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"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.
It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies.
The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated;
but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end
for they do so with the approval of their own conscience." —C. S. Lewis (1898–1963)

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“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government
from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” —Thomas Jefferson

“Just because you do not take an interest in politics
doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you.”
—Pericles, Greek statesman, 495–429 BC

“I am certain that nothing has done so much to destroy the juridical safeguards of
individual freedom as the striving after this mirage of social justice.”
F. A. Hayek, Economic Freedom and Representative Government (1973)

Truth is always stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sense. — Mark Twain

"Economic power is exercised by means of a positive, by offering men a reward,
an incentive, a payment, a value; political power is exercised by means of a negative,
by the threat of punishment, injury, imprisonment, destruction.
The businessman's tool is values; the bureaucrat's tool is fear."
— Novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand

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The "Greatest Invisible Depression" and
What Happened to Rome?

Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh
We are experiencing the “Greatest Invisible Depression” in the history of the United States; the Depression Era soup kitchens and lines are unseen, coming to the mail box in the form of welfare checks, yet the government cash machine, the Fed, keeps printing bogus trillions that have no backing in goods and services.

Barack Obama’s Love Bomb Offensive
Wesley Pruden
Just as Secretary of State John Kerry is topping up a deal to satisfy the mullahs in Iran, comes the news that the United States has declassified a 386-page report that reveals in minute detail Israel’s super-discreet nuclear program. Everybody knows Israel has one, but until now Israel, with American support, has never acknowledged it... So why did Mr. Obama do it?


Why the United States is a republic and not a democracy
A Republic v. A Democracy
Why the U.S.A. is one and not the other.

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Week ending 29 March 2015

Iranian Defector:
'U.S. Negotiating Team Mainly There to Speak on Iran’s Behalf'

An Iranian journalist writing about the nuclear negotiations between the United States and Iran has defected. In an interview Amir Hossein Motaghi, has some harsh words for his native Iran. He also has a damning indictment of America's role in the nuclear negotiations.
To Stop Iran’s Bomb, Bomb Iran
John R. Bolton
For years, experts worried that the Middle East would face an uncontrollable nuclear-arms race if Iran ever acquired weapons capability. Given the region’s political, religious and ethnic conflicts, the logic is straightforward...
President Obama’s approach on Iran has brought a bad situation to the brink of catastrophe.
The inescapable conclusion is that Iran will not negotiate away its nuclear program.
Bolton 'Bomb Iran' Essay Among Most Emailed at NY Times
Former ambassador John Bolton's boldly blunt assessment that only bombing Iran first will stop it from building its own nuclear weapon is going viral. Bolton's op-ed commentary in Thursday's New York Times was among the most-emailed pieces in 24 hours, according to the newspaper's accounting.
Gen. Flynn: Obama's Middle East Policy One of 'Willful Ignorance'
President Barack Obama's Middle East policy is one of "willful ignorance," retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency said Sunday, and he is concerned the pending deal with Iran over its nuclear weapons capabilities will worsen the situation. "Right now, we have almost a complete breakdown of order in the Middle East," Flynn said.
Iranian Defector: 'U.S. Negotiating Team Mainly There to
Speak on Iran’s Behalf'

An Iranian journalist writing about the nuclear negotiations between the United States and Iran has defected. In an interview Amir Hossein Motaghi, has some harsh words for his native Iran. He also has a damning indictment of America's role in the nuclear negotiations.
Obama Installing Islamist Leaders
While Michelle and Susan Rice Provide Cover?

Judi McLeod
Obama's been on the trail of replacing Christian leaders with Islamic ones before he became president, starting with Kenya where he actively campaigned to elect Islamic defender Raila Odinga in 2007... Millions revolted in Egypt when Obama's so called Arab Spring led to the election of Muslim Brotherhood big gun Mohamed Morsi... No one paid Obama and his Marxist minions any attention when they backed Aassane Quattara against Christian challenger Laurent Gbagbo in the Ivory Coast election back in 2011.
Clearing Up the Middle East Situation
Jim ONeill
Recently my mom complained to me that she is confused by what is happening in the Middle East. I doubt she is alone in this, and for her benefit and those of you who share her confusion I have decided to clear things up. With that in mind, what follows is a brief summation of the situation in the Middle East – hopefully it will answer a number of questions you might have.
Operation Choke Point is Government Run Amuck
Matt Schuck
Operation Choke point is an Obama Administration Justice Department program created in 2013 to intimidate banks into not loaning money to businesses that they simply do not like. This means that gun shop owners, tobacco retailers, and other companies like this are going to be feeling the stranglehold of government.
Senate Panel Asking New Questions
About Emails for Clinton and Abedin

Senate Republicans are renewing efforts to learn why Huma Abedin, a top assistant to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, was allowed to keep working at the agency under a special, part-time status while also being employed at a politically-connected consulting firm.
Subpoena Issued After Obama’s EPA Chief Caught in
Violation of Federal Law

Rep. Lamar Smith, chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, issued the subpoena after Ms. McCarthy claimed that of nearly 6,000 text messages, just one was agency business and that she deleted the rest. She did it just days after the committee had alerted the EPA that it may be breaking the record-keeping rules for text messages.
Obama Lawyers Afraid to Go to Court on Email Scandal
Judicial Watch
Crafty, corrupt politicians realize that transparency and accountability go hand-in-hand. So that is why Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama (with the federal bureaucracies at their beck and call) have a personal and political interest in keeping their records away from the American people – even if it means violating the federal transparency law: the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).
The Tip of the Climate Spending Iceberg
Paul Driessen
Lockheed Martin, a recent Washington Post article notes, is getting into renewable energy, nuclear fusion, “sustainability” and even fish farming projects, to augment its reduced defense profits... As with its polar counterparts, 90% of the titanic climate funding iceberg is invisible to most citizens, businessmen and politicians. The Lockheed action is the mere tip of the icy mountaintop.

New Climate Paper Gives Global Warming Alarmists
'One Helluva Beating'

Aerosols are the minute particles added to the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels. The reason they are important is that they are so often cited by alarmists to excuse the awkward fact that the world has stubbornly failed to warm at the disastrous rate they predicted it would. Apparently – or so the excuse goes – these aerosols are masking the true extent of runaway climate change by cancelling out the effects of man-made CO2.

Fed. Agency Goes Into Full Political Mode Over Climate Change as FEMA Plans to Deny Funds to Warming 'Deniers'
The Federal Emergency Management Agency is making it tougher for governors to deny man-made climate change. Starting next year, the agency will approve disaster-preparedness funds only for states whose governors approve hazard-mitigation plans that address climate change.

Noted Global Warming Skeptic Gets His Twitter Account Suspended
Steven Goddard earned notoriety among environmental activist circles for his criticism of man-made global warming. Most notably, Goddard, who has degrees in geology and electrical engineering, has been widely cited for showing evidence that government climate agencies' adjustments to temperature data have created an artificial warming trend.
Longtime IHOP Owner Sold His 16 Restaurants
Because of Obamacare

"Let me state this bluntly," Scott Womack told lawmakers, "this law will cost my company more money than we make." The cost of Obamacare's mandates – Womack estimated it would be $7,000 to provide health care coverage for each full-time employee – left him with few options: cut costs, eliminate staff, reduce hours or convert workers to part-time status.
Fact Checking Obamacare 5-yrs Later
Navy Bans Chaplain from Ministering to Family of Dead Sailor
It really takes a special kind of lowlife to stop a chaplain from ministering to the family and colleagues of a dead sailor. But that's exactly what happened last week at Naval Nuclear Power Training Command in Goose Creek, S.C., according to attorneys representing Chaplain Wes Modder.
Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), Explained
Stanford law professor Michael McConnell, a former appellate court judge, tells The Weekly Standard in an email: "In the decades that states have had RFRA statutes, no business has been given the right to discriminate against gay customers, or anyone else." So what is the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and what does it say?
NYC Faux 'Gun Store' Attempts to Shame Customers
Some anti-gun zealots will go to great lengths to stop law-abiding citizens from buying firearms, including opening a fake gun store in New York City only to shame potential customers with the history behind the guns it stocked. "Collectors love this one," the bearded attendant tells one customer as he displays an AR-15. "Adam Lanza's mom had this in her collection too..."
NYC Councilwoman: Too Many Asians –
Assign Public Housing by Ethnic Group

Crown Heights Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo has an odd question – she wants to know why there are large numbers of Asians living in housing projects in Brooklyn. According to the NY Post, Ms. Cumbo made the bizarre comment while speaking at the New York City Housing Authority hearing:
UN says Israel, not Iran, North Korea or Syria
Worst Violator of Human Rights

Anne Bayefsky
What country deserves more condemnation for violating human rights than any other nation on earth? According to the U.N.’s top human rights body, that would be Israel. Last week, Israel was the U.N.’s number one women’s rights violator. This week it is the U.N.’s all-round human rights villain.
Democrat Resolution Warns Global Warming
Could Force Women Into Prostitution

Rep. Barbara Lee, (Dimwit-Calif.), has re-introduced legislation that forces the government to address all “policies and programs in the United States that are globally related to climate change” through the lens of gender.
Rep. Barbara Lee

Week ending 22 March 2015

The Ferguson Hoax and Media Truth-telling
Cliff Kincaid
The praise for Capehart for eventually telling the truth may be one way the media can attempt to atone for their sins in this coverage. But it's not good enough. You know the standards of the media have hit rock bottom when a liberal commentator makes news for telling the truth.
Don't Miss Stephen A. Smith's Point,
Black Political Obscurity is Self-Inflicted

Michael Vass
Black folks in America are telling one party, "We don't give a damn about you." They're telling the other party, "You've got our vote." Therefore, you have labeled yourself "disenfranchised" because one party knows they've got you under their thumb. The other party knows they'll never get you and nobody comes to address your interest."
Israel: Beware of Obama
Michael Goodwin
First he comes for the banks and health care, uses the IRS to go after critics, politicizes the Justice Department, spies on journalists, tries to curb religious freedom, slashes the military, throws open the borders, doubles the debt and nationalizes the Internet... Now he’s coming for Israel.
Pentagon Loses Track of $500 Million in
Weapons, Aircraft and Equipment Given to Yemen

With Yemen in turmoil and its government splintering, the Defense Department has lost its ability to monitor the whereabouts of small arms, ammunition, night-vision goggles, patrol boats, vehicles and other supplies donated by the United States. The situation has grown worse since the United States closed its embassy in Sanaa, the capital, last month and withdrew many of its military advisers.
General Petraeus Splits with Obama;
Says Iran, not ISIS, is the Real Enemy

Larry Kudlow
Don’t just rely on Benjamin Netanyahu’s passionate advice to Congress on his way to reelection that Iran is our arch enemy. Now we have the counsel of retired general David Petraeus, who gave a remarkable interview this week to the Washington Post.
Reuters Exclusive: Hillary Clinton Broke Promise to Obama,
Charity Did Not Disclose Donors After 2010

In 2008, Hillary Clinton promised Barack Obama, the president-elect, there would be no mystery about who was giving money to her family's globe-circling charities. She made a pledge to publish all the donors on an annual basis to ease concerns that as secretary of state she could be vulnerable to accusations of foreign influence.

Senator Presses for Info on Huma's Special Gov't Status – and Her Emails
Senator Chuck Grassley has sent two letters to the State Department to ask about Huma Abedin's special government status when she was a government employee – and for information on Abedin's email use while working for the government. Abedin is a close aide to Hillary Clinton, and worked for the consulting firm Teneo (under a special government employee status) while working for Clinton.

Was Hillary Clinton Running Her Own Rogue Intel Operation?
Monica Crowley
We all know that the only reason you would deliberately and premeditatedly set up a private email address and server is to have total control over your communications – to keep people away from those communications and to retain the ability to edit and delete your content. In Hillary Clinton's case, given her long history of concealment and duplicity, total control was the system's purpose.
Now the U.S. Air Force Wants to Replace A-10s with F-16s
Joseph Trevithick
Save the WarthogEventually, the U.S. Air Force wants to replace the low and slow-flying A-10 Warthog with the fast-moving F-35 stealth fighter. But it'll take years before the troubled jet fighters are ready for duty. In the meantime, the Air Force still needs a plane for dedicated close air support missions – something the A-10 excels at. So what does the flying branch propose? Not keeping the Warthog.
Police Departments Hiring Non-citizen Immigrants as Officers
Most agencies in the country require officers or deputies to be U.S. citizens, but some are allowing immigrants who are legally in the country to wear the badge. From Hawaii to Vermont, agencies are allowing green-card holders and legal immigrants with work permits to join their ranks.

Undocumented Immigrants Failing to Appear at Hearings Up 153%
The federal government said the number of undocumented immigrants failing to appear at deportation hearings is on the rise. According to the Executive Office of Immigration Review, the number of people who did not show after being released on bond or on their own recognizance grew by 153 percent in the last four years.

For Small-Town America,
New Immigrants Pose Linguistic, Cultural Challenges

For two decades, rural communities across the Midwest have been finding ways to absorb Latino immigrants. Now, a new generation of immigrants arriving from far-flung places such as Myanmar, Somalia, Iraq, and West Africa has brought a bewildering variety of cultures and languages. Many towns are struggling to cope.
Radical Environmentalism's Death Campaigns
Paul Driessen
The terms racism, white supremacy, crimes against humanity are bandied about so often that they have become almost meaningless... But what radical environmentalists are doing to Third World countries. By denying people access to abundant, reliable, affordable electricity, modern fertilizers and biotech seeds, and especially DDT to prevent malaria and other insect-borne diseases, they are killing millions every year.
3 Billion and Counting
By Hook and By Crook, You Are Going to Pay for Climate Change
Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh
It’s the first day of spring and we are having snow again. Not much, a couple of inches, just enough to prove that March always goes out like a lion. Undeterred, global progressives, intent on sending us into the stone age of technology, are forcing their agenda of redistributive taxation of man-made global warming/climate change on everyone.
WaPo Columnist Jonathan Capehart:
People call me 'house negro' for debunking 'hands up, don't shoot'

"After my piece, 'Hands up don't shoot was built on a lie,' folks used Twitter and Facebook to dismember my personhood," [Capehart said]. "Fellow African-Americans called me a 'sellout' or a 'house negro.' Others said I did it because I wanted 'white people to like me' or that I 'did it for the money.'
Hands up, Don't shoot -- Lie
Liberal WaPo Columnist Admits That
'Hands Up, Don't Shoot' was a Lie

Jonathan Capehart was one of the early media pundits who took to the broadcast airwaves and penned numerous columns about how police officer Darren Wilson was guilty of murder. Today, he tries – and fails – to walk it back. Sort of... Capehart pens a column stating the obvious: "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" was built on a lie.
Hands up, Don't shoot -- Lie
WaPo Fact Checker:
‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ Did Not Happen in Ferguson

That narrative was called into question when a St. Louis County grand jury could not confirm those testimonies. And a recently released Department of Justice investigative report concluded the same. Yet the gesture continues to be used today. So we wanted to set the record straight on the DOJ’s findings, especially after The Washington Post’s opinion writer Jonathan Capehart wrote that it was “built on a lie.”
One America News Network – How One TV Channel Is
Positioning Itself to Be the Next Fox News

"What we've noticed in the marketplace is, it's very hard to turn on your TV and find news around the clock. You get a lot of talk shows, a lot of debates, but just finding credible news is really difficult," Herring told National Journal. "The fundamental difference between us, MSNBC, CNN and Fox is we are dedicated to [being] a credible source of news."
#DearMe! Michelle Obama in Japan Strikes Again
Jeannie DeAngelis
It’s official! Mrs. Obama has gone #hashtag crazy. Remember when she pleaded with Boko Haram to release the 276 kidnapped girls using the hashtag “#Bringbackourgirls?” Well, that didn’t work! The girls were either sold into slavery, murdered, or married off to terrorists, and despite Michelle Obama’s solemn effort haven’t been seen or heard from since... Moving right along... Mrs. Obama decided to take Asia by storm.
EPA to Farmers: It's Really, Really Really Sorry
EPA head Gina McCarthy said she has a number of regrets about the roll-out of proposed changes and re-definitions with the Clean Water Act, specifically the Waters of the U.S. proposal. "And I really, really, really wish we had talked to you before we put out the Interpretive Rule," she told the group.

Lawmaker Calls for a Rebellion Against EPA Pollution Emissions
for Backyard Barbecues

"The idea that the EPA wants to find their way into our back yards, where we're congregating with our neighbors, having a good time, on the 4th of July, barbecuing pork steak or hamburgers, is ridiculous and it's emblematic of agency that's sort of out of control," State Senator Eric Schmitt (R) from St. Louis said.

EPA Now Wants to Monitor Your Showering Habits
The Environmental Protection Agency wants hotels to monitor how much time its guests spend in the shower. The agency is spending $15,000 to create a wireless system that will track how much water a hotel guest uses to get them to "modify their behavior."
80,000 ObamaCare Tax Forms On Hold
The Obama administration announced Friday that 80,000 corrected tax forms for people on plans through ObamaCare have still not gone out. The issues stem from the announcement last month that 800,000 people on insurance plans through ObamaCare received incorrect tax information. At the time, the administration said forms with corrected information would be sent out in the first week of March.
Madison Teen Killed By Police Had Taken Hallucinogenic Drugs
Tony Terrell Robinson was experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs on the day he died, his uncle says. "He had made a bunch of changes. It was going to be the final step that would change his life around," Turin Carter said Thursday, adding that his nephew was "very inexperienced" with the drugs, believed to have been hallucinogenic mushrooms.
Where God Loves Abortion and Hates Israel
The Presbyterian Church's Long and Boring Shuffle Out of Christendom

David French
The Presbyterian Church (USA) is the Radio Shack of church denominations. It's been in free fall for so long that it's sometimes difficult to believe the church is still around. It makes news only when it makes bad news. This is a church that has long embraced a culture of death by accepting abortion on demand.
St. Paul School Board Approves Transgender Policy
The policy sets the expectation that students' preferred name and pronoun be used at school and that teachers not separate students by gender without a compelling reason. It also will give transgender students access to the restrooms and locker rooms that match their gender identity.
Native American Council Offers Amnesty to
220 Million Undocumented Whites

At a meeting of the Native Peoples Council (NPC) in Albuquerque, New Mexico yesterday, Native American leaders considered several proposals on the future of this continent's large, unauthorized European population. The elders ultimately decided to extend a pathway to citizenship for those without criminal backgrounds.

Week ending 15 March 2015

Defending the Indefensible Hillary Clinton
Michael Goodwin
The toughest job in politics these days is defending Hillary Clinton, mocked brilliantly by The Post as the “Deleter of the Free World.” Her beleaguered defenders, as they retreat behind the bunker door, are settling on a crude legal defense. Their mumbo jumbo chorus begins with the claim that she didn’t break any laws by doing government business on her private e-mail and ends with the insistence that everybody does it.
30,000 E-Mails, Nothing Classified? Judicial Watch Cries Foul!
Amy Miller
The scandal swirling around Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail account just keeps getting worse. Earlier this week, the press savaged the former Secretary of State at a press conference where she attempted to explain the logistics governing her private e-mail server. Then, a report released by the Office of the Inspector General revealed that one of Clinton’s key claims – that all of her e-mails were somehow captured by the State Department – is completely baseless.
Top Intel Official: Al Qaeda Had Doubled
When Obama Claimed It Had Been Decimated

Daniel Halper
The White House provided 17 handpicked documents to the Combatting Terror Center at the West Point military academy, where a team of analysts reached the conclusion the Obama administration wanted. Bin Laden, they found, had been isolated and relatively powerless, a sad and lonely man sitting atop a crumbling terror network. It was a reassuring portrayal. It was also wrong.
Ted Kennedy Secretly Asked the Soviets to
Intervene in the 1984 Elections

Sean Davis
If progressives want to know what actual treason looks like, they should consult liberal lion Ted Kennedy, who not only allegedly sent secret messages to the Soviets in the midst of the cold war, he also begged them to intervene in a U.S. presidential election in order to unseat President Ronald Reagan. That's no exaggeration.
Soviet archive documents reveal
quid pro quo
Bipartisan Senate Panel Probing Possible Obama Administration Ties
To Anti-Netanyahu Election Effort

The fact that both Democratic and Republican sides of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations have signed off on the probe could be seen as a rebuke to President Obama, who has had a well-documented adversarial relationship with the Israeli leader.
Judge Orders State Dept. to Release Records from Clinton Trips
A federal judge on Friday ruled on behalf of Citizens United, a conservative advocacy group, in its lawsuit against the State Department for documents related to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s tenure there... “Clearly, the State Department is not getting the benefit of the doubt from judges anymore,” David N. Bossie, president of Citizens United. said Friday.
2008 Candidate Obama Sent U.S. Secret Emissary to Iran Telling Them Not to Negotiate with George Bush – Wait for Him to Be Elected...
In essence the content of the communique was Senator Obama telling the Iranian government not to negotiate with the outgoing George Bush administration because Obama was more friendly toward the position of Iran and he would work to structure a more favorable outcome to the Iranian people.
FLASHBACK: Dem Members of Congress Opposed to Reagan Wrote
"Dear Comandante" Letter to Nicaragua's Communist Leader

10 Democratic lawmakers have written a "Dear Comandante" letter that is kicking up a fuss on Capitol Hill. The letter is addressed to Daniel Ortega Saavedra, the coordinator of the junta that rules Nicaragua. In it, the lawmakers commend his Government "for taking steps to open up the political process in your country" and urge greater efforts toward freer and more open elections.
Michelle Celebrates an Iranian Holiday at the White House
Keith Koffler
No, this is not about Nowruz. This is a clear attempt to appease the Iran government, and it is exactly what is wrong with President Obama’s approach to Iran and the rest of the world. It explains why Iran has been able to extract a deal that will allow the centrifuges to keep spinning and, ultimately, a bomb to be built.
Congresswoman McSally Urges Halt to “Disproportionate” A-10 Cuts;
Cites Concern Over CSAR (Combat Search And Rescue) Missions

U.S. Representative Martha McSally today called on Secretary of Defense Ash Carter to cease the movement by the Air Force of 18 A-10 Warthogs into Backup Inventory Status (BAI), citing her concern in a letter that the move is a backdoor route to divestment.
Please see the 'Save the A-10' on Facebook --
Rep. McSally’s Letter Makes It Clear the [BAI] Move Is a “backdoor route to divestment” of the A-10 Fleet, a Violation of Current Law
The Air Force’s use of Backup Aircraft Inventory status is a clear signal that the aircraft will not be coming back to the primary inventory. In other words, it’s just as McSally postulates – a backdoor route to the retirement of A-10s. This is prohibited by law and defiant of Congressional intent, and therefore something Sec. Defense Carter should not allow to happen.
Save the Warthog Facebook page
Warthogs Far from Tired –
Compared to the A-10 with its multiple radios, “there is no other aircraft with that capability to talk to [troops on] the ground”

The Warthogs today are significantly more capable – and longer-lived – than the original design. Most notably, the Air Force hired Boeing to install new wings on more than 200 of the blunt-nosed attackers in 2007. The Air Force itself declared these new, reinforced spans would keep the A-10s airworthy for at least another three decades.
Save the A-10 Warthog
It all depends on the meaning of "old".
think 60-yrs]
Conflict of Interest..Elijah Cummings is Knee Deep in IRS Scandal
Cleta Mitchell, who is representing True the Vote, has filed an ethics probe against Rep. Elijah Cummings... Last fall, True the Vote started receiving 8 and 9 page letters from Cummings, claiming he was conducting an investigation of their organization as part of the House Oversight Committee. One problem. The House Oversight Committee is only allowed to investigate government agencies. Going after a private citizen is illegal.
‘Utterly Appalled’: Nearly 200,000 Colorado Health Plans to be
Canceled Despite Obamacare Extension

Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner (R) said he’s “utterly appalled” by the Colorado Division of Insurance decision to cancel 190,000 health plans that don’t comply with Obamacare regulations – even though they have the authority to continue the old plans for another year under grandfathering rules announced last year.
Democrats So Deep In Abortion Politics They'd Tank
a Bipartisan Human Trafficking Bill

An anti-human trafficking bill is being held up due to language reiterating already existing law about abortion. Democrats are upset about language they apparently didn't notice until Wednesday, despite the text being available since late February. "Senate Democrats are choosing a phantom problem over real victims," Eleanor Gaetan told the Dallas Morning News. "At this point, it will be derailed."

Anti-Human-Trafficking Bill Gets Caught Up In
Abortion Politics In Senate

The Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act, authored by Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.) and sporting a bipartisan stable of cosponsors, was supposed to be a turn toward comity after a couple of contentious weeks on Capitol Hill. What's not to like about a bill that would increase penalties for those convicted of slavery, human smuggling and sexual exploitation of children and provide for additional compensation for their victims?

McConnell says Attorney General Nomination Could Be Delayed
Majority Leader Mitch McConnell warned Sunday that he won't hold a confirmation vote for Loretta Lynch as attorney general before the Senate completes work on a bill designed to curb human trafficking. The Kentucky Republican's comments prompted immediate protests from Democratic lawmakers who view her confirmation as a top priority.
Federal Judge Calls Obama Administration Back to Court to
Explain Deception In Executive Amnesty

When Federal Judge Andrew Hanen previously blocked the implementation of Obama’s sweeping immigration “executive action”, the DOJ claimed nothing had been done to begin the rules change. However, they lied. From the time of the November 2014 President Obama announcement, to the February 2015 court ruling, the Department of Homeland Security had implemented rules to change the status of over 100,000 illegal aliens.
Washington Post Fact Checks Obama's Gun Statements
Brian Anderson
Here's something you don't see everyday: The Washington Post fact checked Obama's recent gun exaggerations. Obama made some pretty unbelievable claims about firearms last week while talking to students at Benedict College... While WaPo was a lot nicer than me, we both came to the same conclusion: The President is a big fat liar!
Shock Report:
Sen. Dianne Feinstein's Husband Wins CA Rail Contract

Out of the entire universe of those who could have won the first phase construction contract for California's high speed rail boondoggle, who would stand out as the last person who would win it if there were no political patronage. Put another way, who is the most likely person to win it if there is political patronage?
FCC Cites Soros-Funded, Neo-Marxist-Founded Group 46 Times
In New Regs

Phil Kerpen, president of the free-market group American Commitment, first noted, Free Press is mentioned repeatedly in the FCC document. Most of the references are found in footnotes which cite comments by Free Press activists supporting more internet regulation. The term "Free Press" is mentioned 62 times in the regulations. Some are redundant mentions referring to the same Free Press activists' comments in favor of more oversight.
$1M Tax Dollars Spent as Obama, First Lady Fly to Los Angeles
On Same Day but Take Separate Flights

President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama flew to Los Angeles on Thursday for TV appearances but took separate flights, collectively costing taxpayers at least $1 million. The president went to appear live on comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night show on ABC, while the first lady went to Warner Bros.’ studios in nearby Burbank to tape an appearance on Ellen Degeneres’ popular daytime show that is scheduled to air on Monday.

Week ending 8 March 2015

Clinton’s Parallel Government and Obama’s Great Miscalculation
Seth Mandel
When it was revealed last week that the Clinton Foundation accepted money from foreign governments while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, Fox anchor Bret Baier asked a good question: “How big a problem is this becoming? Now not only for Clinton but for the [Obama] administration?”
Think This Winter Was Cold?
Try It with Only Green Energy

Merrill Matthews
Here's a thought experiment: What if environmentalists had convinced Boston city officials that fossil fuels were destroying the planet and that renewable energy sources could supply the city's needs both in electricity generation and for powering city vehicles?
Nearly 93 Million Americans Outside the Labor Force;
Lowest Participation Rate Since Jimmy Carter's "Malaise Days"

The labor force participation rate hovered between 62.9 percent and 62.7 percent in the eleven months from April 2014 through February, and has been 62.9 percent or lower in 13 of the 17 months since October 2013. Prior to that, the last time the rate was below 63 percent was 37 years ago, in March 1978 when it was 62.8 percent, the same rate it was in February.
Revealed: Clinton Created Multiple Email Addresses On Private Server
Hillary Clinton appears to have established multiple email addresses for her private use, and possibly the use of her aides, under the domain of “,” according to a prominent member of the hacking community who supplied independent research data, conducted with high-tech tools, to Fox News.

Was the State Department 'IT guy' Asleep at the Switch?
Silvio Canto, Jr.
Don't be surprised if a lot of Democrats start looking for an alternative to Hillary Clinton! Unlike Whitewater and "bimbo eruptions", this one about the emails hits home because most Americans have signed an employment agreement that forbids them from doing company business on private email accounts.

Judicial Watch Sues for Hillary and Huma’s Egypt Emails
This latest lawsuit will require the State Department to answer questions about and conduct thorough searches of Hillary Clinton’s newly discovered hidden email accounts.  Judicial Watch also has nearly a dozen other active FOIA lawsuits that may require the State Department to search these email accounts.  Huma Abedin is also alleged to have a secret account as well.

‘Huge gaps’ in Clinton Emails says
Chairman of House Benghazi Committee

“It strains credibility to believe that if you’re on your way to Libya to discuss Libyan policy, that there’s not a single document that’s been turned over to Congress. So there are huge gaps,” said [Chairman Trey] Gowdy, who has requested emails related to Libya, before, during and after the attack.

Chelsea Called Herself Diane Reynolds – and Hillary Planned Her Wedding On Same Account She Used as Secretary of State
At the center of the controversy is Hillary Clinton's email account –, which was set up a day before she was confirmed in 2009 by a Senate committee to join newly elected President Barack Obama's cabinet. The New York Times reports that Clinton used the address for everything from official government business to matters relating to the Clinton Foundation...
Columbia Journalism Review:
White House ‘determined to conceal its workings’

A new study from the Columbia Journalism Review concludes that the Obama administration isn’t living up to its vow to be the most transparent White House in history. The study’s author, Susan Milligan, said the relationship between the president and the press is “more distant than it has been in a half-century” and that the White House makes reporters’ job “nearly impossible.”
Is the Mysterious ‘Eric Hoteham’ Actually
Longtime Clinton Aide Eric Hothem?

The name of the mysterious individual who registered the servers for Hillary Clinton’s private email address used at the State Department bears a striking resemblance to a longtime Clinton aide. Clinton and her top aides in the State Department were using email addresses on a private server registered to the Clinton’s home in Chappaqua, New York, according to Internet records reviewed by the Associated Press.
Oregon Abolishes Its Hopelessly Bungled Health Insurance Exchange
A bill dissolving Cover Oregon, the state´s dysfunctional health insurance exchange, has been signed by Gov. Kate Brown. The measure, which had bipartisan support, transfers responsibilities for the Oregon exchange to the state Department of Consumer and Business Services.

Broken Promise: Obamacare Sees Jump in Emergency Room Use
and Not Decreasing as the President Promised

Ryan Allen, Emergency Medicine Service Line Director at Bakersfield Heart Hospital told 23 ABC Bakersfield that not only are ER room visits increasing, but lines are long. "Unfortunately it can take hours to be seen, because those patients who are possibly having a heart attack, they're pushed in front."
Obama Hid 100,000 Amnesty Approvals from Texas Judge
President Barack Obama’s deputies hid the rapid-fire start of his November amnesty from the Texas judge who is now weighing the amnesty’s legality... On Feb. 16, the Texas judge froze Obama’s two-part amnesty, which was intended to provide residency, work-permits and tax-rebates to roughly five million illegals.
Texas Leaders Seek Investigation into Obama Admin’s
Misrepresentation in Federal Court

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a motion for discovery on Thursday to investigate whether the Obama Administration misrepresented actions taken under President Obama’s executive orders granting amnesty to illegal immigrants. Governor Greg Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick quickly issued statements of support of the call for an investigation.
3 Homosexuals Tie the Knot in First
Three-way Same-sex Marriage

Happy newlyweds Joke, 29, Bell, 21 and Art, 26, took the plunge on Valentine's Day after exchanging their vows in a fairy-tale ceremony at their home in Uthai Thani Province, Thailand. The three blushing grooms are thought to be the world's only wedded male threesome and have since become internet sensations after photos from their big day went viral.
Eleven Year Old Children to be Taught How to Consent to Sex
Under Guise of Rape Prevention

Children as young as eleven are to be given lessons in school on pornography and on what constitutes rape. The classes will be introduced into English schools following the Easter holidays, amidst concerns that teenagers are being pressurised into having sex at a younger age. Formal guidance has been commissioned by the government to be circulated to schools.
Historically Black Schools Say Obama’s Policies Have Fallen Short
Leaders at these schools and some black lawmakers say the Obama administration has been pushing policies for years that hurt students at a time when historically black colleges are already cash-strapped and seeing a drop in enrollment.
FLASHBACK: Obama Credits 1965 Selma March for
Inspiring His Birth… In 1961

This was the same visit to Selma where Obama credited the 1965 marchers with empowering his black father and white mother to marry… Obama was born in 1961. He was off by 4 years when the Selma march took place. But, it made a good speech.

Week ending 1 March 2015

Egypt's El-Sissi Leading a Churchillian Fight Against Hamas Terror
Avi Issacharoff
He has, memorably, now made a series of speeches calling for a revolution in Islamic thought, to shift the emphasis away from violence and to create a more humane Islam. He has declared war upon radical Islam wherever it may be – not only upon the Islamic State and its affiliates, who have attacked Egyptians in Libya and Egypt proper, but on the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates as well.
The President's First Insult
Sha'i ben-Tekoa
President of the United States of America Barack Obama had not been president for more than ten minutes when he slapped American Jews in the face (and by extension Israel and all Jews). Though he did it so subtly – in plain sight and in front of the whole world – no one noticed.
Obama’s Iran Obsession
Devotion to Obama is not the same as loyalty to your country.

David Harsanyi
The Obama administration values a future relationship with Iran more than it values the historic relationship it has with Israel. Unless there’s a reversal in the reported deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran, all the superficial talk about this extraordinary friendship between Israel and the United States isn’t going to mean much.
Whoops! US Economy Slows Sharply,
Grew at Moderate 2.2% Rate in Fourth Quarter

The Commerce Department said Friday that the economy as measured by the gross domestic product grew at an annual rate of 2.2 percent in the October-December quarter, less than the 2.6 percent first estimated last month. It marked a major slowdown from the third quarter, which had been the strongest growth in 11 years.
Chicago Nears Fiscal Free Fall with Latest Downgrade
The downgrade to BAA2, just two steps above junk, and a warning the rating could fall further still, means the third-biggest U.S. city could face even higher costs in the future if banks choose to terminate other interest-rate hedges against fluctuations in interest rates.
Documents Obtained by Judicial Watch Reveal Top Hillary Clinton Advisers Knew Immediately Assault on Benghazi was Armed Attack
Judicial Watch announced today that on February 11, 2015, it uncovered documents from the U.S. Department of State revealing that top aides for then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, including her then-chief of staff Cheryl Mills, knew from the outset that the Benghazi mission compound was under attack by armed assailants tied to a terrorist group.
32,000 Emails Recovered in IRS Targeting Probe Amid
Allegations Agency Chief May Have Lied

Though [investigators] don't know how many of them are new, they told a congressional oversight committee that IRS employees had not asked computer technicians for the tapes, as directed by a subpoena from House oversight and other investigating committees. That admission was in direct contradiction to earlier testimony of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.

IRS Inspector Tells Congress He's Investigating
'potential criminal activity'

In a dramatic evening hearing, the House Oversight and Governmnt Reform Committee heard that investigators needed only two weeks to locate 32,774 of them on 744 backup tapes. IRS higher-ups, they said, had never asked them to look. Another 424 tapes have yet to be scoured. Deputy Inspector General Timothy Camus declared that his office is looking at 'potential criminal activity.'
Surprise: Poorest Obamacare Enrollees Face $530 IRS Tax Bill
The majority (52 percent) of Obamacare enrollees receiving an advance premium tax credit to purchase Obamacare insurance is facing the prospect of paying back $530 of that tax credit to the IRS, according to a new study from H&R Block. This clawback is reducing the refunds for these taxpayers by 17 percent this filing season.

Dems Run Away From Obamacare Penalty They Imposed
Byron York
The Democrats who wrote and passed the Affordable Care Act were sure of two things: The law had to include a mandate requiring every American to purchase health insurance, and it had to have an enforcement mechanism to make the mandate work. Enforcement has always been at the heart of Obamacare. Now, though, enforcement time has come, and some Democrats are shying away from the coercive measures they themselves wrote into law.
Supreme Court Justices Agree:
Overcriminalization Is a Problem in America

John G. Malcolm
[Justice Elena] Kagan writes that this overzealous, misguided prosecution against a fisherman "brings to the surface the real issue: overcriminalization and excessive punishment in the U. S. Code." She continued: And I'd go further: In those ways, §1519 is unfortunately not an outlier, but an emblem of a deeper pathology in the federal criminal code.
Jihadi John: Activist Who Praised Mohammed Emwazi as
"beautiful" Caught On Video Backing Jihad

The human rights campaigner who described Mohammed Emwazi as ‘a beautiful young man’ previously supported waging jihad against British soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Asim Qureshi, research director at Cage, called on Muslims to back jihadists at an anti-US rally held in London in 2006.
Number of Christians Kidnapped by ISIS Soars; CBS and NBC Yawn
Curtis Houck
News concerning the mass kidnapping of Christians by ISIS in Syria worsened on Thursday with reports from multiple human rights groups that raised the initial number of those taken from 150 to now at least 220. If you watched the network evening newscasts, though, you would not have known that if you had tuned into CBS or NBC.
Norway Just Deported 824 Muslims,
Every American Needs To See What Happened Next

Norway recently made the controversial decision to deport a large amount of Muslims with ties to radical groups. Despite all the liberals in Norway deeming this “racist”, the logical party went ahead with it and the result almost shut down every opposing voice in the government instantly. Violent Crime Dropped By 30%!
'Net Neutrality' Is a Problem, Not a Solution
John Hayward
The oldest trick in the collectivist playbook is to create a problem through government regulations, let it stew for a while, and then propose even bigger government as the only possible solution to the "crisis" it planted, nourished, and harvested.

FCC Votes Against Innovation:
Net Neutrality Debate Now Moves to Courts and Congress

James Gattuso
Twice [in the last decade], the FCC has tried to impose such rules – in 2005 and again in 2010 – and twice it has been rebuffed by the courts, which found the agency lacked authority to act. However, President Barack Obama upped the ante in November urging the FCC to turn Internet access providers into public utilities subject to comprehensive regulation of their activities with potential consequences far beyond net neutrality itself.
Justin Gillis and New York Times' Attempt to Blow Up
Distinguished Professor's Reputation

Pierre Gosselin
Distinguished scientist Willie Soon has become the target of a nasty smear job led by Justin Gillis of the hopelessly biased New York Times. It is not so much that the Smithsonian professor dared to question climate science orthodoxy, but rather that his questions have yet to be answered. Thus Soon is viewed as a threat and so he has been condemned a heretic by the global warming cultists.
Outgoing UN IPCC Chief Rajendra Pachauri Reveals
Global Warming 'is My Religion and My Dharma'

"For me the protection of Planet Earth, the survival of all species and sustainability of our ecosystems is more than a mission. It is my religion and my dharma." UN IPCC critic Journalist Donna Laframboise responds: "Yes, the IPCC – which we're told to take seriously because it is a scientific body producing scientific reports – has, in fact, been led by an environmentalist on a mission. By someone for whom protecting the planet is a religious calling."

Head of UN Climate Panel Steps Down Amid Harassment Charges
Rajendra K. Pachauri, 75, an Indian citizen, had chaired the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change since 2002 and accepted the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize on its behalf... Pachauri is being investigated in India after a 29-year-old woman accused him of sexually harassing her while they worked together at the New Delhi lobbying and research organization he heads, The Energy Resources Institute.
Cap-and-Trade Costs California Businesses $1 billion
California businesses paid a whopping $1 billion this year buying permits to comply with the state’s cap-and-trade law – the largest sale recorded since the state began regulating carbon dioxide in 2012. Even with record permit sales, the $1 billion raised was well below market expectations. But environmentalists sold the auction as a huge success, because now oil and gas companies have to buy permits.
Take A Gun To The Mall
John R. Lott Jr.
Over the weekend Somali terrorists threatened to attack the Mall of America in Minnesota. They called for a massacre similar to the 2013 Westgate shopping mall attack in Nairobi, Kenya, that killed and injured scores of people. With the large Somali population in the Twin Cities area, the threat is hard to ignore. On Sunday, when asked a couple of times if Americans should still go to the mall, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson would only say: "I'm not telling people to not go to the mall."
Since at least 1950, all but two public mass shootings in America have taken place where general citizens are banned from carrying guns. In Europe, there have been no exceptions. Every mass public shooting has occurred in a gun-free zone.
Obama to Ban Bullets By Executive Action,
Threatens Top-Selling AR-15 Rifle

As promised, President Obama is using executive actions to impose gun control on the nation, targeting the top-selling rifle in the country, the AR-15 style semi-automatic, with a ban on one of the most-used AR bullets by sportsmen and target shooters. "The Obama administration was unable to ban America's most popular sporting rifle through the legislative process, so now it's trying to ban commonly owned and used ammunition through regulation," said Chris W. Cox, executive director of the RA-ILA.
Vandalism (sabotage?) in Arizona Shut Down Internet,
Cellphone, Telephone Service Across State

The outage shut down critical services across large parts of the state, preventing individuals from using their phones, bank and ATM cards, and the Internet. Critical services, such as police and state government databases, as well as banks and hospitals, also were affected as a result of the vandalism.

Week ending 22 February 2015

ISIS Sends a Message
What Gestures Say About Today’s Middle East

Nathaniel Zelinsky
The Middle East and its upheavals are no strangers to gestures. Over the past year, a variety of groups, ranging from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to the Kurds in Iraq, have used at least four distinct hand signals. These symbols communicate complex political messages that Western observers have largely ignored.
Obama Refuses to Acknowledge
‘Muslim terrorists’ at Summit

Geoff Earle
They’re burning and beheading victims in the name of Islam, but President Obama delivered a major speech Wednesday on combating violent extremism – while refusing to use the words “Muslim terrorists.” “No religion is responsible for terrorism – people are responsible for violence and terrorism,” Obama said.
Obama blind to Islam's role in terror
Obama and the Muslim Gang Sign
F. W. Burleigh
Is President Obama a Muslim? A lot has been written about this, but if photographs speak louder than words, then a photo taken at last August’s U.S.-African Leaders’ Summit in Washington D.C. might shed considerable light. It shows Barack Hussein Obama flashing the one-finger affirmation of Islamic faith to dozens of African delegates.
Obama Kept Reform Muslims Out of Summit on Extremism
The White House excluded members of a prominent group of reformist Muslims from its terror summit this week, apparently because President Obama rejects their argument that such groups as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria are actually motivated by Islam... Muslim reformers say the administration is ignoring them because they disagree with Obama's refusal to acknowledge the Islamic roots of the extremists' ideology.
Pentagon Refuses to Back Egyptian Bombing of ISIS in Libya
After Christian Slaughter

The Obama administration refuses to back Egypt’s attacks against the Islamic State, which were launched after the jihadist group savagely beheaded 21 Egyptian Christians. On Wednesday, a reporter asked Rear Adm. John Kirby, the outgoing Pentagon press secretary, “Do you support Egypt’s right to bomb ISIS targets in the wake of the Christian Coptics being killed?”
Ouster of former Muslim Brotherhood leader still rankles
Homeland Secretary Johnson Suggests Term 'violent extremism'
Used at Behest of Muslim Leaders

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said on Sunday that President Obama’s decision not to say the actions of the Islamic State is a form of “radical Islam” is at the behest of the Muslim community... Johnson said the leaders argue their religion is about peace and brotherhood and “resent” that Islamic State is “attempting to hijack that from us.”
What ISIS Really Wants
The Atlantic – Graeme Wood
The Islamic State is no mere collection of psychopaths. It is a religious group with carefully considered beliefs, among them that it is a key agent of the coming apocalypse. Here's what that means for its strategy – and for how to stop it.
Giuliani Boasts He ‘hit a nerve’ in Obama Criticism
“I said it maybe 30 times before but somehow this time it hit a nerve, maybe because the president is on such defense for his unwillingness to face Islamic terrorism,” Giuliani told John Catsimatidis on 970 AM The Answer. “We need a American president more like Ronald Reagan who gave us a sense of optimism,” said Giuliani.
Just Like the King, the Mainstream Media is Affronted by
Rudy Giuliani’s Truth Telling

Judi McLeod
The most telling part of the ‘Obama doesn’t love America’ Rudy Giuliani story is how the mainstream media is coming off so sanctimoniously affronted. Talking heads in some of the most surprising places (like Megyn of Fox News’ Kelly file, for example) are absolutely affronted that Giuliani put into plain words what millions of Americans are already thinking: “Obama does not love America”.
Flashback: Liberals Cheered Obama When He Questioned
George Bush’s Patriotism

In 2008 then Senator Obama called President Bush “unpatriotic” for adding trillions to the national debt. Bush added about four trillion to the debt in eight years after the 9-11 attacks and mortgage crisis. Barack Obama then added the same amount of debt in less than three years.
U.N. Official Reveals Real Reason Behind Warming Scare
Investor's Business Daily
At a news conference last week in Brussels, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of U.N.'s Framework Convention on Climate Change, admitted that the goal of environmental activists is not to save the world from ecological calamity but to destroy capitalism.
Why Can't the Public See Obama's 332-page
Proposed Internet Regulations?

Republican senators Mike Lee, Ben Sasse, and Rand Paul have all been high profile opponents of the Obama administrations current plan to regulate the internet – in particular, Lee has called the regulation a government "takeover" of the internet and says it amounts to a "a massive tax increase on the middle class, being passed in the dead of night without the American public really being made aware of what is going on."
The Internet Isn't Broken – Obama Doesn't Need To 'fix' It
Ajit Pai, Joshua Wright
While the plan contains no shortage of regulations, the most problematic may be the new "Internet conduct" rule. It's a vague rule that gives the FCC almost unfettered discretion to micromanage virtually every aspect of the Internet, including the choices that consumers have for accessing it. If a company doesn't want to offer an expensive, unlimited data plan, it could find itself in the FCC's cross hairs.
Mike Rowe Obliterates Howard Dean's Criticism of Scott Walker
In Brilliant Facebook Post

Howard Dean has been under fire after criticizing Wisconsin Governor and potential 2016 presidential candidate Scott Walker for never getting a college degree... The GOP governor wasn't the only person fighting back against the comments from a man most famous for screaming himself out of the Democratic Primary. Mike Rowe took to his Facebook page to address the issue in a great post about education in America and what it has become.
Mike Rowe
Scott Walker Interview: ‘I don’t know’ whether Obama is a Christian
Washington Post Reporter Attempts ‘Gotcha’ Question

After the interview was completed, Walker spokeswoman Jocelyn Webster telephoned The Washington Post to say the governor was trying to make a point of principle by not answering such kinds of questions, not trying to cast doubt on Obama’s faith.
Obama Admin: ISIS are Not Terrorists but 72 Types of Americans are,
Did You Make the List?

Don King
If you are saying things that King President Obama and his thugs administration don’t like, well then you just made the list! What list, you ask yourself? Why the list of 72 types of Americans who are considered a threat and are labeled as ‘Domestic Terrorists,’ that’s what list.
The Climate Con Goes On as Climate Chaos, Inc. and Media Allies
Ban News and Books on Climate Realism

Paul Driessen
Nearly 200 countries may sign a modest Kyoto II climate treaty, say December 2014 media reports from Lima, Peru. But will they agree to stop using coal to generate electricity? No. Curtail their economic growth? No. Cease emitting carbon dioxide? Maybe, but only a little, sometime in the future, when it is more convenient to do so, without any binding commitments. Then why would they sign a treaty?
6-hour Test of Nevada's Solar Tower Project
Torched Over a Hundred Birds 

In what's turning into a public relations headache for the solar industry, news has emerged that a recent test of the 110-megawatt Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project in Nevada resulted in some 130 birds catching fire, when they flew into an area of highly concentrated solar energy. As KCET's Rewire is reporting, the incident happened last month, but the news is only emerging now.
8th Grader Gets 'A' for Saying Republicans are
Destroying 'Pathway to Citizenship'

Teacher Gracie Davis gave her students a handout that included an editorial cartoon titled "The Pathway to Citizenship" from the Chattanooga Times Free Press showing two brick layers paving a walkway – one with dark skin wearing a Democrat donkey logo, the other man, white, wearing a Republican elephant logo.
Republican Lawmakers Investigate White House Net Neutrality Push
The FCC has until Monday afternoon to produce unredacted email messages, focused on net neutrality rules, between FCC staff and officials with the Obama administration, U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz said in a letter to the FCC Friday. The Utah Republican is chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.
Muslim Abuser Who 'didn't know'
That Sex with a Girl of 13 was Illegal is Spared Jail

A muslim who raped a 13-year-old girl he groomed on Facebook has been spared a prison sentence after a judge heard he went to an Islamic faith school where he was taught that women are worthless. Adil Rashid, 18, claimed he was not aware that it was illegal for him to have sex with the girl because his education left him ignorant of British law.
Biden Gets ´Four Pinocchio´ Smackdown and ´Pants
on Fire´ Rating After Somali Cab Drivers Remark

Vice President Joe Biden ran afoul of the nation´s two most prominent fact-checkers on Thursday by claiming there´s a ´large, very identifiable Somali community´ in his home town, and many of them drive cabs.
'Beware of New Jersey': 72-Year-Old Man Facing 10 Years in Prison
Over a Gun – but Not Just Any Gun

antique flintlock pistol
He had an unloaded antique 300-year-old flintlock pistol in his glove compartment, and he told a sheriff's deputy about it. That was his undoing. Gordon van Gilder admits he may have run afoul of the law – but, "as a wise man once said, if that's the law, the law is an ass."
Audio Surfaces of Bloomberg's Minorities and Gun Control Comments
He Desperately Tried to Block

"If a politician said this about anything other than guns, the mainstream media would be all over them," Tom King told the Washington Times. Representatives for Bloomberg recently asked the Aspen Institute and GrassRoots TV, the company that filmed the event, to refrain from broadcasting the talk, the Aspen Times reported on Friday.

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