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"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.
It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies.
The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated;
but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end
for they do so with the approval of their own conscience." —C. S. Lewis (1898–1963)

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“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government
from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” —Thomas Jefferson

“I am certain that nothing has done so much to destroy the juridical safeguards of
individual freedom as the striving after this mirage of social justice.”
F. A. Hayek, Economic Freedom and Representative Government (1973)

Truth is always stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sense. — Mark Twain

"Economic power is exercised by means of a positive, by offering men a reward,
an incentive, a payment, a value; political power is exercised by means of a negative,
by the threat of punishment, injury, imprisonment, destruction.
The businessman's tool is values; the bureaucrat's tool is fear."
— Novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand

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Lie at Heart of "Immigration Reform" Exposed
Mickey Kaus
"Trust" is for Con Men: The reaction to the border chaos in Texas has accomplished one thing: It has exploded the lie at the heart of current "comprehensive" immigration reform plans. The basic structure of those plans is a swap of a) near-immediate legalization for b) increased border security in the future.

Get Ready for the New England Power Shortage;
Democrats Fail to Learn from Calif. History

William Tucker
In 1980, under the first administration of Governor Jerry Brown, California decided it wasn't going to build any more power plants but would follow Amory Lovins' "soft path," opting instead for conservation and renewable energy. By 2000, with the new digital economy sucking up electricity, a drought in the Pacific Northwest cut hydropower output and the state found itself facing the Great California Electrical Shortage.


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A Republic v. A Democracy
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Week ending 20 July 2014

Canada's Stephen Harper Accuses Hamas of Using Human Shields, Urges World Leaders to Side with Israel
Terrorists are deliberately placing people in the path of an Israeli offensive aimed at stopping rocket attacks from Gaza, says Prime Minister Stephen Harper. "The indiscriminate rocket attacks from Gaza on Israel are terrorist acts, for which there is no justification," Harper said in a statement issued Sunday.
Harper firm, Obama limp
Hamas Terrorists Use Ambulances as Mobile 'Bomb Shelters'
Hamas is an expert at embedding itself in the midst of the Palestinian civilian population and using it as human shields, to seek immunity from the army. In recent days, IDF sources reported spotting Hamas gunmen boarding ambulances in Gaza filled with children.
Obamacare Misses Its Target on the Uninsured by Half
Jeffrey H. Anderson
In March 2010, Obamacare was about to be voted upon by the House of Representatives, and the Democrats were in the process of deciding whether to ignore public opinion at their peril. At that time, the CBO projected that Obamacare would cost $938 billion over a decade and would reduce the number of uninsured people by 19 million as of 2014 (1 million prior to 2014 and 18 million in 2014 alone).

Obamacare Victims?
53,000 New Yorkers Dropped from Health Insurance

Did 53,000 New Yorkers just become the latest in a long line of Obamacare victims? BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York has announced that they will be withdrawing from the Medicaid managed care program, meaning 53,000 Medicaid recipients will be forced to look for new insurance plans.

In Another Executive Rewrite the Administration Just Took
Obamacare Away from the U.S. Territories

The ACA's design dealt a pretty big problem to the territories. It required insurers there to comply with the law's major market reforms ... without requiring residents to get coverage or providing subsidies to help them afford coverage. The territories... have been warning for years that would destroy their insurance markets.
Former Border Patrol Deputy Chief: 'All of the Good That Was Done after 9/11 Up to Now Has Been Reversed Singlehandedly'
Ronald Colburn, who spent more than 30 years working for U.S. Customs and Border Protection, says the resulting national-security risk has to do with the "clutter" of people at the border. He says all of the gains made since 9/11 came as a result of reducing the number of people crossing the border.

WaPo: Obama Aides Were Warned of Brewing Border Crisis
Over a Year Ago

The DHS researchers’ observations were among the warning signs conveyed to the Obama administration over the past two years as a surge of Central American minors has crossed into south Texas illegally. More than 57,000 have entered the United States this year, swamping federal resources and catching the government unprepared.

Luis Gutierrez to La Raza:
Obama Assured Steps to 'Stop the Deportation of Our People'

On Saturday, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) said President Barack Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was a "down payment" to the Hispanic community before more grants of amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Doctor: Border Crisis Is 'Absolutely a Health Threat' to Nation
The U.S. is facing a major health threat due to the explosion of disease at detention centers holding thousands of illegal-immigrant children on the southern border, says Dr. Elaina George, who specializes in ear, nose and throat afflictions. "It's like a perfect pressure cooker … a culture medium if you really want to think about it in that manner – a 1700 mile track by foot, by train or however else they're coming up.

Federal Workers Now Concerned After Being Exposed to
Medical 'Breakdown' at the Border

Inside the government, officials are sounding alarms, fearing that they and their teams who come in contact with the sick children face potential exposure to infectious diseases from chicken pox to influenza, including rare cases of H1N1, more commonly called swine flu.
Thin-skinned Kerry Throws a Tantrum on Fox:
‘Let me answer! Let me answer!’

Kerry, pulling off a feat last accomplished by then-U.N. ambassador Susan Rice when she hit all five Sunday talk shows to mislead the country about an anti-Islamic video causing the attack in Benghazi, told Wallace at one point on “Fox News Sunday,” “You like to ask questions, but you don’t like to get answers!”
Lindsey Graham Gives Obama A Title: ‘The King Of Indecision’
“As to Secretary Kerry, he gave the most ridiculous and delusional summary of American foreign policy that you could imagine,” the senator accused. “It scares me that he believes the world is in such good shape.” Graham called America “the glue that holds the free world together” and claimed “leading from behind is not working.”
Elizabeth Warren's 11 Commandments of Progressivism
In her speech, Warren outlined more clearly than other Democrats the social issues that galvanize progressives. Her performance was reminiscent of a certain other young senator in 2008. "What are our values?" Warren asked the audience, some of whom held up "Run Liz Run" signs. "What does it mean to be a progressive?"
Meet the Congressional Progressive Caucus
The Real Problem with Climate Change:
Experts who Aren´t Experts

James Delingpole
Have a look at this recent BBC interview with Al Gore. Then, once you´ve cleaned up the sick, consider what it tells us about the current debate on climate change. I´d suggest two things. 1. The mainstream media still isn´t doing its due diligence in exposing the scam. 2. (And this is a consequence of 1.) Charlatans like Al Gore are getting away with murder.
In Historic Blow to Climate Hysteria, Australia Kills Carbon Tax
A destructive tax which cost jobs, hurt the economy.

With final approval of the Senate on July 17, Australia officially became the first developed nation to repeal its deeply controversial tax on emissions of carbon dioxide, dealing a major setback to proponents of increasingly discredited man-made "global warming" theories.

Thomas Edison Never Had This Problem
Security Firm Hacks Into LED Lighting System

Now, with a fresh report from a UK security firm saying a team of six hackers was able to take over an a LIFX Wi-Fi LED network, perhaps we will begin to see security taken more seriously. Katherine Tweed of GreenTechMedia reported yesterday on the discovery and some of its implications.

Attacks on Carbon Dioxide Are Political Air Pollution
Larry Bell
It's high time to recognize that carbon dioxide has been unfairly treated. Not only have the good deeds of this wonderful molecule so essential to nourish rain forests, begonias, and plants that feed God's creatures been ignored, it has even come to be demonized as an endangering pollutant and climate-ravaging menace.

Greenpeace Showcases Its Anti-Human Side 

Paul Driessen
Greenpeace actions are akin to denying chemotherapy to cancer patients or antibiotics to pneumonia sufferers. Their anti-technology campaigns are eco-manslaughter and should no longer be tolerated. Personally, I cannot imagine life without modern technologies. I can't imagine living in electricity-free, disease-ridden, malnourished, polluted poor nation squalor.
"The Mics Were Hot":
VA's Shocking Attempt To Spy On Scandal Investigators

House Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Jeff Miller told DC-based WMAL Radio on Tuesday about his congressional staffers recently being spied on when they looked into various VA complaints at a regional Veterans Benefits Administration office. His staff was told on "three different occasions" to go to a specific room to do their work but one VA employee said it wasn't necessary.

Week ending 13 July 2014

Disorder at the Border
The United States Has Lost a Basic Aspect of Sovereignty

Scott W. Johnson
Conditions have not suddenly changed in the minors’ home countries. So far as we can tell, the cartels and their customers have a sophisticated understanding of American immigration law and how the White House enforces it . As a Cleveland immigration attorney said, “The cartels have figured out where the hole is.”
The "New" Democratic Party
Obama's "Fundamental Transformation of America"

Mark Alexander
Paraphrasing the esteemed classical liberal economist, Friedrich von Hayek, Future Freedom Foundation President Jacob Hornberger wrote, "There is no difference in principle, between the economic philosophy of Nazism, socialism, communism, and fascism and that of the American welfare state and regulated economy." British historian, Dr. John Joseph Ray, noted further, "The BIG Lie of the late 20th century was that Nazism was Rightist. It was in fact typical of the Leftism of its day. It was only to the Right of Stalin's Communism."
Under the Radar Power Grab:
EPA Wants To Garnish Wages of Polluters

The EPA has quietly floated a rule claiming authority to bypass the courts and unilaterally garnish paychecks of those accused of violating its rules, a power currently used by agencies such as the IRS... "The EPA has a history of overreaching its authority. It seems like once again the EPA is trying to take power it doesn't have away from American citizens," Sen. John Barrasso.
Second Federal Judge Tells IRS to Explain Lost Lerner Emails
U.S. District Court Judge Reggie Walton told Obama administration lawyers on Friday he wants to see an affidavit explaining what happened with Lerner's hard drive. At a hearing examining a lawsuit against the IRS by conservative group True the Vote, Walton said he wants to know what happened to Lerner's hard drive, which allegedly was recycled. He asked for an affidavit from those involved in handling the crashed drive.
Assad Regime Misses Key Deadline To
Hand Over Chemical Weapons

The Syrian government missed a key deadline Wednesday to turn over its chemical weapons stockpile, renewing concerns that the Assad regime is dragging its feet while the civil war rages on. "Assad just keeps giving excuses for breaking promises and compliance requirements, while using the delay to increase his brutality against the Syrian people," Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., said in a statement.
Honduran President Vows to Keep Dumping Illegal Alien Children on
U.S. Border Until His Friend President Obama Says to Stop

Things are beginning to add up now. In May 2013 President Obama attended a gathering of leaders from the Central American Integration System, (CAIS). “As long as (U.S.) immigration reform is not approved, the exodus of children to the United States will continue,” Jorge Ramon Hernandez, the senior representative of Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez, said at the talks.
Obama Doesn't Know Where the Border Patrol is Stationed;
Number of Children Physically Removed Declines Every Year

Keith Koffler
Texas Gov. Rick Perry last night told Fox News' Sean Hannity that during his discussion with Obama Wednesday, he concluded that the president doesn't even know where his own border patrol agents are situated, suggesting a gross lack of familiarity with the whole process.

U.S. Classrooms Prepare for Flood as Migrants Become Pupils
While politicians spend the summer fighting over how to turn back the tide, school leaders across the country are struggling to absorb a new student population the size of Newark, New Jersey.

DHS Report: Only 0.1% of Central American Miniors Deported In 2013

A report leaked to Breitbart News from the Department of Homeland Security states that 99.9% of children from Central America who crossed into the US illegally in 2013 were not deported and are still here. The report also says that the lack of deportations is probably a much more significant factor in driving Central American children to come to the US than violence or poverty.

Lice So Bad ‘they can be seen crawling down’ Their Faces!
“It’s one giant emergency room. They tell me tuberculosis has become a very dangerous issue there. Nurses say the number of children representing symptoms of tuberculosis is ‘simply staggering.’ Spitting up blood, chest pains, constant coughing. There are at least three confirmed cases for the illegals in Austin, Texas…

Border Doctor:
Previously-Deported Illegal Alien with Tuberculosis Ignored by Feds

Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet – a preventive medicine physician and former Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) – has practices in Arizona and Texas. Vliet claimed that one of her patients, whose name cannot be disclosed for confidentiality reasons, called her with fears that the TB-positive immigrant was putting other lives at risk.

Violent MS-13 Gang Members Leave Graffiti on Bathroom Walls
of Nogales Border Patrol Processing Center

An internal Border Patrol executive summary obtained by Townhall confirms that at least 16 unaccompanied illegal minors, are members of the brutal El Salvadorian street gang Mara Salvatrucha – or MS-13. "But remember, this is a 'humanitarian crisis.' They are just kids," a source working in the Nogales processing center said in frustrated and sarcastic tone.

Feds: Pastors and Churches Banned from Border Detention Facilities
"Border Patrol told us pastors and churches are not allowed to visit," said Kyle Coffin, the pastor of CrossRoads Church in Tucson, Arizona. "It's pretty heartbreaking that they don't let anybody in there – even credentialed pastors." A public affairs officer for the Border Patrol confirmed that ministers and church groups have been banned from the Nogales Placement Center.
Chicago Inner City Blacks GO OFF on Obama Over Illegal Immigration
Jim Hoft
One Chicago resident said, “With the president setting aside all these funds for immigrants and forsaken African-American community and African-American families, I think that’s a disgrace. And Barack is from the heart of 55th in the City of Chicago… He will probably go down as the worst president ever elected. Bill Clinton was the African-American president.“
Harry Reid Slammed by Hometown Paper for ‘Race-Baiting’
“The moment any scandal, policy failure or political defeat crashes down on him – and there have been plenty the past few years – the Senate majority leader unleashes outrageous rhetoric,” the editorial continues, adding that Reid “has become especially fond of slinging race cards just to crank up the outrage.”
Eric Holder Continues to See Anti-Black Component to
Those Opposing Himself and President Obama

“There's a certain level of vehemence, it seems to me, that's directed at me [and] directed at the president,” Holder told ABC. “You know, people talking about taking their country back... There's a certain racial component to this for some people. I don’t think this is the thing that is a main driver, but for some there's a racial animus."
The Latino Child Eric Holder Booted Back Home
Humberto Fontova
It was (then) Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder who concocted the “legal” cover for the INS to mace, kick, stomp, and gun-butt their way into the home of Elian Gonzalez’s legal custodians (legal U.S. citizens and residents all) on the morning of April 22, 2000, wrench a bawling 6-year-old child from his family at machine-gun point, and bundle him off to Castro’s terror-sponsoring fiefdom, leaving 102 people (legal U.S. citizens and residents all) injured, some seriously.
Feds seize Elain Gonzales at point of assault weapon
Proud to Be an American?
Patriotism and Contemporary Politics

Mark Alexander
In his farewell address to the nation in 1989, Ronald Reagan said, "An informed patriotism is what we want." But under Obama's oppressive (a.k.a., progressive) regime, a generation of "useful idiots" is on the rise, and under the tutelage of their Community Organizer in Chief, they are becoming progressively more ignorant of the their most rudimentary civic duties and responsibilities.
Surprised? Most American Muslims Approve of Obama
Seventy-two percent of U.S. Muslims approved of the job President Barack Obama was doing as president during the first six months of 2014, higher than any other U.S. religious group Gallup tracks. Mormons were least approving, at 18%.
Greenpeace Co-Founder Dr. Patrick Moore: 'I fear a global cooling'
Moore noted that "the U.S. is currently been cooling" and noted that there has been "no global warming for nearly 18 years." He also mocked the notion that "everything is due to global warming." Moore pointed out that carbon dioxide is a trace essential gas in the atmosphere and is not the control knob of the Earth's climate. "CO2 is the most important nutrient for all life on earth," he noted.

Global Warming Computer Models Confounded as
Antarctic Sea Ice Hits New Record High

America's National Snow And Ice Data Center, which is funded by NASA, revealed that ice around the southern continent covers about 16 million sq km, more than 2.1 million more than is usual for the time of year. It is by far the highest level since satellite observations on which the figures depend began in 1979. In statistical terms, the extent of the ice cover is hugely significant.

Government Data Show U.S. in Decade-Long Cooling
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's most accurate, up-to-date temperature data confirm the United States has been cooling for at least the past decade. The NOAA temperature data are driving a stake through the heart of alarmists claiming accelerating global warming.

Why Does Obama Want to Reduce CO2 Emissions?
John Hinderaker
Even if we assume that the climateers' bogus models reflect scientific reality rather than left-wing politics – an assumption that is plainly contrary to fact – does any plausible reduction in American CO2 emissions make any difference? The answer is: no, it doesn't.
Michelle Obama Employs Only 2 Men;
Pays Them Almost 50% More Than Women On Staff

At the same time the Obama administration once again renewed its Equal Pay push, the White House released salary figures for WH staff. Upon analysis, the Washington Post, among others, concluded that the gender pay gap (as defined by the White House) that has existed since President Obama was elected is as wide as it was in 2009, a thirteen percent difference:
Even Liberals Want Obamacare Employer Mandate Repealed
Liberals ranging from President Barack Obama's own former press secretary Robert Gibbs to the liberal Urban Institute and Commonwealth Fund say ditching the employer mandate makes sense and would reduce "distortions" in the labor market. Furthermore, Obamacare's employer mandate compliance requirements layer costly and onerous compliance hurdles on job creators.

Thousands Still Face Coverage Delays Months After
ObamaCare Enrollment Deadline

Months after the deadline to enroll in a health insurance plan through ObamaCare has come and gone, thousands of Americans have found themselves without coverage due to backlogs or glitches in various enrollment systems, according to a published report. Stuns Target Audience of the Young, Highly Educated
University of Pennsylvania researchers followed 33 subjects for three months as they struggled to get coverage from the federal website. The young professionals were both the best-prepared demographic to get coverage online – highly educated and familiar with the Internet – and the most desirable group as well – young, healthy and inexpensive for insurers.

Death By Paperwork
Betsy McCaughey, Ph.D.
Obamacare regulations compel doctors and their office staff, restaurateurs, business owners, local government officials and others to spend hours filling out paperwork without getting paid for it. It's a colossal theft. As of 2014, Obamacare regulations impose 159 million hours of paperwork a year on the public, an increase of 48 million over last year. And there's more to come.
School Nutrition Group Turns on Michelle O,
Now Fighting Federal Lunch Regulations

The federal government's attempt to force public school students to eat "healthier" lunches is falling apart at the seams. Most recently, the School Nutrition Association – which initially championed the new federal lunch standards – is now lobbying Congress to dial back the "overly prescriptive" and expensive changes, the New York Times News Service reports.

Week ending 6 July 2014

Why Democrats Insist On Lying About How 'poor' They Are
Kyle Smith
Hillary Clinton claimed that, at the moment she and her husband were signing up for $18 million in book deals, they were "dead broke." Harry Reid (who lives in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel) said liberals are getting bullied by Republican billionaires but the Democratic Party "doesn't have many billionaires" behind it.
Hobby Lobby Actually Lavishes
Contraception Coverage on Its Employees

Deroy Murdock
"Today's Supreme Court decision unfortunately jeopardizes basic healthcare coverage and access to contraception for a countless number of women," said Democratic senator Jeanne Shaheen. Consequently, Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid said that his party now must "fight to preserve women's access to contraceptive coverage." This is not just garbage. It's an entire landfill on stilts.
Sources: Feds to Bring in Riot Squad Against
Illegal Immigration Protesters in Murrieta, Calif.

Jeremy Oliver said, "The feds are pissed that they haven't been able to use this facility. Officers out there warned people that federal agents will be in Murrieta on Monday – they are going to get the next bus through no matter what. Riot gear and shields will be used to push the crowd back." John Henry, a Murrieta resident since 1991, was told the same thing by local officers.
Top General Says Mexico Border Security Now
‘Existential’ Threat to U.S.

Marine Corps Gen. John Kelly, commander of U.S. Southern Command, has asked Congress this year for more money, drones and ships for his mission – a request unlikely to be met. Since October, an influx of nearly 100,000 migrants has made the dangerous journey north from Latin America to the United States border.

Homeland Sec. Johnson Gives No Clear Answers On Whether
Illegal Immigrant Children Will Be Deported

His responses on NBC’s Meet the Press and those of other Obama administration officials about what exactly they will do about the estimated 50,000 children who have entered the U.S. illegally in recent months are being characterized as ambiguous, as officials try to secure the U.S.-Mexico border.

Medical Staff Warned: Keep Your Mouths Shut
About Contagion Threat at Border or Face Arrest

Todd Starnes
A government-contracted security force threatened to arrest doctors and nurses if they divulged any information about the contagion threat at a refugee camp housing illegal alien children... In spite of the threat, several former camp workers broke their confidentiality agreements and shared exclusive details with me about the dangerous conditions at the camp.

Congressman Bridenstine Denied Access to
Illegals Being Housed at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma

Congressman Bridenstine said, "There is no excuse for denying a Federal Representative from Oklahoma access to a federal facility in Oklahoma where unaccompanied children are being held. Any Member of Congress should have the legal authority to visit a federal youth detention facility without waiting three weeks."

At Least Two 'Border Kids' Have Swine Flu 

Ruben Navarette
'Immigrants bring disease' is an old prejudice, but it turns out some of the thousands of children streaming across the border have brought H1N1 with them. Here's something you don't hear a journalist say very often: I blew it. I was wrong.

US Spending $252 Tax Dollars a Day Per Child to
Care for Young Illegal Immigrants

Figures from Customs and Border Protection show 52,193 unaccompanied children age 17 and below – the vast majority from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras – have been apprehended at the southwestern border from last Oct. 1 through June 15. The cost for caring for the children is about $252 a day.
Rick Perry to Obama: Come to the Border
The President will be in Texas for Fundraiser

Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Wednesday that President Barack Obama must visit the Texas southern border to see the immigration crisis for himself. "If he doesn't come to the border, I think it's a real reflection of his lack of concern of what's really going on there," Perry said on FOX News' "FOX and Friends," noting that Obama is planning to be in Texas next week for fundraisers.
Lois Lerner Targeted Chuck Grassley After
He Blocked Obama's DOJ Tax Nominee

Sen. Grassley made it more difficult for the IRS and DOJ to work together to target conservative groups by blocking Obama's political appointee Mary L. Smith from taking over the DOJ Tax Division, which prosecutes criminal cases for the IRS.
At the Core of the IRS Saga: Tax Collectors as Political Hitmen
J.D. Tuccille
It's all good fun to mock the Internal Revenue Service's plausibility-challenged explanations for just how potentially embarrassing (to the IRS)  emails were lost and why they can't be recovered, but let's not forget what's at the core of the story: the tax collection agency's long and storied history as a political hitman.
85 Percent of ObamaCare 'inconsistencies' Can't Be Fixed
Geoff Earle
Federal officials can't resolve 85 percent of 2.9 million "inconsistencies" on applications for ObamaCare even after nine months of trying, according to new data provided by the administration. Most of the problems involve certifying citizenship and income, key components of the national health plan. But some of the problems are downright nutty.
State of Colorado's $58 Million Computer Upgrade 'a train wreck' 
"A disaster in the making." That's just one way Secretary of State Scott Gessler describes Colorado's new $58 million computerized accounting system. State agencies have been told to start using it Tuesday, July 1. However, internal documents obtained by FOX31 Denver show the system isn't even close to ready and won't work as planned.
Indictment of Suspect In Benghazi Attack Debunks the Obama Tale
Rowan Scarborough
The Justice Department's indictment spells out a calculated conspiracy by Ahmed Abu Khatallah and associates to attack the U.S. diplomatic mission and CIA annex, which killed four Americans. The indictment might be viewed as a death knell for a theory that the attack resulted from a spontaneous protest against a U.S.-produced video.
The Caliphate Restored 
Robert Spencer
The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has declared itself a caliphate, renamed The Islamic State, and named its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the caliph, and demanded that all Muslims worldwide pledge allegiance to him. Al-Baghdadi has called upon all Muslims to relocate to his caliphate to wage war against non-Muslims.
A-10 Thunderbolt Hooray! The A-10 'Warthog' Keeps Flying
The US House on 19 June voted to block the US Air Force's plan to retire its Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt close air support aircraft fleet as part of its appropriations bill. The chamber approved an amendment to the fiscal year 2015 defense spending legislation that would prohibit the Department of Defense from using money to retire any A-10 aircraft.
Thad Cochran Campaign Manager, Staffer
Busted in Illegal Vote Buying Operation

A black Mississippi pastor has emerged to claim Sen. Thad Cochran's (R-MS) campaign paid "thousands" of Democrats $15 each to vote in the June 24 GOP runoff – and that he was part of the scheme. Rev. Stevie Fielder, an associate pastor at First Union Missionary Baptist Church in Meridian, Mississippi, says Cochran's campaign "told me to offer blacks $15 each and to vote for Thad."
Despicable! VA Employees Switched from Processing VA Applications
to Obamacare Applications

A Veterans Affairs whistleblower from Atlanta will testify before Congress next Tuesday about widespread destruction of applications, retaliation against whistleblowers, and people being shifted from processing VA applications last summer to working on Obamacare enrollment.
Office of Personnel Management:
18,709 VA Employees Make $180,000 or More

When filtering the database for government agencies whose employees make $180,000 or more, the highest salary category listed, the VA tops the list with 18,709 employees. The number of workers making $180,000 or more at the VA far surpasses the 17 other department agencies listed.
MSM Hides the Fact That Hobby Lobby Provides Coverage for
16 Types of Contraception

Katie Pavlich
The Green family has no moral objection to the use of 16 of 20 preventive contraceptives required in the mandate, and Hobby Lobby will continue its longstanding practice of covering these preventive contraceptives for its employees. However, the Green family cannot provide or pay for four potentially life-threatening drugs and devices.
America’s Freedom of Religion Outweighs a $35 Savings
Betsy McCaughey, Ph.D.
The United States Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores Inc. that if you like your God, you can keep your God, even if you run a business. The Obama administration tried to require that health plans provided at work cover contraception and morning-after pills, no matter what an employer’s religious convictions.
Supreme Court Backs Hobby Lobby In Contraceptive Mandate Challenge
The 5-4 decision, in favor of arts and crafts chain Hobby Lobby and one other company, marks the first time the court has ruled that for-profit businesses can cite religious views under federal law. It also is a blow to a provision of the Affordable Care Act which President Obama's supporters touted heavily during the 2012 presidential campaign.
Public Sector Unions Can't Make Nonmembers Pay Fees
The ruling is a setback for labor unions that have bolstered their ranks – and bank accounts – in Illinois and other states by signing up hundreds of thousands of in-home care workers. It could lead to an exodus of members who will have little incentive to pay dues if nonmembers don't have to share the burden of union costs.
U.S. Patent Office Didn't Receive a Single Public Complaint
Before Stripping Redskins Trademark

The recent decision by an obscure administrative law board to cancel the Washington Redskins' trademark registrations came despite the fact the agency hadn't received a single letter from a member of the public complaining about the team's name, records show.
Washington Redskins
Left 'comes out screaming' against D'Souza's America
The political left is coming out "screaming," with "guns blazing," in an attempt to dampen the audience for the highly anticipated film America: Imagine a World Without Her, its maker told WND just before its Hollywood premiere. Dinesh D'Souza recalled that the left's strategy with his first political documentary, 2016: Obama's America, was to ignore it.
Obamanomics: Record Number of Americans – 92 Million –
Not in Labor Force in June

The number of Americans 16 and older who did not participate in the labor force climbed to a record high of 92,120,000 in June, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In June, according to BLS, the labor force participation rate for Americans was 62.8 percent, matching a 36-year low.
Apollo Astronaut: Climate Alarmism is the
'Biggest Fraud in the Field of Science'

"Since about 2000, I looked farther and farther into it," Col. Cunningham (USMC, Ret.) tells MRCTV in an exclusive interview. "I found that not one of the claims that the alarmists were making out there had any bearings, whatsoever. And, so, it was kind of a no-brainer to come to the [fraud] conclusion."
Planned Parenthood Hands out Award for 'Exceeding Abortion Visits'
Planned Parenthood claims its business is "women's healthcare," but its recent award certificate to a Colorado abortion clinic for "exceeding abortion visits [in the] first half of FY12 compared to the first half of FY13," affirms that its most valued business is abortion.
Obamas Have Spent Over $44,351,777.12 in Taxpayer Cash on Travel
Ariel Cohen
The Obamas have spent over 44 million dollars in taxpayer money on travel and vacations. Some are even calling him the “most well-trvaeled, expensive” president in our nation’s history. As Americans head off for the long holiday weekend, let’s take a look back at some of the president’s holiday spending.
Chelsea Clinton's Wealth Can't Buy Her Class
Andrea Peyser
Chelsea Clinton, the former and potential future first daughter, has stiff competition for the title of Most Tactless Human. Greedy reality-TV creature Kim Kardashian is a contender. Chelsea's mom, the once-"dead broke" Hillary Rodham Clinton, might rank even higher on the scale of bad taste. Chelsea, 34, has jabbered like an overeducated trailer-park habitué about her family's No. 1 obsession – money.
Breaking: 60 Women & Girls Escape from Boko Haram
AFP reports that more than 60 women and girls abducted last month by Islamist militant sect Boko Haram have escaped. Abbas Gava, a local vigilante told to AFP, “I received an alert from my colleagues … that about 63 of the abducted women and girls had made it back home”.

Week ending 29 June 2014

The Man Who Broke the Middle East
Elliott Abrams
The Middle East that Obama inherited in 2009 was largely at peace, for the surge in Iraq had beaten down the al Qaeda-linked groups. U.S. relations with traditional allies in the Gulf, Jordan, Israel and Egypt were very good. Iran was contained, its Revolutionary Guard forces at home. Today...
Obama's World Disorder
Victor Davis Hanson
Amid all the talk of the isolationism that supposedly characterizes the Obama administration's foreign policy, we forget that since World War II, the global order has largely been determined by U.S. engagement. The historically rare state of prosperity and peace that defined the postwar world were due to past U.S. vigilance and sacrifice.
Federal Judge May Be Key to Settling IRS Scandal
Judicial Watch found a federal judge who has the integrity and fortitude to seek Justice – and this isn’t his first whack at the Department of Justice either. Enter Emmet G. Sullivan, United States District Judge for the District of Columbia. Mark July 10 in RED on your calendars.
Supreme Court Rules Unanimously Against Obama for
12th and 13th Time Since 2012

John Fund
The tenure of both President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder has been marked by a dangerous push to legitimize a vast expansion of the power of the federal government that endangers the liberty and freedom of Americans. They have taken such extreme position on key issues that the Court has uncharacteristically slapped them down time and time again.
IRS: Shame and Loathing on the Media Trail
Roger L. Simon
The heroes of Watergate are no more, if they ever were. (That was always basically a chimera.) The myth of the crusading investigative reporter is not only dead, it's decomposed. In the disintegration of the Obama administration, the end of the mainstream media is not collateral damage, it is the core damage.

More Than a Smidgen: IRS Admits Wrongdoing,
Agrees to Pay $50,000 in Leaking of Marriage Group's Tax Return

Two years after activists for same-sex marriage obtained the confidential tax return and donor list of a national group opposed to redefining marriage, the Internal Revenue Service has admitted wrongdoing and agreed to settle the resulting lawsuit.

IT Trade Association
Questions Whether Lerner´s Emails Were Destroyed

When the hard drive in question was destroyed, the IRS should have called in an accredited IT Asset Destruction professional or firm to complete that process, which requires extensive documentation, official signoffs, approvals, and signatures of completion. If this was done, there would be records. If this was not done, this is the smoking gun that proves the drive or drives were destroyed improperly – or not at all."

An Arrogant and Lawless IRS
Michael Gerson
Why does this matter deserve heightened scrutiny from the rest of us? Representative government involves a type of trade. As citizens, we cede power to public officials for important purposes that require centralized power... In exchange, we expect public institutions to be evenhanded and disinterested. When the stewards of power act unfairly, it undermines trust in the whole system.

Deunionize the IRS
Roger Kimball
There are some critics who, faced with the overwhelming evidence of partisan corruption at the IRS, advocate abolishing the agency. That is a happy thought, but probably utopian. A possibly more achievable goal would be to deunionize the IRS, a first step in a process that should aim at deunionizing all federal agencies.
What is the Democracy Alliance?
The most powerful political operation you have never heard of.

The Washington Free Beacon has obtained documents that shed light on the rapid growth of the Democracy Alliance's influence over the Democratic Party, including a list of dozens of members whose identities have never before been made public.
Student Leaders Ask Hillary To Return
'Outrageous' $225,000 School Speaking Fee

Two top student government leaders at the University of Las Vegas are requesting Hillary Clinton return the "outrageous" $225,000 speaking fee she reportedly will receive for an upcoming speech at the school in October.

Law Prof Who Specializes in Poverty Makes $205,400 –
Teaching One Class Per Semester

The University of North Carolina School of Law pays Professor Gene Nichol $205,400 annually for his one class per semester workload. On top of his teaching salary, he receives a $7,500 stipend as director of the law school’s Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity.
Oprah Winfrey Calls Michelle Obama 'tiresome'
The lovey-dovey public relationship between Oprah Winfrey and the President and Michelle Obama is a mirage, according to a new book that says first lady badgers the TV giant for favors and makes the fellow Chicagoan feel "jumpy."
High Costs, Frustration and Legal Challenges
Plague Obamacare Patients in California

Limiting the number of medical providers was part of an effort by insurers to hold down premiums. But confusion over the new plans has led to unforeseen medical bills for some patients and prompted a state investigation. More complaints are surfacing as patients start to use their new coverage bought through Covered California, the state's health insurance exchange.

3,137-County Analysis:Obamacare Increased 2014
Individual-Market Premiums by Average of 49%

There are hundreds of aspects of Obamacare that people argue over. But there's one question that matters above all others: does the Affordable Care Act live up to its name? Does it make health insurance less expensive? (Includes interactive map)

Feds Spent $4.8 Billion on Obamacare Exchanges So Far;
As Written Law Gets Blank Check from Taxpayers

The funding was provided by a section of the Affordable Care Act that allowed for "indefinite" funding at the discretion of the Secretary of Health and Human Services. "The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is incurring significant administrative costs to support [federally-facilitated exchanges] FFE operations," the report, which was released earlier this month, said.
Chinese Teens Trafficked Into US Through Central America
The signs at the Texas border offer a glimpse of the enormity of the problem of unaccompanied minors trying to sneak into the US. The instructions are printed in English and Spanish, of course – but also, surprisingly, they’re instructions for help are also in Chinese.
Swine Flu Found in Illegal Immigrant Children
"Everybody's who been in contact with them now is suspect that they have gotten it," Chris Cabrera said in an interview. As many as 120 people have been isolated at the two centers after being exposed to the minors, he said. Medical professionals at the detention centers screen illegals for lice, scabies, and chicken pox – but not everyone receives medical clearance, he said.
They Took Our Jobs!
Study Finds ALL New Jobs Went to Immigrants

The CIS report found that over the last 14 years, people who were born in the United States held 114.8 million jobs in 2000, and held 114.7 million jobs in 2014, a drop of 127,000. But it's an entirely different picture for immigrants – 5.7 million more jobs were held by immigrants in the U.S. in 2014 compared to 2000.
Rigged ‘science’
The Supreme Court Swallows Faked Global Warming Data

Washington Times Editorial
Opinion polls show the public figured out that global warming was all hype years ago, but the judges still haven’t heard the news. The high court justices missed an opportunity to reverse the EPA premise that all humans are “polluters” because they exhale. It’s not supposed to be easy to dupe a judge, but the global warming scientists have done it.
New EPA Regs Issued Under Obama Are
38 Times as Long as Bible – 25,000 Pages

"The broader question of whether the Obama Administration's EPA is "overreaching" in its regulatory effects has not gone away. Critics both in Congress and outside of it regularly accuse the agency of overkill," states a Congressional Research Service report, EPA Regulations: Too Much, Too Little, or On Track?
Antarctic Sea Ice Growing (since 1979)
Despite Global Warming Warnings

The sea ice coverage around Antarctica over the weekend marked a record high, with the ice surrounding the continent measuring at 2.07 million square kilometers, according to an environmentalist and author who says the ice there has actually been increasing since 1979 despite continued warnings of global warming.
Sergeant Who Fought Off 200 Taliban fighters
Despite Being Unable to WALK to be Awarded Medal of Honor

Staff Sergeant Ryan Pitts from Nashua, New Hampshire, spent an agonizing 90 minutes fighting off enemy fighters despite shrapnel injuries to both legs and an arm that left the young soldier critically wounded and resigned to certain death.
John Kerry: 'I'm Working Hard to ... Have Lesbian, Bisexual,
and Transgender Ambassadors'

With much of the Obama administration's foreign policy in tatters, John Kerry is clear on at least one goal he hopes to achieve by the end of his time as secretary of state: having lesbian, bisexual, and transgender ambassadors representing the U.S. In remarks to a GLIFAA Pride event the secretary ran through a litany of accomplishments by the Obama administration that benefit the "LGBT/gay community."
ISIS Declares New Islamic Caliphate
The spokesman for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, made the announcement in an audio statement posted online. Islamic extremists have long dreamed of recreating the Islamic state, or caliphate, that ruled over the Middle East in various forms for hundreds of years.
'Nazi-style' Identification of non-Muslims Urged by British Imam
'Infidels must wear red collars and shave heads'

A radical hate preacher linked to the ‘brainwashing’ of three Welsh young jihadis fighting in Iraq and Syria has outlined his chilling vision of a Nazi-style, Islamic state in Britain on video, describing how non-Muslims will be forced to shave their heads and wear a red sash, in a land where the ringing of church bells is banned.
Military Bans Bibles but Forces Soldiers to Adhere to Ramadan Rules
The US Air Force kicked Christian Gideon’s volunteers off base in March.
The Bibles were too offensive and violated the separation of church and state rule. But US military personnel are expected to adhere Islamic practices during Ramadan. Stars and Stripes reported:
Burned Babies and the Militarization of American Policing
Jacob Sullum
SWAT teams, originally intended for special situations involving hostages, active shooters, or riots, today are routinely used to execute drug searches...These operations are inherently dangerous, especially since armed men breaking into a house while the occupants are sleeping can easily be mistaken for burglars, with deadly consequences for cops, occupants, or both.
CNN's Robbins: Blame Mass Shootings on
Failed Mental Health System, Not NRA

CNN Commentator Mel Robbins said the next time there is a mass shooting "don't jump to blame the NRA and lax gun laws." Rather, "look at the shooter and the mental health services he did or didn't get." According to Robbins, the knee-jerk reaction for more gun control following a high profile gun crime is as misdirected as it is ineffective.
Tribal Leader Rubbed Elbows with Washington Elite
Responsible for Indian Head Redskins' Logo

Walter "Blackie" Wetzel learned early on that in order to achieve the success he wanted for his people, he would need to use every bit of political power he had – at home and in Washington, D.C. In the 1950s and '60s, Wetzel, at the height of his political career, was the chairman of the Blackfeet Nation and president of the National Congress of American Indians.

Don Wetzel: Don't Call Redskins Logo Offensive
Walter “Blackie” Wetzel was Don Wetzel Sr.’s father. "My father," said Don, "was a great man." In the early 1970s, Blackie approached ownership of the Redskins and proposed designing a helmet logo. "He did it the right way," said Don. "It wasn't some thrown together, fly-by-night deal. It's something that represents the Red Nation in a positive way."

PC-Obsessed WaPo Outraged Military Uses
Indian Names for Its Attack Helicopters

"Why do we name our battles and weapons after people we have vanquished? For the same reason the Washington team is the Redskins and my hometown Red Sox go to Cleveland to play the Indians and to Atlanta to play the Braves: because the myth of the worthy native adversary is more palatable than the reality – the conquered tribes of this land were not rivals but victims, cheated and impossibly outgunned." —Wash Post
Washington Redskins
Prosecutors Back Off Scott Walker:
Not Target, No Evidence of Crime

After a week of complete media malpractice, in which scurrilous accusations that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker participated in a "criminal scheme" were plastered all over the headlines, a lead prosecutor has completely backed off.
Charlie Rangel Wrangled In Potential Ethics Probe?
Potential ethics violations involving Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) threaten to steal his spotlight after a hard-fought primary win earlier in the week. Rangel failed to report an all-expense paid trip to China last August with nine other lawmakers from the Congressional Black Caucus, the National Journal reported.

Week ending 22 June 2014

Rarely Has a U.S. President Been So Wrong About
So Much at the Expense of So Many

Dick Cheney and Liz Cheney
Too many times to count, Mr. Obama has told us he is "ending" the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – as though wishing made it so. His rhetoric has now come crashing into reality. Watching the black-clad ISIS jihadists take territory once secured by American blood is final proof, if any were needed, that America's enemies are not "decimated."
Fighting Executive Fiat on Climate
Paul Driessen
The Food and Drug Administration requires that companies seeking approvals of medical product meet high standards for the quality, integrity, and transparency of data... What if the same standards applied to government agencies regarding the scientists and institutions they hired or utilized? Their taxpayer-supported work affects virtually every American.
President Obama Ignored General's Pleas to
Keep American Military Forces In Iraq

Retired Army Gen. John M. Keane, who advised commanders in Iraq and helped devise the 2007 troop surge, remembers how the U.S. achieved victory by working hand in hand with Iraq's military to conduct pinpoint strikes. The effort was so effective that the enemy, al Qaeda in Iraq, stopped sending killers into Iraq because they would be exterminated quickly.
Obama Quietly Frees 12 Detainees from Afghan Prison
The transfers, which are not publicly disclosed, underscore the challenges the Obama administration faces in shutting down Parwan and the larger U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, which has been widely criticized by human rights groups since being populated in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.
America's Middle East Dilemma
Victor Davis Hanson
The Middle East is the Middle East not because America intervenes or does not intervene, or reaches out or stays out, or imports oil or cuts back its purchases. Instead, Middle Eastern violence and instability are homegrown. They result from a complex brew of tribalism, religious fundamentalism and intolerance, sexual apartheid, anti-Semitism, authoritarianism, and statism.
Kicked from Behind
Leading from Behind's Predictable Result

R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.
Aha, Mr. Obama, how do you now like "leading from behind"? When you first enunciated this hocus-pocus in 2011, Charles Krauthammer called it neither a theory nor a doctrine. He called it "dithering," a style devoid of ideas. Instead of the implementation of a doctrine we have seen indecision, hesitancy, delay.
— IRS Intrigue Spreading Like Kudzu —
IRS Cancelled Contract with Email-Storage Firm
Weeks After Lerner’s Computer Crash

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) canceled its longtime relationship with an email-storage contractor just weeks after ex-IRS official Lois Lerner’s computer crashed and shortly before other IRS officials’ computers allegedly crashed.

More Smoke at the IRS — and Not Only from the Hard Drives
Chicago Tribune Editorial
[W]e've urged Attorney General Eric Holder to appoint a special prosecutor — a phrase that, like "customer support" or "designated hitter," provokes Pavlovian suspicions. We've been skeptical of some special prosecutors and their tendency toward mission creep. But we've also seen situations where only a special prosecutor has the independence and credibility to resolve a case that drips with politics...

Obama´s IRS Sent the FBI 1.1 Million Pages of Taxpayer Documents
John Hinderaker
In the Fall of 2010, as part of its effort to stem the conservative uprising that was occurring at that time, the Internal Revenue Service, under the direction of Lois Lerner and Sarah Ingram, sent the FBI 21 disks containing 1.1 million pages of taxpayer filings. The IRS's purpose was to give the FBI ammunition with which to investigate and prosecute conservatives.
House Chairman: VA Instructed Employees to Stonewall Investigation
Patrick Howley
Officials in the Obama administration's Department of Veterans Affairs appear to have illegally instructed VA employees to stonewall a congressional investigation into the department's scandals, according to House Committee on Veterans Affairs chairman Rep. Jeff Miller. "There is a troubling pattern of incidents in which VA officials appear to have been instructed to stonewall, or have possibly tried to mislead Congress," Miller wrote.
Secret Agency
Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial
The more a government seeks refuge in secrecy, the less credibility it has with the people it serves. The longer a government refuses to answer basic questions about public business, the more suspicious taxpayers become. The U.S. Bureau of Land Management was angering ranchers and outdoor enthusiasts long before April’s Bundy ranch blowup in Bunkerville.
The Scandal of Fiddled Global Warming Data
The U.S. Has Actually Been Cooling Since the Thirties

Christopher Booker
When future generations try to understand how the world got carried away around the end of the 20th century by the panic over global warming, few things will amaze them more than the part played in stoking up the scare by the fiddling of official temperature data.
EPA Claims Don't Add Up
EPA's proposal is not what it seems

Mike Duncan
When the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced its rule to cut carbon emissions 30 percent by 2030, they did so based on several unsubstantiated claims and questionable facts. The impact of the administration's politically motivated mandate is too consequential to our economy to ignore the many inconsistencies and errors.
Renewable Energy – It's Complicated
Kansas State Senator Forrest Knox
The wind industry in Kansas, its existence and survival, is purely political in nature. It exists only because of government mandate and significant government subsidy. Isn't it time to move from the political to the analytical? It's not simple; It's not free; It's expensive; It's complicated.
Wind is Free. Wind Energy is not.
CO2 Good; Climate Change Bunk;
Greens are Raging Extremists, says Greenpeace Co-Founder

James Delingpole
"Climate change" is a theory for which there is "no scientific proof at all" says the co-founder of Greenpeace. And the green movement has become a "combination of extreme political ideology and religious fundamentalism rolled into one."

Big Solar Plant in Truth is Largest Gas-Fired Plant
CO2 Emissions Equal to 16,500 Passenger Cars

Wayne Lusvardi
"It has been lauded as the world's largest solar power plant, but the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System could also be called the world's largest gas-fired power plant. The newly operational Ivanpah solar thermal electric power megaplant in California's Mojave Desert was controversial before it was ever built for bird kills, desert tortoise impacts, and a 161% higher cost than coal-fired power plants.

Blinded by Green Energy
Scott Mayer
The Ivanpah solar energy plant in San Bernardino County is the world's largest solar thermal plant and has 173,500 large mirrors that reflect sunlight onto boilers in three 459-foot towers. A feat of modern engineering – to green energy advocates, but a flying hazard to pilots.
On Immigrant Surge, White House Story Falls Apart
Byron York
Border Patrol agents in the most heavily-trafficked area of the surge, the Rio Grande Valley sector of Texas, recently questioned 230 illegal immigrants about why they came. The results showed overwhelmingly that the immigrants, including those classified as UACs, or unaccompanied children, were motivated by the belief that they would be allowed to stay in the United States – and not by conditions in their homelands.
Health Experts: Diseases at Border Becoming 'Crisis'
Outbreaks include TB, measles, scabies, lice, dengue fever, leprosy

Cramped conditions and the spread of difficult-to-treat diseases has doctors worried in the wake of a massive influx of children coming across the Mexican-U.S. border, many of them from Central and South America.
Fed Taxpayer Help: Miami-Dade Requests $2,000-per-head
for Schooling Influx of Illegal Children

The issue was addressed at a Miami-Dade County School Board meeting on Wednesday, knowing those kids would end up in the school system. "We have received about 300 students from Honduras over the past few months so recognizing the challenge, that crisis, we're asking federal got to intervene," said Miami-Dade Superintendent Alberto Carvalho.
Jesus, Republicans and NRA Banned On School Website
Todd Starnes
One of the lessons that Andrew Lampart learned from being on his school's debate team was to gather facts for both sides of an argument. So last month when his law class was instructed to prepare for a debate on gun control, Andrew went online using the school's Internet service. When Andrew tried to log onto the National Rifle Association's website, he realized there was a problem – a big problem.
Mitt Romney Calls Hillary Clinton's Foreign Policy 'Clueless'
Romney said her recent comments regarding the Obama administration's release of five Taliban leaders from Guantanamo Bay in exchange for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, were "clueless." "She said the commandos don't represent a threat to the United States," he told David Gregory, the host of NBC's "Meet the Press." "Of course they do ... are you kidding?"
'We Want Out': Bobby Jindal Pulls Louisiana from Common Core
On the heels of similar moves by Indiana, Oklahoma, and South Carolina, Jindal acted to make the Bayou State the fourth state to exit the national education standards known as Common Core. Bypassing the legislature and issuing a series of executive orders, the Republican governor pulled Louisiana from Common Core and all federally subsidized standardized tests.
Humiliated in Court, WI Democrats Take Their Anti-conservative
John Doe Probe to the Media

Looking at the same documents, two judges have already ruled that John Doe prosecutors have absolutely no evidence of wrongdoing. Judge Rudolph Randa, who last month shut down the investigation through a preliminary injunction, described the prosecutors' claims against [Gov. Scott] Walker as "simply wrong."
Suffolk-Herald Poll: Romney is Early Favorite in N.H. 2016 Primary
The surprise early frontrunner in New Hampshire's next GOP presidential primary is the loser of the last White House race – former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who wipes the 2016 field by a more than 2-1 margin, a new Suffolk University-Boston Herald poll reveals.
Apartment Complex Says Remove U.S. Flag it's a
'threat to Muslim community'

An apartment complex in Webster, Texas, has reportedly told a man that an American flag flying from his balcony presents a "threat to the Muslim community" and needs to be taken down. But, Houston's KHOU reported Wednesday, Duy Tran is not giving up without a fight and intends to continue displaying the flag.

Week ending 15 June 2014

Obama Thinks You're Stupid, That's Why
Ed Lasky
He would be nowhere without the lying. That was all he really ever had. One suspects that he could pass a lie-detector test with honors. But why does he feel so comfortable lying? For the same reason a con man does: he thinks most people are suckers, dummies, and rubes.
All the President's Muses:
Obama and Prosecutorial Misconduct

Sidney Powell
As Ninth Circuit Chief Judge Alex Kozinski has written, prosecutorial misconduct has become "an epidemic." And evidence has come to light that our president, the nation's chief law enforcement official, seeks his counsel from the worst.
Iraq: ISIS Butchers Leave
'roads lined with decapitated police and soldiers'

The full horror of the jihadists' savage victories in Iraq emerged yesterday as witnesses told of streets lined with decapitated soldiers and policemen. Blood-soaked bodies and blazing vehicles were left in the wake of the Al Qaeda-inspired ISIS fanatics as they pushed the frontline towards Baghdad.
Map: How religious and military divides shape the Middle East
In the Middle East, the End of the Beginning
Michael Walsh
The new Califate
The Iraq wars, begun and not concluded by President George H.W. Bush, continued half-heartedly by Bill Clinton, disastrously expanded by George W. Bush and cravenly abandoned by Barack Hussein Obama, are coming to a close. The real war, against a unified and motivated "caliphate" of vengeful anti-Western Islamist Muslims, is about to begin.
on the
Time to end the 'blame game'. It is bizarre to claim that but
for the removal of Saddam, we would not have a crisis.

Tony Blair
The reality is that the whole of the Middle East and beyond is going through a huge, agonizing and protracted transition. We have to liberate ourselves from the notion that ‘we’ have caused this. We haven't... the fundamental cause of the crisis lies within the region not outside it.
Congress's Iraq Vets Helplessly Watch Their Gains Lost
Americans are tired of war. For the 17 members of Congress who served in Iraq, that means watching helplessly as the cities they fought for fall once more to extremists... Three Republican congressmen who served in Iraq – Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, Doug Collins of Georgia, and Brad Wenstrup of Ohio – said it feels like the progress they made has been thrown away.
Joe Biden Called Iraq One of Obama’s ‘Great Achievements’
"I spent – I've been there 17 times now. I go about every two months – three months. I know every one of the major players in all of the segments of that society. It's impressed me. I've been impressed how they have been deciding to use the political process rather than guns to settle their differences." –Larry King interview, 2010.
Joe Biden
What Would Muhammad Do? (a check list)
Life is full of tough choices for Muslims. Do you behead or not behead? Have adult relations with your buddy's 9-year-old child...? Take a female sex slave... ? For followers of the RoP, it all comes down to knowing what Muhammad did when faced with the same decisions. In fact, the more you know about the founder of Islam the better, even if you aren't Muslim.
In 2007, Romney Predicted Current Events In Iraq So Accurately
He Must Have Had A Time Machine

At a campaign event in 2007, former presidential candidate Mitt Romney shared his views on what could happen in Iraq if the situation was not handled with care. He said:
But, Obama knew better
Bergdahl's Parents Got Rare Access to Insiders' Briefings and Data
The Obama administration gave the parents of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl extraordinary insider access to the military's hunt for their son by having them take part in a series of secure video conferences with senior commanders as well as White House and State Department officials... the Bergdahls participated in perhaps as many as 20 video conferences a year.
“Too Dangerous to Release”: Obama went to court to keep one of the
‘Taliban Five’ locked up at Guantanamo Bay – just three years ago!

The same Obama administration that downplayed the likelihood Khairulla Said Wali Khairkhwa could return to the battlefield against the U.S. argued three years ago that he should be denied habeas corpus rights and kept locked away in an orange jumpsuit at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility.
An Orchestrated Immigration Wave At The Texas Border?
Not So Paranoid To Think So

Investor's Business Daily
[T]here hasn't been a word from the White House or its agencies urging families in Honduras, Guatemala or El Salvador not to send their children alone through Mexico's merciless badlands ... But the newspapers and television stations throughout Central America are falsely reporting that amnesty will be theirs if they can just make it through the Mexican obstacle course – and that the time to do it is now.

Border Patrol Agents Threatened with Criminal Charges for
Speaking to Reporters

The AP obtained an email from Eligio "Lee" Pena, an assistant patrol agent, that ordered more than 3,000 agents to not speak to reporters about the "humanitarian crisis." ... Pena's email went on to warn agents that they could be disciplined or even charged with a crime if they speak to media, according to the AP.

Border Agent Laments Gang Members Entering U.S.
Chris Cabrera, vice president of the National Border Patrol Council Local 3307 in the Rio Grande Valley, said that confirmed gang members in Mexico – including those from Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) – are coming into the country to be reunited with their families, National Review reported Friday.

Obama Admin Forbids Lawmakers from Taking Photos of
Illegal Immigrant Facility

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is welcoming members of Congress and their senior staff to tour a temporary shelter being used to house illegal immigrant children – but the invite comes with a list of rules, including a suggestion that members leave their cellphones in their vehicles.

REPORT: Illegals Bring Contagious Diseases Across Border
A brave news report by Phoenix station ABC-15 says that the Obama administration is dumping contagious disease carrying illegal aliens all across the country. Reporter Navideh Forghani reported on Friday from the border town McAllen, Texas that illegal aliens are being found with scabies, chicken pox, MRSA, and other contagious viruses.
Mississippi's Voter ID Law Could Be Example for Nation
As June 3rd Primary Went Well

Of the 397,822 ballots cast, 513 voters did not have a photo ID compliant with the law and 177 returned with ID later to have their votes counted... Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann said the success of the new law is proof the state doesn't need federal oversight of its elections and redistricting.
Obamacare Can’t Handle the Truth:
Data Not Adding Up for Enrollees

Officials found data from application forms not matching what was in federal records, which could affect how much consumers pay for their health plans or if they are even legally eligible for benefits, AP reported. It suggested the final number of enrollees affected could be higher.

More Patients Flocking to ERs Under Obamacare
That's just the opposite of what many people expected under Obamacare, particularly because one of the goals of health reform was to reduce pressure on emergency rooms by expanding Medicaid and giving poor people better access to primary care.

Obamacare Taxes:
Next Tax Filing Season Could Be 'most chaotic in years'

One of the key elements of Obamacare is the creation of advanceable tax credits for the purchase of exchange plans. The goal is to have an educated estimate, based on the most immediately available government documents (e.g. prior year tax returns, etc.), of the taxpayer's probable income for the year – which in turn determines the size of the tax credit.

ObamaCare and the CBO – No Longer 'Giddy'
Larry Elder
Recall the President's signature legislation barely passed, and squeaked by along party lines – without a single Republican vote. Before the vote, congressional Democrats waited for the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office to "score" the legislation... how important was the 2010 CBO score, delivered on the eve of the Obamacare vote? Vital. Critical. Indispensable.
Australian PM Seeks Alliance to Thwart President Obama
on Climate Change Policy

The combined front would attempt to counter recent moves by the Obama administration to lift the pace of climate change abatement via policies such as a carbon tax or state-based emissions trading. It is a calculated attempt to push back against what both leaders see as a left-liberal agenda in favour of higher taxes, unwise interventions to address global warming, and an unhealthy attitude of state intervention.
How Washington Is Sneakily Implementing Cap and Trade
Nicolas Loris
The EPA's New Source Performance Standards for GHG emissions from existing sources set reduction targets at 25 percent below 2005 levels by 2020 and 30 percent by 2030. This comes after greenhouse gas regulations for new power plants that will essentially ban the construction of new coal-fired power plants.
Medical Advocate: Senate VA Bill Would
'Protect Union Jobs, Not Ailing Vets'

"One of the culprits is this 316-page union contract full of mind-numbing rules that prevent assigning an employee to a new task, a new work shift, a new building, or reprimanding someone on the staff for misdeeds or just poor performance," said Dr. Betsy McCaughey, former lieutenant governor of New York state.

Audit Reveals More Than 57,000 Waiting
Initial VA Visits 90 Days or More

The audit released Monday said 13 percent of VA schedulers reported getting instructions from supervisors or others to falsify appointment dates in order to meet on-time performance goals. About 8 percent of schedulers said they used alternatives to an official electronic waiting list...

Senator Questions $16.6 Million In Bonuses at
Hines VA Hospital In Chicago

Writing a top VA official on Wednesday, Sen. Mark Kirk said $16.6 million in bonuses have been awarded at the Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital in west suburban Chicago since 2011 and asked whether waiting times for patients had been manipulated there so criteria for the bonuses could be met.
38 Points from 1963 – It Is Happening –
The Communist Takeover of America

Rick Wells
On Jan. 10, 1963 ten-term Democrat Congressman Albert S. Herlong Jr., who represented Florida's 5th District, read a list of 45 Communist goals into the Congressional Record. It is now fifty-one years later and the hard work of the communists seems to be paying off – for them, and they aren't through. Every American should be clamoring in the streets over what is taking place.
File Under: Are You Stupid Enough to Believe This?
IRS claims it has LOST two years' worth of emails from Lois Lerner

Ways and Means Committee chairman Dave Camp, a Michigan Republican, said Friday that 'the fact that I am just learning about this, over a year into the investigation, is completely unacceptable.' 'He also said the claim 'calls into question the credibility of the IRS’s response to congressional inquiries.'
Federal Records Retention Requirements
U.S. Code › Title 44 › Chapter 31 44
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Battle Against Common Core Heats Up
Lindsey Burke
Gov. Mary Fallin (R-Okla.) and even some proponents of Common Core have become concerned Common Core has led to increased federal intervention in local school policy. "What should have been a bipartisan policy is now widely regarded as the president's plan to establish federal control of curricula, testing and teaching strategies," Fallin stated.
When Metrosexuals Rule the Nation
Alicia Colon
Since its first introduction into our lexicon, the definition of the word metrosexual has changed several times. At first it was used to describe young, urban males who were more interested in fashion, grooming and appearance than the traditional masculine male…In his book Male Impersonators, Mark Simpson explains why understanding narcissism is vital to understanding modern masculinity.
Gay Pride Flag Flies Over U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv
Welcome to Sodom's New Headquarters

What message does this convey to the violently homophobic Muslims? Yet, in our military, Bibles are banned, in the Air Force academy, Bible verses are erased from cadet white boards, while Christian bakers are sent for re-education for not bowing to gay marriage. A president for all the people? Not hardly.
National Guard Not Welcome This Time At
San Fran LGBT Pride Weekend; Chelsea Manning Is

The board of the San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration Committee rejected a request from the Guard to set up an informational booth during Pride Weekend. Last year, the National Guard had a booth at Pride Weekend for the first time – staffed by gay soldiers – following the repeal of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy.

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