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"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.
It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies.
The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated;
but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end
for they do so with the approval of their own conscience." —C. S. Lewis (1898–1963)

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“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government
from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” —Thomas Jefferson

“It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error.
It is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error.”
—Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson
“Immigrants soon find their place in urban life, they soon adopt, externally, town manners and opinions, but for a long time they remain foreign to civic thought. One cannot make a social philosophy one’s own as easily as a new costume. . . More menacing than barbarians storming the walls from without are the seeming citizens within – those who are citizens in gesture, but not in thought.”
—Ludwig von Mises, Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis, p. 38 (1922)
“Just because you do not take an interest in politics
doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you.”
—Pericles, Greek statesman, 495–429 BC

“I am certain that nothing has done so much to destroy the juridical safeguards of
individual freedom as the striving after this mirage of social justice.”
F. A. Hayek, Economic Freedom and Representative Government (1973)

Truth is always stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sense. — Mark Twain

The most costly of all follies is to believe passionately in the palpably not true. — H. L. Mencken

To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil,
and in some small way to become evil oneself. —Theodore Dalrymple 

"Economic power is exercised by means of a positive, by offering men a reward,
an incentive, a payment, a value; political power is exercised by means of a negative,
by the threat of punishment, injury, imprisonment, destruction.
The businessman's tool is values; the bureaucrat's tool is fear."
—Novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand

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Is a Tolerant Culture Being Replaced by an Intolerant One?
Saher Fares
Volumes of revered Islamic texts establish in great detail the grounds of violence and oppression of non-believers and those deemed heretical. These supposed grounds – made alive daily in madrassas and mosques across the world before being acted upon by religiously-trained terrorists – are childishly dismissed by Western liberals as immaterial.

Weather Channel Founder Denies Climate Change,
So ‘put me to death’

John Coleman says Al Gore started it -- the “global warming silliness.” But now the retired weatherman and founder of The Weather Channel is “horrified” to see San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer channeling the ex-veep with a Climate Action Plan. It “just turns my stomach.” Coleman aims to expose what he calls “Algorian” scientists fudging data and taking billions in government research grants for the sake of career advancement and economic comfort.


Why the United States is a republic and not a democracy
A Republic v. A Democracy
Why the U.S.A. is one and not the other.

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Week ending 20 August 2017

Wasserman Schultz' ex-IT Aide Indicted on 4 Counts
Imran Awan, a former IT aide for Democratic Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, was indicted Thursday on four counts including bank fraud and making false statements. The case has put renewed scrutiny on Wasserman Schultz for keeping Awan on the payroll for months, even after a criminal investigation was revealed and he was barred from the House IT network.
New Report: Sorry Dems,
There Was no 'Russian hack' – It Was an Inside Job

Robert Laurie
We may never know precisely what happened with the DNC email fiasco, but if you're someone who has a hard time believing that a mysterious Russian hacker managed to sway even one voter away from Hillary Clinton – and into the arms of Donald Trump – this piece [report in The Nation] may go a long way toward reinforcing that opinion.
Nazism is Socialism
Adam Young
By the standards of the Left, Adolf Hitler would have been deemed a "great statesman," had he died before he started the war (or if he had won it). That's because the left tends to measure greatness by the amount of land and number of people under one man's thumb. By that standard, Hitler was a great socialist-which is precisely what he and his part aspired to become.
IRS Rehires 213 Employees Ousted for Falsifying Documents,
Avoiding Taxes, Other Offenses

The Internal Revenue Service rehired 213 employees who ducked taxes, falsified documents, were convicted of theft, or made unauthorized use of taxpayer data, an inspector general's report says. The Office of Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, which also first discovered the IRS' targeting of conservative groups in 2013, examined the agency's hiring from January 2015 through March 2016.
Trump DOJ Ends Holder-era 'Operation Choke Point'
The Trump Justice Department is ending an Obama-era program that had attempted to cut off credit to shady businesses but came under fire from Republicans for unfairly targeting gun dealers and other legitimate operations. Just days after top House Republicans had pressed Attorney General Jeff Sessions to shutter Operation Choke Point, the department confirmed in a response letter that the program is dead.
Six Months Later, EPA Employees are
Still 'Crying at Their Desks' Because of Trump

The latest edition of Rolling Stone, which features Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau on the cover with the question, "Why can't he be our president?" goes after EPA administrator Scott Pruitt for alleged "crimes against nature." The article features quotes from fearful EPA employees, who are still distraught over President Trump's victory. "It's been six months, and people are still crying at their desks," one EPA staffer said.
Incredible: Feds Spend $438,699 Studying if 'Gender Norms'
Make LGBTQ People Get Drunk

The National Institutes of Health is spending over $400,000 studying whether gender norms of masculinity and femininity lead LGBTQ individuals to drink too much. Trying to find the "meanings of intoxication" of sexual and gender minorities is the central question of a study that was awarded in late July.

Nearly $2M Tax Dollar Grant
Hint: There's More – Click on the "Similar Projects" tab!!
This is Official Dept of Health and Human Services Reporting
You wonder where the money goes and goes and goes
Virginia State Police Say They Were Not
Outgunned in Charlottesville Riot Despite McAuliffe Claim

The Virginia State Police were prepared for the protests-turned-riots in Charlottesville, Va., on Saturday that left three dead and dozens injured despite what Governor Terry McAuliffe (D.) has said publicly, a state police spokesperson told the Washington Free Beacon on Monday. "No, the State Police did not have inferior equipment," Corinne Geller, Virginia State Police public relations manager said.
Virginia State Police Keep Correcting McAuliffe's Lies;
They Didn't Find Weapons Caches Despite Gov's Claim

During an interview with Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson, McAuliffe explained why police were often hesitant to try and break up violent altercations between white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and Antifa factions. He said the white supremacists and neo-Nazis were heavily armed and prepared to commit violent acts from the start, and police were trying to avoid escalating the violence. He then claimed police had discovered weapons caches throughout the city.
Second time in 1-week State Police correct McAuliffe
Something Stinks About Charlottesville
Russ Vaughn
Evidence is turning up from, of all places, the Southern Poverty Law Center, as well as Breitbart and others, that this character, Jason Kessler, who organized the suspicious and supposed Alt-Right demonstration in Charlottesville, Va. that blew up in everyone's face, is a cunning lefty holdover from the Occupy Wall Street movement and a former Barack Obama supporter. I smell Soros money, sabotage, and Democrat dirty tricks here.

Why was This 'Crowd Hire' Company Recruiting
$25 an Hour 'Political Activists' in Charlotte Last Week?

Trump ignited a political firestorm yesterday during an impromptu press conference in which he said there was "blame on both sides" for the tragic events that occurred in Charlottesville over the weekend. Now, the discovery of a craigslist ad posted last Monday, almost a full week before the Charlottesville protests, is raising new questions over whether paid protesters were sourced by a Los Angeles based "public relations firm specializing in innovative events" to serve as agitators in counterprotests.

Friends of Chattanooga Man Arrested in Virginia
Claim He was an Antifa Fighting White Supremacy

Beth Foster, co-director for Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center in Chattanooga, said Troy Dunigan wanted "to let everyone know he was in Charlottesville as part of an antifa action. He is an anarchist. He was here to confront white supremacy and antifa's practice is to use force if necessary in doing that." "Let the record show that the 'Chattanooga man' arrested in Charlottesville was part of the COUNTER PROTEST, and is NOT a white supremacist," posted Missy Foley, a woman who identified herself as Dunigan's cousin.
Woman Who Destroyed Durham Confederate Statue is a
Pro-North Korea Marxist

One of the activists who toppled a Confederate statue in Durham, N.C., on Monday night is a member of an extreme leftist group that supports the totalitarian regime in North Korea and wants to abolish capitalism. Taqiyah Thompson, a student at North Carolina Central University, was arrested Tuesday following a press conference in which she defended the actions of the demonstrators and equated police officers to Confederate soldiers and Ku Klux Klan members.
Predominantly Black Dallas Group Forms to
Protect Confederate Monuments

The debate about Confederate statues in Dallas intensified on Monday as a group made up of predominantly African Americans called for the monuments to remain standing. Several cities across America have now begun to remove or talk about removing Confederate markers shortly after a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville turned deadly. Former city council member Sandra Crenshaw thinks removing the statues won't help.
Hillary Clinton Sent $800K from Campaign Funds to
Her New 'Resistance' Group

Clinton announced her intent to be "part of the resistance" in May with the formation of Onward Together, a political action group that will fund a number of established "resistance" groups that can quickly counter President Trump with direct action and protests. The group is dedicated to "encouraging people to organize, get involved, and run for office" and advancing "progressive values and work to build a brighter future for generations to come," according to its mission statement.
Ghost Voters Are Haunting America
Deroy Murdock
More than 3.5 million people in the U.S. are registered to vote than are alive among America's adult citizens. Such staggering inaccuracy is an engraved invitation to voter fraud. My tabulation of Judicial Watch's state-by-state results yielded 462 counties where the registration rate exceeded 100 percent. There were 3,551,760 more people registered to vote than adult U.S. citizens who inhabit these counties.
American Bar Association Passes Resolution to
Allow Illegal Immigrants to Practice Law

"RESOLVED, That the American Bar Association supports the principle that bar admission should not be denied based solely on immigration status," the resolution stated. According to the ABA's news release, the resolution passed with modest opposition. And it didn't stop there. The delegates took it a step further, urging Congress to amend federal code 8 U.S.C. § 1621(d), which addresses a state's "authority to provide for eligibility of illegal aliens for State and local public benefits" and specifies that undocumented residents may not obtain professional licenses issued by state governments.
California Farmer to Pay $1.1 Million in Fines for
Plowing Wheat Field Without Permit

President Trump has sought to help farmers by rolling back the Obama administration's hotly contested Waters of the United States rule, but it didn't happen soon enough to help John Duarte. The farmer from California's Central Valley agreed Tuesday to a settlement with the Justice Department that will have him pay $330,000 in civil penalties and purchase $770,000 in vernal pool mitigation credits for violating the water rule by plowing his wheat field in 2012.
Arizona Supreme Court Rebuffs Tucson's Illegal
Destruction of Firearms

On Thursday, the Arizona Supreme Court unanimously held that the state was within its authority to prohibit cities and counties from routinely destroying firearms obtained through forfeiture or as unclaimed property. State law holds that political subdivisions must instead (subject to certain exceptions) recirculate the firearms through legitimate channels of commerce, just as they do with other types of valuable property. The case represents the latest battle in an effort dating back nearly two decades to prevent anti-gun localities from undermining the pro-gun policies of the state legislature.
LA County Approves Paying Homeowners Up to $75,000 to
House the Homeless

A pilot program that pays some Los Angeles County homeowners to build a second dwelling on their property to house homeless people was approved with a 4-0 vote Tuesday by the Board of Supervisors. Homeowners in unincorporated communities who qualify can receive up to $75,000 to build a second dwelling in areas zoned for such structures, while others may get $50,000 to update and legalize an existing dwelling.
7-yr-old Transgender Child Returns to Born Gender
After Removal from Mother's Care

A high-court has removed a 7-year-old boy from the care of his mother after ruling that the child had suffered "significant emotional harm" from being raised as a girl. The mother has been accused of abusing the young boy by forcing transgenderism onto him from an early age. After being placed in the custody of his father, the young boy immediately returned to living in his "born gender" without any prompting.
Maxine Waters' Confusion Continues Unabated as She Accuses
Ben Carson of Being 'White-Wing Nationalist'

Maxine Waters's latest rant against Donald Trump and his administration was so unhinged, it amounted to word spittle that could be heard on any street corner in L.A. Appearing before the Los Angeles Community Review Board, Waters launched into Trump, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and HUD Secretary Ben Carson.
Get Rid of the Iran Deal: Here Are Four Options
Matthew RJ Brodsky
It's no secret that President Trump would like to shake off the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the nuclear agreement with Iran. Negotiated by the Obama administration and opposed by most Americans when it was finalized in 2015, it was called by candidate Trump "the stupidest deal of all time." In his search for the right mechanism to break free of Obama's nuclear handcuffs, he appears to have settled on declaring that Iran is in violation of the agreement.
Muslims Tell Europe: "One Day All This Will Be Ours"
Giulio Meotti
This week, yet another Islamic terrorist attack targeted the Spanish city of Barcelona. As it was for many years under Muslim rule, it is, therefore, like Israel, land which many Islamists believe they are entitled to repossess. "Europe is committing demographic suicide, systematically depopulating itself in what British historian Niall Ferguson has called "the greatest sustained reduction in European population since the Black Death in the fourteenth century'", as George Weigel recently noted.
Publisher Refuses to Take On Muslim Imam's Book That Criticises Islam Out of Fear Their Offices Will Be Attacked By Extremists
A publisher has refused to take on a Muslim Imam's book that criticises Islam out of fear their offices will be attacked by religious extremists. Imam Mohammad Tawhidi, from Adelaide, took to Facebook on Sunday to reveal his first book was rejected by a publisher because it could provoke violence among Islamic radicals.
Paranoid Kim Jong-un Executing Record Numbers of North Koreans
Who No Longer See Him as a Living God

His ruthless regime is persecuting thousands who dare to practise "other religions" within its borders, according to a shock new U.S. government study. The heartless crackdown – spearheaded by the paranoid Glorious Leader himself – is leading to imprisonment, torture and even execution by firing squad.
Ungoogleable: What Doesn't Show Up When You Search the Web?
Did you know when you search the internet, you're not actually searching the whole internet? Google is the largest search service in the world. But even with trillions of websites indexed, Google's search only covers about four percent of the net. So what exactly is the 96 percent of the internet that's ungoogleable?

Week ending 13 August 2017

Religious Liberty Hangs in the Balance in Upcoming SCOTUS Case:
Is This Religious Freedom’s Roe v. Wade?

John Stonestreet
The Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments in the case of Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission. The stakes could not be higher. In fact, as Ed Stetzer and I said recently on “BreakPoint This Week,” this may be the religious freedom equivalent of Roe v Wade.
Please Don’t Feed the Alligators. It Just Encourages Them.
The Deep State media/government complex (DSC for short) would have you believe that Donald Trump is more dangerous than the little potbellied pig from NoKo with his new nuclear toy warheads. Probably because Kim Jong Un has black friends and everyone knows Donald Trump is a racist. Of course this is the same DSC that, because they didn’t pick DJT to win would have you believe that he won only by cheating and collusion with Russia.
Obama Administration Knew About
North Korea's Miniaturized Nukes

Tuesday's bombshell Washington Post story that the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) has determined North Korea is capable of constructing miniaturized nuclear weapons that could be used as warheads for missiles – possibly ICBMs – left out a crucial fact: DIA actually concluded this in 2013. The Post also failed to mention that the Obama administration tried to downplay and discredit this report at the time.
MAGA: U.S. Job Openings Surge to Record in
Sign of Robust Labor Demand

A June surge in U.S. job openings to a record indicates demand for workers remained strong at the end of the second quarter, a Labor Department report showed Tuesday. July figures released last week showed payrolls increased more than forecast while the unemployment rate matched a 16-year low, as Americans came off the sidelines to join the labor force and many found work.
NSA Experts Say DNC 'Hack' was Actually a Leak and Inside Job –
No Russians or Others Involved

The Nation's Patrick Lawrence wrote a lengthy review of the findings made by various computer experts formerly with the NSA. Published this week, the left-wing magazine's report notes two bases for their conclusion: (1) hard science shows that a remote hack of the DNC servers resulting in the breach that actually occurred would have been technologically impossible; (2) forensic review of the initial Guccifer 2.0 documents proves that they are poorly-disguised cut-and-paste jobs-forgeries-intended to finger Russia.
Under Trump, Gains Against ISIS Have 'dramatically accelerated'
The war against ISIS has taken dramatic strides since Donald Trump became president, with the U.S. and its allies reclaiming swathes of Iraq and Syria. In fact, of all the land reclaimed by the U.S.-led coalition since 2014, nearly one third has been taken since Trump took office. That's thanks to Trump's decision to delegate decisions and engage in a 'campaign of annihilation,' Brett McGurk, the State Department's senior envoy to the anti-Islamic State coalition, told the Washington Post.
Documents Show DOJ was in Panic Mode After Loretta Lynch's
Secret Meeting with Bill Clinton was Exposed

When former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and President Bill Clinton were busted secretly meeting aboard Lynch's private plane last summer by a local television reporter, a number of government watchdog groups filed lawsuits for documents surrounding the meeting. In response to information requests, the FBI and DOJ said documents didn't exist. Fast forward more than a year and it turns out hundreds of documents related to the meeting do exist...
Clinton Email Case Far from Closure as FBI
Hands Over More Classified Documents to State

The Hillary Clinton email fiasco isn’t ending anytime soon, with State Department officials saying they have no idea when they will finish sorting though and releasing the previously hidden messages. More classified documents that the former secretary of state improperly handled keep coming to light.
Hillary Clinton Pressured Bangladesh Officials to Help
Clinton Foundation Donor, Documents Show

While secretary of state, Hillary Clinton attempted to bully the tiny nation of Bangladesh to force it to end a corruption investigation of Muhammad Yunus, a long-time Clinton family friend and Clinton Foundation donor, according to documents obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group. The information comes from two Bangladeshi government documents generated as part of a request from the U.S. Congress.
Why Did Google Freak Out and Fire an Employee for
Spurring ‘Honest Discussion’?

Genevieve Wood
The tolerance police at Google just struck another blow against increasing diversity in Silicon Valley by firing an employee who wrote a memo critiquing the company’s politically correct culture. Could it be that Google is feeling just a little bit paranoid? For all the talk about inclusiveness and diversity, here’s the reality: If you’re not white or Asian, that means there is only a 5 percent chance you’re part of Google’s leadership team.
Do you think Google has a diversity problem? Just Google it.
Have the Wrong Opinion and You Can Get Fired. Google it.
Bernard Goldberg
If Google had fired Demore for being naïve, they’d have a case. But they didn’t. They fired him for having an unacceptable opinion, and that just can’t be tolerated at such an open-minded place as Google, a place that welcomes a wide array of points of view – as long as they’re acceptable liberal points of view.
Author Dinesh D'Souza Facebook Hacked, Blocked from Selling Book
The Big Lie – Exposing Nazi Ties to the American Left

Two days into the launch of #1 New York Times bestselling author Dinesh D'Souza's new book The Big Lie, D'Souza's mega-popular Facebook page (over 2 million fans) was hacked. D'Souza was locked out of his own account; his promotional campaign for the book was halted; and the hacker began posting explicit and upsetting images as D'Souza.
Silencing ALL Opposition Voices: Inside the Media Matters Playbook
Jeff Reynolds
We now know how the left is running this non-stop smear campaign and who is pulling the puppet strings, we have the Media Matters Playbook. A 49-page document marked PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL, it lists four leftist partner organizations... These are some of the most well-funded, well-entrenched, and well known leftist organizations in America. Billionaire George Soros is a key backer.
You Heard It Here First:
NY Times Editors Deny Reading Their Own Newspaper

John Hinderaker
Sarah Palin has sued the New York Times for defamation, on account of a Times editorial that falsely claimed there was a "clear" and "direct" causal connection between Palin's PAC's "targeting" of Gabrielle Giffords' district and Jared Loughner's murder of six people in Tucson. The paper now calls its smear of Palin an "honest mistake."
Collins, Murkowski:
We Sunk Skinny Repeal to Protect Planned Parenthood

Two of the senators who singlehandedly derailed the skinny repeal of Obamacare were awarded a sit down interview with the admiring Dana Bash Friday on CNN. The bright faced journalist applauded Sens. Susan Collins (ME) and Lisa Murkowski (AK) for having the "cajones" to vote against the Republican bill when they knew half the country would view them as heretics.
NC State Admin Proposes
Additional Segregated Housing for 'women of color'

The new Director of Multicultural Student Affairs at North Carolina State University recently pledged to create a segregated housing option for "women of color" only. Nashia Whittenburg, who was hired by NC State less than a month ago, shared her plans to create the housing option for female minority students in a university news release published Tuesday, adding that she plans to submit an official proposal for the housing option by February 2018.

Maxine Waters Won't Rule Out All-Black Party
California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters wouldn't rule out the concept of an all-black political party when asked about it on Monday. "We still are not voting our influence yet," she continued. "What we should do is organize our power, exercise our power, particularly in the Democratic Party because that's where most of us are." Waters then suggested that when black people are "strong enough" they may branch out into their own party.
This is called 'progress'
Researcher Claims to Have Evidence One of EPA's
Most Successful Clean Air Rules is Based on Fabricated Data

Toxicologist Albert Donnay says he's found evidence a 1989 study commissioned by EPA on the health effects of carbon monoxide, which, if true, could call into question 25 years of regulations and billions of dollars on catalytic converters for automobiles. "They claimed to find an effect when there wasn't one," Donnay told The Daily Caller News Foundation. "They even fabricated the methods they used to get their results."
Lawsuit Says Seattle's 'Tax-the-Rich' Measure
Violates State Constitution

The new Seattle measure, passed by the city council in July, would impose a 2.25% tax on any income over $250,000 or above $500,000 for couples filing jointly. It is expected to impact about 9,000, or 2%, of the city's taxpayers. A lawsuit filed by the Freedom Foundation, a conservative think tank, on behalf of 19 Seattle citizens, alleges the measure violates the state constitution as well as restrictions on cities to impose such taxes.
Kids as Young as 4 Find Safe Space at Transgender Day Camp
In some ways, Rainbow Day Camp is very ordinary. But it is also extraordinarily unique, from the moment campers arrive each morning. At check-in each day, campers make a nametag with their pronoun of choice. Some opt for "she" or "he." Or a combination of "she/he." Or "they," or no pronoun at all. Some change their name or pronouns daily, to see what feels right. The camp in the San Francisco Bay Area city of El Cerrito caters to transgender and "gender fluid" children, ages 4 to 12.
ICE Busts 36 Sex Offender Criminal Aliens in Sanctuary City
Enforcement Removal Operations officers rounded up 32 criminal aliens previously convicted of sex crimes including sexual abuse, sexual assault on young children, rape, child endangerment, and promoting sexual performance of a child. The previously convicted are reported to have illegally entered the U.S. from Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India, Mexico, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago.
'Harsher to Me Than to MS-13':
Loesch Calls for Dem to Resign for Labeling Her Nat'l 'Threat'

"Blaze" host and NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch said she was "incredibly shocked" to hear that a New York congresswoman labeled her and the NRA a "national security threat." "I am not a domestic threat," Loesch said. "I'm a mom. I go to Walmart and I take my kids to Chick-Fil-A." Loesch was criticized by Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-N.Y.) and others on the left for her recent NRA ad.
Texas Police Chief Asked to Leave Doctor's Office for Carrying Gun
A Texas police chief said he was asked to leave a doctor’s office because he was carrying his gun. Conroe Police Chief Philip Dupuis told The Courier he was wearing his badge, lanyard with identification and gun when he began to check in for his appointment at Texas Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists in The Woodlands on August 8.

Week ending 6 August 2017

A Consequential President in the Time of Pygmies
Clarice Feldman
Once when my son was about 6 or 7 I took him to the circus with some of his friends. The acrobats, clowns, and lion tamer in the center ring enthralled the other kids. Not him. He turned to me and said, “How do you think they make money producing a circus? I think it’s the concessions.” It struck me then that among the people in the world, there are some – too few, actually – who are not distracted by spectacles, but, instead, keep their eyes on the bottom line.
Europe's Cities Absorb Sharia Law
Giulio Meotti
Within days after the Islamic State conquered the city of Sirte in Libya two years ago, enormous billboards appeared in the Islamist stronghold warning women they must wear baggy robes that cover their entire bodies, and no perfume. These "sharia stipulations for hijab" included wearing dense material and a robe that does not "resemble the attire of unbelievers". Two years later, Europe's three most important cities – London, Paris and Berlin – are adopting the same sharia trend.
Loretta Lynch Lied Under Oath – Told Trey Gowdy
She Only Used Official Email

On Friday internet sleuth Kim Dotcom dropped a bomb on Twitter. Kim posted an email Friday showing Loretta Lynch using an alias to contact DOJ officials. AG Loretta Lynch told Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) under oath that she only uses official email in November 2016 – after these above emails were sent. That was a complete lie under oath.
DOJ Releases Report About Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting but it's Heavily Redacted with Privilege Claimed
Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch is clashing with the Trump Justice Department over access to "talking points" the DOJ prepared under the Obama administration to explain the controversial tarmac meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton last year. The group complained late Wednesday that it had received "heavily redacted" emails pertaining to the department's internal preparations last year to press inquiries on the Lynch-Clinton meeting.
Why redact notes about a meeting about golf and your grandchildren?
Former Obama Aide Ben Rhodes Now a
Person of Interest in Unmasking Investigation

Former Obama WH National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes is now emerging as a person of interest in the House Intelligence Committee's unmasking investigation ... Chairman Devin Nunes, R-CA, sent the letter to the National Security Agency requesting the number of unmaskings made by Rhodes from Jan. 1, 2016 to Jan. 20, 2017 ... Nunes told Coats in a letter last week that the committee has "found evidence that current and former government officials had easy access to U.S. person information and that it is possible that they used this information to achieve partisan political purposes, including the selective, anonymous leaking of such information."
Huma Abedin Emails Reveal of Classified Info and Clinton Foundation Donors Received Favors from Clinton State Department
Judicial Watch today released 1,606 pages of documents from the U.S. Department of State revealing repeated use of unsecured communications for classified information and numerous examples of Clinton Foundation donors receiving special favors from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's staff. The documents, containing emails from the unsecure, non-government account of Huma Abedin, Clinton's then-deputy chief of staff, also show Clinton or her staff expressing interest in visiting Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez and North Korean dictator Kim Jung II.
Retired Generals, Admirals Thank Trump for
Announcing Ban on Transgender Troops

More than a dozen retired generals and admirals have signed a letter to President Trump thanking him for his announced policy to ban transgender people from the armed forces. "We write today to express our gratitude to you for making the extremely courageous decision to reverse President Obama's transgender social experiment," the conservative retired flag officers wrote. "There may be an enormous amount of vitriol directed at you for making this policy correction, but please know that overturning this policy may have done more in the long-term to save the culture and war-fighting capacity of the U.S. military than perhaps any other military policy you will adopt as president."
Transgender: We're 'Medically Reliant' Like
Diabetics, Asthmatics; 'Should be Disqualified' from Military

Theresa Smith
Reacting to President Trump's announcement preventing transgender people in the military, Edie Dixon, a transgender man who identifies as a woman, told the Blaze on July 27 that he agrees with the president's decision, saying that transgenders are "no better" than diabetics or asthmatics, and "should be disqualified" from the military.
Trump Administration ‘not playing around’ on North Korea
U.S Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley praised new sanctions against North Korea as a sign that the international community is seriously addressing the threat of Pyongyang's nuclear weapons program. "It is time for North Korea to realize, we are not playing anymore," said Haley. "A third of their trade exports have been hit, and we basically gave them a kick in the gut with a billion dollars of sanctions that they are going to begin to feel right away," she said.
Good News: Small Businesses Hiring at Fastest Level in 10 Years
Herman Cain
Maybe you didn’t hear about it because it didn’t involve Anthony Scaramucci, but we got very good news this week on a matter that actually affects a lot of your lives. Small business hiring is picking up in America. Not only that, but the pay is good because quality workers are hard to find. So if you’re one of them and you’re interested in a new opportunity, you should know that current market conditions are very much in your favor.
Toyota, Mazda to Build $1.6B, 4,000-job
U.S. Automotive Assembly Plant

Japanese automakers Toyota and Mazda plan to announce Friday that they will build a new $1.6 billion vehicle assembly plant in the U.S. that would create 4,000 jobs, a person familiar with the plans said. The announcement is likely to be viewed as a victory for President Trump who has been pushing foreign automakers to make more vehicles in the U.S.
Stephen Miller's Immigration Facts Trump
CNN's Jim Acosta's Fantasy

Rich Lowry
Put aside that Acosta believed it was his role as a reporter to argue one side of a hot-button political issue (this is how journalism works in 2017). The exchange illustrated how advocates of high levels of immigration are often the ones who – despite their self-image as the rational bulwark against runaway populism – rely on an ignorant emotionalism to make their case.
Drug Cartels Fuming as Lax Obama Era Policy Dropped for
New U.S. Plan Screening 100% of Mexican Cargo Trucks

In a major shift from lax Obama-era regulations, the Trump administration is finally allowing customs officers to screen all cargo trucks entering the U.S. from Mexico and sources on both sides of the border tell Judicial Watch Mexican drug cartels are fuming. U.S. Customs and Border Protection is using X-ray technology and other non-intrusive tools to screen 100% of cargo trucks crossing the southern border after eight years of sporadic or random screening permitted under the Obama administration.
The Mooch's Replacement Could Be Stephen Miller
Mike Allen
Stephen Miller, the Trump senior policy adviser who just tangled on-camera with CNN's Jim Acosta, is under consideration for White House communications director, top Trump sources tell me. The effort to find a Mooch successor is still in the name-gathering process, and Miller is not the top contender, the sources said.
De Blasio Wants to Tax the Rich to Pay for Subway Repairs
Mayor de Blasio wants a tax hike on New Yorkers to pay for repairs to the city’s subway system, according to a proposal released Sunday. The tax plan, which would target the wealthy to raise nearly $800 million annually, would bankroll improvements to the subway signal system, track repairs and reduced fares for poor New Yorkers.
Democratic Socialist Group Claims to be
Largest American Socialist Group Since WWII

Democratic Socialists of America claimed Tuesday to have more than 25,000 members, making it the largest socialist group in the U.S. since World War II. "Since the election, tens of thousands of democratic socialists have come together to build a future for this country in which everyone has the right to a decent job, a good home, a free college education for their children, and healthcare for their family," Maria Svart said in a statement.

Thorough Coverage of the Democratic Socialists of America [DSA]
Including the Progressive Caucus founded in 1991 by Bernie Sanders – updated to include the over 80 members of the U.S. House and Senate many of which are also members of the Communist Party USA which now claims over 5,000 members nationally. [Note: Keywiki has links to profiles of individual Caucus members.
Example – House members Keith Ellison and Jan Schakowsky.]

Read the Summary of DSA's National Strategy Document
Resistance Rising: Socialist Strategy in the Age of Political Revolution

Now you know from where the Democrats’ call for "resistance" stems. The DSA sees its future rising, membership growing and influence expanding. This document spells out their strategy for 2017 and beyond.
The New Royal Family of Socialism
Dave Merrick
Karl Marx loved to sit in coffee shops and whirl out plans for a government that he had no intention of living under. In his spare time he constructed a long, drawn out manifesto that was destined to become one of the choicest tools for a modern-day, bloodthirsty and pressed-for-time devil. Among other things, Marx was a reporter for an American newspaper. And because he couldn’t make it in the real world of capitalism as a journalist, he dreamed of a government by which he could pull the real world down to his mediocrity.
U.S. T-Shirt Company Sells Swastika Design as
‘Symbol of Love and Peace’

Nazi T-shirtThe U.S.-based clothing design website Teespring is selling T-shirts and sweatshirts branded with swastikas, aiming to make them a “symbol of love and peace”. The designs, created by KA Designs and sold on the site, all display large swastikas in the front. One shows the Nazi-associated symbol in rainbow colors with the word “Peace”.
Judicial Watch Warns California:
11 Counties Have More Voters than Voting-Age Citizens

Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog organization, has sent a letter to California Secretary of State Alex Padilla on behalf of the Election Integrity Project, noting that there are 11 counties in the state with more registered voters, and alleging that the state may be out of compliance with Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA).
Hackers Breach Dozens of Voting Machines at Cybersecurity Confab
One of the nation's largest cybersecurity conferences is inviting attendees to get hands-on experience hacking a slew of voting machines, demonstrating to researchers how easy the process can be. "It took me only a few minutes to see how to hack it," said security consultant Thomas Richards, glancing at a Premier Election Solutions machine currently in use in Georgia.
In Video, Planned Parenthood Medical Chief Tells
How to Get Around Ban on Partial-Birth Abortion

A new undercover video shows a top physician at a Planned Parenthood affiliate discussing how her organization routinely circumvents federal law regulating certain late-term abortions. In the latest hidden-camera video from the Center for Medical Progress, Dr. Suzie Prabhakaran, vice president of medical affairs for Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida, talks about using a "checkbox" to get around the 2003 law banning partial-birth abortion.
Democrats Begin to See Pelosi as a 2018 Problem
In a survey of 20 Democratic House candidates, only one – a former Senate staffer from Orange County, California – would state support for the congresswoman staying on as leader of the House Democratic Caucus. Of the rest, 18 declined to say if Pelosi should keep her job, while one, a political newcomer from a culturally conservative Ohio district, said he would vote for someone other than Pelosi.
Faith File: No, Christians and Muslims
Don't Worship the Same God; It's Not Even Close

Mark Tapscott
Contrary to former President George W. Bush, texts held sacred by Muslims and even some notable Catholic and Protestant church leaders, Muslims and Christians do not worship the same god and that's why their societies are so radically different. The idea that the world's two largest monotheistic religions pray to the same god became a commonplace in the aftermath of 9/11, likely due in great part to Bush, who sought to unify secular Western liberals and Christians with moderate Muslims in the war on terror.
Macron: Popularity of France's Upstart New President Fading Fast
Emmanuel Macron's honeymoon didn't last long. Less than three months after his election, France's energetic and image-conscious president has seen his popularity drop after announcing budget cuts, launching a divisive labor reform and engaging in a damaging dispute with the military.
Temperature Readings Plunge After
Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology Orders End to ‘Tampering’

BoM initially claimed the adjustments were part of its quality control procedures. But bureau chief executive Andrew Johnson later told Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg that investigations had found a number of cold-weather stations were not “fit for purpose” and would be replaced. An in-house investigation that includes two independent experts has been called. The bureau said it rejected allegations aired in some media outlets that it had sought to tamper with temperature data.
Shameless Fear-Mongering – Versus Reality
Paul Driessen
Before I could enjoy a movie last week, I was forced to endure five minutes of climate and weather fear-mongering, when the theater previewed Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Sequel.” Mr. Gore has made tens of millions of dollars pedaling this nonsense and his demand that our society be subjected to a “wrenching transformation” from oil, natural gas and coal to a utopian make-believe world of reduced living standards powered by biofuels, wind and solar power, electric vehicles and batteries.
Missouri Public Defender Accused of Helping Hide Cell Phone
Used by Inmate Who Killed Teen

An attorney has been charged with helping her client, a man who was later convicted of killing a teenager, conceal a cellphone in the Jackson County Detention Center when the lawyer was working as a public defender. Julianne Leigh Colby, 39, of Lawrence, was charged Friday with delivering or concealing illegal materials on jail premises in a case where her client, 19-year-old Ce-Antonyo D. Kennedy, was awaiting trial for murder.
Michigan Couples Sue Over State's Attempt to Disarm
Adoptive and Foster Parents

Most media savvy gun control advocates try to insist that nobody wants to ban guns in America and that anybody who says otherwise is either paranoid or guilty of fear-mongering. According to a lawsuit filed in a Michigan federal court, however, anti-gun bureaucrats at the state's Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) are subjecting gun-owing adoptive and foster parents to a stark choice: their Second Amendment rights or their kids.

Seattle Spent More Defending Gun-Tax Lawsuit Than it
Collected in Revenue from Tax, Gun Group Claims

Judge Lori K. Smith ruled in favor of the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) on Friday in a Public Records Act suit over Seattle's refusal to disclose the exact amount of revenue collected through their "gun violence tax." The gun-rights group filed suit after the city refused to fulfill a public record request from Dave Workman, editor of SAF-owned

CBS Accidently Stumbles On Harsh Truth About Gun Laws
For all the left’s pontification on firearms being a public safety hazard, they still haven’t figured out how to convince the average gangbanger to stop breaking gun laws. If they ever do, maybe they can then turn those newfound skills on convincing killers not to kill rather than disarming law-abiding Americans?

Second Amendment Guarantee Act Would Protect Popular Rifles, Shotguns from Antigun Politicians
This week, Congressman Chris Collins (R-NY) introduced legislation that would shield popular rifles and shotguns, including the AR-15, from being banned under state laws. The bill, known as the Second Amendment Guarantee Act (SAGA), would also protect parts for these firearms, including detachable magazines and ammunition feeding devices.
California State System Will No Longer Force Students to Know
English and Math to Graduate

California State Chancellor Timothy P. White stated that it was important to measure proficiency in English and mathematics through "multiple measures," including SAT scores and high school grades. He also announced that Cal State would commence an "Early Start Program," which is intended to help incoming students who have poor proficiency in the aforementioned subjects.
Britain's Youngest Sex Swap Patient Reveals Why
She's Undergoing Surgery to Switch Gender for the THIRD Time

Like many young women, Ria Cooper dreams of one day getting married and having children. But the 23-year-old knows the odds are stacked against her. Not only because she was born a boy, but because she has now switched gender an astonishing three times in her short life. Ria – who was born Brad – became ­Britain’s youngest sex-swap patient at 15. Doctors controversially backed her belief she was a girl in a boy’s body.

Week ending 30 July 2017

Getting a Fix On Fusion GPS
Scott Johnson
The FBI apparently thought the Trump Dossier was the real deal. John Brennan and James Clapper disseminated it in briefings to Presidents Obama and Trump. Leaks to the media followed in due course. The provenance of the Trump Dossier lies with GPS Fusion. GPS Fusion is the for-hire political outfit paid to dig up dirt on targets... For whom was GPS Fusion working in the matter of the Trump Dossier? GPS Fusion isn't saying.
The Islamization of History – "In fact, since the creation of the world there is only one religion and it is the religion of Islam."
Uzay Bulut
... "basic attitude is that all history is in fact Islamic history...that all major figures of history basically are Muslim - from Adam down to our own time. So, if the Jews or Christians are demanding something and basing it on the fact that there was a king called Solomon or a king called David, or a prophet called Moses or Jesus, they say something which is not true or, in fact, they don't know that all these figures were basically Muslim figures." – Moshe Sharon, Professor Emeritus of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies.
The Bizarre Hacking Scandal That Democrats and the Press
Are Happy to Ignore

When federal officials arrested Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz's IT aide, Imran Awan, as he tried to flee for his native Pakistan, it was the latest twist to an already twisted scandal involving several House IT workers who possibly stole highly sensitive information from several Democrats. Stranger still has been the Democrats' nonresponse to this unfolding scandal. And, of course, since Democrats don't want this story in the news, the mainstream "news" media have entirely ignored it.

Wasserman Schultz Kept Paying Tech Expert
Suspected of Stealing House Computers

When a computer expert who worked for congressional Democrats was accused of stealing computers and data systems in February, members of Congress cut him loose within days, leaving Imran Awan with no supporters five months later. Except for Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The Weston Democrat has not explained why she continued to employ Awan until Tuesday, when she fired him.
Intelligence Chairman Accuses Obama Aides of
Hundreds of Unmasking Requests

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is accusing top political aides of President Obama of making hundreds of requests during the 2016 presidential race to unmask the names of Americans in intelligence reports, including Trump transition officials. Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), in a letter to Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, said the requests were made without specific justifications on why the information was needed.
Susan Rice and 'unmasking': Americans Have a Right to Know
What Team Obama Did

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano
Susan Rice will testify secretly this week before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence which is investigating whether Russian intelligence attempted to influence the 2016 presidential election and whether she and others in the Obama administration used the NSA and any other domestic or any foreign intelligence assets to spy on President Trump before he was president. She has admitted to her knowledge of the surveillance of President-elect Trump.
Clinton Confidant Blumenthal Back Under Microscope
Amid Trump Scrutiny

Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, raised the case of Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal in hearings this week. He asked why Blumenthal did not register as a foreign agent while working as an "off-the-books" intelligence resource for then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, while simultaneously working on behalf of a foreign entity – a political party in the country of Georgia.
News-For-Hire Scandal Deepens: 'Fusion GPS' Sleazy Venezuela Links Shed New Light on Trump Dossier
Lee Smith
The Fusion GPS news-for-hire scandal has ... lifted the lid off a sewer of corporate information warfare and opposition research that the flailing institutions of the mainstream press now regularly re-package as news, without ever saying where it came from – or who paid for it. When you connect the dots between Fusion GPS's foreign clients and U.S. media outlets, a much more disturbing picture emerges of the firm's activities, and what they reveal about the weakened state of the American press, and American democracy.
Fusion GPS
Trump: 'Russia was against Trump in the 2016 election'
He made the connection in a tweet about the firm behind a controversial dossier filled with salacious allegations about Trump. The firm, Fusion GPS, "also worked for Russia," according to a news story Trump re-tweeted. "In other words, Russia was against Trump in the 2016 election – and why not, I want strong military & low oil prices," Trump commented.
Newly Declassified Memos Detail Extent of Improper
Obama-era NSA Spying on Americans Between 2009 and 2016

The National Security Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation violated specific civil liberty protections during the Obama years by improperly searching and disseminating raw intelligence on Americans or failing to promptly delete unauthorized intercepts, according to newly declassified memos that provide some of the richest detail to date on the spy agencies' ability to obey their own rules.
Economic Growth Rebounds to 2.6 Percent Rate in Second Quarter
U.S. economic growth rebounded to a 2.6 percent annual growth rate in the second quarter, the Department of Commerce reported Friday in its report on gross domestic product. Second-quarter growth was right in line with expectations, and well above the growth rate for the first quarter, which was revised down two-tenths of a percentage point to 1.2 percent on Friday. Greater consumer and government spending helped drive the improvement.
When It Comes to Electric Power, Coal is No. 1
Stephen Moore
According to the Energy Information Administration, which tracks energy use in production on a monthly basis, the single largest source of electric power for the first half of 2017 was…coal. That's an amazing finding because liberals and especially environmental groups keep telling us that coal is a dead industry. They have ridiculed Donald Trump, and called him a liar, when he has said that he will revive the coal industry and the related jobs.
Seven Reasons America Should Pursue Energy Dominance
Paul Steidler
The United States is fast becoming the world's dominant energy provider and should make it a national priority to pursue this opportunity vigorously. At stake are vast economic and foreign policy benefits. America remains a net importer of energy, but perhaps not for long.
Biofuel Justifications are Kaput
Paul Driessen
The Renewable Fuel Standard, created under the 2005 Energy Policy Act and expanded by the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act, is a perfect example. The laws require that refiners blend steadily increasing amounts of ethanol into gasoline, and expect the private sector to produce growing amounts of “cellulosic” biofuel, “biomass-based diesel” and “advanced” biofuels. Except for corn ethanol, the production expectations have mostly turned out to be fantasies. The justifications for renewable fuels were scary exaggerations then, and are absurd now.
Minnesota Public Schools Advised to 'Segregate'
Students Objecting to New Transgender Guidelines

New K-12 school guidelines in Minnesota are mandating public schools to "segregate" students who object to transgender locker rooms and bathrooms to foster inclusion of "gender nonconforming" and transgender people. Last week, the Minnesota Department of Education advisory council approved a new gender toolkit aimed at protecting and including transgender students in the state's public education system.
5 Good Reasons Why Transgender Accommodations
Aren't Compatible with Military Realities

Ryan T. Anderson, Ph.D.
The most helpful therapies for gender dysphoria focus not on achieving the impossible – changing bodies to conform to thoughts and feelings – but on helping people accept and even embrace the truth about their bodies and reality. Placing individuals who might be at increased risk for suicide or other psychological injury in the most stressful situation imaginable – the battlefield – is reckless.

I Was Once Transgender.
Why I Think Trump Made the Right Decision for the Military.

Walt Heyer
Some service members will come to regret having undergone the surgery and will want to detransition. Where will the military be then? Will the military pay for the sex change reversal procedure, too? Beyond the financial cost, there's the question of the service member's military readiness during their transition or detransition, as the process often comes with a great deal of anxiety and emotional instability.
Palestinians, Mother of Terrorist, Celebrate Slaughter of Jewish Family
Joseph Klein
A Palestinian mother extolled her 19-year old son's "accomplishment" in the name of Allah. She exclaimed: "Praise Allah. I am proud of my son. May Allah be pleased with him." The mother was not celebrating her son's graduation, new job, marriage, fatherhood or some other life-affirming event. Rather, she was celebrating the deaths that her terrorist offspring, Omar al-Abed, brought to a Jewish family on July 21st.
State Department Lawyers Removing References to
ISIS 'genocide' Against Christians, Other Religious Minorities

Additionally, Democratic senators are delaying confirmation of Mark Green, Trump's pick to head the U.S. Agency for International Development who has broad bipartisan support. These efforts guarantee that Obama-era policies that worked to exclude Iraq's Christian and other minority religious populations from key U.S. aid programs remain in place, the activists said.
Obama holdovers at State are responsible, critics say
Muslim Birth Rate Outpacing Christians,
Will Have Largest Population by 2035

As Pew Research Center has claimed over the last few years that Islam is expected to be the fastest growing religion in the coming decades, Pew Research analysis also claims that there are already signs indicating that such a prediction could soon become a reality. Between 2010 and 2015, babies born to Muslims made up 31 percent of all babies born in the world. The report explains that the 31-percent figure far exceeds the 24 percent of the world's population that Muslims currently comprise.

Hey NPR: Take your global warming nonsense about kids and
blow it out your F-150 tailpipe

Todd Starnes
"A recent study from Lund University in Sweden shows that the biggest way to reduce climate change is to have fewer children," NPR declared. It's bad enough that the global warming crowd wants us to use recycled toilet paper and battery-powered cars, but now they want to tell Americans what they can and cannot do in the bedroom.
[Is this climate concern or, demographic concern?]

Why Muslims Are the World's Fastest-Growing Religious Group
In the next half century or so, Christianity’s long reign as the world’s largest religion may come to an end, according to a just-released report that builds on Pew Research Center’s original population growth projections for religious groups. While the world's population is projected to grow 32% in the coming decades, the number of Muslims is expected to increase by 70% – from 1.8 billion in 2015 to nearly 3 billion in 2060.
Sanctuary City: Illegal Immigrant Accused of Sexually Assaulting 65-Year-Old Had Been Deported 20 Times
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) lodged an immigration detainer against Jose Martinez, asking authorities to notify them before releasing Martinez to allow ICE to take him into custody. The Department of Homeland Security said a detainer was requested for Martinez in December 2016, but he was released into the community and authorities did not notify ICE.
Fresno Mayor Opposes Concealed Carry, Carries Gun
Fresno Mayor Lee Brand, a Republican, opposes a bill allowing city workers with concealed permits to carry on the job, yet Brand has a concealed permit and has carried a gun on the job due to his “higher visibility.” Councilman Garry Bredefeld thinks Brand is being a hypocrite and suggests he is showing a double-standard. Bredefeld said, “The mayor ought to give every city employee the very same right to protect themselves that he himself has exercised with his CCW permit.”
Appeals Court Blocks DC's Concealed-Carry Law on
2nd Amendment Grounds

The decision deals another legal blow to efforts by city officials to rewrite gun regulations since the Supreme Court declared a Second Amendment right to gun ownership in a 2008 D.C. gun case, the paper reported. John R. Lott, Jr. of the Crime Prevention Research Center called the decision huge.
Hackers Descend On Las Vegas to Expose Voting Machine Flaws
Carten Schurman, a professor of computer science at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, used a laptop’s Wi-Fi connection Friday to gain access to the type of voting machine that Fairfax County, Virginia, used until just two years ago. Nearby, other would-be hackers took turns trying to poke into a simulated election computer network resembling the one used by Cook County, Illinois.
Court Allows Trump's Voter Commission To Proceed
A federal judge on Monday rejected complaints that President Trump's voter integrity commission was breaking the law by requesting and storing states' voter data, saying that as long as the panel is just advisory, it doesn't need to meet strict standards that would apply to government agencies. Established by Mr. Trump to investigate voter fraud and barriers to voting that may have affected last year's election, the commission has been controversial.
New Report Exposes Thousands of Illegal Votes from 2016 Election
Hans von Spakovsky
A new bombshell study released by the Government Accountability Institute shows why President Donald Trump’s Advisory Commission on Election Integrity has such an important job ahead of it. The Institute concluded in its report that thousands of votes in the 2016 election were illegal duplicate votes from people who registered and voted in more than one state.
Double-Booked: When Surgeons Operate On Two Patients At Once
Kaiser Health News
Over the past two years, the issue of overlapping surgery – in which a doctor operates on two patients in different rooms during the same time period – has ignited an impassioned debate in the medical community, attracted scrutiny by the powerful Senate Finance Committee that oversees Medicare and Medicaid, and prompted some hospitals, including the University of Virginia’s, to circumscribe the practice.
The Socialism Deniers and the 'Better Deal'
Mark Alexander
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), still reeling from the electoral thrashing put on them by Donald Trump and the Republicans last November, announced a major charade this week. Their Democrat Party is, once again, attempting to reboot and rebrand itself into something it's not. The party is adopting a new slogan for its policy props, "A Better Deal."
Eco-friendly LED Lightbulbs Could Be Giving Us All HEADACHES Because They Flicker Too Much, Expert Warns
Energy-saving lightbulbs could be giving us all headaches as they flicker too much. LED bulbs can bring on feelings of dizziness and pain within just 20 minutes of switching them on, an expert has warned. Professor Arnold Wilkins, professor of psychology at the University of Essex, said the flickering of the unpopular lights is stronger than for traditional lightbulbs.
FAKE NEWS: Turkish Reporter Admits Fabricating Story
About Jared Kushner Praising Turkish Dictator Erdogan

A Turkish reporter admitted that he inaccurately quoted White House senior adviser Jared Kushner, who was reported to have lavished praise on Turkish President Recep Erdogan. A White House official told The Daily Caller Thursday that the quote in the Turkish newspaper AKSAM was "made up." The reporter, Yavuz Atalay, admitted as much when contacted by TheDC.
UAW Exec’s Wife, Auto Exec Charged for $1.2M Bribery Scheme
The wife of a former union executive and a former vice president at Fiat Chrysler have been indicted for allegedly violating federal labor law in connection to a bribery investigation. The Department of Justice announced on Wednesday that federal prosecutors filed charges against Monica Morgan, the wife of the late United Auto Workers Vice President General Holiefield, and former Fiat Chrysler Vice President Alphons Iacobelli for violating the Labor Management Relations Act.
Mass. Teachers Union Refuses to Back Bill
Nixing Teacher-Student Sex

"The Massachusetts Teachers Association's priority is always to protect students and the educational environment," the union said in a statement to Fox News. "While we are still examining the many components of this proposed legislation, we understand that its intent is to help ensure that our schools are nurturing places for students to learn and grow."
Emails: Seattle Mayor Colluded with Liberal Berkeley Professor to Create One-Sided Minimum Wage Study
The study they [the Mayor's office] released found Seattle's minimum wage raised wages for workers without raising unemployment. Berkeley released their study on June 20, which was just six days before the University of Washington published their study. UW researchers found that low-income workers' wages raised 3 percent, but their hours dropped by 9 percent – meaning the average worker lost $125 per month since the hike.

Week ending 23 July 2017

The 2016 Election and the Demise of Journalistic Standards
Michael Goodwin
I’ve been a journalist for a long time. Long enough to know that it wasn’t always like this. There was a time not so long ago when journalists were trusted and admired. We were generally seen as trying to report the news in a fair and straightforward manner. Today, all that has changed. For that, we can blame the 2016 election or, more accurately, how some news organizations chose to cover it.
No Trespassing On Islam!
Dave Merrick
Bit by bit a frightened America is opening its arms and bowing before the takeover by bullying Islam. These “peace loving” Muslims have marched in our streets threatening beheading to those who dare to insult their Allah. And in our collective silence we are inviting their dominance.
Another Blow for Rust Belt Workers: Slashed pensions –
The 2014, Obama Approved Pension "Reform Act"

"It was run through Congress in the dead of night, and President Obama – who was supposed to be for the working class – signed it." At least 50 Midwestern pension plans – mostly the kind jointly administered by trustees for a labor union and a group of employers – are in this decrepit condition. Several plan sponsors have already applied to the Treasury Department to cut back retirees' allotments.
More Obama Officials Scrutinized in 'unmasking' Probe
The number of people thought to be involved in the alleged "unmasking" of American citizens under the Obama administration could be expanding... The source with knowledge of the review told Fox News the records suggest the unmasking "goes beyond" key officials like former National Security Adviser Susan Rice, former CIA Director John Brennan and former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power.
The Deal That Keeps on Giving – Two Iranians Charged In Hacking Case; Obama Pardoned Another as Part of the Iran Deal
Two Iranian men have been indicted for allegedly hacking a Vermont defense technology firm, but one of their cohorts who admitted guilt won't be punished because of a pardon President Barack Obama granted last year as part of the Iran-U.S. nuclear deal.
Nearly 150,000 Unsuccessful Attempts to Access S.C. Voting System on Election Day 2016 – None by Russia
The nearly 150,000 unsuccessful attempts to gain access to South Carolina's voting system on Election Day last year do not indicate there were that many "hackers" trying to get access, officials said Monday. Many of the attempts were people trying to find their voting precinct and had difficulty navigating into the system, officials said. Still, there were some bad actors trying to get in as well...

The Persistent Problem of Voter Fraud
Jason Snead
Some Americans believe voter fraud is essentially a non-issue. They insist voting irregularities seldom occur and are almost always accidental. Hard evidence, however, proves this is wishful thinking. Voter fraud is a more widespread, frequent and serious problem than many people are willing to admit.
Voter Fraud Database Tops 1,000 Proven Cases
My Parents' Experience with Dictatorships
Inspired Me to Fight Voter Fraud

Hans von Spakovsky
I come at this issue of election integrity from very personal history. My German mother grew up in Nazi Germany as a child. My Russian father fought and escaped communism twice. They met in a displaced persons camp in Europe, after the end of World War II, before immigrating to the United States. My childhood was filled with stories of what it's like living in a dictatorship – and we were taught as children that the right to vote is a very precious right...
UNESCO is an Immoral, Anti-Semitic Organization
Decent Countries Should Leave

Guy Millière
"Although Europe claims to respect human rights and the rights of peoples, it has been a party to violating the most essential right of the Jewish people: the recognition of its existence for more than 3,000 years, and the anchoring of this existence to its sacred monuments. Worse, Europe does so in the name of a people fictitiously invented less than 50 years ago. No serious scholar can find any trace of a "Palestinian people" before the 1960s.
Co-Founder of Firm Behind Trump-Russia Dossier to Plead the Fifth
Glenn Simpson, whose Fusion GPS firm has been tied to anti-Trump efforts and pro-Russian lobbying, will not talk to lawmakers in response to a subpoena, the leaders of the Senate Judiciary Committe said Friday. "Simpson's attorney has asserted that his client will invoke his Fifth Amendment rights in response to the subpoena," Sen. Chuck Grassley and Sen. Dianne Feinstein said.
Hillary Clinton Sided with Russia on Sanctions as
Bill Made $500G on Moscow Speech

The Russian lawyer who landed a meeting with Donald Trump Jr. during last year's presidential campaign with the promise of dirt on Hillary Clinton had one big thing in common with the Democratic candidate: Both had opposed Russia sanctions targeting human-rights abusers. Further, former Secretary of State Clinton's initial opposition coincided with a $500,000 speech her husband gave in Moscow.
Clinton Scandal Only Deepens – So Why is Trump, Not Hillary,
Targeted for Investigation?

Investor's Business Daily
Old news, you say? Hardly.
The legal investigative think tank Judicial Watch recently released 448 pages of documents that it dug up from the U.S. State Department, the fruit of months of Freedom of Information Act requests and document-digging. The documents are damning, showing even more instances of Hillary Clinton performing official favors for those who donated to the Clinton Foundation and certain political campaigns.
Old news, you say? Hardly.
Convicted Clinton Indonesian Financier Returns to the U.S.
When James Riady and his family's company, called the Lippo Group, pled guilty to campaign fraud in the 1990s for donations to Bill Clinton, it looked as if the Indonesian-based businessman's days were over – and just another ugly chapter of American political history. Yet, starting in 2011 when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, the Riadys started their return to the United States through a new Chinese subsidiary called Lippo China Resources, which sought to become a minority owner in a Utah company called CS Mining.
Soros Gave $20.7 Million to Alleged Russia-Funded
Climate Groups in U.S.

Records from 2010 and 2011 reveal Russia may have funded U.S.-based environmental groups, 10 of which are also backed by liberal billionaire George Soros. Republican Reps. Lamar Smith and Randy Weber sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin on June 29, requesting he investigate allegations that Russia has financially backed anti-fracking campaigns in the U.S. in an attempt to "safeguard the influence of the Russian oil and gas sector."
What Campaign Wouldn't Seek Motherlode of Clinton Emails?
Byron York
The public learned on March 10, 2015 that Hillary Clinton had more than 60,000 emails on her private email system, and that she had turned over "about half" of them to the State Department and destroyed the rest, which she said were "personal" and "not in any way related" to her work as Secretary of State. The public learned later the lengths to which Clinton went to make sure the "personal" emails were completely and permanently deleted.
The State Department Said There’s Less Urgency to Release
Clinton’s Emails Due to Low Interest

The State Department argued at a federal hearing Thursday that its ability to process the 100,000 Hillary Clinton emails ordered released under a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit has been hindered by a lack of manpower due to a "hiring freeze" and that the urgency to release the documents has been diminished by the public´s lack of interest in the subject, according to the watchdog group that won the lawsuit for the document´s release.
Really? That depends on who you ask.
CNN Report:
Millions of American Voters May Have Colluded to Elect Trump

A new, exclusive CNN investigative report revealed Thursday that millions of American voters may have potentially colluded with the Trump campaign to elect Donald Trump as President of the United States... "The conspiracy goes much deeper than anyone expected," Jake Tapper said on his news segment The Politics Lead... "It's far more sinister than we thought," a visibly disturbed Tapper said.
psst… this is fake news
Hungary's Leader: EU and Soros Seek to "Muslimize" Europe
European Union leaders and Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros are seeking a "new, mixed, Muslimized Europe," Hungary's anti-migration prime minister said Saturday. Prime Minister Viktor Orban said during a visit to Romania that Hungary's border fences, supported by other Central European countries, will block the EU-Soros effort to increase Muslim migration into Europe.
Tesla Battery, Subsidy and Sustainability Fantasies
Paul Driessen
Tesla sales have plummeted to near zero in Hong Kong and Denmark, as generous subsidies evaporated. Its $7,500-per-car federal rebate is about to start its death spiral. So California is halfway toward enacting legislation that would provide $3 billion in state point-of-sale rebates... The legislature apparently wants to continue ensuring that all families help perpetuate programs that thus far have transferred 90% of all electric car subsidies to the wealthiest 20% of families.
Real world physics expose the myths on battery storage.
The Humanitarian Hoax of Climate Change:
Killing America with Kindness

Linda Goudsmit
The Humanitarian Hoax is a deliberate and deceitful tactic of presenting a destructive policy as altruistic. The humanitarian huckster presents himself as a compassionate advocate when in fact he is the disguised enemy. Obama, the humanitarian huckster-in-chief, weakened and politicized the United States EPA for eight years by presenting his crippling policies as altruistic when in fact they were designed for destruction.
Twenty-Five Years Since the Ozone Hole Killed Us All
Tony Heller
DDT, Global Cooling, China Syndrome, Ozone Hole, Global Warming, Climate Change – the left moves seamlessly from one world ending snake oil scam to another. In 1992 they blamed the ozone hole on President Bush, and said it was going to kill us all.
Five Reasons Why Ridicule is the Proper Response to
Global Warming Alarmists

Kerry Jackson
If it seems that the climate radicals are acting desperately because they sense that their "movement" is dying, then that's probably an accurate assessment. From EPA employees threatening resistance to Donald Trump's presidency to junk-science guy Bill Nye appearing on Fox News to tell the world that humans are fully responsible for "the speed that climate change is happening," the irrational behavior is overflowing.
The jig is up as the public is wise to their game.
Trump's EPA to Lay Off 8% of Its Employees In Next 2 Months
The Environmental Protection Agency will lay off more than 1,200 employees over the next two months by offering buyouts, documents obtained by E&E News indicate. EPA will offer employees up to $25,000 in cash in exchange for them leaving. This is a standard practice for federal employees that allows them to retire early and still qualify for full benefits.
Burqas Burned, Beards Shaved as Civilians Celebrate
Escape from ISIS Stronghold in Syria

Civilians in Raqqa tore off their traditional dress and set it alight after being liberated from the city on Thursday. And some of the men immediately began shaving off their facial hair in a move to 'spite' Islamic State. Strict dress codes were implemented by ISIS, requiring women to wear long, black robes over their dresses and cover their faces almost entirely with black burqas.
Shock: Snopes Factchecks MSM's Fake News
Debra Heine
The conventional thing for media fact-checkers to do these days is to focus on President Trump's myriad gaffes, goofs, misstatements, jokes, exaggerations, etc. – and to characterize them all as intentional lies. The non-conventional and wholly unexpected thing for a media fact-checker to do is to focus on the media's own dishonesty. But that is just what the fact-checking website Snopes did in a recent post, "The Lies of Donald Trump's Critics, and How They Shape His Many Personas," by Dan MacGuill.
Remembering Journolist and Progressive Media's Bag of Tricks
John Sexton
A couple weeks ago I came across an old article about Journolist which I found striking. In particular, I was struck by the ways in which some of the debates taking place among left-leaning journalists back in 2008 still seem to encompass the ways the left-wing media operates today. For those who don't remember it, Journolist was just a listserv created by Ezra Klein. The list was invitation only and was mostly made up of progressive journalists.
Chicago Dyke March Drops Pretense,
Deploys Anti-Semitic Term Popularized by Neo-Nazis

The term "Zio" has a very ugly history. The Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League have tracked [David] Duke's deployment of it in his anti-Semitic rants for years. Examples include "Zio control of Hollywood" and other traditional anti-Jewish conspiracies like "CNN Goldman Sachs and the Zio Matrix." A cursory search of Duke's web site for the term returns hundreds of unique results.
USS Fitzgerald Collision:
Crew 'should have spoken up' Before Accident, Official Says

There are two navigation teams aboard every Navy warship, one on the bridge where the ship is driven and another team below the bridge in the combat information center, where a backup chart and radar team are located. This means there were two teams of sailors that missed recommending and taking "decisive and early action," the official told Fox News.
Former Bloomberg Lackey Comes Clean on True Anti-gun Agenda
Back when Mark Glaze was executive director of Michael Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns, and later Everytown for Gun Safety, he went to great lengths to portray his master's anti-gun positions as moderate. Glaze used the typical gun control advocate refrain that his groups were merely seeking "commonsense" gun laws. Earlier this month, Glaze finally dropped all pretense of moderation and acknowledged his and his associates' radical anti-gun goals.
Hate Crime Hoaxes and Tribal Threats Expand in the Digital Age
Brenda Walker
It's a sad commentary on modern society that victimhood is so highly valued. The inner child experiences a tiny bump and looks for a reassuring hug. In the media age, that emotionalism is amplified. In fact, social media is the giant magnifying glass over every minuscule of human experience – Facebook encourages us to share a photo of what we ate for lunch, and when that doesn't get enough clicks, something more dramatic is necessary.
The Key Facts About Slavery That the Left Conveniently Ignores
Walter E. Williams
As David P. Forsythe wrote in his book, "The Globalist," "The fact remained that at the beginning of the 19th century an estimated three-quarters of all people alive were trapped in bondage against their will either in some form of slavery or serfdom." While slavery constitutes one of the grossest encroachments on human liberty, it is by no means unique or restricted to the Western world or United States, as many liberal academics would have us believe.
Teens Filmed, Mocked Drowning Man, Cocoa, Fla. Police Say
Audio: “Oh, he just died,” Teen Says Before Laughter Ensues

Police and prosecutors say little can be done legally after the revelation that a group of teens filmed the dying moments of a 32-year-old disabled man last week, with the teens mocking, cursing and laughing while the man drowned in a fenced-off pond. [Authorities] released the cell phone video to FLORIDA TODAY and called the incident a "tragedy" and said the teens' lack of action had "no moral justification".
UPDATE: Misdemeanor charges may be sought for failing to report a death.
Police: Teens showed no remorse.
Army Trains Female Soldiers to Shower with
“Women with Male Genitalia”

Jazz Shaw
Last month we talked about a possible delay in new U.S. military rules allowing "openly transgender" applicants to enlist in the service. It seems that this is truly just a delay and not a foreshadowing of some possible reversal of course. In preparation for this shift in policy, the Army is rolling out special training material specifically tailored for female soldiers to "train" them in advance so they can be prepared for the day when a "woman with male genitalia" strolls into the shower with them.
New Army Training Tells Female Soldiers to
‘Accept’ Naked Men In Their Showers

Late into President Obama’s last term, his military officials allowed transgender soldiers to serve openly, even funding gender-change surgeries with taxpayer dollars. Former Defense Secretary Ash Carter set a July 1 deadline for all four military branches to write policies for accepting openly transgender enlistments.
Mink Owner Reeling Over 'absolute chaos,' Thousands of Dead Animals – Animal Rights(?) Activists Likely Actors
Dan Lang has a message for the vandals that released more than 38,000 mink into the wild: You gave my animals a death sentence. "There were mink dead all over the road," he said, describing the scene at Lang Fur Farms northwest of Eden Valley on Monday. Investigators, who now include the FBI, believe more than one person dismantled the exterior fence at Lang Farm.

Week ending 16 July 2017

The Russian Collusion Story: The Acme of Fake News
Clarice Feldman
Richard Fernandez is one of the most brilliant authors on the Internet. This week he wrote: Conventional wisdom posits the chief challenges facing the post-Cold War World are Global Warming and the decline of international institutions. But maybe that assurance is a species of Fake News.
Media’s Assault on Christian Activist Organizations Is
Beyond ‘Fake News’

Bill Donohue
Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) does some of the best legal work in the United States defending religious liberty. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke at one of its meetings on July 11, and some in the media treated it as if he spoke before the Klan.
Democrats Intentionally Used Disinformation from Russia to
Attack Trump, Campaign Aides

While the mainstream news media hunts for evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, the public record shows that Democrats have willfully used Moscow disinformation to influence the presidential election against Donald Trump and attack his administration. The disinformation came in the form of a Russian-fed dossier written by former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele. It contains a series of unverified criminal charges against Mr. Trump's campaign aides, such as coordinating Moscow's hacking of Democratic Party computers.
The Russia collusion narrative all began with them
Obama DOJ Let Russian Lawyer Into U.S. Before
She Met with Trump Team

This revelation means it was the Obama Justice Department that enabled the newest and most intriguing figure in the Russia-Trump investigation to enter the country without a visa. Later, a series of events between an intermediary for the attorney and the Trump campaign ultimately led to the controversy surrounding Donald Trump Jr.
Check Out All the Democrats Connected to
'Russian Lawyer' Trump, Jr. Met With

Radical left-wing icon former California Democratic Rep. Ron Dellums was a hired lobbyist for Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr. June 9, 2016, the Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group has learned. The former congressman is one of several high-profile Democratic partisans who was on Veselnitskaya's payroll, working to defeat a law that is the hated object of a personal vendetta waged by Russian President Vladimir Putin.
How ABC is Cleverly Citing Bogus 'experts' to Make
Jeff Sessions's Defense of Christianity Sound Like 'hate'

Dan Calabrese
Here's the impression ABC News wants you to get: Attorney General Jeff Sessions, hater of gay people, went and gave a secret hateful speech to an even bigger group of haters, only to be called out by a civl rights watchdog. Here's what actually happened:

Religious Freedom Advocates Fire Back
After 'Hate Group' Smear Over Jeff Sessions Speech

Fred Lucas
"Alliance Defending Freedom is one of the most respected and successful Supreme Court advocates in the legal profession, having won seven cases at the High Court in the last seven years," Kerri Kupec, communications director for Alliance Defending Freedom, or ADF, said in the prepared statement.
Research Team Slams Global Warming Data In New Report:
"Totally Inconsistent with Credible Temperature Data"

As world leaders, namely in the European Union, attack President Trump for pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement which would have saddled Americans with billions upon billions of dollars in debt and economic losses, a new bombshell report that analyzed Global Average Surface Temperature (GAST) data produced by NASA, the NOAA and HADLEY proves the President was right on target with his refusal to be a part of the new initiative.
Peer reviewed report says data is completely bunk
Insanity and Hypocrisy Down Under
Paul Driessen
Australia has had a series of massive power outages and blackouts – and its green, climate-centric politicians are setting the stage for many more. The Wall Street Journal suggests that excessive Aussie natural gas exports may be to blame, offering lessons for the U.S. There certainly are lessons to be learned, but not that. The key lessons are don't lock up your energy resources, and don't try to get 30, 50 or 100 percent of your electricity from expensive, unreliable, grid-fouling wind and solar sources.
Key Republicans Call for Probe to See If
Russia Funded Anti-Fracking Groups

Two key House Republicans have called on the Trump administration to investigate whether Russia is trying to undermine the U.S. energy industry by funding environmental activism as part of a "propaganda war against fossil fuels." "If you connect the dots, it is clear that Russia is funding U.S. environmental groups in an effort to suppress our domestic oil and gas industry, specifically hydraulic fracking," said Mr. Smith, Texas Republican, in a Friday statement.

Lawmakers Cite Evidence Russia 'Colludes' with
U.S. Green Groups to Block Fracking

Forget about allegations of Russian interference in U.S. presidential elections for a moment, or even "collusion" between Russian officials and Trump campaign operatives. The real action is in the European and U.S. energy markets, according to a letter from two Texas congressmen to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin that details what they call "a covert anti-fracking campaign" with "little or no paper trail."
Turkey to Pull Out from Paris Accord –
Without U.S. Tax Dollar Largess the Cost of Compliance Is Too Great

The U.S. decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement means Turkey is less inclined to ratify the deal because the U.S. move jeopardizes compensation promised to developing countries, President Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday. Erdogan said that when Turkey signed the accord France had promised that Turkey would be eligible for compensation for some of the financial costs of compliance.
Iowa Bans Use of Eminent Domain for
Wind-Energy Transmission Lines

In a setback for the renewable-energy industry, Iowa now has a law barring the use of eminent domain for high-voltage transmission lines carrying wind energy across the state into Illinois. The battle over right of way for transmission lines transporting wind energy has been raging in Iowa and neighboring Illinois for more than six years.

Why Trump is Right About Wind Power and His Detractors are Wrong
Frederick D. Palmer, Isaac Orr
While promoting his "America First" energy plan, Trump stated, "I don't want to just hope the wind blows to light up your homes and your factories … as the birds fall to the ground." Coal is the primary means of generating electricity in the Hawkeye State because the average wind turbine in Iowa produces electricity only approximately 34 percent of the time. Whether Iowa gets large amounts of electricity from wind power is immaterial; the turbines sit idle 66 percent of the time, and when they are idle, coal shoulders the load.
Why Wind Won't Work?
Global Warming Blown Out… Record Low Temps Recorded
Martin Lioll
We keep on hearing about how global warming is making our planet hotter than ever. If you live in a third-floor beachfront condo, the left says, you'd better get ready to deal with seals swimming right outside your window – because that's how fast the ice in the Arctic is melting. There have been plenty of nails in the coffin of this sort of alarmism, but a new record in Greenland seems to be the latest piece of evidence the media is desperately trying to ignore.
Al Gore, Al Jazeera and Al Qa'ida
Al Gore Sues Al Jazeera Seeking Windfall Profits

Mark Alexander
While the Demo/MSM propaganda machine is rolling out its latest Trump/Putin collusion conspiracy "evidence" for the sole purpose of undermining the Republican's agenda, in reality, the most dangerous threat to Liberty today is the collusion between Democrats and the mainstream media.
Angela Merkel at G-20: "I deplore" U.S. leaving Paris Climate Accord
German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday spoke out against the Trump administration's intentions to drop out of the Paris Agreement on climate change. "You are familiar with the American position. You know that, unfortunately – and I deplore this – the United States of America left the climate agreement, or rather announced their intention to do so," she said on the final day of the summit.
Ratbags! There goes all the money!
The Left's Revealing Freakout Over Trump's Defense of the West
Mike Gonzalez
Western values, Judeo-Christian at base but also to some degree influenced by Greco-Roman views on philosophy and politics, are under threat from within by a nihilist "Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Western Civ has got to go" mentality. President Donald Trump told Poles fighting a version of that mindset that he was with them – and the American left had a freakout.
Federal Prosecutors Step Up Probe of Land Deal
Pushed by Wife of Bernie Sanders

A federal investigation of a land deal led by Jane Sanders, the wife and political adviser of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), has accelerated in recent months – with prosecutors hauling off more than a dozen boxes of records from the Vermont college she once ran and calling a state official to provide evidence for a grand jury, according to interviews and documents.
Jihad Means More Than “A Peaceful Self-Struggle”!
Maher Gabra
The jihad against oneself and Satan is the struggle to be a good Muslim and follow Allah. However, jihad against infidels and hypocrites is more than a self-struggle. It is an effort to change the situation on the ground. Such jihad could be executed through four different means: by oneself (fighting in the way of Allah), by money (funding those who fight), by one's words (speaking up against oppressors or infidels), or by one's heart (that is, by hating the evil and feeling that it is wrong).
Muslim Husband Chops Off Wife's Fingers Because
She Won't Drop Out of College

Tom Knighton
A woman is recovering after having her fingers chopped off by her husband in Bangladesh, a majority Muslim nation. One of the husband's relatives then threw her fingers in the trash so they couldn't be reattached by surgeons. Obviously, this sounds extremely harsh. But multiculturalism teaches that all cultures should be celebrated, right?
The Islamic View of "Feminism"
Nonie Darwish
What the West needs to know is that in the Muslim world, jihad is considered more important than women, family happiness and life itself. If we are told, as Linda Sarsour said, that Islam stands for peace and justice, what we are not told is that "peace" in Islam will come only after the whole world has converted to Islam, and that "justice" means law under Sharia: whatever is inside Sharia is "justice;" whatever is not in Sharia is not "justice."
San Francisco International Near Miss Might Have Triggered
'Greatest Aviation Disaster in History'

An Air Canada pilot on narrowly avoided a tragic mistake: landing on the San Francisco International Airport taxiway instead of the runway. Sitting on Taxiway C shortly before midnight were four airplanes full of passengers and fuel awaiting permission to take off, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, which is investigating the "rare" incident.
This is Why Many Canadian Veterans are Troubled
Over the $10.5M Khadr Settlement

Sean Bruyea
When pressed about the issue on the Senate floor Thursday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he understood Canadians' "concerns" about the $10.5 million payout to Omar Khadr. "In fact," he added, "I share those concerns about the money; that's why we settled." But to the thousands of men and women who have served in Canada's military, their concerns go far beyond the simple dollar amount.
WW II Pilot's Remains Found in Tree, Return for Burial 72 Years Later
For more than 70 years a tree protected the remains of a World War II fighter pilot from Washington state whose plane crashed in Germany in 1945. The remains of Army Air Forces 1st Lt. William Gray of Kirkland were returned to his family Friday for a burial at Tahoma National Cemetery with full military honors.
Surprise! Women's Marchers Hired Armed Guards for Their
Protest Against the NRA

Katie Pavlich
Organizers of the "Women's March" and Michael Bloomberg's gun control lobbying group Everytown are participating in an anti-National Rifle Association rally today. They are currently walking from Fairfax, Virginia to Washington D.C. as part of the resistance movement. But what's a leftist rally without a massive dose of hypocrisy? Turns out a number of Women's March leaders are walking with armed security and protective vehicles.
Chelsea Clinton Claims Mom Would Not ‘Literally Sell Her Own Daughter,’ No Comment on Hillary Having a Soul
Samantha Chang
Birds of a grifter-feather flock together. Just ask Chelsea Clinton, who defended her mom Hillary Clinton after Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe called the two-time failed presidential candidate a “soulless person” who would “sell her daughter to be president.” In response, Chelsea tweeted a meek defense: “No, she wouldn’t. I’ve never doubted and always known I was the most important part of her life.
Seattle Councilman: Cleaning Poop Off Sidewalks is Racist
The crime and smell of urine and excrement have gotten so bad outside a King County courthouse that two judges are scrambling to find ways to fix the situation, reports the Seattle Times. King County council member Larry Gossett isn't a fan of one solution to power wash the feces from the sidewalks to tamp down on the smell. Power washing the sidewalks is too reminiscent of civil rights activists being hosed down, he said.
You just can't make poop like this up!
Tattoo faceWould You Give This Man a Job?
Man with 'DEVAST8' Tattooed Across Half of His Face Complains Nobody Will Employ Him

Mark Cropp, 19, had been drinking home brew alcohol behind bars in New Zealand's Christchurch when he went under the needle last year. But after serving his two-year sentence for armed robbery, Cropp has found the ink to be a stain on his job prospects in the free world.
Man Claims Police ‘Beat Him to Death’
Then – Oops! – Video Footage is Released

A family in Rainbow City (AL) saying that their loved one was abused, tased and thrown off a bridge Thursday night after a traffic stop now sees the camera footage disputing all of it and it was released by by the police department. The family claims that police “beat him to death.” In response to those allegations, Rainbow City Police released 30 minutes worth of body camera footage showing the man jumping off the bridge onto the rocks below.
Researchers: Messy Desk Could be a Sign of Genius
Is your desk overflowing with scraps of paper, coffee cups, envelopes and wilted plants? Well, far from being idle, it turns out you might just be a creative genius. In world where 'cleanliness is next to godliness' is a well-valued idiom, being a messy person can often be mistaken as a hallmark of laziness. But thanks to a recent study, researchers have found there is a method to this madness.
See! I told you so.

Week ending 9 July 2017

How Do We Rediscover Our American Heritage?
Start with the Declaration

D. Hawthorne
It’s sobering to consider the degree to which we have lost our knowledge of and connection to our American heritage. As a result, William B. Allen notes that we have been transitioning increasingly from a society of “independent yeomen” to a society of “wards of the state.” The challenge before us is to determine whether we can rediscover our heritage, and relearn the requirements for becoming good and free citizens while also reclaiming the sovereignty we have ceded to the state.
We Want God, They Want Anarchy
Judi McLeod
Humanity has a thirst that Coca Cola and Pepsi can never quench; a hunger no fast food outlet can satisfy because it’s a ravenous hunger of the heart. No politician, no propagandizing media has ever been able to stop mankind’s age-old stampede to the Holy Face of God. Just as iron filings are drawn to the magnet, humans, wired from birth by a supernatural force, continue to seek out their Creator.
Trump Has Putin Over a Barrel
Lawrence Kudlow
Through crafty media relations and his own bravado, a deluded Putin struggles to maintain the illusion that Russia is a strong economic power. But it ain't so. Not even close... Now, Russia still has a lot of oil and gas reserves. And it uses this to bully Eastern and Western Europe. But enter President Donald Trump. In his brilliant speech in Warsaw, Poland, earlier this week, he called Putin's energy bluff.
Trump Warsaw Speech Shows Why They Hate Us
Don Surber
His answer began with his first words: "Thank you very much. That's so nice. The United States has many great diplomats, but there is truly no better ambassador for our country than our beautiful first lady, Melania." Our adversaries are jealous of her. They have no one who can match her grace and beauty. They attacked her from the beginning because they have no woman who is as good a role model. She dons the headscarf only to respect her religion, not theirs.
Great Again:
Manufacturing Pickup Signals Boost to U.S. Economic Growth

American factories powered up in June at the fastest pace in nearly three years, with robust advances in production, orders and employment that indicate a firming in the economy, data from the Institute for Supply Management showed Monday. Faster growth in orders and production in the final month of the quarter indicates solid demand that, together with rising exports, shows manufacturing is on solid footing.
U.S. Job Growth: 222,000 in June vs 179,000 Expected;
April and May Numbers Revised Upward as Well

The U.S. job market roared back to life in June, with a better-than-expected 222,000 new positions created in June while the unemployment rate held at 4.4 percent, according to a government report Friday. Economists surveyed by Reuters had been expecting nonfarm payrolls growth of 179,000 and the unemployment rate to be 4.3 percent.
While de Blasio Whined in Germany, Trump Was Our Defender
Michael Goodwin
NY Post de Blasio cover
It is a tale of two New Yorkers. Donald Trump goes to Germany to defend Western civilization and promote economic growth. Bill de Blasio goes to Germany to throw verbal Molotov cocktails and promote socialism. One is the leader of the free world, the other is a great pretender.
Marking Natural Law with Mark Levin
Paul Kengor
Levin writes that "natural law provides a moral compass or order – justice, virtue, truth, prudence, etc. – a fundamental, universal, everlasting harmony of mores that transcend human law. Through natural law discovered by right reason, man knows right from wrong and good from bad." Natural law is right law. And unfortunately, as Levin notes, "that which is naturally just may not be legally just."
Study Finds Temperature Adjustments Account for
'Nearly All of the Warming' in Climate Data;

Study's Authors Claim the Science Underpinning the
EPA Authority to Regulate Greenhouse Gases "is invalidated"

The new study doesn't question the adjustments themselves but notes nearly all of them increase the warming trend... "You would think that when you make adjustments you'd sometimes get warming and sometimes get cooling. That's almost never happened," said D'Aleo, who co-authored the study with statistician James Wallace and Cato Institute climate scientist Craig Idso. Their study found measurements "nearly always exhibited a steeper warming linear trend over its entire history," which was "nearly always accomplished by systematically removing the previously existing cyclical temperature pattern."
“the three data sets are not a valid representation of reality”
New Holes In Loretta Lynch's Story On the Hillary Probe
Paul Sperry
When former Attorney General Loretta Lynch testified last year about her decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified information, she swore she never talked to "anyone" on the Clinton campaign. The Senate Judiciary Committee, which has launched a bipartisan investigation into Lynch for possible obstruction of justice, recently learned of the existence of a document indicating Lynch assured the political director of Clinton's campaign she wouldn't let FBI agents "go too far" in probing the former secretary of state.
Priebus Suggests Dems Set Up Trump Team Meeting with
Russian Lawyer : ‘May Spin Out of Control for DNC’

This weekend the New York Times published a pretty big story about a previously undisclosed meeting between members of Donald Trump’s campaign and a Russian lawyer with ties to the Kremlin. The meeting took place shortly after Trump had clinched the Republican presidential nomination and Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr. were in attendance, along with then-campaign chief Paul Manafort.
Media Errors Give Trump Fresh Ammunition;
Breitbart News Has Success as Fact-Checker

The relationship between Trump and the news media regularly hits new lows, with insults flying between the two camps and reporters warning that the president is inciting violence against journalists. But Trump's allies on the right believe the president's claims that the mainstream media is "fake news" have been bolstered by recent missteps.
NYT Admits Facts Behind Bogus Russia Claim it
Pushed for 9 Months are ‘Simple’

Trump put the paper of record in a tough spot Thursday when he drew attention to the fact that the press has confessed to pushing a false claim that "17 intelligence agencies agree" on Russian interference in the presidential election. The New York Times and Associated Press both acknowledged the Clinton talking point is false this week, and conceded that in fact only three agencies working under the aegis of the Director of National Intelligence weighed in on the election meddling.
The New York Times Is In Trouble
John Hinderaker
We have noted here and elsewhere Sarah Palin's libel case against the New York Times. Ms. Palin can make a strong argument that the Times editorialists knew that their smear was a lie, based on reporting done by the Times itself. But at a minimum, it seems that the Times editorial was published with reckless disregard for whether it was true or not. It was a product of sheer hatred toward Palin.
Claire McCaskill’s Russia Hypocrisy Prompts
‘Comrade Claire’ Taunts from GOP

Democrat senator Claire McCaskill's (Mo.) quickly disproved claim earlier this year that she had never met with Russia's ambassador has prompted her local opponents to brand her "Comrade Claire." McCaskill opened the door for the criticism in March when she claimed she never had a call or meeting with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak, even though she had previously announced she had both a call and a meeting with Kislyak.
Also attended a black-tie reception at Kislyak's residence
Energy Sec. Rick Perry "Enlightens" NYT Reporter About Clean Coal Technology While On New Power Plant Tour in W.Va.
New York Times reporter Carol Davenport asked Perry, “President Trump used the term ‘clean coal’ very broadly, it’s kind of a big basket term,” Davenport asked. “Can you say specifically what this administration means precisely and technically when they use that term?” “I’m not being facetious or rude here, but you just spent 30 minutes getting a really good education about what clean coal is,” Perry said.
With One Tweet, CNN's Chris Cillizza Exposes the Media as
That Table Full of [Jerks] in Your School Cafeteria

Dan Calabrese
For some reason I cannot fathom, Chris Cillizza of CNN is regarded as respectable political journalist. In fact, he’s widely regarded by people in political journalism as one of the influential players in the industry. They believe he speaks with credibility and authority, and many of them follow his lead. Actually I think I can fathom the reason. It’s because journalists don’t do what you think they’re supposed to do. They don’t make well-considered judgments about what constitutes worthwhile news...
Creative editing creates fake news
Female Suicide Bomber Holding Her Baby is Pictured
Moments Before She Blew the Two of Them Up In Mosul

A photograph has emerged of a Mosul woman cradling her baby as she seemingly tries to escape the fighting that has ravaged her city. However on further inspection it becomes apparent the Burka clad woman is also holding a detonator. The picture was taken moments before the suicide bomber blew herself up, with her baby in her arms, as she walked past Iraqi troops.
It Takes a Village to Kill a Cop
BombThrowers – Tina Trent
Repeat offender Alexander Bonds pulled the trigger that killed NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia, but he didn’t get there alone. Throughout his life, Bonds was abetted by judges and other people in government who did everything in their power to keep him out of prison, no matter what he did to deserve being in prison. They also gave him unknown quantities of tax dollars to subsidize his criminal lifestyle, pried from hard-working citizens and their families. That’s a story nobody ever tells.
Dallas Co. Commissioner Votes Against Honoring Murdered Officers, Says They Brought It On Themselves
Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price voted to oppose a resolution to honor murdered police officers, blaming police officers for the assassinations. The Wednesday vote was supposed to be largely ceremonial, but gained unexpected opposition as Commissioner John Wiley Price argued that law enforcement should not be honored, according to Fox4.
Film Studio Donates $25K to Replace Arkansas
Ten Commandments Tribute Monument

An Arizona independent film studio has donated $25,000 to help replace the recently destroyed Ten Commandments tribute monument on the Arkansas state capitol grounds. Pure Flix, an independent faith and family entertainment studio based in Phoenix, gave the contribution to the American History and Heritage Foundation at the Arkansas State capitol on July 6.
Project Veritas Drops Another Video Bomb of
CNN Producer Mocking Chris Cuomo

CNN associate producer Jimmy Carr says Chris Cuomo is only anchor of CNN's "New Day" because his brother is governor of New York in yet another undercover video from James O'Keefe's Project Veritas. In the video posted Wednesday, Carr said of Cuomo's rise, "I don't have a brother who's the governor, so … "
Antifa Sheep Blindly Applaud When
Disguised Pro-Trumper Reads Speech of Hitler Quotes

As if this political climate weren’t crazy enough, last week’s “Impeach Trump March” in Chicago saw dozens of “antifa” protesters applauding the very words of … Adolf Hitler?? That’s right, a Trump supporter named Shad pretending to be a protester grabbed a bullhorn and addressed the crowd with the very words of the Führer, only slightly altered to fit today’s current events.
Government Hostility to Religion Spiked Under Obama
Todd Starnes
It's hard to believe American teenagers could be arrested for delivering a prayer, but that's the kind of nation we live in – a nation that was fundamentally transformed by the previous presidential administration. In 2011, the class president at Hampton High School in Tennessee wanted to deliver a pray at graduation. The principal issued an edict that any child who attempted to pray would be stopped, escorted from the building by police and arrested.
Rubio Pushes Back On Media for Calling Bible Verses ‘Republican’
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) on Sunday pushed back at a news article that claimed the conservative lawmaker was tweeting "the most Republican part of the Bible." "Proverbs is the Republican part of the bible? I don´t think Solomon had yet joined the GOP when he wrote the first 29 chapters of Proverbs," Rubio said tongue-in-check, while retweeting Politico Magazine´s story on the matter.
Oregon Passes GOP Senator’s Bill Allowing
Gun Seizure Order without Gun Owner’s Knowledge

Oregon lawmakers passed legislation co-sponsored by Sen. Brian Boquist (R-Dallas) that allows a judge to issue an ex parte ruling for the confiscation of an individual’s firearms. The bill is SB 719, and it has now passed Oregon’s House and Senate. It creates an Extreme Risk Protection Order, which forces the subject of the order to hand over all firearms, as well as his concealed carry permit if he possesses one.
No Charges Filed Against Oklahoma Man Who
Shot, Killed Neighbor Trying to Drown Twins

It was a case that stunned residents in Pontotoc County earlier this year. Last month, Cash Freeman rushed to a neighbor’s home in Ada after a 12-year-old girl ran to his house for help. When he arrived at the girl’s home, he reportedly found Leland Foster attempting to drown 3-month-old twins in a bathtub. That’s when Freeman shot and killed Foster.
Does This Photo Prove Amelia Earhart Survived Her Final Flight?
A recently-discovered photograph is turning the mystery surrounding Amelia Earhart's 1937 disappearance on its head, leading a handful of experts to believe the celebrated aviator and women's rights role model actually survived her final flight – and was captured by the Japanese.

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