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"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.
It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies.
The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated;
but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end
for they do so with the approval of their own conscience." —C. S. Lewis (1898–1963)

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“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government
from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” —Thomas Jefferson

“It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error.
It is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error.”
—Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson
“Immigrants soon find their place in urban life, they soon adopt, externally, town manners and opinions, but for a long time they remain foreign to civic thought. One cannot make a social philosophy one’s own as easily as a new costume. . . More menacing than barbarians storming the walls from without are the seeming citizens within – those who are citizens in gesture, but not in thought.”
—Ludwig von Mises, Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis, p. 38 (1922)
“Just because you do not take an interest in politics
doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you.”
—Pericles, Greek statesman, 495–429 BC

“I am certain that nothing has done so much to destroy the juridical safeguards of
individual freedom as the striving after this mirage of social justice.”
F. A. Hayek, Economic Freedom and Representative Government (1973)

Truth is always stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sense. — Mark Twain

The most costly of all follies is to believe passionately in the palpably not true. — H. L. Mencken

To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil,
and in some small way to become evil oneself. --Theodore Dalrymple 

"Economic power is exercised by means of a positive, by offering men a reward,
an incentive, a payment, a value; political power is exercised by means of a negative,
by the threat of punishment, injury, imprisonment, destruction.
The businessman's tool is values; the bureaucrat's tool is fear."
— Novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand

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Aiding and Abedin
The Clinton Family Favor Factory

Stephen F. Hayes
Clinton, who took virtually no precautions to safeguard her emails – "personal" or "work-related" – while they sat on her server, went to great lengths to ensure that the emails she withheld from the State Department could never again be seen by anyone. She did this nearly two years following her departure from the State Department and only after she understood that the government was interested in seeing her emails.

Diversity: History's Pathway to Chaos

Victor Davis Hanson
Emphasizing diversity has been the pitfall, not the strength, of nations throughout history. The Roman Empire worked as long as Iberians, Greeks, Jews, Gauls and myriad other African, Asian and European communities spoke Latin, cherished habeas corpus and saw being Roman as preferable to identifying with their own particular tribe.


Why the United States is a republic and not a democracy
A Republic v. A Democracy
Why the U.S.A. is one and not the other.

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Week ending 28 August 2016

Surprise! GDP for 2nd Quarter Revised... Downward;
It Seems Revisions are Always Negative. Why is That?

Gross domestic product expanded at a 1.1 percent annual rate, the Commerce Department said on Friday in its second estimate of GDP. The revision also reflected more imports than previously estimated as well as weak spending by state and local governments. The economy grew at a 0.8 percent pace in the first quarter. It grew 1.0 percent in the first half of 2016.
WH Tries to Refute Trump Claim That Obama and Dems Have
Failed the African-American Community

Despite government data supporting Donald Trump's claim that blacks are worse off under President Obama, the White House insisted Thursday that blacks have made progress under the first black president and that the Republican nominee would reverse those gains. Mr. Trump's pitch that black Americans have "nothing to lose" by voting for him is clearly irritating the White House, which tried but failed to muster much convincing evidence that life for blacks in America has improved over the past eight years.
Data shows blacks fairing worse under Obama
The Bizarre Media Blackout of Hacked George Soros Documents
Investor's Business Daily
Leaked documents released a few days ago provide juicy insider details of how a fabulously rich businessman has been using his money to influence elections in Europe, underwrite an extremist group, target U.S. citizens who disagreed with him, dictate foreign policy, and try to sway a Supreme Court ruling, among other things. Pretty compelling stuff, right? Not if it involves leftist billionaire George Soros. In this case, the mainstream press couldn't care less.
If You Only Read The New York Times and Washington Post,
You Have No Idea the Soros Leak Happened

On June 4, 2016, the New York Times editorial board wrote an article titled "Big Money Rearranges Its Election Bets." But two-and-a-half months later, when the internal workings of a powerful political network palmed off as a tax-exempt "social welfare" agency supposedly dedicated to doing good were released to the public – unveiling the big money ties to many of the left's top social causes – the Times kept its readers in the dark.
ISIS: Here Are the Six Reasons We Hate YOU
Islamic State wants you to know the top six reasons why it hates Western civilization in the latest issue of its propaganda magazine Dabiq. The issue released Sunday is titled "Break the Cross," and is focused around what the organization finds wrong about the West and its politicians.
Immigration Expert: U.S. to Resettle Nearly One Million Muslim Migrants Under One Term of Clinton Presidency
Center for Immigration Studies’ Steve Camarota explained that this large expansion in Muslim migration would be part of a massive increase in overall immigration, which the U.S. could experience under a President Hillary Clinton. Camarota noted that Clinton could potentially add as many as 10 million new immigrants to the U.S. during her first term alone, on top of the millions of illegal immigrants to whom she would grant immediate amnesty.
A Pattern Emerges: Clinton Getting Away with Ethics Shortcuts for
Long, Long Time

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
There's a big difference between the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Family Foundation, or at least we're told. Who says words don't mean anything? ... Those of us who watched her rise here in Arkansas will know she's been getting away with ethical shortcuts for a long, long time and the lower she sinks, the higher she rises in the esteem of her fans – or just of those who have benefited from her largesse.
1/3 of Abedin Emails 100% Redacted
Information Too Sensitive Even for Congress

Judicial Watch's release this week of 725 pages of State Department emails involving Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin demonstrates the Obama administration considers a large percentage of the emails sent through Clinton's private server too sensitive for Congress or the American public to read. Of the 725 pages, more than 250 pages were 100 percent redacted, many with "PAGE DENIED" stamped in bold.
The Crazy, Conspiratorial, Paranoid World of Hillary Clinton
Joseph Farah
This is a sick, sick woman, full of hate herself, someone who is ethically challenged more than anyone who has ever run for the presidency, a woman who was "co-president" in the 1990s when her husband used the Internal Revenue Service to target his and her political enemies – myself prominently among them. She does not deserve another chance. She is unfit. She is disqualified.
New York Times Tech Columnist Calls on Google to
Hide Hillary Health Info

New York Times tech columnist Farhad Manjoo is calling on Google to "fix" its search engine results to hide evidence of Hillary Clinton's failing health. "Go online and put down, 'Hillary Clinton illness,' and take a look at the videos yourself," Rudy Giuliani recently said on Fox News, during an argument about how sick Clinton really is.
Diversity Programs Actually Harm Women and Racial Minorities
A new study published in the Harvard Business Review finds that most workplace diversity programs – including mandatory diversity training programs – actually harm the very people such programs are usually meant to protect: racial minorities and women. Harvard University professor Frank Dobbin and Tel Aviv University professor Alexandra Kalev coauthored the study, titled "Why Diversity Programs Fail."
Obamacare Sign-Ups Fall Far Short of Forecasts;
Success of Obama Initiative Depends on Profitable Insurers

Enrollment in the insurance exchanges for President Obama’s signature health-care law is at less than half the initial forecast... As a result, the administration’s promise of a menu of health-plan choices has been replaced by a grim, though preliminary, forecast: Next year, more than 1 in 4 counties are at risk of having a single insurer on its exchange, said Cynthia Cox, who studies health reform for the Kaiser Family Foundation.
'Born This Way'? New Study Debunks LGBT Claims
Among leftists, it is at convenient times an accepted fact that homosexuals and transgendered people are "born that way"... A new report, instantly controversial, torpedoes that understanding of homosexuality and gender dysphoria, the medical term for transgenderism. The report, entitled "Sexuality and Gender: Findings from the Biological, Psychological, and Social Sciences," is co-authored by two of the most well respected experts on mental health and human sexuality.
Church of England Parishes Consider First Step to
Break Away Over Sexuality

A group of parishes is preparing what could be the first step towards a formal split in the Church of England over issues such as homosexuality, with the creation of a new “shadow synod” vowing to uphold traditional teaching... They claim the Church of England’s leadership is progressively “watering down” centuries-old teaching, not just over the issue of sexuality but many core beliefs including the authority of the Bible.
Louisiana Cop: Red Cross Stopped Me from Praying with Flood Victim
Todd Starnes
“I was told that the Red Cross does not allow spiritual counseling in their shelters,” he said. “The supervisor told me the Red Cross is not a religious-based organization and they don’t allow religious interaction with the residents.” During the conversation, a flood victim asked Higgins to pray. The captain was obliged but had to do so outside the Red Cross shelter. “Christian compassion was not welcomed there in the manner I had provided,” Higgins told me.
Illegal Immigrant Kills Fire Chief in Louisiana Bus Crash
An undocumented immigrant was piloting a charter bus that he wasn't licensed to drive when it crashed Sunday morning in Louisiana, killing two people and injuring dozens, police said. The bus was full of workers headed to Baton Rouge to help with the flooding cleanup, said Louisiana State Police Trooper Melissa Matey. The driver was Denis Yasmir Amaya Rodriguez, an undocumented immigrant from Honduras, Matey said.
New Cash Infusion Will Lead to Massive Evangelical Vote Effort
David Brody
The Brody File has learned that organizers with the influential American Renewal Project will meet this week in Dallas to plan a massive, "Get Out the Vote" effort aimed at mobilizing pastors and their evangelical congregations. In just the last week, the conservative Christian group, headed up by influential evangelical leader David Lane, has raised nearly $10 million.
Obama Creates Largest Ocean Reserve Off Hawaii,
Disregarding Impact On Residents, Local Business

President Obama, with the stroke of a pen, created the world's largest ocean reserve on Friday off Hawaii, days after designating a massive federal monument in Maine – moves that have angered local lawmakers who accuse the president of disregarding the impact on residents.
Jews are ‘adept at working the American political system’ Aided by
‘the memory of the Holocaust’ – Extraordinary Claim Made By
Journal Where Huma Abedin Was Assistant Editor

Abedin, who is vice-chair of Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign, spent 12 years as an assistant editor for Journal of Minority Muslim Affairs. Her mother, Saleha Mahmood Abedin, is the journal's editor-in-chief and has been accused of espousing the views of the Muslim Brotherhood through the publication. Huma Abedin's brother, Hassan, is an associate editor and her sister, Heba, is an assistant editor.
MORE: Claimed Pres Clinton bombed Iraq to distract from Monica
Huma Abedin’s Mom Linked to Shocking Anti-Women Book
Paul Sperry
As secretary of state, women’s-rights champ Hillary Clinton not only spoke at a Saudi girls school run by her top aide Huma Abedin’s anti-feminist mother, but Clinton invited the elder Abedin to participate in a State Department event for “leading thinkers” on women’s issues. This happened despite evidence at the time that Saleha M. Abedin had explored the religious merits of sexual submissiveness, child marriage, lashings and stonings for adulterous women, and even the circumcision of girls.
Report: Fox News Mentioned in Order to
Delete State Dept Briefing Clip

The Obama administration official who ordered the edit of a 2013 briefing exchange between Fox News reporter James Rosen and a State Department spokeswoman specifically mentioned the "Fox network reporter" in their request, as revealed by the agency's internal investigation. "The technician did not recall a reason being given for the edit request," the report stated, "but did believe that the requester had mentioned in the course of the call a Fox network reporter and Iran."
CNN Forced to Apologize for Airing
Deceptively Edited Milwaukee Riot Footage

Robert Laurie
Far from calling for an end to the fires, she [a rioter] was actually calling for the fires to be moved to the suburbs. There, presumably, the "appropriate" people would be targeted. CNN was caught trying to sell the concept of the "peaceful protester" rather than admit the truth of Wisconsin's violent race riot. Why? Because "news" isn't "what they do." Left-wing messaging and propaganda is.
PBS NewsHour Cuts Anti-Hillary Portions of
Judy Woodruff's Jill Stein Interview

PBS's Judy Woodruff did a live interview with Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein which was carried on Facebook. That interview without the Facebook questions was also broadcast on PBS's NewsHour – but not quite all of it.
Surprise: Gun Ownership Rises to 44% of All Homes;
Females Lead Surge of First-time Buyers

After a steady decline in gun ownership in recent years, more homes are reporting having a weapon inside, according to a new survey. Pew Research Center, in a poll on guns released Friday, showed that 44 percent of the country has a gun in the house. Some 51 percent don't.

Week ending 21 August 2016

American Journalism is Collapsing Before Our Eyes
Michael Goodwin
Donald Trump may or may not fix his campaign, and Hillary Clinton may or may not become the first female president. But something else happening before our eyes is almost as important: the complete collapse of American journalism as we know it. The frenzy to bury Trump is not limited to the Clinton campaign and the Obama White House. They are working hand-in-hand with what was considered the cream of the nation’s news organizations.
Don’t Be like the Man Who Married His Mother-in-Law
Clarice Feldman
There’s a strange story out of India in the Daily Mail about a man who divorced his wife to marry his mother-in-law and now regrets his decision and is trying to undo it. In a way this reminds me of conservatives whose preferred candidates lost the nomination and now as NeverTrumpers are making the election of Hillary more possible.
Trump Plays the Role of President in Louisiana;
Obama Takes Time Out for a Fundraiser

Keith Koffler
Trump's arrival on the scene helps him on a number of levels. Most importantly, it provides a dramatic contrast to Hillary Clinton and President Obama, both of whom have neglected to visit a region where more than a dozen have died and tens of thousands have been forced out of their homes.
FBI, DOJ Launch Probe Into Firm of
Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta

The FBI and Justice Department have launched an investigation into whether the Podesta Group, the lobbying and public relations firm co-founded by Hillary Clinton presidential campaign chairman John Podesta, has any connections to alleged corruption that occurred in the administration of former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.
Leaked Soros Memo: Refugee Crisis 'New Normal,'
Gives 'New Opportunities' for Global Influence

A leaked memo from left-wing financier George Soros's Open Society Foundations argues that Europe's refugee crisis should be accepted as a "new normal," and that the refugee crisis means "new opportunities" for Soros' organization to influence immigration policies on a global scale.
Amid Milwaukee Unrest, Controversial Black Sheriff David Clarke
Clashes with the City's White Police Chief

As riots raged in Milwaukee, the county sheriff took to Twitter. "Black LIES matter," David Clarke wrote to his quarter-million followers, ridiculing the Black Lives Matter movement. The protesters, he tweeted later, were part of a "culturally dysfunctional underclass" and were responding to "inane provocation." His taunts stood in sharp contrast to the message being sent out by the Milwaukee police chief.
Irony Squared: Could Donald Trump Be the Savior of Black America?
Roger L. Simon
Irony of ironies. Former AG Eric Holder and Barack Obama have been angling for a “national dialogue on race” for years and now they’ve finally gotten one – from Donald Trump, of all people! ... The principal substantive result to come from Johnson's War on Poverty was the validation of that famous prediction attributed to the Texan: “I'll have those [N-words] voting for us for the next two hundred years.”
NY Times Scandalized by Its Own Baseless Guess That
Trump Might Pay Little or No Income Tax

Dan Calabrese
Anyone who seeks to pay more of his income in taxes is an inept moron who is unlikely to make wise fiscal decisions as president. People who seek to pay less in taxes understand the principles of good financial practices and are much more likely to be wise stewards of the nation's fiscal resources.
Aetna Slashes Obamacare Insurance Plans in 2017
Aetna, the No. 3 U.S. health insurer, on Monday said that due to persistent financial losses on Obamacare plans, it will sell individual insurance on the government-run online marketplaces in only four states next year, down from the current 15 states. Aetna's decision follows similar moves from UnitedHealth Group Inc. and Humana Inc., which have cited similar concerns about financial losses on these exchanges created under President Barack Obama's national healthcare reform law.

Highmark Pa., Other Health Insurers Use Process
Intended to Curb Rate Increases to Justify Them

After the Affordable Care Act took effect in 2010, it created a review mechanism intended to prevent exorbitant increases in health insurance rates by shaming companies that sought them. But this summer, insurers are turning that process on its head, using it to highlight the reasons they are losing money under the health care law and their case for raising premiums in 2017.
Bill Clinton's Undercover Campaign Detour Raises Eyebrows
Former President Bill Clinton quietly made a detour from his wife Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign to give a private speech at a medical conference sponsored by a Democratic donor and contributor to the Clinton Foundation, the FOX Business Network has learned... The Clintons have come under fire for accepting high-dollar speaking fees from major corporations like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, including those that regularly do business with the federal government and may seek advantages if she wins the 2016 election.
Whole Families Are Fleeing El Salvador and
Entering the U.S. in Massive Numbers

In 2014, a wave of unaccompanied kids from Central America caught the U.S. government off-guard when they flooded into Texas in record numbers, triggering what President Obama called an "urgent humanitarian situation." Two years later, a silent swell of a different type is starting to emerge on the U.S. southern border. And it could be a harbinger of another immigration crisis in the making.
All Immigration Today is Weakening the U.S.;
Assimilation was Needed, Immigration Nearly Halted 1924 – 1965

Cathy Burke
Immigration – both illegal and visa-sanctioned – is weakening the United States, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh says... "The Democrats … need a permanent underclass," Limbaugh charges... He says Democrats "reinvigorated illegal immigration because we didn't have any immigration – 1924 through '65 we stopped all immigration so the immigrants then could assimilate and actually become Americans."
The Reason That Liberals Hate Christianity, but Ignore Islam
One of the things that’s frustrating for non-liberals and non-Progressives is Leftists’ refusal to look Islam in the face (so to speak). Yes, there are crazy people who are Christians and there are entire Christian sects that are crazy ... The fact remains, however, that Christians as a whole, whether they belong to big churches or small ones, do not embrace or practice terrorism to achieve their political or religious goals.
Huma Abedin Worked at a Radical Muslim Journal for 10 Years
Paul Sperry
Hillary Clinton's top campaign aide, and the woman who might be the future White House chief of staff to the first female U.S. president, for a decade edited a radical Muslim publication that opposed women's rights and blamed the U.S. for 9/11. [Her 1996 article] "Women's Rights are Islamic Rights," argues that single moms, working moms and gay couples with children should not be recognized as families.
Germany to Tell People to Stockpile
Food and Water in Case of Attacks

For the first time since the end of the Cold War, the German government plans to tell citizens to stockpile food and water in case of an attack or catastrophe... Germany is currently on high alert after two Islamist attacks and a shooting rampage by a mentally unstable teenager last month. Berlin announced measures earlier this month to spend considerably more on its police and security forces and to create a special unit to counter cyber crime and terrorism.
Obama Lied! State Dept. Admits $400M to Iran was Ransom
State Department spokesman John Kirby was asked at Thursday's press briefing: "In basic English, you're saying you wouldn't give them $400 million in cash until the prisoners were released, correct?" "That's correct," Kirby replied. In an Aug. 4 press conference, President Obama said the opposite.
Soros' "Islamophobia" Plot Against David Horowitz Revealed
Matthew Vadum
Radical left-wing billionaire George Soros developed a strategy five years ago to publicly disparage, delegitimize, and marginalize conservatives like David Horowitz who go to great pains to warn Americans about the threat posed by political Islam and the ongoing Islamization of the U.S.
Trump 2.0?
John Hinderaker
Over the last week, Donald Trump has delivered a series of remarkable speeches that have, in my view, reinvigorated his candidacy. The most recent was yesterday, in Charlotte. The speech has gotten a lot of attention, much of it directed to Trump's sort-of-apology for some of the rude things he said during the primary season.
Economists Hike Forecasts as Brexit Confidence Grows
Britain´s economy will grow faster than expected in 2016 and 2017, as newly optimistic economists reverse some of the downgrades made immediately after the Brexit vote. A raft of strong economic data published since the vote has persuaded some analysts that a devastating economic crunch – predicted by then-chancellor George Osborne – is unlikely to strike the UK in the short term.
Obama wrong again
Class Action Lawsuit Against Debbie Wasserman Schultz Moves Forward
Michael Sainato
In June, the hacker Guccifer 2.0 released internal Democratic National Committee (DNC) documents proving the DNC treated Hillary Clinton as their nominee before the primaries even began. Not long after these revelations came to light, the law firm Beck & Lee filed a class action lawsuit against now-former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC on behalf of Bernie Sanders supporters.
Still 'Pro-Choice' After This? Then You Have No Soul
Matt Barber
You proponents of the torturous live-dismemberment of children in the womb, just knock it off already... As you regressive "progressives" like to say, "The science is settled." Pre-born babies are objectively and empirically distinct persons with emotions, autonomy (though in a dependent stage of human development, not unlike post-birth babies) and the unalienable human rights intrinsic to all human beings.
Huma Abedin says Muslim Faith Helped Save Her Marriage
Huma Abedin said it was her Muslim faith that helped her get through the darkest days of her marriage with sexting fiend Anthony Weiner. "I tried to block out all the noise and move on with my life," Abedin told Vogue, saying she relied on her faith and a "really supportive group of friends and colleagues" after her hubby's sexting derailed his promising mayoral bid.

Week ending 14 August 2016

Feeding Us a False Hillary
Frank Miniter
While Hillary roams the country making anti-gun speeches, some in the media are hard at work convincing us that she’s not all that bad. You and I are supposed to forget that in the early autumn of 2015, Hillary Clinton said the U.S. Supreme Court got it “wrong on the Second Amendment.” Actually, we weren’t even supposed to hear her say this.
Olympic-Sized Climate Propaganda
Paul Driessen
XXXI Olympiad competitors are joyfully showcasing their skills and sportsmanship, while delighted fans revel in their amazing efforts. But opening ceremonies featuring colorful history, dance, song and athletes were rudely interrupted by an unprecedented propaganda film. As audiences around the world were getting pumped up in eager anticipation for the upcoming events, a slick but deceitful video soured the mood by inserting partisan climate change politics.
Details: Did Sec. Clinton's Unsecure Email Lead to
Iran Executing the Nuclear Scientist Reputed to Have Spied for U.S.

The tale of Shahram Amiri was one of the stranger sagas to emerge from Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's tenure as secretary of state, testing her diplomatic skills in highly sensitive circumstances. His death comes just over a year after Iran and the U.S. struck a deal aimed at reining in Iran's nuclear program, an agreement Clinton was instrumental in launching.
Joint FBI-US Attorney Probe of Clinton Foundation is Underway
Multiple FBI investigations are underway involving potential corruption charges against the Clinton Foundation, according to a former senior law enforcement official. The investigation centers on New York City, where the Clinton Foundation has its main offices, according to the former official who has direct knowledge of the activities. Prosecutorial support will come from various U.S. Attorneys Offices – a major departure from other centralized FBI investigations.
Meet the Prosecutor That Could Take Down the Clinton Foundation
A joint FBI-U.S. Attorney probe of the Clinton Foundation has begun, and the federal prosecutor leading the charge has a history of taking down politicians. Preet Bharara, dubbed "The Showman" in The New Yorker for his penchant for theatrics and wisecracks, runs the U.S. Attorney's office in the Southern District of New York and has racked up an impressive number of corruption convictions...
Leaked E-mail Shows Soros Urged Clinton to Intervene in
Albania Civil Unrest

More leaked e-mails from Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State prove that she was taking foreign policy advice from left-wing billionaire activist George Soros. An e-mail provided by WikiLeaks showed Soros reaching out to Secretary Clinton over a foreign policy dispute in Albania.
Judicial Watch: New Documents Show Top Clinton Aide
Alerted On Email Inquiry

"This is evidence that Cheryl Mills covered up Hillary Clinton's email system. She was aware of the FOIA request about Clinton's email accounts and allowed a response to go out that was a plain lie. And you can bet if Cheryl Mills knew about this inquiry, then Hillary Clinton did, too," said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

44 New Emails Reveal Hillary's Shocking Pay-for-Play Scheme
Hillary Clinton put the State Department up for sale, with top aides pulling strings and doing favors for fat-cat donors to the Clinton Foundation – including a shady billionaire, according to smoking-gun emails released Tuesday. The stunning revelations include how wealthy contributors seeking influence or prestigious government gigs could fork over piles of cash to get access to Clinton's inner circle, including top aides Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills.

96 Percent of Hillary's Charitable Donations in 2015
Went to Clinton Foundation

Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill deducted $1,042,000 in charitable contributions last year – $1 million of which went to their own family non-profit, the Clinton Family Foundation. Clinton released her tax forms on Friday in a move that is seen as a way to pressure Donald Trump to release his taxes.

Bill Clinton's Take from For-Profit College Over 5 Years: $17.5 Million
Bill Clinton was paid $1 million in 2015 by Laureate University, an educational institution with branches around the world. American Thinker has previously reported on this relationship between Clinton and the college, as well as the school´s flawed bookkeeping that got the college in trouble with the SEC.
Senator to Loretta Lynch:
Why Did DOJ Nix Clinton Foundation Investigation?

Texas Sen. John Cornyn points out in the letter that the DOJ's decision not to pursue an investigation despite the FBI's recommendation is in stark contrast to its decision last month to accept the bureau's recommendation not to charge Clinton following its email probe. "The outcome in both cases favors Secretary Clinton," Cornyn writes.
CNN's Chris Cuomo Comes Right Out and Admits It:
'We couldn't help Hillary any more than we have'

Scott Morefield
Hey, at least he's being honest, for once. Regardless if it hurts them in the ratings, because it clearly has, the liberal media is determined to ride that broken down mule all the way to the halls of power because, for them, ideology is what matters, and theirs is the clearly the ideology of the Left.
The Clintons are Grifters, and America is Their Mark
Keith Koffler
The Clintons are truly a pair of grifters, and the American people are their mark. They’ve used their positions at the highest levels of the government to make themselves multi-millionaires, as the latest batch of emails show. Republicans take a lot of heat for Trump, but the Democrats have chosen nominate and defend a self-evidently corrupt individual, Hillary Clinton, to be their standard bearer.
13 States Ask Judge to Stall Obama Transgender Bathroom Order
The hearing in Fort Worth is the latest in the battle between the federal government and various states opposed to the policy change. U.S. District Judge Reed O'Connor will hear arguments over the states' request for a preliminary injunction to halt the Obama directive just weeks before school re-opens for the fall. It is not known when the judge might issue a ruling.
Rand Paul: CIA Annex in Benghazi Shipped Arms from
Libya to Syria; Clinton Lied About It – a Felony

Sen. Rand Paul says that Hillary Clinton deserves five years in prison for lying to Congress about the true nature of the CIA operation in Benghazi that was attacked by terrorists in 2012. Under oath before Congress in 2013, Hillary Clinton answered a question from Sen. Paul, saying she knew nothing about the weapons shipments from Libya to Syria.
Why Does Obama Insist on Calling the Islamist Terrorists “ISIL”?
In one press conference after another, when referring to the Muslim terror super-group ISIS, United States President Barack Obama will use the term ISIL instead of their former name ISIS or current name Islamic State. Have you ever wondered about that? We have.
Muslims Threaten California Church with "Allahu Akbars"
During Sunday Mass

Father Josiah Trenham mentioned "intimidation" to the parishioners of St. Andrew Orthodox Church, and he was quite right: Islamic supremacists and jihadis routinely traffic in intimidation. That's based on a Qur'anic command: "And prepare against them whatever you are able of power and of steeds of war by which you may strike terror in the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others besides them whom you do not know, whom Allah knows" (Qur'an 8:60).
President of Kyrgyzstan Says Women in Mini-Skirts
Don’t Become Suicide Bombers

His comments come after several weeks of controversy following a government sponsored campaign to discourage Kyrgyz women from dressing in Islamic garb amid fears of the “Arabisation” of the country. Banners across Kyrgyzstan have been erected showing women in the nation’s traditional clothing contrasted with women in niqabs and burkas captioned: “Poor people! Where are we heading to?”
'Islamic Dress Radicalizes Women'
Clinton Body Count or Left-Wing Conspiracy?
Three with Ties to DNC Mysteriously Die

Rachel Alexander
Since the Democratic National Committee emails were leaked a few weeks ago, three people associated with the DNC have all been found dead under what could be questionable circumstances. Some – including Bernie Sanders supporters – suspect the Clintons were behind the deaths, just more episodes in the alleged "Clinton body count" dating back to the 1990s. Others dismiss the speculation as left-wing conspiracy nuts.
Early Morning Explosion in DC Leaves Yet Another DNC Staffer Dead
Assistant Chief Russ Hamill of the Montgomery County Police told reporters Thursday that two bodies were found in the ruins and that the scene would be handled as a “death investigation.” The identity of one of the bodies has led some to speculate, especially following the revelations about murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich this week.
Julian Assange Suggests Seth Rich – Who was Murdered in DC –
Was Wikileaks DNC Source!

On July 8, 2016, 27 year-old Democratic staffer Seth Conrad Rich was murdered in Washington DC. The killer or killers took nothing from their victim, leaving behind his wallet, watch and phone. Shortly after the killing, Redditors and social media users were pursuing a "lead" saying that Rich was en route to the FBI the morning of his murder, apparently intending to speak to special agents about an "ongoing court case" possibly involving the Clinton family.
Friends of DNC-Linked Shawn Lucas
"Freaked Out" by His Strange Death

Friends of Shawn Lucas, the attorney who was found unconscious on his bathroom floor after serving the DNC with a lawsuit, are reportedly "freaked out" by the strange circumstances surrounding his death. Lucas appeared in a video in which he served papers relating to a lawsuit against the DNC alleging that then DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz "rigged the primary for Hillary Clinton".
Cost of Expanding Medicaid Exceeding Estimates;
Renews Cost Concerns Over 'Obamacare'

The law provided for the federal government to pay the entire cost of the Medicaid expansion from 2014 through the end of this year. Obama has proposed an extra incentive for states that have not yet expanded Medicaid: three years of full federal financing no matter when they start. But the new cost estimates could complicate things.
The "New Keystone" Pipeline Approved –
Environmentalists are Angry

Final federal approval for what is being called the "new Keystone" came from the Army Corps of Engineers on July 26 – allowing the pipeline to move forward. The 1,168-mile long Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), also called the Bakken Pipeline, is comparable in length to the Keystone XL.
Solar Physicist Sees Global Cooling Ahead;
'True Believers' Try to Suppress Findings

Recent research by Professor Valentina Zharkova and colleagues has shed new light on the inner workings of the Sun. If correct, this new discovery means that future solar cycles and variations in the Sun's activity can be predicted more accurately. The research suggests that the next three solar cycles will see solar activity reduce significantly into the middle of the century, producing conditions similar to those last seen in the 1600s – during the Maunder Minimum.
Satanist Leads Invocation at Alaska Assembly Meeting
A debate over religious freedom has led to a Satanist leading an invocation at one Alaska borough's assembly meeting. Following a discussion over whether to do away with invocations entirely, the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly decided to open invocations up to all religions. During Tuesday's assembly meeting, Iris Fontana led an invocation in the name of Satan on behalf of the Satanic Temple.
Wow! How 4ft 9in American Gymnast Pulls Off
Cartwheeling Routine to Make You Dizzy

Her rise to superstar status has been as stratospheric as one of her leaps from the beam, vault or gym floor. Despite being too young to qualify for the London Olympics in 2012, Simone Biles was already being called the greatest gymnast who ever lived before she and her US team mates won the women’s team gold in Rio on Tuesday. And last night she secured her second gold medal of the Games, in the women’s individual all-round final.
‘Little Known’ Olympic Shooters Snubbed by Sponsors
While Media Play Dumb

On Friday, American Olympic history was made when superstar skeet shooter Kim Rhode became the first American to medal in SIX consecutive Olympics. The typical media coverage of stories involving a firearm obsesses over gun crime and includes giving gratuitous air time to anti-gun spokesmen like Moms Demand, idiot actors and politicians to sing their unchallenged propaganda.
CNN Host Slams America's Greatest Olympian Ever for
Not Being a Black, Muslim Woman

Michael Phelps may be the greatest Olympian the world has ever known but for CNN host W. Kamau Bell, he is just a "tall, successful, rich white guy" who clearly didn't "need the honor" of being chosen by his athlete peers as America's flag-bearer. Instead, Bell exclaims, Ibtihaj Muhammad, a woman, an African-American and a Muslim to boot, should have been chosen because "right now America has enough tall, successful, rich white guys hogging the spotlight trying to make America great."
Tapped Out:
Clinton Pleads for Cash 'to Keep Lights On, Doors Open'

Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign and her super PACs have raised almost $400 million, but her latest fundraising appeal is an urgent warning that she's going broke. Without a daily fix of $1 million, the campaign said that it will have to start shutting down field offices across the country.
Socialist Bernie Sanders Spends More Than His
Reported Net Worth on His Third Home

Thomas Lifson
The great thing about being an avowed socialist is that you get to posture as a self-righteous man of the people without forgoing the benefits of wealth. Take the case of Bernie Sanders, whose self-reported net worth was $528,014, yet who just spent a reported $600,000 on a summer “vacation home” with 500 feet of lake frontage on gorgeous Lake Champlain.

Week ending 7 August 2016

New Mantra To Deny Islamic Terror: ‘Mental illness’
“Where does ‘radical Islam’ end and ‘mental illness’ begin?”

Leo Hohmann
Is “mental illness” the new cover for jihadist attacks on the West? It certainly seems that way, says a noted expert on jihad. “Authorities have ascribed jihad terror to mental illness on numerous occasions,” said Robert Spencer, including the Orlando, San Bernardino and Chattanooga attacks in the United States. Sometimes it sticks, but usually, days, weeks or even months later, when few people are still paying attention, the police will retract their earlier statements and admit it was a terrorist attack.
Whitewashing Muslim Violence and Blacklisting Reality
Selwyn Duke
A ... common (un)intellectual contortion is the minimizing tactic of claiming, as is politically correct authorities' wont, that a given jihadist attacker "has no ties to IS" (the Islamic State), as if there's nothing to see here if a man doesn't provide notarized evidence of allegiance to the boogeyman du jour. The IS didn't birth Islam; Islam birthed the IS.
The Real History In This Election is Trump
Katy Grimes
People say Hillary Clinton's candidacy for U.S. President is historical only because she is a woman. Blah blah blah. Feminist author Camille Paglia called Hillary Clinton an "ethically challenged incompetent," and has repeatedly challenged Hillary's feminist credentials. Why is Donald Trump's candidacy also historical? Trump is the first candidate in U.S. history who is not a politician, government worker, political appointee or a top military officer.
Sen. Tom Cotton: Clinton Discussed Iranian Scientist on
Private Email Who Was Later Executed for Treason

"I'm not going to comment on what he may or may not have done for the United States government, but in the emails that were on Hillary Clinton's private server, there were conversations among her senior advisors about this gentleman," he said on "Face the Nation." Cotton was speaking about Shahram Amiri, who gave information to the U.S. about Iran's nuclear program. The senator said this lapse proves she is not capable of keeping the country safe.

Iran confirmed hanging of Amiri for treason
Hillary Clinton's Benghazi Debacle:
Arming Jihadists in Libya . . . and Syria

Andrew C. McCarthy
As U.S. armed forces attack ISIS in Libya, WikiLeaks is poised to remind us that ISIS is in Libya – indeed, that ISIS is ISIS – thanks to disastrous policies championed by Hillary Clinton as President Obama's secretary of state. Also raised, yet again, is the specter of Mrs. Clinton's lying to Congress and the American people – this time regarding a matter some of us have been trying for years to get answers about:
Wikileaks Bombshell: Hillary Clinton Knew of Weapons
Supplied from Benghazi to Al-Qaeda in Syria

Wikileaks has promised to release documents linking Hillary Clinton to knowingly supplying Syria with weapons from her state department. That disclosure could come in any number of days, sources said. True Pundit, however, has already unearthed the documentation. The Intel provides official confirmation of what has been rumored for years: President Obama, his White House, and Hillary Clinton and her State Department knew that weapons were being shipped from Benghazi to rebel troops in Syria. Those "rebels" were largely al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood extremist factions, according to corroborating documents.
redacted intel cable
Those Hillary Clinton emails, they connect together with the cables that we have published of Hillary Clinton, creating a rich picture of how Hillary Clinton performs in office, but, more broadly, how the U.S. Department of State operates.
WikiLeaks' Assange Tells Why He's Outing Hillary;
Emails Link Her to Arming ISIS Jihadists in Libya

In a new interview, Assange admitted that Clinton's emails, which Wikileaks now has, implicate the former Secretary of State in the Libyan intervention when weapons flowed into Syria and ultimately were used by ISIS members, according to Democracy Now.
Washington Post Fact Checker Gives Hillary Clinton Four Pinocchios for Claiming FBI Director Said Her Email Answers Were "Truthful"
"As we [WaPo] have seen repeatedly in Clinton's explanations of the email controversy, she relies on excessively technical and legalistic answers to explain her actions. While Comey did say there was no evidence she lied to the FBI, that is not the same as saying she told the truth to the American public – which was the point of Wallace's question."
U.S. Poised to Hit Obama's Target of 10,000 Syrian Refugees
After a slow start, it appears increasingly likely that the Obama administration will hit its goal of admitting 10,000 Syrian refugees into the United States before the end of September. State Department totals show that 2,340 Syrian refugees arrived last month in the United States.
"We are very comfortable that we are bringing people in who will be a great plus to our country." Sec. of State John Kerry said.
7,551 Syrian Refugees Admitted to U.S. in FY16 – Only 35 Christians
The Obama administration admitted 2,340 Syrian refugees into the United States in July, almost as many as the record number of admissions in June (2,406), keeping it on track to reach its goal of 10,000 by the end of September. Continuing a trend seen throughout the fiscal year, just 15 of the 2,340 resettled in July (0.6 percent) are Christians, while 2,308 (98.6 percent) are Sunni Muslims.
Obama’s Cash Payment to Iran was More Than a Ransom –
It Broke Criminal Law

Andrew C. McCarthy
The hotly debated question was whether the payment, which the administration attributes to a 37-year-old arms deal, was actually a ransom paid for the release of American hostages Tehran had abducted. It is a waste of time to debate that point further. The Iranians have bragged that the astonishing cash payment was a ransom – and Obama has been telling us for months that we can trust the Iranians.
Transaction was to camouflage the commission of felony law violations.
Gold Star Mom: Obama Used the Death of My Son for a Photo Op
"What we experienced there is the families unanimously asked Barack Obama to not bring any media, to not make this a media event, that he was welcome to be with us but no media. And you know he showed up with cameras, and the next day our pictures, or his picture saluting the caskets of our boys was plastered over every outlet in America."
Gold Star Dad a Clinton 'Ringer' – Media Apoplectic as
Khizr Khan Attack On Donald Trump Goes Down in Flames

Mainstream media figures from the New York Times to the Huffington Post to CNN are apoplectic Monday as their latest attack on Donald J. Trump, the Republican nominee for president, has crumbled yet again under the slightest bit of scrutiny. Khizr Khan has all sorts of financial, legal, and political connections to the Clintons through his old law firm, the mega-D.C. firm Hogan Lovells LLP.
The U.S. Constitution and Sharia Law are totally incompatible
Khan's Deep Legal, Financial Connections to Saudi Arabia, Hillary's Clinton Foundation Tie Terror, Immigration, Email Scandals Together
Khizr Khan, the Muslim Gold Star father that the mainstream media and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have been using to criticize Donald J. Trump, has deep ties to the government of Saudi Arabia – and to international Islamist investors through his own law firm... In addition to being Gold Star parents, the Khans are financially and legally tied deeply to the industry of Muslim migration – and to the government of Saudi Arabia and to the Clintons themselves.
The U.S. Constitution and Sharia Law are totally incompatible
An Open Letter to Mr. Khizr Khan
Ray Starmann
"As you well know, Mr. Khan, we live in violent times, dangerous times. Muslim madmen from ISIS and other radical Jihadi groups are on a murder and terror spree across the globe. Your religion of peace, Islam, is anything but that in 2016. That is a fact that is confirmed every time a Muslim shoots, bombs, beheads and tortures innocent men, women and children. This does not mean that every Muslim is a terrorist, but most terrorists, sir, are indeed Muslims."
The U.S. Constitution and Sharia Law are totally incompatible
Khizr Khan Has Written Extensively On Sharia Law
Khan wrote "Juristic Classification Of Islamic Law" in the Houston Journal of International Law in 1983. In it he breaks down different levels of Islamic law. Khan writes that the Quran and the Sunnah which were both directly created by the Muslim prophet Muhammad were the only sources in Muhammad's lifetime that "were recognized as binding."
The U.S. Constitution and Sharia Law are totally incompatible
Khizr Khan Believes Sharia Trumps the Constitution –
So the Entire Premise of His DNC Speech was a Big Lie

The father of martyred U.S. soldier Captain Humayun Khan, Khizr Khan, has on Thursday said that the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is unacceptable to the U.S. He said that Allah makes people like Trump to make mistakes to discredit them in public eyes forever, reported Dunya News.
More Clinton ‘Khan Cons’ on the Rocky Road Ahead
Judi Mcleod
The shocking truth is that Hillary Clinton is now using someone with credible ties to the Muslim Brotherhood – a puppet some say is paid, sworn to the advance of Sharia Law, who as dramatically as any Hollywood starlet waved a copy of the Constitution at Donald J. Trump – and got away with it. Call the ongoing Hillary-Kahn affair what in reality it surely is: the ‘Khan con’ and brace yourself for plenty of more ‘Khan cons’ coming your way from the Clinton camp before November 8.
She Lied! Hillary's Tearjerker About Handicapped Girl in Wheelchair in DNC Speech WAS ALL A LIE!
Hillary Clinton made up the whole story to sound like a selfless humanitarian. In 1973 New Bedford was already giving handicapped kids rides to school. Years later Hillary lied about handicapped accessibility in the town to sound more charitable and loving to the American public. It was all a lie.
Possible Explanation of Why Mr. Trump Continues to Have Support
James A. Schmidt, PhD
Although the media would have you believe otherwise, this election is not about personal decorum, social faux pas and political correctness. It is about: A return of decent jobs for American workers (not just more service jobs that pay low wages) through protective actions that provide better quality American products an equal chance in the marketplace...
Trump to Deliver One of Biggest Tax Cuts Since Reagan, Aide Says
Trump will reiterate his plan to cut the corporate tax rate to 15 percent, Heritage Foundation chief economist Stephen Moore said Friday in an interview with Bloomberg Television. At the same time, Trump has managed to whittle down the cost in terms of lost tax revenue by about two-thirds, to $3 trillion, he said, without specifying a timeline.
Clinton Scandal: Bill Took Millions from Group That Pushes Sharia Law
Investor's Business Daily
"Why would Bill Clinton be participating in programs that teach Sharia in foreign countries where that is the specific objective of the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, and al-Qaida," Stephen Coughlin, a counterterrorism expert, wondered in an interview with the Daily Caller, which first reported the story. It's a good question.
Prominent Anti-Hillary Clinton Researcher,
Found Dead of Self-inflicted Gunshot

American Free Press contributor Victor Thorn, 54, a long-time researcher and critic of Hillary and Bill Clinton, has been found dead. The author of more than 20 books, he was best known for the Clinton trilogy, "three definitive works that delved into the history of the power couple including their sordid scandals, Bill Clinton's sexual assaults of multiple women, and the drug running out of Mena, Arkansas while Clinton was governor of the state."
Islamic State: If Muslims Ran America,
‘Lucrative African Slave Trade Would Have Continued’

As usual, the Islamic State supports its position with theological arguments, suggesting that Allah is pleased with slavery, as long as the slaves are infidels. “The Islamic leadership would not have bypassed Allah’s permission to sell captured pagan humans, to teach them, and to convert them, as they worked hard for their masters in building a beautiful country,” the article reads.
Along with African slavery, the Islamic State authors also state that “if it were the Muslims,” instead of Christians, who had “fought the Japanese and Vietnamese or invaded the lands of the Native Americans, there would have been no regrets in killing and enslaving those therein.”
Democrat Congressman Wants Anyone but
Straight White Men to Apply for Internships

"The Office of Congressman Keith Ellison is looking for enthusiastic interns for our Washington and Minneapolis offices... While Congressman Ellison encourages all individuals to apply, applicants with strong ties to the Fifth District or Minnesota are preferred," the page states before adding one final note: "People of color, LGBTQ individuals, women, and people with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply."
This is what Dems call 'diversity'
State AGs Sought to Keep Climate Probe Details Secret
A group of liberal state attorneys general signed a pact earlier this year to keep secret their attempts to punish fossil fuel companies for climate change... "This is far less a proper common interest agreement than a sweeping cloak of secrecy, one this 'informal coalition' is trying to cast over all discussions of their use of law enforcement to impose the 'climate' agenda. Including with outside activists and even donors," Chris Horner, an E&E Legal fellow, said in a statement.
Insurance Giants Cancel ObamaCare Expansion Plans as
Premiums Skyrocket

Insurance giant Aetna is the latest provider to announce staggering losses on ObamaCare plans – some $300 million last year, in just 15 states. Soaring costs prompted Aetna to cancel its plans to expand into more states, and the company is "undertaking a complete valuation of future participation in our current 15-state footprint," as CEO Mark Bertolini put it.
Virginia Native Ginny Thrasher, 19, Shoots Her Way to
First U.S. Gold Medal in Rio

Thrasher, a Springfield, Va., native who first fired a gun five years ago when she felled a whitetail deer while hunting with her grandfather, was one of eight competitors to emerge from the 50-woman qualification round this morning. She began her finals bid with a stunning bullseye that yielded a perfect score of 10.9, eventually outlasting Serbia's top-ranked Andrea Arsovic and China's defending Olympic champion Siling Yi.
Gold Medal Olympic Shooter Criticizes California Gun Control
Speaking from the games in Rio de Janeiro, U.S. Olympic shooter Kim Rhode said she is pro-concealed carry and against the plethora of new gun controls passed by California lawmakers and signed by Governor Jerry Brown (D). Rhode intimated that some find it strange that an Olympian speaks out on political issues back home, but she believes the times demand it. She said, "I'm definitely becoming more vocal because I see the need."
The ATF is Illegally Hoarding Gun Owners' Personal Information
The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), the go-to federal oversight agency, conducted an audit of ATF and found it does not remove certain identifiable information, despite the law explicitly mandating it do so. GAO conducted reviews for four data systems, and concluded at least two of ATF's systems violated official protocols.
Is the Gadsden Flag Racist?
Todd Starnes
The EEOC is investigating whether the Revolutionary War-era Gadsden Flag could be considered a racist symbol in the workplace. In recent years, the yellow flag with its coiled snake has also become a symbol of the Tea Party. "Whatever historic origins and meaning of the symbol, it also has since been sometimes interpreted to convey racially-tinged messages in some contexts," the EEOC report states.
Gadsden flag
Gadsden Flag history
NFL Star Ben Watson: Planned Parenthood was Created to
"Exterminate Blacks" and "It's Working"

Christian NFL player Ben Watson does not hesitate to call out Planned Parenthood's targeting of minority women and their babies for abortions... "… abortion saddens me period, but it seems to be something that is really pushed on minorities and provided to minorities especially as something that they should do," Watson said.
Expert Analysis of Hillary Clinton’s Physical and Mental Breakdown
Hillary Clinton recently had a breakdown on TV. The media is of course covering this up rather than having an expert medical panel on to discuss her health. Yet what happened to Hillary was obviously a sign of a head injury and stroke. When a protester appears, Hillary freezes. In psychology you learn that the flight-or-fight response is a myth. A stressful situation trigger a fight, flight, or freeze response.
What do you think?

Week ending 31 July 2016

Obama's Economic Recovery Is Now $2.2 Trillion Below Average
Investor's Business Daily
Economists were surprised Friday when the Commerce Department reported that growth in the second quarter of this year was a mere 1.2%. But the real surprise is that anyone is surprised when the economy underperforms, since that's what it has been doing for the past seven years. There has not been a single year in the past seven when the economy did better than President Obama promised, or that most economists expected.
America Blighted by Industrial Wind
Green Gangsters Rip Us Off While Enriching the 0.1%

Mary Kay Barton
A recent Joe Mahoney article, NY looks to the wind to replace its fossil fuel diet, was full of half-truths and misinformation. There is nothing “free,” “clean” or “green” about industrial wind. Quite the contrary: the true costs of industrial wind development are astronomical.
Seven Years Later, Economic Recovery Remains the
Weakest of the Post-World War II Era

Even seven years after the recession ended, the current stretch of economic gains has yielded less growth than much shorter business cycles. In terms of average annual growth, the pace of this expansion has been by far the weakest of any since 1949. The economy has grown at a 2.1% annual rate since the U.S. recovery began in mid-2009, according to gross-domestic-product data the Commerce Department released Friday.
No Stopping Booming Britain:
Rush to Invest in UK as Brexit Economy Soars

Britain is enjoying a Brexit boom fuelled by a series of major investment announcements. And official figures yesterday revealed that the economy is racing forward. GDP figures for the second quarter to the end of June showed that the economy grew by 0.6 per cent – defying the doom-laden warnings by Remain campaigners that the prospect of a Brexit vote was crashing the country's finances.
Another bad-call by Obama
EU Slap in the Face: Slovakia Tells Brussels
They Will NOT Accept Refugees from Turkey

Brussels struck a deal with Turkey which would see tens of thousands of refugees who crossed from Syria relocated across Europe. But Slovak Interior Ministry spokeswoman Michaela Paulenova said: "We will not accept any refugees based on the agreement between EU and Turkey that has so far been agreed."
'One ISIS attack every 84 hours' Spurs Dread and Anger in Europe
Tim Lister
In the past week I have seen flowers and candles carpeting a street in Munich, the tranquility of a small Bavarian town shattered by a suicide bomb and a small church in suburban France sealed off after its octogenarian priest had his throat cut. Before these horrific events, there was a knife-wielding teenager on a German train. And before that, much deadlier attacks in Nice, Brussels and last November, in Paris.
French Plan Ban on Foreign Funding for Mosques with
More ISIS Terror Attacks Predicted

The French government is considering banning the foreign financing of mosques as it reshapes its counter-extremism strategy following a fresh wave of terror attacks. Manuel Valls, the Prime Minister, told Le Monde the prohibition would be for an indefinite period but gave no further detail on the policy. "There needs to be a thorough review to form a new relationship with French Islam," he added.
Sounds a lot like a Donald Trump idea
VA Spent $20 Million on Art
While 1,000 Veterans Died Waiting for Treatment

Adam Andrzejewski
In the now-infamous VA scandal of 2012-2015, the nation was appalled to learn that 1,000 veterans died while waiting to see a doctor. Tragically, many calls to the suicide assistance hotline were answered by voicemail. Yet, in the midst of these horrific failings the VA managed to spend $20 million on high-end art over the last ten years – with $16 million spent during the Obama years.
Tim Kaine Promises Clinton Administration Would Push a Bill to
Legalize Illegal Immigrants in 'First 100 Days'

A new Clinton administration would pursue a bill to legalize illegal immigrants in "the first 100 days" of her tenure, vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine told Spanish-language network Telemundo in an interview Monday, presenting a deep contrast with Republicans. Mr. Kaine also predicted that House Republicans, who stopped President Obama's last bid for legalization in 2013, will reverse themselves next year and said House Speaker Paul D. Ryan will lead the GOP to embrace legalization.

Leaked DNC Documents Show Plans to Reward Big Donors with
Federal Appointments

Democratic National Committee documents recently released by WikiLeaks include spreadsheets and emails that appear to show party officials planning which donors and prominent fundraisers to provide with appointments to federal boards and commissions. The documents, which were circulated among top DNC officials in April, could raise legal questions for the party...

Russians 'likely responsible' for Clinton Campaign Hack;
Campaign Refused to Cooperate with FBI Investigation

The newly revealed attack comes after computer networks for the DNC and the party's fund-raising committee for congressional candidates were also hacked. A trove of stolen e-mails from the party – released last week – resulted in the downfall of DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who resigned as a result of explosive revelations.
Hillary's Comments on 60 Minutes About Private Email Server
Now Used Against Her in Court

Hillary Clinton's comments on her use of a private server during last weekend's 60 Minutes interview are now being used against her in a FOIA lawsuit. Judicial Watch says new information was gleaned from an interview with CBS' Scott Pelley including the fact that Clinton admitted that someone recommended she set up the server. The group wants to know who that someone was. They also contend her statement provides further reasoning for why she must be deposed under oath.
Document Dump: FBI Gives Thousands of Clinton Documents to State
The FBI has delivered "thousands of documents" to the State Department that it recovered during its investigation of Hillary Clinton's private email server, CNN reports. A court filing in a civil case related to Clinton's server from conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch said that the FBI plans to turn over more emails on Aug. 5... 
How Democrats Came to Embrace Taxpayer-Funded Abortions
President Barack Obama signed an executive order in 2010 applying the Hyde Amendment, which bans taxpayer funding of most abortions, to Obamacare. Five years later, the White House referred to the Hyde Amendment while defending taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood. Now, the Democrats’ party platform is calling for repeal of the measure.
Snopes Caught Lying About Lack of American Flags at
Democratic Convention

Myth-busting website Snopes flagrantly lied about the lack of visible American flags on the first day of the Democratic Convention, claiming an image from the second day of the convention was actually from the first day in an attempt to debunk a factual story from The Daily Caller.
Ex-Disney IT Workers Sue After Being Asked to Train
Their Own H-1B Replacements

H-1B visas are supposed to be used in situations where a job cannot be filled by a US worker with equal or better qualifications. Employers hiring with H-1B must agree to "labor condition statements," which state that the hiring won't cause the employer to displace US workers. Those statements must be filed with the Department of Labor before the employer can file an H-1B visa petition.
Destructive Forest Fires are Due to – WHAT?
Climate Change Is All-Purpose Excuse for Misfeasance and Malfeasance

Paul Driessen
Far too many environmentalists, bureaucrats, politicians and judges would rather let forests burn, than let anyone selectively cut timber, thin out overgrown trees – or even let loggers harvest usable timber left from beetle kills, devastating fires or volcanic explosions like Mount St. Helens.
Turkey's Backlash: Christians Pay Price as Extreme Islam Surges
After Attempted Coup

Amid the cacophony of police sirens, low-flying helicopters and rifle fire, there was another sound during the attempt to overthrow president Recep Tayyip Erdogan: The wailing of Turkey’s imams. From the nations’s 85,000 mosques, their amplified voices were heard calling upon the faithful to take to the streets and defy the plotters. The people listened.
Over a Week Later, Forced Labor Decree in Venezuela
Is Still Not News at AP, NY Times

Now we know why Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela's de facto dictator, recently handed over responsibility for food production to the military: He's going to need soldiers on farms and elsewhere in the food distribution chain to keep conscripted workers in line. That's because on July 22, now over a week ago, Maduro's government decreed "... that any employee in Venezuela can be effectively made to work in the country’s fields as a way to fight the current food crisis."
Clinton Cash: A Scathing Broadside Aimed at Persuading Liberals
Philip Elliott
Environmentalists. Anti-nuke activists. Gay-rights advocates. Good-government folks. They’re all going to find themselves increasingly uncomfortable over claims that the likely Democratic nominee, in the film’s words, takes cash from the “darkest, worst corners of the world.”
Hillary: The Perfect Nominee of Hustlers, Gangsters, and Thieves
Nate Madden
Dinesh D’Souza is back in the documentary game, and his latest production, Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party, is a must-see for anyone who is going to be within 50 feet of a voting booth this November. D’Souza reveals the hypocrisy of a party clamoring for racial justice despite whitewashing its own past support of the KKK and Jim Crow and its opposition to the Civil Rights Movement, and openly and repeatedly praising the mother of American Eugenics, Margaret Sanger and her institutional legacy, Planned Parenthood.
Hillary's America Becomes Top Grossing Documentary of 2016
Ohio Concealed Carrier Saves Cop Pinned Down by Meth Addict;
Receives Citizen Award of Valor

The assailant, who later admitted to authorities he had been strung out on meth for several days, had been sleeping on a woman's porch without permission when Wheeler confronted him. He attacked Wheeler, pinning him to the ground, and began grabbing at his belt in an attempt to get the officer's gun. Wheeler, whose shoulder microphone was ripped off during the confrontation, was unable to call for backup.
Still No Clues in Murder of DNC’s Seth Rich, as
Conspiracy Theories Thicken

Emily Zanotti
Washington DC’s up-and-coming Bloomingdale neighborhood remains gripped by fear three weeks after the murder there of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich – with still no reported leads, suspects or arrests in the killing. At the same time, conspiracy theories surrounding the murder have reached a new frenzy, especially after the hacking of DNC e-mails led to the resignation of its chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
Mother, Two Relatives Named in Scheme to Eliminate Witnesses Against Her Son in St. Louis Murder Case
The mother of a teenage murder suspect has been accused of orchestrating two follow-up murders to eliminate witnesses against her son. Latashia Mopkins, 38, is among five people, including her son, who are charged with multiple counts of murder, conspiracy and other offenses in three murders that took place between September 2013 and April 2014.
Includes timeline: Murder after murder
‘All Lives Matter’ Gets Texas Student Suspended,
Sent To Diversity Workshop

A student government leader at the University of Houston was suspended for 50 days and ordered to attend a diversity seminar after she criticized the Black Lives Matter movement online. Shortly after the July 7 shooting in Dallas that killed five officers, Rohini Sethi went on Facebook and opined “Forget #BlackLivesMatter; more like AllLivesMatter.”
'We have more material related to the Hillary Clinton campaign'

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is boasting about how his group's release of hacked DNC emails is affecting the U.S. presidential election – and says it has unreleased information about Hillary Clinton's campaign. "We have more material related to the Hillary Clinton campaign," Assange told CNN's Anderson Cooper. "That is correct to say that."
Busted: DNC Caught Changing Dates On Donations
The boys on Reddit did some great digging regarding the hacked DNC emails recently released by Wikileaks and found evidence of what might be criminal activity. Here’s what they found went down in a DNC email chain from May, 2016:

Week ending 24 July 2016

Islam at War with a Delusional, Suicidal West
Matt Barber
"Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance." – Barack Hussein Obama. Isn't it about time we crusade for self-defense? I'll say it again. Political correctness is a barrier to truth and a pathway to tyranny. It's also deadly… While Hillary is an appeaser, an apologist for Islam (or "dhimmi"), President Obama, I fear, is something far worse.
For Black Gun Owners, Bearing Arms is a Civil Rights Issue
In February 2015, Philip Smith started a Facebook group to make space for the often-overlooked concerns of law-abiding, license-carrying gun owners who happen to be African-American. Smith was tired of feeling conspicuous as the only black guy at the gun ranges he visited. Surely, he thought, there must be others out there, dealing with the same suspicions he faced when passersby glimpsed the Glock on his hip.
Hillary Tells NAACP Crowd That Police Have to
'stop the killings of African-Americans'

Just a day after three police officers were targeted and killed by a Muslim black nationalist in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Hillary Clinton is demanding that it's the police who stop the violence. Clinton spoke to the NAACP Monday, saying that law enforcement must "root out" biases against black Americans and stop killing them.
Secret Document Lifts Iran Nuke Constraints
Key restrictions on Iran's nuclear program imposed under an internationally negotiated deal will start to ease years before the 15-year accord expires, advancing Tehran's ability to build a bomb even before the end of the pact, according to a document obtained Monday by The Associated Press. The confidential document is the only text linked to last year's deal between Iran and six foreign powers that hasn't been made public, although U.S. officials say members of Congress who expressed interest were briefed on its substance.
Obama Administration Defends UN-Funded,
Anti-Israel Textbooks for Palestinians

An elementary school textbook calls the 1948 establishment of Israel a "disaster," and a high school text tells of the "End of Days" when "Muslims fight the Jews," among other examples in a report from the Center for Near East Policy, a pro-Israel research institute based in Jerusalem. The UN agency, UNRWA, has come under scrutiny for years for supplying Palestinian schools with textbooks containing violent, anti-Israel references.
FBI Exoneration of Hillary Raises a Disturbing Question:
What if the Fix Was In?

Andrew P. Napolitano
What if the folks who run the Department of Political Justice recently were told that the republic would suffer if Hillary Clinton were indicted for espionage because Donald Trump might succeed Barack Obama in the presidency? What if espionage is the failure to safeguard state secrets and the evidence that Mrs. Clinton failed to safeguard them is unambiguous and overwhelming?
What if the Fix Was In?
Judge Napolitano Lays Out the Big Fix in Hillary's Email Investigation
Thomas Lifson
Judge Andrew Napolitano has put together a compelling case that a massive cover-up took place in the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton's emails. He writes it cleverly, with each sentence beginning, "What if…?" so as to be able to present hypotheses.
New York Times Sues for Defense Secretary Ash Carter's Emails
Carter's case has received little publicity in comparison to Clinton's, but it also raises questions about the security procedures in place at the top rungs of the executive branch – and whether officials are attempting to use their personal email accounts to skirt the Freedom of Information Act, the press and the public's main tool for forcing the release of government records short of the courts.
Scandal Rocks Democratic Party Truce On Eve of Confab
Democrats scrambled Sunday to contain damaging revelations of an insider effort to hobble Bernie Sanders's presidential campaign, with the party boss abruptly announcing her resignation on the eve of the convention to officially nominate Hillary Clinton. Debbie Wasserman Schultz said she would step down at the end of the convention, a move that aimed to put an end to the scandal threatening an uneasy truce within the fractured party.

WikiLeaks' DNC Email Leak Reveals
Off The Record Media Correspondence, Collusion

WikiLeaks released over 20,000 emails on Friday allegedly sent from the accounts of U.S. Democratic National Committee officials, including dozens of off the record media correspondence. Dubbed the "Hillary Leaks series" by WikiLeaks, the leak is comprised of a searchable database of almost 20,000 emails with over 8,000 attachments and photos from the email accounts of top DNC employees.

DNC Approved Planting Satirical Craigslist Ad to
Mock Trump, Leaked Emails Show

The emails, just several of nearly 20,000 released by Wikileaks Friday, shows Deputy Communications Director Christina Freundlich seeking approval for the fictitious ad. Dated for May of 2016, the email thread begins with Freundlich stating how "digital created a fake craigslist jobs post for women who want to apply to jobs one of Trump's organizations."

9 Leaked Emails the DNC Doesn't Want You to See
Tom Cahill
20,000 new emails released by WikiLeaks on Friday show multiple examples of the Democratic National Committee coordinating with the Clinton campaign and major media figures to both build up Hillary Clinton and trash Bernie Sanders, all while claiming neutrality to the public. But the astonishingly deep level of collaboration and coordination has still gone unreported... Here are nine of the most egregious examples of the DNC actively working with the media and the Clinton campaign to smear Sanders:

One of Hillary's Top VP Picks Also Destroyed Emails,
Used a Secret Account

Tom Vilsack, the former governor of Iowa and President Barack Obama's current secretary of agriculture, was caught up in a 2004 scandal that resulted in emails being "inadvertently" destroyed. Vilsack partially blamed himself for destroying emails regarding the Iowa Department of Economic Development Foundation... Vilsack's response to the controversy, rather ironically, mirrored Clinton's response to her own email scandal:
Feds: HUD Secretary Julián Castro Violated Hatch Act in
Interview Regarding Hillary Clinton

A U.S. Office of Special Counsel report released Monday found that Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro violated the Hatch Act, which restricts the political activity of some federal employees, during an April interview with Yahoo News. Castro's statements during the interview, according to a OSC news release, mixed his "personal political views with officials agency business despite his efforts to clarify that some answers were being given in his personal capacity."
Clinton Invites Families of Blacks Killed By Police to
Speak at Convention

Philadelphia's police union is blasting Hillary Clinton for inviting relatives of victims of police shootings to speak at the Democratic National Convention next week, but failing to include relatives of slain police officers. John McNesby, president of the FOP Lodge 5, said the union was "shocked and saddened" by the planned choice of speakers at the convention, which opens Monday in Philadelphia.
Tim Kaine Addresses Crowd in Spanish, Promises Amnesty Plan
'In the First 100 Days' in Office

"Hey, guys. Thank you!" he said as he took the podium, before immediately launching into a message in Spanish... "In our administration in the first 100 days we'll put forward a comprehensive immigration reform package that includes a path to citizenship," he shouted... His Spanish slogans existed separately from the rest of the speech and he did not always translate them into English for the rest of the crowd.
English content differed from Spanish content
KAINE 2011: 'Lying publicly is unforgivable'
In 2011, Hillary Clinton's new running mate Tim Kaine called on Anthony Weiner to resign from Congress because he lied to the American people. "Lying is unforgivable," Kaine said when asked about Weiner's sex scandal. "Lying publicly about something like this is unforgivable and he should resign." One wonders if he'll have the same standard for Hillary Clinton, the boss of Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin.
Mystery Surrounds Sources of Many Bill Clinton Speaking Fees
A review by the Washington Free Beacon found that Hillary Clinton often listed small foreign speaking firms as the sources of her husband's lecture payments in her Senate and State Department disclosures, even though the actual paychecks came from undisclosed third parties. In certain cases, these funders had interests that intersected with the U.S. State Department.
Keeping the Poor Impoverished Callous Eco-Imperialists Use Lies,
Scare Stories to Deny Poor Countries Better Living Standards

Paul Driessen
We are just now entering the age of industrialization, newly elected President Rodrigo Duterte said recently, explaining why the Philippines will not ratify the Paris climate accords. "Now that we're developing, you will impose a limit? That's absurd. It's being imposed upon us by the industrialized countries. They think they can dictate our destiny." More developing nations are taking the same stance – and rightly so.
Imagine the current heat wave without air conditioning or refrigeration for medicine
Science or Advocacy?
David R. Legates
As attacks on "climate cataclysm" skeptics intensify, and the Democratic Party Platform demands replacing half of our fossil fuels with wind, solar and biofuel energy by 2050 – to prevent alleged climate disasters – there is a growing need for real climate science in our schools and body politic. Unfortunately, just the opposite is happening. Schools are replacing science with ideology and advocacy.
Imagine the current heat wave without air conditioning or refrigeration for medicine
Real Climate Denial
Tim Kaine Misrepresents Cornwall Alliance on Senate Floor

Megan Toombs
As has been the case with other attempts to vilify, intimidate and silence experts who disagree with alarmist views on global warming and climate change, Kaine presented an argument rife with logical fallacies – appeals to emotion, straw men, ridicule, oversimplification and misrepresentation. The one thing the good Senator forgot to include in his speech was any sound science and ethics!
Kerry: Air Conditioners as Big a Threat as ISIS
"The use of hydrofluorocarbons is unfortunately growing," Kerry said. "Already, the HFCs use in refrigerators, air conditioners, and other items are emitting an entire gigaton of carbon dioxide-equivalent pollution into the atmosphere annually. Now, if that sounds like a lot, my friends, it's because it is. It's the equivalent to emissions from nearly 300 coal-fired power plants every single year."
Dems continue their war against 3rd world peoples
Global Warming Expedition Stopped in its Tracks by
Arctic Sea Ice

A group of adventurers, sailors, pilots and climate scientists that recently started a journey around the North Pole in an effort to show the lack of ice, has been blocked from further travels by ice… Their objective, as laid out by their website, was to demonstrate "that the Arctic sea ice coverage shrinks back so far now in the summer months that sea that was permanently locked up now can allow passage through."
You really can't make this stuff up!
Press Driven Misconceptions from the Dallas Shooting Debunked
Last Thursday's police ambush in downtown Dallas was a perfect storm for confusion. A big, participatory event (the protest against police-involved shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota) with media in place on the ground. Mix in social live-streaming through Facebook live and apps like Periscope. Add a violent act meant to inspire chaos, and misinformation is bound to flow freely.
The AR-15 is the Musket of Its Era
Charles C. W. Cooke
Those who wish to avoid such a change must thus ensure that their rifles are cast in the correct light. Day in and day out, the gun control movement attempts to represent the AR-15 as being in some way extravagant or outré-as the unlovely corruption of a worthwhile principle. "Sure," one hears it said, "I believe in the Second Amendment, but that gun just takes it too far." ... As the standard firearm of its day, the AR-15 does not represent some bizarre over-extension of the right to keep and bear arms. It is the very core of that right.
Customer with Concealed Carry Permit Shoots
Texas Waffle House Robber Brandishing AK-47

DeSoto police have identified the man who robbed a Waffle House last week with an AK-47, but was shot in the parking lot by a customer who was legally carrying a concealed handgun. Antione Devon Cooper, 26, of Dallas, reportedly stormed into the restaurant around 2:30 a.m. on July 7 brandishing the assault weapon.
Ohio Sheriff Urges Civilian Staff to Carry Weapons at Work
One southwest Ohio sheriff is encouraging staffers with licenses to carry to bring their weapons to work. In a memo sent to employees last week, Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones urged civilian employees and volunteers to carry their weapons at the sheriff's office and while operating any department vehicle away from headquarters.
Since 2010, Refugees Have Not Been Screened for HIV Prior to Arrival
in U.S. Fulfilling an Obama Promise to Gay Activists

None of the estimated 400,000 refugees who have entered the United States since 2010 were screened for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) in their overseas medical screenings, thanks to a change in federal regulations made by the Obama administration that year... No one knows exactly how much state and federal taxpayers are paying to treat HIV positive refugees.
'Angel Moms' Who Lost Children to Illegal Alien Crimes to
Hold Event at Wall Surrounding Paul Ryan's Home

On Saturday, American mothers who have buried their children as a result of illegal alien crime will be holding a press conference in front of Paul Ryan's personal border wall that protects his family and his estate. These "angel moms" say that Ryan has ignored the American families that have been torn apart by open borders for too long.
Republicans Accuse Democrats of 'Privately' Obstructing
Probe of Fetal Tissue Market

"The minority privately attempted to obstruct the panel's fact-finding mission," Chairman Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., said of her Democrat counterparts... Rep. Sean Duffy, R-Wis., a panel member, said the abortion industry "has been less than cooperative, and I think we have to ask ourselves why," adding: "If they're proud of this industry, if there's nothing to hide, if they think this is moral and meets the laws of America, open up. Give us the documents we asked for."
Obama Tells Cops to Admit Their Failures;
No Mention of his Own Shortcomings, Divisiveness

America's police will be safer when they admit they have a problem, Pres. Obama declared on Sunday at a bilateral event with the prime minister of Spain in Madrid. Fielding a question on Sunday, July 10, about the violence against police in Dallas, Texas last week, which left five officers dead, Obama said police officers will be safer once they acknowledge their failures:
Vermont Doctors Push Back Against Assisted-Suicide Requirement
Vermont doctors and health care professionals are pushing back against an interpretation of state law that they say requires them to help kill patients who wish to die. Members of two medical groups, the Vermont Alliance for Ethical Healthcare and Christian Medical & Dental Associations, filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against officials in two state medical agencies responsible for the interpretation.
Library of Congress Continues Work on Scrubbing
"Illegal Alien" from the Records

Republicans in Congress moved to attach language to the pending appropriations bill which would require the Library of Congress to stick to terminology as it exists in current federal law. But since it hasn't passed yet, the Library is moving forward with the changes and keeping up the debate in the media.

Week ending 17 July 2016

How the Left Lies When Blacks Are Shot By Police
Matthew Vadum
In order to reinforce the false narrative that blacks are systematically discriminated against in America, the Left and its accomplices in the mainstream media spent much of last week lying over and over again about two black men shot to death by police officers... The Left creates alternate realities in order to justify or rationalize past events and to move its agenda forward.
Here are 35 Email Lies Hillary is Still Telling On Her Campaign Website
A 4,000-word "fact sheet" on Hillary Clinton's campaign website contains 35 lies, half-truths, obfuscations, evasive statements and falsehoods about her private email setup, a Daily Caller analysis shows. Clinton and her campaign have long referred to the "fact sheet" in response to questions about her use of a personal email account and private server.
Republican National Convention Kicks Off Amid Tensions of
Terrorism, Cop Killings

Donald Trump, who will officially claim the GOP’s presidential nomination Thursday, had already dedicated the convention’s first night to arguing he can restore a feeling of safety. Republicans said the turmoil of recent weeks – both terrorist-inspired attacks here and abroad, and heightened tensions between police and racial minorities – undercut the leadership of this White House. “How many law enforcement people have to die because of a lack of leadership in our country?” Mr. Trump said...
Baton Rouge Shooter Gavin Eugene Long was Nation of Islam Member, Railed Against ‘Crackers’ on YouTube Channel
A Youtube account operated by Gavin Eugene Long and discovered by The Daily Caller reveals key insight into what might have motivated the 29-year-old black man who killed three Baton Rouge police officers Sunday morning. Videos on Long’s account show that he was a former Nation of Islam member.
Timeline: 'Officer down' Repeated in Baton Rouge
Police Shooting Recording

The officers appeared to have been caught off guard, according to a recording of police radio that began with calm exchanges and then quickly turned into frantic shouting. In the first 14 minutes of the recording, there were several instances of "officer down" or "deputy down." This is a timeline of how events unfolded.
Police Swipe at Obama Over Tensions;
Blame President for Sowing Distrust

“The man responsible for the murders [in Dallas] was Micah Johnson, but having said that, I do think the president by his inaction has contributed to a climate where these things can happen,” William Johnson, executive director of the National Association of Police Organizations, which represents about 240,000 law enforcement officers, said Sunday. “This president and his administration absolutely do not have our back and make our jobs more dangerous.”
New Black Panther Party Forms Baton Rouge Chapter
The New Black Panthers arrived in Baton Rouge last Saturday to protest the officer-involved shooting death of 37-year-old Alton Sterling. Two videos of the shooting sparked national outcry and protests across Baton Rouge. Jerald Justice said the group was approached by local residents like Edwin Smith to help establish a Baton Rouge chapter.
Confirmation: Higher Resolution Images Show Philando Castile Handgun at Scene of Shooting – Media Driven Agenda in Collapse
The original narrative presented by Diamond "Lavish" Reynolds, in the aftermath of the Falcon Heights shooting, is in complete collapse. Reluctantly, even Mediaite and MSM are now having to concede [police] officers ... initially pulled over Philando Castile because he fit the exact description of an armed robbery suspect. The leak of the radio transmissions surrounding the stop is irrefutable evidence the MSM are forced to accept.
Fox News’ Shepard Smith Scolds Former Gov. Bobby Jindal,
Says ‘All Lives Matter’ is ‘Derogatory’

During a Sunday broadcast, Fox News anchor Shepard Smith scolded former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal for daring to use the phrase “all lives matter.” Smith slapped at Jindal and insisted that the phrase is seen as a “derogatory” and racist term.
Poor, Innocent, Naive Shepard Smith
Obama Admin Has Released 'Tens of Thousands' of Criminal Illegal Aliens Because Their Home Countries Won't Take Them Back
A "substantial number" of those involve serious crimes, a government official said Thursday during a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on so-called recalcitrant countries. Nations like China, Liberia and Guinea often refuse to take back their own citizens after being convicted of crimes in the U.S.
Clinton to Resettle One Million Muslim Migrants
During First Term Alone

Under Hillary Clinton's stated proposals, Muslim immigration would grow substantially faster [than 2001-2013], adding nearly one million Muslim migrants to the U.S. during her first term alone. Clinton has said that, as President, she would expand Muslim migration by importing an additional 65,000 Syrian refugees into the United States during the course of a single fiscal year.
House Democrats' Plan to Secure Nation is Less Than Two Pages Long
House Democrats' brief plan to address national security comes at a time when threats facing the nation and its allies are complex, as demonstrated by Wednesday's deadly truck attack in Nice, France... Last month House Republicans unveiled a 23-page national security and foreign policy agenda – roughly 15 times the length of the proposals released by their Democratic colleagues on Thursday.
Number of Islamist Terror Plots Against the U.S. Rises to 89:
Proactive Approach to Terrorism Needed

David Inserra
These three cases bring the number of terrorist incidents since the start of 2015 to 25, with 17 last year and eight so far this year. This is the most active period of terrorist activity in the U.S. since 9/11, with the growth in plots linked to the rise of ISIS. At least 21 of the 25 plots in the past year and half have been at least inspired by ISIS.
Six Canadian Cities Ban "Islamophobia" at CAIR's Behest
NCCM [National Council of Canadian Muslims, formerly the Council on American-Islamic Relations Canada (CAIR-CAN)] is the same group Jason MacDonald, former Director of Communications for Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, accused to having "…documented ties to a terrorist organization such as Hamas." So much for NCCM representing the interest of 'moderate' Muslims.
"$2 Billion a Year" – Illegal Immigrants Get More Food Stamp Benefits Than Poor American Citizens
There's a reason Americans are angered over illegal immigration and despite what liberal-leaning socialists like Hillary Clinton and the Huffington Post may suggest, it has absolutely nothing to do with racism. It's an economics issue, plain and simple. And as highlighted by a new report from the Washington Examiner, it's actually American citizens who are feeling the brunt of the pain and being treated unfairly, not the other way around:
House Takes Wasted Funds from EPA Autocrats
Puts Money Towards Something We Really Need

Rick Wells
Few agencies are more bloated, less responsive and more out of control that the EPA. They are the most loathed agency nationally for those who have been unfortunate enough to have had the occasion to deal with them. They are detested at levels even exceeding the animosity created by the IRS. Today Congress sent a strong message to Gina McCarthy and her band of bureaucratic bandits, cutting their funding to the tune of $70 million.
Britain SHUTS DOWN Its Global Warming Agency
Britain's new government abolished its Department of Energy and Climate Change Thursday morning, ridding the country of its global warming bureaucracy. Officials stated that the DECC has been abolished and U.K.'s environmental policy is will be transferred to a new ministry called the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Some former DECC's functions will be outright abolished, while others will be handed back to the new ministry.
Democrat AGs Targeting Climate ‘Dissenters’ Face Legal Demand from House Comm. to Disclose Ties to Environmental Groups
“The committee has a responsibility to protect First Amendment rights of companies, academic institutions, scientists, and nonprofit organizations. That is why the committee is obligated to ask for information from the attorneys general and others. Unfortunately, the attorneys general have refused to give the committee the information to which it is entitled. What are they hiding? And why?”, said Chairman Lamar Smith.
Subpoenas Issued
Hillary Clinton's Platform of Bald-faced Lies
Killing Gun Rights By Smothering Gun Makers

Marshall Lewin
In a March 27 op-ed in the tabloid New York Daily News, Clinton wrote, "First, we need to repeal the law that gives the gun industry sweeping liability protections, so companies that make and sell guns can be held accountable when their products kill people." Then she goes on to push a laundry list of her other anti-gun proposals. But as usual, Hillary Clinton lies about the entire issue.
Nice Terror Attack Cut Short by Civilian Who Jumped Into Truck
Law enforcement sources in Nice confirmed Friday that the July 14 terror attack was cut short by a citizen who jumped into the cab of the semi-truck and fought with the terrorist driving the vehicle. The semi-driver, 31-year-old Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, was distracted and slowed by the citizen, allowing police to position, open fire, and end the attack.
I’m a Mom. Here’s What I’m Doing to Fight
Obama’s Transgender Agenda.

Bethany Kozma
To put it simply, a boy claiming gender confusion must now be allowed in the same shower, bathroom, or locker room with my daughter under the president’s transgender policies. When I learned that predators could abuse these new policies to hurt children in school lockers, shelters, pool showers, or other vulnerable public places like remote bathrooms in national parks, I realized I had to do something.
Connecticut Department of Children and Families:
Believing There are Only Two Genders is 'Genderism'

According the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF), which published an LGBT glossary of more than 250 terms, the belief that there are only two genders – male and female – should be treated as "genderism."
As This School District Sets New Transgender Guidelines,
Parents Fight for Transparency

The school board in Fairfax County, an affluent suburb in Northern Virginia, has scrapped a public forum on the gender identity policy and scheduled a work session in which parents aren’t allowed to participate. It isn’t clear when or if parents will have an opportunity to weigh in.

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