds in Mid-Air
Workers at a state-of-the-art solar plant in the Mojave Desert have a name for birds that fly through the plant's concentrated sun rays – "streamers," for the smoke plume that comes from birds that ignite in midair. Federal wildlife investigators who visited the BrightSource Energy plant last year and watched as birds burned and fell, reporting an average of one "streamer" every two minutes, are urging California officials to halt the operator's application to build a still-bigger version.
Community Health Systems Says Personal Data Stolen In Cyber Attack
The company said the data included about 4.5 million patient names, addresses, birth dates, telephone numbers and Social Security numbers. It did not include patient credit card or medical information, Community Health Systems said in a regulatory filing.
White House Won't Reveal Documents
Related To Obamacare Website Security

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services denied a Freedom of Information Act request made late last year by the Associated Press amid concerns that Republicans raised about the security of the website, which had technical glitches that prevented millions of people from signing up for insurance under ObamaCare.
Perry's Indictment Backfires
Jennifer Rubin
Texas Gov. Rick Perry has mastered a critical political skill: Take advantage of your opportunities. First on the border crisis and now on his own indictment, he has shown an uncanny ability to seize the national stage and convey his impressive leadership skills. He is also going a long way toward rebutting the notion that he is a swaggering, not very serious pol – the image that was affixed to him after his disastrous 2012 presidential run.
Who Are 'Texans for Public Justice,' and
Why Does Their Role in the Perry Case Matter?

Bryan Preston
The Open Society Foundations and the Sunlight Foundation are both funded by leftwing billionaire and convicted felon George Soros. Why is a group that sells itself as a public integrity watchdog accepting funds from a man who was convicted of insider trading? Why is no one in the Texas media asking TPJ that very question?
´We Are Darren Wilson´
Supporters Urge Americans to Call Gov. Nixon to Demand Fairness

Saturday, supporters of Officer Darren Wilson, the officer who fatally shot Michael Brown, held a press conference demanding fairness for the officer, declaring "We are Darren Wilson."... She urged Americans to help by saying "If you support Darren Wilson, make your voice heard. Call or write the governor and demand this bias stops now."
Oh, the Things We Choose Not to See!
Claire Wolfe
A week ago, most likely you'd never heard of Ferguson, Missouri. Now, you're probably sick of hearing about the aftermath of policeman Darren Wilson's killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown – events that made Ferguson the center of the media world. You may believe that Brown was an innocent, unarmed kid headed for college or that he was the formidably vicious strong-arm robber shown in surveillance videos.
Trayvon´s Death Taught Liberals Nothing
Jack Cashill
Much too quickly after the death of big Mike Brown in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, the Trayvon Martin dream team – ambulance chasers Benjamin Crump and Daryl Parks, media hound Al Sharpton – descended on his still warm body like so many turkey vultures. One would have hoped that their twisted performance in Florida during the previous two years would have taught America's liberals something...
VENEONA: The Red 'Scare' was Real
Ronald Radosh (July 2002)
Venona in fact confirmed what anti-Communists had argued at the time, and which their detractors, the anti anti-Communists, had always denied: There was a successful and dangerous Soviet penetration of our government, as well as a network of spies working for the KGB. It also has been established that many of them were recruited directly out of the ranks of the American Communist Party.

How Bogie and Bacall Were Duped by Hollywood Communists and the Communist Party USA (CPUSA)
Paul Kengor
Humphrey Bogart and Lauren BecallUpon death Lauren Bacall's obituaries are paying tribute to a glamorous actress... She's also being celebrated by liberals as a fighter for freedom in the arts, one who bravely confronted the closed-minded anti-communists in Washington – a stoic battler against Joe McCarthy and his "witch hunts." Sorry, but reality is more complicated.

Joe McCarthy was Right
Cliff Kincaid (July 2003)
The media have had 50 years to get the story straight but still can't present the basic facts to the American people about the communist threat that McCarthy tried to expose-and which still exists today in a different but equally deadly form… McCarthy was quite specific in his charges, having cited 59 suspected communists in the State Department. He produced that list, plus 22 others.

Search VENONA Files
The Venona transcripts identify 349 Americans who had a covert relationship with Soviet intelligence. The Venona decryptions were crucial in establishing the espionage activities of such luminaries as Julius Rosenberg, Alger Hiss, and Harry Dexter White.
How Community Organizing Busted a Union and
Sparked an Education Revolution

Joy Pullmann
Once free of the union, Douglas County could experiment with free-market ideas that most conservative school board members only dream about. If its experiments go well, it offers a template both for propelling conservatives into education, which is largely a liberal playground even in K-12, and for what such leaders might do when they get there.

Week ending 17 August 2014

U.S. Livid with Israel?
Hamas Can't Believe Its Luck

David Horovitz
After the abandonment of Israel by the UK, with its promise to limit arms sales to Israel if Hamas restarts its attacks on our civilians, we now learn that the US is already restricting arms sales to Israel, having halted a planned supply of the Hellfire precision missiles that enable Israel to strike at the rocket launchers set up by Hamas in the heart of Gaza's residential areas.
Islamic State Jihadists: Once You´ve Beheaded
Someone for Fun, Where Do You Stop?

James Delingpole
British Prime Minister David Cameron has cut his summer holiday short to preside over an emergency crisis meeting about the Islamic State in Iraq. Perhaps Cameron´s mind has been concentrated by stories like this one...  The contrast between Western liberal complacency and decadence – aka the post WWII "peace dividend" – and the Medieval brutality of Islamism could scarcely be more jarring.
Obama Adviser, June 2011: Jihadists' Caliphate 'Absurd'
"Our strategy is…shaped by a deeper understanding of al Qaeda's goals, strategy, and tactics," John Brennan claimed. "I'm not talking about al Qaeda's grandiose vision of global domination through a violent Islamic caliphate. That vision is absurd, and we are not going to organize our counterterrorism policies against a feckless delusion that is never going to happen."
Obama Told Lawmakers Criticism of His Syria Policy is ‘Horsesh*t’
Josh Rogin
Hillary Clinton and congressmen alike have called on Obama to arm Syria’s rebels. But the president fumed at lawmakers in a private meeting for suggesting he should’ve done more. President Obama got angry at lawmakers who suggested in a private meeting that he should have armed the Syrian rebels, calling the criticism “horseshit.”
Islamic State´s Shocking Barbarity Prompts Calls for World To Act
Shocking accounts of medieval brutality – including video of kneeling Iraqis being gunned down, a Twitter image of a young jihadist holding a severed head and threats by ISIS to take its savagery to the White House – have prompted desperate calls for the international community to stop the fanatical Islamic group.

White House Can't Explain Iraq Objectives to Congress;
Are U.S. Personnel Left Behind as Collateral?

Adam Kredo
Questions are now being raised on Capitol Hill about how the White House intends to legally justify its military campaign, particularly in light of its efforts to repeal the Authorization for Use of Military Force in Iraq. The administration's decision to bypass Congress before taking military action is reminiscent of its behavior in Libya, where air strikes also were authorized without congressional approval.

Obama Adjusts Iraq Narrative,
Now Blames Bush for Troop Withdrawal

Ben Wolfgang
At the White House on Saturday morning President Obama blamed his predecessor, George W. Bush, for the absence of American troops in Iraq and rejected the assertion that he could have left a small peacekeeping force in the war-torn nation.
A Teachable Moment In Foreign Policy
Jennifer Rubin
Conservative critics of the president's foreign policy were relieved when President Obama initiated humanitarian relief efforts and air strikes in Iraq. They were, however, rightly worried that there is no concerted strategy to accomplish any national objective, say, the destruction of the Islamic State.
Could Mitt Romney Ride to the Rescue of the Republican Party?
Matt Lewis
Since his 2012 defeat, Mr Romney has been proved right about a variety of issues. When he called Russia a "geopolitical foe" during a 2012 presidential debate, Mr Obama gibed: "The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back, because the Cold War has now been over for twenty years."  Since that time, of course, Russia has annexed Crimea and massed troops on Ukraine's border.
Report: Obama Calls Netanyahu "Reckless And Untrustworthy,"
Halts Missile Shipment To Israel

An Israeli official told the newspaper that the rift between Israel and the US has now deepened: "We've been there before with a lot of tension with us and Washington. What we have now, on top of that, is mistrust and a collision of different perspectives on the Middle East." Obama and Netanyahu reportedly had a "particularly combative" phone call on Wednesday.

Hamas Terror Tunnels:
Workers Executed to Prevent Revealing Info to Israel

In 2012, a Journal of Palestine Studies article claimed 160 Palestinian children were killed while working on Hamas's tunnel system. The digging of tunnels began four years ago and has demanded 40 percent of Hamas's budget, The Times of Israel has learned.
Dershowitz 'Outraged' by Perry Indictment
Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz calls himself a "liberal Democrat who would never vote for Rick Perry," but he's still "outraged" over the Texas governor's indictment Friday on charges of abuse of power and coercion. The charges are politically motivated and an example of a "dangerous" trend of courts being used to affect the ballot box and politics, he told Newsmax on Saturday.
Self-Reporting Fail:
Thousands Might Lose Health Insurance Over Missing Documents

Some 310,000 people with inconsistencies in their citizenship and immigration materials might lose their federal marketplace health coverage Sept. 30 unless they provide proper supporting documents by Sept. 5, the Obama administration announced Tuesday.

Solving a 2014 Obamacare Dilemma Pushes Premium Rate Hikes in 2015
The Obama administration's effort to end one political crisis during the 2014 Obamacare rollout may have sown the seeds of another controversy: potential double-digit rate hikes in 2015. If insurers have their way, some residents in politically key states like Florida, North Carolina and Iowa would face hikes of 11 percent to nearly 18 percent.

Inability to Verify ObamaCare Applicants' Immigration Status
Could Cost Billions

Rep. Diane Black (R., Tenn.) sent a letter to Health and Human Services Wednesday warning that fraudulent Obamacare subsidies could cost taxpayers billions if the administration fails to remedy over 300,000 inconsistencies relating to applicants' immigration status... The income verification system within, which is used to determine subsidies, has still not been completed.

Report: Companies Desperate to Avoid ObamaCare 'Cadillac tax'
Shifting Costs to Workers

The so-called "Cadillac tax," now four years away, will affect health plans that spend more than $10,200 per worker. "The excise tax, when it hits in 2018, will affect both employers and employees,"said Brian Marcotte, president of the National Business Group on Health.

Judge: Indiana Can Sue IRS Over Health Care Rules
A federal judge has ruled Indiana and nearly 40 state school districts can sue the Internal Revenue Service over rules it imposed to implement the federal health care overhaul. The judge on Tuesday declined an IRS request to dismiss the 2013 lawsuit by 39 districts.
From HIV to Cancer to Crone's, ObamaCare Fails The Sick
Peter J. Pitts
It turns out ObamaCare didn't solve the problem of "pre-existing conditions" after all. It made premiums more affordable for people with chronic health conditions that are expensive to treat – but at the price of sticking them with unaffordable co-payments for their medications.
Stores That Didn't Get Looted In Ferguson – Guess Why?
Nobody is robbing St. Louis Ink Tattoo Studio and Country Guns anytime soon. Mike Gutierrez (who owns the tattoo shop) and Adam Weinstein(who owns Country Guns) got a group together and went down to protect their stores, with rifles in hand at 12:30 in the morning. Weinstein even had a pistol and a tactical vest as well.

Police Tell Detroiters to Buy Guns In City
Riven by Race Issues and Crime

Detroit police chief James Craig – nicknamed “Hollywood” for his years spent in the LAPD and his seeming love of being in front of the camera – has repeatedly called on “good” and “law-abiding” Detroiters to arm themselves against criminals in the city. His words have not fallen on deaf ears.
Groups Rally Around Think Tank, Publication Being Sued for
Global Warming Views by 'hockey stick' Originator

News outlets, advocacy groups and fellow think tanks are jumping to the defense of a conservative-leaning D.C. policy center and publication being sued for libel by a scientist who didn't like what they had to say about his work on global warming. Critics say the suit threatens to violate constitutionally protected rights to opinion and fair comment, particularly in an area of scientific debate.
IRS Guidance Relaxes Renewable Energy Tax Credit as
Wind Projects Cannot Survive Without Taxpayer Support

The IRS lowered the threshold for renewable energy projects that qualify for federal tax credits. The new guidance released Friday by the IRS and Treasury Department could provide a boost to developers and investors in the wind energy industry, who up until recently were uncertain how much they would be able to rely on federal credits...
Wind Energy's Overblown Prospects
LED Bulbs Recalled Due to Risk of Injury and Burn Hazards
Halco has recalled LED bulbs that can overheat and fall onto consumers below, posing impact and burn hazards. This recall involves 14 Halco LED bulb models used in recessed lights, as outdoor security lighting and in retail displays. Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled LED bulbs...
Incredible! Fire Risk Prompts New Recall Fix;
GM Asks Owners To Park SUVs Outside

General Motors has issued a revised recall of some 2005-2007 model year mid-size SUVs, for an issue with a short in the power-window switch. The short could result in a fire, and it's potentially severe enough for the automaker to advise that owners park affected vehicles outside until they're fixed.

Week ending 10 August 2014

UNRWA – The U.N. Handmaiden of Hamas
Claudia Rosett
Gaza under Hamas is a place with only two basic industries: aid and terrorism... In effect the U.N. group subsidizes Hamas. Among U.N. agencies in the Middle East, UNRWA is the largest employer, with a regular budget for 2014 of $731 million, and a total budget that, with emergency appeals, tops $1 billion. The agency has roughly 30,000 staff on its payroll, almost all Palestinian.
Obama Administration Lied About Insurance Company Bailouts
Dan McLaughlin
It can be difficult to keep track of all the untruths the Obama Administration has told in the process of selling Obamacare to a disbelieving public, and it is tempting to write these all off as history, more than four years later. But the untruths have never stopped coming.
What Kind of Iraq Did Obama Inherit?
Peter Wehner
A fair-minded reading of the facts, I think, shows that when Mr. Obama was sworn in, the Iraq war had more or less been won. Things were fragile to be sure. By 2009, U.S. combat deaths were extremely rare. (In December of that year there were no American combat deaths in Iraq.) Iraq was on the mend.

The World Will Blame President Obama if Iraq Falls
George E. Condon Jr.
The world will not blame the Iraqi government if the children and women huddled atop Mount Sinjar in northern Iraq die of hunger and exposure... The fact is that the world, from the pontiff in the Vatican to the coal miner in West Virginia, will blame President Obama. That is why the president found himself under such intense pressure to act on Thursday...
Crucified by the Caliphate Monsters:
Iraq Descends Into Apocalypse as Islamic State Fanatics Seize Towns

‘He told us that either we become Muslims or they would kill us all,’ said Falah, mayor of the village made up mainly of members of the ancient Yazidi sect. ‘We offered money but they would not accept it.’ The deadline the people of Kosho have to meet is midday today. Since the residents refuse to betray their faith, it is feared an entire village of about 2,500 innocent people might be slaughtered in cold blood.

Caliph Ibrahim's Brutal Moment
Daniel Pipes
Caliph Ibrahim (aka Dr. Ibrahim Awwad Ibrahim)... now claims to be leader of "Muslims everywhere" and demands their oath of allegiance. All other Muslim governments have lost legitimacy, he claims. Further, Muslims must throw out "democracy, secularism, nationalism, as well as all the other garbage and ideas from the West."
Benyamin Netanyahu: "If Palestine were to lay down their guns tomorrow, there would be no war.
If Israel were to lay down theirs, there would be no Israel."
Obama and Kerry Behind One of
Most Strategic Mistakes In Military History

Steven Emerson
The obsession by the Obama-Kerry administration with imposing a cease-fire on the warring parties in the Hamas-Israel war will go down in history as one of the most strategic mistakes in military history. Here is a fact the administration deliberately and maliciously ignored: In the history of modern warfare, no terrorist group has ever honored a cease-fire.

Gaza's Civilian Casualties: The Truth Is Very Different
Richard Kemp – Gatestone Institute
With few exceptions, reporters, commentators, and analysts unquestioningly accept the casualty statistics given by Gaza's Hamas-controlled medical authorities, who ascribe all deaths to the IDF. We have never seen so much as a glimpse of killed or wounded fighters. Analysis of casualty details released by Qatar-based Al Jazeera indicate that so far most of those killed in Gaza have been young men of fighting age, not women, children or old people.

Hamas Hides In, Under and Around Gaza's Main Hospital,
and the Media Covers It Up

William A. Jacobson  
How do you deal with such an enemy that hides in, under and around hospitals as part of a deliberate human shield strategy? And equally important, how does the media ignore it? Is this Finnish reporter the only one to have seen rockets fired from close to al-Shifa, or is she the only one brave and honest enough to tell about it?

Welcome to the 1930s
Roger L. Simon
"The tatooed numbers spook me, not because I expect to see friends and family being carted off to the camps, but because I see a world of anti-Semitism metastasizing so quickly across the globe there might not be time for that. From Paris to Caracas, from Brussels to Bangkok we hear chants of Jew-hating as loud, ugly and perhaps even more wide-spread than we did in the 1930s."
Jon Voight Pens Letter to 'Ignorant' Celebrities:
'Hang Your Heads In Shame'

Jon Voight
They are obviously ignorant of the whole story of Israel's birth, when in 1948 the Jewish people were offered by the UN a portion of the land originally set aside for them in 1921, and the Arab Palestinians were offered the other half. The Arabs rejected the offer, and the Jews accepted, only to be attacked by five surrounding Arab countries committed to driving them into the sea.
What Really Happened in the Middle East
Romney Looks Better as Obama Falters
Adriana Cohen
Voters are now telling pollsters that if they had another shot, they'd pick Mitt Romney, not Barack Obama. No less than the Washington Post is reporting that Democratic pols, keenly tuned to the zeitgeist, are showing little interest in being seen with their president, while Republicans are eager to be seen with the 2012 also-ran.
Lost Emails Scandal Spreads To Top Obamacare Official
The Obama administration admitted Thursday that it has lost emails from the key official who oversaw the botched federal Obamacare rollout last year, and the health department may have broken the law by failing to report the lost emails to the National Archives.
Public Servants Acting As Public Masters
Glenn Harlan Reynolds
"The sad truth is that when you elect irresponsible people into positions of power, you get irresponsible government. President Obama oozes contempt for Congress, and for longstanding unwritten political accommodations among the branches, at every opportunity. It's unsurprising that his underlings feel – and act – consistently with that view."
Federal Contractors Vow To Fight Obama Executive Order
Say the president went too far.

Business interests are vowing to fight President Obama's executive order imposing new restrictions on companies who want to do business with the federal government. Obama announced the action this week, ordering up new regulations that would require firms seeking federal contracts to disclose labor law violations and create new compliance advisors at agencies to oversee decisions about which firms get the work.
Unions Lose and the Public Wins Big in Wisconsin
Hans von Spakovsky
Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin had quite a good day on July 31 when the state supreme court upheld not only Wisconsin's voter ID law, but also the 2011 budget legislation that severely curtailed the power of public unions to control the lives and salaries of state and municipal government employees.
Vaughn Index: Federal Court Orders DOJ to
Release Fast and Furious Information

A Vaughn Index, according to the Office of Government Information Services, must: "1) identify each document withheld; (2) state the statutory exemption claimed; and (3) explain how disclosure would damage the interests protected by the claimed exemption." The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia's decision comes after a 16-month delay on the lawsuit due to a request by the Department of Justice for an almost indefinite hold on the case.
DOJ Report: Nearly Half of All Federal Criminal Cases
Occur Near Border

Crime is so high along the Mexican border that nearly half of all the criminal cases filed by federal prosecutors in the United States last fiscal year were concentrated in a handful of districts located in that region, according to the U.S. government’s figures.
So Much for Chicago's Strict Gun Laws;
Rapper Gets Probation Avoiding Jail Time on Gun Charges

21-yr-old Rapper Lil Durk will not serve any additional jail time after pleading guilty Tuesday to two weapons charges stemming from a 2013 arrest. At the time, Banks, of Melrose Park, was less than a month away from completing his parole for a 2012 conviction for aggravated unlawful use of a weapon when he was arrested.
Ranchers Sue Western Watersheds Project for Trespassing –
Green Group Despises Federal Grazing Leases

In the latest conflict between rural landowners and environmental groups, over a dozen Wyoming ranchers are suing the WWP, charging the Green nonprofit with repeatedly trespassing on their land to collect water quality samples. According to the lawsuit, WWP's trespasses date from 2005 and have continued despite direct instructions and plainly written signage to stay off private land.
Testimony on EPA's Proposed Rules for Existing Power Plants
In proposing to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) from new power plants to 30 percent below 2005 levels by 2030, EPA has created a scheme that is so complex that its implementation will undermine the nation's energy security and impose intolerable costs on those least able to bear the burden, without having any measurable effect on the climate.

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