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"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.
It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies.
The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated;
but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end
for they do so with the approval of their own conscience." —C. S. Lewis (1898–1963)

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“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government
from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” —Thomas Jefferson

“It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error.
It is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error.”
—Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson
“Immigrants soon find their place in urban life, they soon adopt, externally, town manners and opinions, but for a long time they remain foreign to civic thought. One cannot make a social philosophy one’s own as easily as a new costume. . . More menacing than barbarians storming the walls from without are the seeming citizens within – those who are citizens in gesture, but not in thought.”
—Ludwig von Mises, Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis, p. 38 (1922)
“Just because you do not take an interest in politics
doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you.”
—Pericles, Greek statesman, 495–429 BC

“I am certain that nothing has done so much to destroy the juridical safeguards of
individual freedom as the striving after this mirage of social justice.”
F. A. Hayek, Economic Freedom and Representative Government (1973)

Truth is always stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sense. — Mark Twain

The most costly of all follies is to believe passionately in the palpably not true. — H. L. Mencken

To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil,
and in some small way to become evil oneself. --Theodore Dalrymple 

"Economic power is exercised by means of a positive, by offering men a reward,
an incentive, a payment, a value; political power is exercised by means of a negative,
by the threat of punishment, injury, imprisonment, destruction.
The businessman's tool is values; the bureaucrat's tool is fear."
— Novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand

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FBI Agents say Comey ‘stood in the way’ of Clinton Email Investigation;
Reveal Comey was NEVER an Agent or Investigator at the FBI

Kerry Picket
FBI agents say the bureau is alarmed over Director James Comey’s decision to not suggest that the Justice Department prosecute Hillary Clinton over her mishandling of classified information... “This is a textbook case where a grand jury should have been convened, but was not. That is appalling,” an FBI special agent who has worked public corruption and criminal cases said of the decision. “We talk about it in the office and don’t know how Comey can keep going.”
FBI agents vow to keep talking
The ‘overpromise’ Presidency Enters Its Last 100 Days
Daniel Allott
Barack Obama ascended to the presidency with sky-high public approval ratings, control of both houses of Congress and a great deal of unearned goodwill around the world. His goal was ambitious: To expand government in order to "fundamentally transform" the country. But when Obama leaves office in 100 days, he will leave behind a legacy that can only be seen as a failure to those who treasure limited government and constitutional democracy.


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A Republic v. A Democracy
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Week ending 23 October 2016

New Podesta Email Exposes Dem Playbook for
Rigging Polls Through "Oversamples"

Tyler Durden
Now, for all of you out there who still aren't convinced that the polls are "adjusted", we present to you the following Podesta email, leaked earlier today, that conveniently spells out, in detail, exactly how to "manufacture" the desired data. The email starts out with a request for recommendations on "oversamples for polling" in order to "maximize what we get out of our media polling."
Trump Closing Argument is Battle Cry Against Clinton Corruption
Presents a 100-day ‘contract with the American people’

Trailing in most polls with 17 days until the Nov. 8 election, the Republican nominee offered himself as a “once in a lifetime” agent of change to revive the economy and stamp out Washington corruption. He drew a stark contrast between his plan and the more-of-the-same government that he said Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton would run to benefit herself and her cronies.
Text of Trump’s Gettysburg speech
Trump Lays Out Policies for First 100 Days in White House
“Change has to come from outside our very broken system,” said Trump, who lags behind Hillary Clinton in most national polls, and ended another bruising week, in which he shocked debate viewers by refusing to say he’d accept the results of the presidential election. Pledging to “drain the swamp” of Washington DC, Trump said he would fight for a constitutional amendment to limit congressional terms and to trim the fat from the federal bureaucracy.
“I Was Paid $3,500 to Protest Trump’s Rally”
Stories of been circulating for months that the Hillary Clinton campaign, or supporters like George Soros, have been paying people to protest at Donald Trump’s political rallies. Needless to say neither the Clinton campaign nor Soros have any comment on the stories. It turns out that now we’ve got proof that Trump protesters are being paid, and we got lots of proof. Guess what, the “mainstream media” is ignoring the story.

I've been there, and that's why I
smell a rat with these Trump allegations

Herman Cain
This all feels so familiar. I've gotten over it, but I'll never forget it. It was November 2011, and I was leading the polls in the Republican nomination race. My 9-9-9 tax play was attracting national attention and interest in my candidacy was as its height. Then came the women.

There are Way Too Many Coincidences in Assaults On Trump
Andrew Malcolm
You're being manipulated into voting for Hillary Clinton. It's a very sophisticated campaign of manipulation. I've seen it before. Don't let them fool you. This is about Americans being politically manipulated quite cleverly, something people do not appreciate, if they're allowed to be aware of it. Recent events could be a movie called "Wag the Dog - Again."
Caught On Tape: UN bans skeptical journalists from climate summit for holding views not ‘particularly helpful’
The United Nations has rejected the media credentials of three journalists from a conservative news outlet in Canada to the upcoming UN climate summit in Morocco in November. Nick Nuttall, a UN official, admitted in an October 18 CBC interview that The Rebel news outlet is being banned from attending the UN summit because of its skeptical reporting of the UN’s climate claims. Nuttall tried to justify the UN media ban by noting that The Rebel TV host Ezra Levant has called UN promoted climate change fears a “crock.” But much to the shock of the UN official, the warmist Canadian Broadcasting Corp’s (CBC) Carol Off was having none of it. The CBC’s Off openly challenged the UN’s censorship of the media outlet.
“Do people have to prove that they’re helpful in order to be accredited journalists?”
Australia Admits Gun Buyback FAILURE, Announces Amnesty
While forced buybacks under the threat of prosecution for failure to turn in firearms are favored by Liberals in Australia and radical progressive presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in the United States, the fact of the matter is that most people have simply chosen to ignore the law, as it violates the core human right to armed self-defense.
Hillary's Enemies List: Julie Golob
It's beyond appalling that Hillary Clinton made the claim that the 5 million members of the NRA make her public enemy list. This presidential candidate – one most known for lies, deceit and lack of care with the security of our nation – dares to designate us as such? This goes beyond an attempt to garner the head nods and hallelujahs of the fearful ignorant.
More Clinton Ties to Russia – John Podesta Hid Kremlin-tied Compensation by Dumping Shares On Daughter's Company
Hillary Clinton's top campaign official may have dodged a requirement to disclose some of the compensation he received from a tech firm connected to the Kremlin by diverting shares in the company to his daughter in California, documents published by WikiLeaks revealed. Campaign chairman John Podesta dumped more than 33,000 shares in Joule Global Holdings by transferring it to Leonidio Holdings LLC, run by his daughter, Megan Rouse.
Podesta also tied to other Russian firms
Here’s Cryptographic Proof That Donna Brazile is Wrong,
WikiLeaks Emails are Real, Unaltered by "The Russians"

Cryptographic signatures demonstrate that Democratic National Committee Chairman Donna Brazile is wrong when she suggests the WikiLeaks emails were altered and that she did not send an email tipping off Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to debate questions.
It's all in the DKIM -- DomainKeys Identified Mail
1,000 Clinton-Petraeus Emails Missing from Records Sent to State
Roughly 1,000 emails between Hillary Clinton and Gen. David Petraeus were thought to be missing from the 30,000 emails provided by Clinton’s team to the State Department in December 2014, according to the newly released FBI investigative files. Additional documents obtained through a federal lawsuit by Judicial Watch show Clinton had directed Petraeus to send her emails at her personal address, which was used for all government work during her tenure as secretary of state.
It's all in the DKIM -- DomainKeys Identified Mail
Clinton Emails Reveal Use of ‘platitudes’ on Union Issues
Now-public internal emails from Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's campaign detail how the staffers managed the candidate's policy statements and even policy positions in an effort curry favor with labor leaders. All statements were vetted and scrubbed of anything that the union chiefs might object to.

Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton Had Gun Control Supporters
Planted in Town Hall Audience

One of the emails contained in the Wikileaks’ Podesta email release shows that Hillary Clinton had gun control supporters planted in a town hall audience in Manchester, New Hampshire. The town hall occurred on October 5, 2015; just four days after a man opened fire on Umpqua Community College campus in Oregon.

Activist Who Took Credit for Violent Chicago Protests was on
Hillary's Payroll

An activist who bragged about disrupting multiple Donald Trump campaign events in a recent Project Veritas video was on Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's campaign payroll, a search of Federal Election Commission (FEC) records reveals. In the video, Rodriguez takes credit for violent protests in Chicago that forced Trump to cancel a March rally.

Democratic Operative in Veritas Videos About Voter Fraud,
Inciting Violence Visited the White House 342 Times

Between 11/21/2009 and 6/24/2016, Robert Creamer appears to have visited the White House 342 times, 340 times as 'Robert Creamer' and twice as 'Bob Creamer'. 47 of those visits were direct visits with Obama. Several of those visits included Michelle Obama. In the video where Democratic operatives talk about how to conduct mass voter fraud, Scott Foval describes Creamer in the videos as the 'black hat' guy who has taught him so much. Creamer also shows up on another video which covers inciting violence at Trump rallies.
Laughing at Gays Hurled to Death by ISIS,
That's Who Hillary Clinton Really is

Judi McLeod
Millions got to see it with their very own eyes during last night's last presidential debate: Hillary Clinton laughing at the prospect of ISIS hurling gays to their deaths off of high buildings. As sure as the written work of her late mentor Saul Alinsky was dedicated to Lucifer, as certain as the sun setting over a not so long ago noble America, it happened.
Philippines ‘Separation’ from U.S. Jilts Hillary Clinton, Too;
Another Blemish on Clinton's Stint at State Department

When the Philippines appeared to jilt its old ally the United States in favor of China this week, it repudiated not only President Obama and his “pivot” to Asia, but also Hillary Clinton, who made reaching out to the region her signature project as his secretary of state... If anything, a rift would be even more personal for Mrs. Clinton than for Mr. Obama. As secretary of state, she laid the groundwork for the president’s focus on Asia...
FEC Complaint Filed Against Clinton Campaign, DNC
In the aftermath of James O’Keefe’s videos showing Democratic operatives bragging about breaking the law and inciting violence at Donald Trump events, on Tuesday, a watchdog group filed a formal complaint against Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC), alleging that Clinton’s campaign violated federal election law.

‘Calibration error’ Changes GOP Votes to Dem in Illinois County
Early voting in Illinois got off to a rocky start Monday, as votes being cast for Republican candidates were transformed into votes for Democrats. Republican state representative candidate Jim Moynihan went to vote Monday at the Schaumburg Public Library. “I tried to cast a vote for myself and instead it cast the vote for my opponent,” Moynihan said.
Group Linked to Terry McAuliffe Donated Nearly
Half Million in Cash to Senate Campaign of FBI Director’s Wife

The political organization of Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, an influential Democrat with longstanding ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton, gave nearly $500,000 to the election campaign of the wife of an official at the Federal Bureau of Investigation who later helped oversee the investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s email use.
American Muslim Women PAC Endorses Clinton;
Hillary's Policies 'represent our values'

The American Muslim Women Political Action Committee, the first ever political action committee focused specifically on American Muslim women, today announced its endorsement for Hillary Clinton for President. "Our primary goal is to elect leaders and support policies that represent our values," said Mirriam Seddiq, a Maryland Immigration and Criminal Defense attorney and creator of the PAC.
Orban Rejects 'Sovietization' by Brussels, Defends Nation State
“freedom ... depended on the nation state and Christian traditions”

At a commemoration of a 1956 anti-Communist uprising, Hungary's right-wing leader Viktor Orban said his country must stand up to Europe's "Sovietization" and defend its borders against mass migration. "People who love their freedom must save Brussels from Sovietization, from people who want to tell us who we should live with in our countries". "We want to be a European nation not a nationality within Europe," he said.
8 Times Liberals Claimed an Election was Stolen or Rigged
Bre Payton
"I have never seen in my lifetime or in modern political history any presidential candidate trying to discredit the election process before votes have even taken place," Obama said. Obama's memory must be pretty short, so I've compiled this list to remind him – and everyone else – of eight times liberals claimed an election was or would be stolen.
Sen. Ayotte Wants to Know if U.S. Payment to Iran
Helped Facilitate Missile Attacks On Navy Ship

Did the cash America sent to Iran pay for the missiles used to target a U.S. Navy ship this month? That's the question Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H., wants Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to answer. Last week, the destroyer USS Mason was targeted by missiles at least twice while in international waters off the coast of Yemen.
Sheriff Warns of North Dakota Pipeline Protesters’
Criminal Pasts as More Arrests Made

More demonstrators were arrested Saturday for infiltrating the Dakota Access pipeline construction site as law enforcement warned about a coterie of activists with lengthy criminal records inside the protest camps. The Morton County [N.D.] Sheriff’s Department reported closing down Highway 1806 and arresting 83 people on rioting charges after about 300 protesters marched three miles into private property at a construction site for the pipeline project.
Pro-Life Groups Fight Obama Administration's 'Parting Gift' to
Planned Parenthood

Kelsey Harkness
Pro-life groups are taking action against what they call the Obama administration's "parting gift" to Planned Parenthood. "This is a political judgment, a parting gift," Chuck Donovan, president of the Charlotte Lozier Institute, said of the new rule that could make it more difficult for states to defund Planned Parenthood clinics. "It's part of the devotion to big abortion."
Margaret Sanger Would Be Proud of
What Planned Parenthood Has Become

Genevieve Wood
Planned Parenthood is about to celebrate its 100th birthday. It's an odd, and frankly grotesque, commemoration for an organization that is responsible itself for ensuring over 7 million babies will never have the opportunity to celebrate even one birthday.
How Obama's Political Aides Get Preference Over Veterans for Government Jobs – Puts Partisan Slant on Civil Service
A disabled veteran didn't get a job he sought in a federal agency, although he was qualified for the position and was supposed to receive preference. This was just one instance in which a nonpartisan government investigation found agencies didn't follow the rules in hiring one-fourth of all the President Barack Obama political appointees who will be settled in career posts after a new president is sworn in Jan. 20.
NSA Advisor Susan Rice Admits She Got High,
Used Hallucinogenics Until 1990

Obama administration National Security Adviser Susan Rice admitted on security clearance forms that she smoked marijuana for “recreational use” until 1990, according to a copy of forms published on the hacker website Wikileaks. Rice informed investigators that she used hallcinogenics, which may include LSD, PCP, prescription drugs and other illicit drugs, until at least June 1990, according to the background check.
This explains a lot
“Unborn Lives Matter” Considered Bigotry and Censored on Campus
Kimberly Ross
Increasingly, college campuses across the U.S. are becoming havens for everything but conservative thought. At these institutions of “higher learning”, safe spaces protect tender twenty-somethings from the scary concept called diversity of thought. DePaul University, a private, (loosely) Catholic university in Chicago, is just the latest example. In the era of Black Lives Matter, you may think all lives matter. Silly you. Such an idea is offensive.
Failure to Find a Sexual Partner is Now a DISABILITY says
World Health Organization

Until now, infertility – the failure to achieve pregnancy after 12 months or more of regular unprotected sex – was not considered a disability. But now in dramatic move the World Health Organization will change the standard to suggest that a person who is unable to find a suitable sexual partner or is lacking a sexual relationship to have children – will now be equally classified as disabled.
WHO asserts “the right to reproduce
Sign of the Apocalypse. Almost Half of All Men Are
Trimming or Shaving Their Leg Hair

Is this what happens when you don’t let boys play dodgeball at school? Almost half of men admit to trimming or shaving their leg hair – an eyebrow raising admission, even for a generation of spornosexual manscapers.
What is

Week ending 16 October 2016

The Clinton Record
In Full Detail and Thoroughly Referenced

John Perazzo
Never in American history has anyone as unfit and undeserving as Hillary Clinton run for U.S. President. While she stands on the threshold of being elected to the White House, she quite literally belongs in a prison cell. This article lays out the case against her, chapter and verse.
AWFUL! Wikileaks Reveals Clinton Camp was Posting FAKE “Sexist Trump Job Ads” on Craigslist
Jim Hoft
These People are Just Rotten – What kind of people approve these slimy tactics? The Hillary Clinton Campaign was posting fake “Sexist Trump Job Ads” on Craigslist. The Hillary Campaign approved these malicious ads. Their heinous plot was revealed by Wikileaks.
Trump Thrashes Clinton on Ending Sexual Violence in Syria and Iraq
David Singer
Mainstream American media’s obsession with groping allegations against Donald Trump going back twenty years or more has papered over public discussion of major policy differences between Trump and Hillary Clinton on defeating Islamic State and end the horrific sexual violence perpetrated on women and children in Syria and Iraq for the last two years.
Here it is: Detailed List of Top Wikileaks Podesta Emails
As of 8am, October 12th

Jim Hoft
Obama Administration: Budget Deficit Increases to $587 Billion
The government ran a $587 billion budget deficit for the just-completed fiscal year, a 34 percent spike over last year after significant improvement from the record deficits of President Barack Obama's first years in office. Friday's deficit news, while sobering, does not appear bad enough to jolt a gridlocked Washington into action to stem the flow of red ink.
List of Hillary Tax Hikes
Americans for Tax Reform
This is a list of ten of Hillary Clinton's major proposed tax increases including: Capital Gains Tax Hike – Hillary has proposed the most complex and Byzantine capital gains tax regime in American history, with ten different rates. She raises the top capital gains tax rate from 23.8% to 43.4%.
New FBI Files Contain Allegations of 'quid pro quo' in Clinton's Emails
FBI interview summaries and notes, provided late Friday to the House Government Oversight and Intelligence Committees, contain allegations of a "quid pro quo" between a senior State Department executive and FBI agents during the Hillary Clinton email investigation, two congressional sources told Fox News. "This is a flashing red light of potential criminality," Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah, who has been briefed on the FBI interviews, told Fox News.
This is a flashing red light of potential criminality for Hillary Clinton
Michael Issikoff says NBC is Sitting On
A Devastating Tape of Juanita Broaddrick

Thomas Lifson
If we believe that the cover-up is always worse than the crime (which has been media gospel since Watergate, regarded as the high point of American journalism by most journalists themselves), then Hillary's suspected intimidation of a woman raped by her husband in order to keep her silent surely outweighs any of the accusations of boorishness lobbed at Donald Trump.
This is a flashing red light of potential criminality for Hillary Clinton
Jack Abramoff Goes Off on Hillary: 'Most Corrupt Person in History of United States to Get This Close to the Presidency'
"Her staff – Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin – were very involved in facilitating donors getting special access," he said. "Forget about whether they got results, because that's not really the metric. The metric is are you using your public service to do something for somebody in exchange for a quid pro quo and there seems to be very little doubt there is."
This is a flashing red light of potential criminality for Hillary Clinton
Clinton Campaign Mocks Catholics, Southerners,
'Needy Latinos' in Emails

The sheer number of insults in the email trove has left the Clinton campaign, along with outside organizations such as the Center for American Progress that were routinely involved in the brutal bad-mouthing, unable or unwilling to respond. Instead, they have blamed the hack on Russia and have refused to even confirm that the emails are genuine, though they also haven't denied their authenticity.

This is a flashing red light of potential criminality for Hillary Clinton
Clinton Camp Email 2008:
How to Attack Obama for Muslim Background, Coke Use

The Clinton campaign has denied their involvement in pushing the 'birther' story as well as spreading information and pictures about Obama's Muslim background. This email, from Kristin Fuksa to the Clinton team, including John Podesta and Paul Begala, shows it was part of their plan of attack against Obama, along with attacking his prior coke use and support for gay adoption.
Gingrich: 20 Media Executives are Launching a “Coup D'Etat
Against Millions of Trump Voters

“This is about last Friday when the networks spent 23 minutes on the Trump tape,” he said. “And less than one minute – all three networks combined – less than one minute on the Hillary Clinton’s secret speeches that were being revealed on WikiLeaks. I think it’s amazing that Trump is as close as he is right now, considering the one-sidedness of the news media barrage,” Gingrich said.
Hillary Campaign E-Mails Singled Out NY Time's Haberman for
‘A Very Good Relationship’ for Spin Help

Buried within the latest batch of e-mails from the hacker Guccifer 2.0, the Clinton campaign specifically singled out then-Politico and current New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman as someone they "have...a very good relationship with" and thus could assist them in the spin "achiev[ing] our objective and do the most shaping."

State Dept. and White House Coordinated to
'Crush' Clinton Email Press Coverage

Chuck Ross
The State Department and White House coordinated to shield Sec. of State John Kerry from being asked last March about Hillary Clinton's emails in an interview on CBS News' "Face the Nation," newly released emails show. "Think we can get this done so [Kerry] is not asked about email," Jennifer Palmieri, then the White House's communications director, wrote to then-State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki.

Rigged Debates: Wikileaks Emails Confirm Media in Clinton's Pocket
Michael Sainato
On October 11, Mediaite's Jordan Chariton first reported another email that showed Brazile tipping off the Clinton campaign to a question on the death penalty that would be asked at a CNN Town Hall the next day. Brazile was a CNN contributor at the time, and that wasn't her only helpful tip. "For the debate team," she wrote in a March email about the Voting Rights Act, forwarded to Podesta.

WikiLeaks: Qatar Gave Clinton Foundation a
Million Dollar Check for Bill's Birthday

New emails released by WikiLeaks in connection with its dump of John Podesta's email server indicate that Qatar, an Islamist state in the Persian gulf, gave former President Bill Clinton a check for $1 million for his birthday... In another email two years later, Hillary Clinton noted that Qatar aides and abets the Islamic State and Sunni terrorist groups.
WikiLeaks Podesta-emails: "How we just changed an entire
Governor's race in 48 hours – without any fingerprints"

"As you may have heard with the hard work of the folks at ProgressNow Colorado as part of Colorado's "communication hub" they dug up weeks ago and carefully passed on information to the mainstream media on how the leading GOP candidate for Governor, former Congressman Scott McInnis plagiarized a report he provided on water policy for a foundation in Colorado. In the past 48 hours, McInnis and the entire Republican party of Colorado are in free-fall. There are now calls even within the Republican party for McInnis to withdraw."
Arms Dealer Says Administration Made Him Scapegoat on
Libya Operation to 'protect' Clinton

American arms dealer Marc Turi, in his first television interview since criminal charges against him were dropped, told Fox News that the Obama administration – with the cooperation of Hillary Clinton's State Department – tried and failed to make him the scapegoat for a 2011 covert weapons program to arm Libyan rebels that spun out of control.
American Worker Forced to Train Foreign Replacement
Reveals How Hillary Clinton Betrayed Him

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, American tech worker Mike Emmons detailed the untold story of his personal experience with the office of then-Senator Hillary Clinton and revealed how she abandoned American workers in favor of fulfilling the desires of corporate donors and foreign special interests. A Hillary Clinton administration “would not be government of, or for, the people, but would, instead, be government against the people,” Emmons warned.
Connecticut Judge Grants Immunity to Bushmaster in Case
Seeking to Gut the PLCAA

The defendants in the case originally asked the court to dismiss the complaint under the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), which was enacted in 2005 to prohibit frivolous suits against firearm makers for criminal acts committed with their products by unaffiliated third parties... The court's decision is a reminder of the critical importance of the PLCAA to preserving the Second Amendment in America.
Hillary Clinton has promised to repeal the PLCAA
Stormy Climate Deception: Continued Hype and Deceit Drive Climate, Energy Agenda – Clobbering Poor Families
Paul Driessen
Despite constant claims to the contrary, the issue is not whether greenhouse gas emissions affect Earth’s climate. The questions are whether those emissions are overwhelming the powerful natural forces that have always driven climate fluctuations, and whether humans are causing dangerous climate change. No Real-World evidence supports a “dangerous manmade climate change” thesis.
Nobel Winner to Obama on Global Warming: 'You're Wrong';
"…global warming basically is a non-problem. Just leave it alone…"

"I think Obama is a clever person, but he gets bad advice. Global warming is all wet," Ivar Giaever said in a speech entitled Global Warming Revisited he gave on July 1 to scientists from 90 countries attending the 65th annual Nobel Laureate Meeting in Lindau, Germany.

Are Global Warming Alarmists Disappointed
Hurricane Matthew Wasn't Worse?

Kerry Jackson
Before Matthew made landfall Saturday in South Carolina, it had been more than 4,000 days since the last hurricane hit the U.S. That's 10 years, 11 months and about a week. The alarmists were itching for a large-scale disaster because every day that went by without a hurricane, especially an epic one, meant that their predictions that man-made global warming was going to cause more and bigger storms was another day that made them look like the cons and hopelessly conned that they are.

Global Warming be Damned: Record Corn, Soybeans, Wheat
Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.
For many years we have been warned that climate change is creating a "climate crisis", with heat and drought reducing agricultural yields to the point that humanity will suffer... So, here we are with yet another year (2016) experiencing either record or near-record yields in corn, soybeans, and wheat. Even La Nina, which was widely feared would cause reduced crop yields this year, did not materialize. How can this be?
MSM Exposed in Aligned Campaign for "Safe Storage"
Ignoring Historic Trend of Firearm Safety

For months, the Clinton campaign has dealt with a series of damaging and embarrassing email leaks that indicate widespread collusion between the campaign and the DNC (during what was supposed to be a contested primary) and with the media (including in debates)... Close watchers of the gun control debate also cannot help but notice how multiple media outlets tend to push similar gun control storylines at the same, or nearly the same, time.

"Smart" Gun Glitches Confirm Gun Owner Concerns
As part of his executive gun-control fixes, President Obama has endorsed so-called "smart" gun technology on the premise that if "you can't unlock your phone unless you've got the right fingerprint, why can't we do the same thing for our guns?" Never mind that smartphone technology is currently far from infallible.
Voter Fraud is Real. Here's the Proof
John Gibbs
This week, liberals have been repeating their frequent claim that voter fraud doesn't exist. A recent Salon article argues that "voter fraud just isn't a problem in Pennsylvania," despite evidence to the contrary. Another article argues that voter fraud is entirely in the imagination of those who use voter ID laws to deny minorities the right to vote. Yet as the election approaches, more and more cases of voter fraud are beginning to surface.

Potentially Thousands of Illegal Voters in Pennsylvania;
Consequence of Motor-Voter Law

The National Voter Registration Act of 1993, better known as the motor-voter law, requires everyone applying for a driver's license to be offered a chance to register to vote. [Rep. Daryl Metcalfe] said there is no way to flag fraudulent or even mistaken applications. "You can see where someone whose first language is not English might be confused as they go through the prompts," Metcalfe said.

Largest Voter Fraud Investigation in Texas History
Underway in Tarrant County

A massive investigation is underway in Tarrant County as law enforcement officers from the Texas Attorney General's Office investigate a vote-harvesting scheme alleged to involve as many as 20,000 ballots. Last month, Texas Scorecard reported that Tarrant County Elections administrator Frank Phillips disclosed the AG's office had launched a criminal investigation into voting abnormalities inside Tarrant County.
Tuberculosis Comes to Minnesota
Scott Johnson
Whatever happened to tuberculosis? I remember being tested for it in grade school in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. The CDC reviews trends in tuberculosis in this fact sheet. Doing the work that the Star Tribune won’t do. This therefore comes as news to me: ‘Two hundred and ninety-six refugees were diagnosed with active tuberculosis between 2010 and 2014 in Minnesota, according to the Minnesota Department of Health.’
Islamic School That Taught Pupils ‘gay men should be killed’
Shut Down ‘after pupil exposed its extremist beliefs’

Jamia Al-Hudaa Residential College for Girls in Nottingham is set to close its doors after being accused of teaching strict sharia-style rules to school kids, it has been claimed. Former student Aliyah Saleem said that the boarding school was teaching girls that men should be allowed to beat their wives and gay people should be killed.
California Orange County District Attorney Files Case Against Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Partner DV Biologics
The Orange County, California DA's Office announced today they are prosecuting a criminal lawsuit against Planned Parenthood of Orange & San Bernardino Counties'... For eight years, Planned Parenthood supplied aborted baby hearts, lungs, brains, and intestines to DV Biologics, which DV Biologics then resold for profit.
Meet the SSTD – The Navy's Anti-Torpedo Torpedo,
Quietly Protecting Our Super Carriers

SSTD – The Navy's Anti-Torpedo Torpedo
In the Navy's search for a close-in torpedo defense system, they wanted to address wake-homing torpedoes. As such, not only would a way to detect incoming torpedoes have to be fielded as part of this holistic system, but a way to destroy them before they're close enough to the ship to do serious damage would also have to be developed. Enter the Surface Ship Torpedo Defense (SSTD).
Electric Car Maker Tesla Told to Stop Ads with 'misleading'
Autopilot Term

Germany wants Tesla to stop advertising the "autopilot" function on its cars because it leads to false customer expectations, as the system comes under scrutiny following two fatal crashes... one in northern China in January and another in the US state of Florida in May.

Week ending 9 October 2016

Blood Cell Phones and Teslas – Too Many “Green” Policies
Bleed Red, Hurting the Environment and Killing People

Paul Driessen
It turns out, hybrid and electric vehicles are not so “green” and “eco-friendly,” after all. Ditto for cell phones, laptops, wind turbines, solar panels and a plethora of technologies that utilize batteries, magnets and other components which require cobalt, lithium, rare earths and other metals.
Hillary's Greatest Nightmare is Coming True – No One Likes Her
Daniel Greenfield
The case for her being made by the media entertainment complex is that she doesn't have to be likable to be competent. Unfortunately she isn't competent either. There's no track record of accomplishments to point to. The truth grasped by most voters is that Hillary is where she is because of her last name. Her accomplishments are a mishmash of corruption, greed and deceit. They're impressive only to other criminals. Even most Democrats are well aware that Hillary is dishonest and untrustworthy.
Monitor Weather Worldwide
Ventusky weather monitor
The Ventusky application is freely accessible to anyone around the world, aimed at improving awareness about meteorological events in our atmosphere. Images from the application can be redistributed and thus help us achieve our goal.
The Sex, Lies and Videotape Debate:
Trump Struggles Early but Finishes Strong

Howard Kurtz
Shortly before Donald Trump took the stage here in St. Louis, he finished a Facebook Live video press conference with Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick – a more dramatic response to the tape on which he boasted of groping women than anyone could have imagined.
Trump Seats the Clintons Accusers in Front Row of Debate
After holding a press conference about an hour before the second presidential debate with four women who have accused Bill and Hillary Clinton of sexual exposure, rape, intimidation and getting an alleged rapist of a 12-year-old off, GOP nominee Donald Trump then seated those women in the front row of Washington University in St. Louis.
Trump Scores High In Luntz Focus Group
A focus group conducted by Republican pollster Frank Luntz consistently agreed that Donald Trump delivered better answers on a host of issues during Sunday's presidential debate and outperformed his Democratic opponent overall.
Interview: Bill Clinton Accuser Juanita Broaddrick Relives Brutal Rapes
While The Washington Post was busy putting the finishing touches on the release of a video in which Donald Trump boasted about hitting on women, Juanita Broaddrick was in town at the historic Watergate Hotel, where she repeatedly broke down in tears during a powerful video interview exclusive to Breitbart News, recounting what she described as the life-changing experience of being raped by Bill Clinton.
Rap Sheet:
The Women Who Claim to Be Victims of Bill and Hillary Clinton

John Nolte
While Bill Cosby is finally doing a long overdue perp walk for an alleged sexual assault some 10 years ago, and I say “long overdue” because dozens of woman claim he did the same to them over the decades, the dozen or so women who claim to be victims of Bill and Hillary Clinton are being victimized once again by a DC Media circling the wagons to protect Hillary, a woman they are desperate to see become president.
Broaddrick: Hillary’s actions speak louder than Trump’s words
Hillary Furious as Linda Tripp Returns,
Reveals "Beyond Chilling" New Hillary Info

Tripp recently took part in a lengthy interview with Breitbart reporter Aaron Klein, during which she recalled many of the various Clinton scandals... She opened up about what she had seen regarding the aftermath of Vince Foster's death, as well as Travelgate, Filegate and the Whitewater scandal, with one common theme seemingly connecting them all together – a lax attitude on the part of the Clintons regarding classified information and security issues.
FBI Files Reveal Missing Email 'boxes' in Clinton Case,
Allegations of Evidence Tampering

Buried in the 189 pages of heavily redacted FBI witness interviews from the Hillary Clinton email investigation are details of yet another mystery – about two missing "bankers boxes" filled with the former secretary of state's emails. The details about the boxes are contained in five pages of the FBI file – with a staggering 111 redactions – that summarize the statements of a State Department witness who worked in the "Office of Information Programs and Services."
Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton Press Sec Says Gun Control to Be Implemented by Executive Order – Favorite Tactic of Obama
The batch of emails released by Wikileaks on October 7 includes one in which Hillary Clinton press secretary Brian Fallon explained that Clinton "would support…closing the gun show loophole by executive order." Fallon also highlighted Clinton's support of universal background checks – which have already failed in California, Colorado, Washington state, and Paris – and her support for a scenario wherein victims of crime would be able to sue gun manufacturers.
Note how "Today" show gave Clinton list of questions
She Was Raped at 22
Now She Advocates for Women to Have Choice to Carry a Gun

Amanda Collins had never planned on becoming a Second Amendment advocate. But on Oct. 22, 2007, when she was just 22 years old, her life would change forever. "I lived through the worst fear that I had had up until that point," Collins, who's now a mother of three, said.
New Email Reveal: Clinton Sought Pentagon,
State Department Contracts for Chelsea's Friend

Clinton in 2009 arranged meetings between Jacqueline Newmyer Deal, a friend of Chelsea Clinton and head of the defense consulting group Long Term Strategy Group, with Pentagon officials that involved contracting discussions, according to emails from Clinton's private server made public recently by the State Department. Clinton also tried to help Deal win a contract for consulting work with the State Department's director of policy planning, according to the emails.
FBI Agents Are Ready to Revolt Over the Cozy Clinton Probe
Paul Sperry
Feeling the heat from congressional critics, Comey last week argued that the case was investigated by career FBI agents, "So if I blew it, they blew it, too." But agents say Comey tied investigators' hands by agreeing to unheard-of ground rules and other demands by the lawyers for Clinton and her aides that limited their investigation.
Federal Judge Overturns Ban on Openly Carrying Guns in Public and More with Broad Ruling
In a quintuple victory for Second Amendment rights, a federal judge last week overturned a ban on carrying handguns in public, a ban on so-called assault weapons, caliber restrictions for long guns, a $1,000 tax on handguns, and a requirement that all guns be registered with the government. "The individual right to armed self-defense in case of confrontation...cannot be regulated into oblivion," declared Ramona Manglona, chief judge of the U.S. District Court for the Northern Mariana Islands.
Illegal and Non-citizen Voters Uncovered in Philly Are Just
‘Tip of the Iceberg’

Research by the law firm also indicated that Philadelphia makes no effort to proactively remove non-citizens or incarcerated felons, who also are ineligible to vote under Pennsylvania law. The group recently found 1,046 non-citizens who had been registered to vote in eight Virginia counties and that nearly 200 cast ballots between 2005 and 2015.

voter fraud is real
State Police Raid Indy Office In Growing Voter Fraud Case
The investigation began in late August ... The investigation has expanded from Marion and Hendricks counties to include Allen, Delaware, Hamilton, Hancock, Johnson, Lake and Madison counties, according to a statement from State Police. Police said the growing number of involved counties leads investigators to believe that the number of fraudulent records might be in the hundreds.
voter fraud is real
Study: Non-Citizens Voting in Virginia by the Hundreds
A study conducted by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) showed that in the key swing state of Virginia voter registration rolls have been tainted with the presence of at least 1000 non-citizens... The study surfaced in the wake of Andrew Spieles, a young Democrat admitting he registered 19 dead people in Harrisonburg, Virginia to vote.
Obama Rushes More Than 900 Syrian Refugees Into U.S.
On Consecutive Days

The Obama administration accelerated the resettlement of refugees into the United States during October, the first month of FY 2017, bringing in a total of 945 refugees on October 5 and 931 on October 6. In the first six days of October, the Obama administration resettled 3,062 refugees in the country, according to the Department of State's interactive website.
Unions Push Obama to Approve
Dakota Access Pipeline ‘without delay’

"The intervention by the Departments of Justice, Interior, and the U.S. Army to indefinitely halt a project that is more than halfway constructed and has received state and federal approval raises serious concerns about the future of infrastructure development in America, and the livelihoods of our members," says a letter to Obama signed by the heads of five unions.

Caelus Energy Claims Arctic Oil Discovery That Could
Rank Among Alaska's Biggest Ever

Caelus Energy Alaska said Tuesday it has made a "world-class" oil discovery that, if estimates prove true, could be one of the largest finds ever in Alaska. The Smith Bay site, in shallow waters about 50 miles southeast of Barrow, could "provide 200,000 barrels per day of light, highly mobile oil," the company said in a press release Tuesday.
James Lovelock, Godfather of Green:
Climate Change Religion is Bunk

James Lovelock, inventor of Gaia Theory and godfather of the modern environmental movement, has finally renounced the green religion. Climate alarmism, he says, is not "remotely scientific"; one volcano could make more difference to global warming than humans ever could; the computer models are "unreliable"; greens have behaved "deplorably"; and anyone who tries to "predict more than five to ten years is a bit of an idiot."
Experts Said Arctic Sea Ice Would Melt Entirely by
September 2016 – They Were Wrong

Dire predictions that the Arctic would be devoid of sea ice by September this year have proven to be unfounded after latest satellite images showed there is far more now than in 2012... For the month of September overall, there was 31 per cent more ice than in 2012, figures released this week from the National Snow and Ice Data Centre show.
2015 Flashback: Reuters Audit Finds Clinton Charity Hiding
Foreign Donations on IRS Tax Filings

Hillary Clinton's family's charities are refiling at least five annual tax returns after a Reuters review found errors in how they reported donations from governments, and said they may audit other Clinton Foundation returns in case of other errors... For three years in a row beginning in 2010, the Clinton Foundation reported to the IRS that it received zero in funds from foreign and U.S. governments:
Clinton Charities Ignore Law Requiring Them to
Disclose Millions from Foreign Donors

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has the power to force the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Health Access Initiative to publicly disclose the names of foreign governments and the millions they donate each year to the charities but he's not doing it, a Scripps News investigation has found.
The Corrupt Clinton Foundation You've Never Heard Of
Richard Pollock
In classic Clinton style, he solemnly promised that his new nonprofit – called the American India Foundation (AIF) – would rebuild 100 villages. Rajat Gupta, his millionaire co-chairman, pledged $1 billion for the victims. It never happened. Years later, AIF's annual reports were reviewed by the Daily Caller News Foundation and show only seven villages were partially rebuilt by Clinton's group, and a mere $2.7 million of $53 million raised over a decade went to the earthquake victims.
Hillary Slams Trump's $916 Million Loss 20 Years Ago –
What About Warren Buffet Losing $2.6 BILLION This Year?

Warren Buffett's big bet on Big Blue is looking like a bigger booboo for the investing legend. He's now lost $2.6 billion on his investment in tech giant IBM. That was an increase of nearly $600 million in the last three months of 2015 alone, and it was only one of a number of positions that lost money in Berkshire's portfolio in 2016.
John Kerry Consults with Russians on Syria Less Than 48 Hours
After Obama Admin said it was Suspending Ties

Secretary of State John Kerry discussed the situation in Syria with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday, less than 48 hours after the State Department announced a suspension in "bilateral channels with Russia" related to reducing the violence in Syria. The Wednesday phone call between the two diplomats raised immediate questions about whether the U.S. was already backtracking on its threat to cut off ties with Moscow.

Week ending 2 October 2016

Hillary and the Democrats Continue Their War on Blacks
Roger L Simon
Forget all the back and forth on the first debate, the pundits, the people, the polls, the bizarre claims and counter-claims of an aging Venezuelan porn star. Only one assertion of enduring importance was made on Monday – one that slipped quickly by, but will continue to fester under the surface for those eighty or so million watching and have a profound and deeply unfortunate effect on our culture. Hillary Clinton declared that all Americans are racist, at least implicitly.
Coming Soon: A New Dark Age?
Steven Hayward
Environmentalists always guffaw if you suggest they want us all to go back to living in caves, but the consequent logic of their practical positions certainly points that way. Consider these recent news stories: ‘Sierra Club: No Gas, No Coal, No Nukes; Lansing Utility: No Lights, Then.’ Coming soon to a state near you as a result of the so-called “Clean Power Plan”? And if so, who will we import electricity from?
U.S. Signed Secret Document to Lift U.N. Sanctions on
Iranian Banks Prior to 2023

The Obama administration is coming under tough new criticism for its dealings with Tehran after a Wall Street Journal report claimed the U.S. agreed to sign a “secret document” lifting international sanctions on Iranian banks just as the regime was releasing four American prisoners. According to the Journal, the Obama administration agreed to support removing United Nations sanctions on the banks well in advance of the 2023 date agreed upon in the nuclear deal.
Sept. 11 Widow Sues Saudi Arabia Days After Override of Obama Veto
A woman whose husband was killed in the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks filed a lawsuit against Saudi Arabia Friday, two days after Congress passed a law allowing Americans to sue foreign governments over their alleged roles in terror attacks. Stephanie DeSimone filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Washington D.C. Her husband, Navy Cdr. Patrick Dunn, was killed when American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon.
Clinton Campaign Admits
Hillary Used Same Tax Avoidance "Scheme" as Trump

Well this is a little awkward. With the leaked 1995 Trump tax returns 'scandal' focused on the billionaire's yuuge "net operating loss" and how it might have 'legally' enabled him to pay no taxes for years, we now discover none other than Hillary Rodham Clinton utilized a $700,000 "loss" to avoid paying some taxes in 2015. While not on the scale of Trump's business "operating loss", Hillary Clinton – like many 'wealthy' individuals is taking advantage of a legal scheme to use historical losses to avoid paying current taxes.
Oh yeah! Hillary too!
Calling the Kettle Black – The New York Times Paid No Taxes in 2014
The New York Times has excited the Clinton campaign and the rest of the media with a revelation that Republican nominee Donald Trump declared a $916 million loss in 1995 that might have resulted in him not paying taxes in some subsequent years. The implication, reinforced by CNN’s Jake Tapper on State of the Union on Sunday morning, is that Trump “avoided” paying taxes, when in fact his tax liability was zero. But the Times itself has “avoided” paying taxes – in 2014, for example.

Rudy Giuliani: Trump is a ‘Genius’ for Legally Avoiding Paying Taxes
Giuliani said, “If he didn’t take advantage of it, he would have been sued. Maybe someone doesn’t want to put out the tax returns because someone will distort it that way. The reality is, he is a genius. what he did was he took advantage of something that could save his enterprise, and he did something we admire in America. He came back.”

Gov. Christie Defends Trump's Leaked Tax Return,
says Nothing Illegal, 'no apologies'

“This was actually a very, very good story for him [Trump],” Christie continued. “You don’t know that he didn’t pay taxes. Let’s be precise about what [the story] said.” Christie argue the U.S. tax code is an “absolute mess” and that “there’s no one better [than Trump] to fix it.” He also argued that the tax return suggests how Trump, a first-time candidate and New York real estate mogul, was able to survive the sharp economic downturn of the mid-1990s and make the “comeback” that he has.
Sanders Admits Being Bothered by Clinton's Depiction of Young Voters
Bernie Sanders on Sunday acknowledged being bothered by Hillary Clinton’s unflattering perception of the young Americans who backed his longshot primary bid against Clinton, saying their campaigns still have “real differences,” despite their joint effort to defeat Donald Trump. Clinton characterized the young voters – impassioned by Sanders' populist message and who still have yet to embrace Clinton – as “living in their parents’ basement” and disenfranchised about the future.
The FBI Report That Destroys Hillary's Debate Claim on Crime,
Police, and Race Relations

Daniel Horowitz
Hillary made it clear that she feels blacks are endangered by police. She also repeated the lie about crime dropping in major cities. Maybe the next time she meets with the FBI director to plot her get-out-of-jail free card, Hillary should take a look at their latest report on crime.
Murder and violent crime up, not down
White House Wants to Add New Racial Category for
Middle Eastern People

The White House is putting forward a proposal to add a new racial category for people from the Middle East and North Africa under what would be the biggest realignment of federal racial definitions in decades. If approved, the new designation could appear on census forms in 2020 and could have far-reaching implications for racial identity, anti-discrimination laws and health research.
Proposed for 2020 Census
DHS Official Admits Some Refugees Allowed Into U.S.
Based on Their Testimony Alone

Senior Homeland Security official León Rodríguez admitted Thursday that some refugees are allowed into the United States based solely on their testimony to authorities. Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) grilled Rodríguez on the Obama administration's refugee resettlement program during a Senate Judiciary immigration subcommittee hearing. Cruz and other lawmakers highlighted issues with the current refugee vetting process.
Vetting! What vetting?
South Australia relies more heavily on renewable power
than any other region in the developed world.

South Australia Pays the Price for Heavy Reliance on
Renewable Energy as Entire State is Without Power

The extensive disruption follows the narrow avoidance of widespread blackouts in South Australia in July. At that time, the state government brought pressure to bear on a local power company for an idled power station to be restarted to avoid potential disruptions, following a lack of electricity generated from wind and solar sources at a time when it was unable to "import" sufficient supply from Victoria.

South Australia’s Wind Energy Crisis & State Wide Blackout
Were Foreseeable – and Foreseen

Larry Hamlin
In a 2014 report issued by the Australian Energy Market Operator Ltd & Electranet these agencies examined the credible events that could occur in South Australia (SA) with loss of electrical system control that could lead to a state wide black out. The report noted that the continuing and growing use of wind turbines to meet SA electrical load combined with a loss of interconnection would result in state-wide power outage

The Misguided Politics of Renewable Energy
Robert Furgason and Bill Maxwell
Last December at the opening of the Paris Climate Summit, President Obama committed the U.S. to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 26-28 percent below the 2005 level by 2025. The president's pledge means that over the next nine years the U.S. will reduce annual carbon emissions per American by 25 percent. The last time annual CO2 emissions were this low was probably early in the last century.
Why Wind Won't Work?
– it's Weaker than Water

The Carbon Sense Coalition
Australia – Feb. 2011
30-page PDF

State-wide blackout was predicted years in advance
Top Climate Skeptic to Lead Trump's EPA Transition Team
Myron Ebell, director of energy and environment policy at the conservative think tank Competitive Enterprise Institute, is heading Trump's EPA transition preparation, E&E Daily reported Monday. Ebell is an outspoken, longtime skeptic of the scientific consensus that human activity is dramatically changing the climate. He often refers to warnings about global warming as climate "alarmism" and is a vocal critic of President Obama's climate change regulations.

Obama’s Climate Change Agenda Faces Crucial Court Hearing
The Obama EPA climate change mandate goes to court yet again today, as the D.C. Court of Appeals hears oral arguments on the EPA Clean Power Plan [which faces] challenges from 28 states, the coal industry and more than 100 other groups… Even EPA admits ... that the Clean Power Plan will force the retirement of 56 coal-fired power plants by 2018.
Who is Guarding the (Dictatorial) Guards? Regulators Mete Out Fines and Stymie Growth, but are Rarely Punished for Their Own Misconduct
Paul Driessen
Hillary Clinton is incredibly lucky the Park Doctrine doesn't apply to her. Just imagine FBI Director James Comey's dilemma if he couldn't use the "no intent to violate the law" excuse. In fact, countless government officials – including Ms. McCarthy and IRS Commissioner John Koskinen – are blessed beyond measure that standards they routinely use against American citizens don't apply to them.
Kerry Without Clothes
New York Sun Editorial
It’s hard to recall a scoop that exposed the bankruptcy of post-Vietnam diplomacy in a more devastating fashion than Anne Barnard’s dispatch in the New York Times giving a glimpse of Secretary of State Kerry complaining about his country – to the Syrians. His beef with America? That we won’t support his call for a war in Syria.
IG Report: Obama Operatives Stripped Judical Watch of 'media' Status, Overcharged and 'slow-walked' FOIA Requests
The inspector general said the decision came at the behest of Gregory Mecher, a former Democratic campaign fundraiser who at the time was liaison to the White House. He is married to Jen Psaki, a longtime spokeswoman with the Obama administration and its election campaigns. IG Carol F. Ochoa said stripping Judicial Watch of media status violated several agency policies and things got worse when the GSA denied an appeal by the group.
What Happens When You Can't Trust the FBI and the
Department of Justice?

Roger L Simon
The plot sickens, as they say. Who ordered [Clinton IT techie] Combetta to do the bleaching? Doesn't the public have a right to know? Isn't it time for the FBI – or some decent agent or agents – to fess up to save the rapidly declining reputation of their organization? That the Bureau has been under attack of late for failure to identify terrorists because of overweening political correctness has only exacerbated the public perception that all is far from well in the J. Edgar Hoover Building.
Ex-DOJ Official: 'Comey Has To Go'
Former Justice Department official Victoria Toensing says more and more evidence shows FBI Director James Comey made basic errors in the investigation of Hillary Clinton's handling of classified information, and many FBI personnel believe his conduct has embarrassed the bureau. While admitting any punishment for Comey is unlikely, Toensing is calling on Congress to rebuke him.
‘They Keep Finding Bodies’:
Gang Violence in Long Island Town Fuels Immigration Debate

Four dead teenagers. Two weeks. One town. And a ruthless gang, the authorities say, was most likely responsible for the toll. Again... For nearly two decades, MS-13, a gang with roots in Los Angeles and El Salvador, has been terrorizing the town, the authorities say, especially its young people.
After 1/2 Billion$ in Losses BlueCross BlueShield Drops
Obamacare Coverage in 3 Tennessee Markets

BlueCross BlueShield's withdrawal from these exchanges means that 100,000 individuals will lose their current insurance policy and have to find another plan. "Tennesseans continue to bear the brunt of Obamacare's failures, whether it was the loss of our Obamacare co-op, the closure of CoverTN, or today's news that our largest insurer will be exiting the marketplace altogether in certain regions of the state," said Rep. Diane Black (R., Tenn.).
GAO: Obama Administration is
Illegally Sending Billions to Health Insurers

The congressional auditor's report focuses on how the government handles fees paid by insurers for Obamacare's reinsurance program, which collects money from all health plans to help insurers cover the cost of sicker patients in the health care law's exchanges. Republicans, who asked the GAO investigate the issue, hailed the GAO's finding as vindication for their longstanding claims that the Obama administration is wrongly prioritizing insurers over taxpayers.
Calif. Gov. Signs Bill Allowing Felons to Vote from Their Jail Cells
Convicted felons serving jail sentences in California county jails will now get to participate in an activity besides three meals a day and recreation time: voting in elections. Governor Jerry Brown signed new legislation into effect as part of a reform backers say will help prisoners transition back into society while still serving time for their crimes. The bill he signed would let thousands of felons doing time in county jails to vote in California elections.
FBI Investigation Launched After Dead People are Registered to
Vote in Swing State, Dems Deny There is an Issue

The applications were turned in by a voter registration group called HarrisonburgVOTES, officials said. The group's representatives could not be reached for comment Thursday... "Often times we hear our Democrat colleagues suggest that voter fraud doesn't exist in Virginia or is a myth," said House Speaker William H. Howell, R-Stafford. "Well it does indisputably exist."
Texas Investigates Record Number of Teacher-Student Sex Cases
The Texas Education Agency is requesting help from the state legislature to deal with a record number of teachers sexually abusing their students. The TEA's seven-investigator team is currently handling 1,110 cases involving educator misconduct amid an eight-year high in the number of educators involved with inappropriate relationships with students.
Clinton-Appointed Judge Orders Ohio School District to
Let Boys Use Girls Bathroom

Highland Local Schools challenged a decree issued by President Obama to schools this spring that threatened to withhold federal funds for schools that segregate restroom and locker room facilities based on biological sex. Obama asserts that federal Title IX anti discrimination laws protect transgender students' "right" to use whatever facilities they "identify" with, but that interpretation is currently mired in numerous legal challenges, including the Highland case.
Wisconsin: Federal Judge Tosses Union's Right-to-Work Challenge
Federal Judge J.P. Stadtmueller dismissed International Union of Operating Engineers Locals 139 and 420 contention that allowing workers to opt out of union membership represents an illegal taking of property thereby violating the constitution. Stadtmueller said that the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals' Sweeney decision, which upheld right to work in neighboring Indiana, precluded him from striking down the Wisconsin law.
Brazil's Leftist Workers' Party Suffers Huge Loss
In a shock result, the Workers' Party mayor of Brazil's biggest city, Fernando Haddad, was trounced by Joao Doria from the centrist PSDB. A second round runoff had been widely predicted but Doria cleared the required 50 percent barrier with 53 percent of the vote, meaning he won outright.

Week ending 25 September 2016

Dr. Lisa Bardack’s Faustian Bargain
Jay Michaels
When Dr. Lisa Bardack was asked to become Hillary Clinton’s personal physician in 2001, it had to have been a crowning moment in the career of the Mt. Kisco internist. Dr. Bardack could have anticipated little downside. She and her staff would have to be especially scrupulous in the case of a senator with presidential ambitions, but this should not have posed a serious problem. Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton corrupts everyone who serves her. And this year Bardack encountered difficulties she could not have foreseen in 2001:
The Response to This Weekend's Terror Attacks
Showed Willful Blindness in Real Time

Andrew C. McCarthy
In the all too familiar pattern, things are going boom, Americans are under attack, and the American political class is already busy playing the "See No Jihad" minuet. In a rational world, where our highest imperative would be to understand the threat that confronts us rather than to find the least offensive way of describing it, it would be patently, undeniably obvious that we are targets of international terrorism fueled by Islamic supremacist ideology.
FBI Docs: Huma Abedin Forwarded Classified & Top Secret Emails to Yahoo and Webmail linked to Anthony Weiner
Hillary Clinton’s closest personal aide often sent classified and top secret State Dept. emails to her personal email accounts, according to documents released by the FBI. Huma Abedin told FBI agents in an April interview that she didn’t know how to consistently print documents or emails from her secure Dept. of State system. Instead, she would forward the sensitive emails to: Her personal email address; Her personal address; Her email linked to husband Anthony Weiner.
FBI Docs: Clinton IT Aide Discussed
Hillary ‘Cover-Up Operation’ in Work Email

An employee at Platte River Networks, the company that managed Hillary Clinton's emails after she left the State Department, sent a work ticket that referred to the "Hilary [sic] coverup [sic] operation" (Hillary cover-up operation) after Clinton's team had asked the company to modify her email system so that it would automatically delete messages after 60 days.
Why Did Feds Grant Immunity to Hillary’s ‘highly improper’ Aide?
Paul Sperry
If anyone would know Hillary consigliere Cheryl Mills’ reputation for obstructing investigations, it’s FBI Director James Comey. He complained about her lack of cooperation while probing Clinton scandals in the 1990s. Yet he agreed to give Mills immunity from prosecution in his probe of Hillary’s illegal e-mails as secretary of state, where Mills was chief of staff.
NSA Analyst: The FBI Investigation Was a Sham – the Bureau
Never Had Any Intention of Prosecuting Hillary Clinton

John R. Schindler
As I observed in early July, when Director James Comey announced that the FBI would not be seeking prosecution of anyone on Team Clinton over EmailGate, the Bureau had turned its back on its own traditions of floating above partisan politics in the pursuit of justice. “Malfeasance by the FBI, its bending to political winds, is a matter that should concern all Americans, regardless of their politics,” I stated, noting that it’s never a healthy turn of events in a democracy when your secret police force gets tarnished by politics.
Former U.S. AG Calls for FBI Director Comey to Resign
Over Total Sham of Investigation

FBI Director James Comey should resign, according to former U.S. Attorney Joseph DiGenova, after giving immunity deals to Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff Cheryl Mills and four other aides in the investigation over the former Secretary of State’s use of a private email server for government business. Matthew Whittaker, another former federal attorney [said] that Congress should know why the Clinton aides were “treated differently than any other investigation has ever been done.”
House Intel Chairman Threatens to Subpoena bin Laden Files
"If they don't provide these documents to the committee by October 11th, then we're going to have to subpoena them – which I don't want to have to do but it appears like we've run out of all options," Republican Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., told Fox News. "For the administration to basically mislead the American people for this many years is flat-out wrong."
The Wheedle and the Damage Done
Scott Johnson
No American president has ever done more damage to American national security or America's standing in the world than Barack Obama. We've never had a president quite like him before. I think the damage is attributable to his rabid belief in the myths of the left-wing critique of the United States. We will be living with the damage he has done for a long time to come (if we are lucky, I guess). [Wheedle defined]

The Wheedle and the Damage Done: Hillary Edition
Scott Johnson
Professor Robert Kaufman traces the connection between the monumental foreign policy disasters and misjudgments of the Obama administration in the Wall Street Journal column "What's a Reagan internationalist to do?" Professor Kaufman observes: "As secretary of state, Mrs. Clinton served loyally as President Obama's first mate on his foreign-policy Titanic." Professor Kaufman draws a contrast between Clinton and Trump in this respect: "[U]nlike Mr. Trump, Mrs. Clinton has an actual record of mistakes and bad judgment in foreign policy."
Why the Obama Recovery Was So Weak
Paul Mirengoff
Why has the economic recovery since 2009 been so weak? President Obama and his supporters claim that the weak recovery is due to the recession’s severity and the fact that it was accompanied by a major financial crisis. However, Harvard economist Robert Barro, writing in the Wall Street Journal, finds these excuses unpersuasive.
Man Pleads Guilty in ISIS Plot to Behead
Conservative Blogger Pamela Geller

A Rhode Island man charged with conspiring to help the Islamic State group has decided to plead guilty to charges he plotted with others to kill conservative blogger Pamela Geller. Nicholas Rovinski is charged with conspiracy to provide material support to a terrorist organization and conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism transcending national boundaries.
Muslim Who Slashed NYPD Cop Faced Deportation;
Wrote of Martyrdom, Wife Approved

Creeping Sharia
Just days before this weekend's Islamic terror attacks in New York City, New Jersey and Minnesota, a Palestinian Muslim facing deportation attacked an NYPD cop with a meat cleaver in broad daylight. Law enforcement and the media claimed he was just a crazy man. The facts, once again, prove otherwise.
If Hillary Loses, Democrats Face a Long Time in Exile
Michael Barone
There’s been lots of speculation about the fate of the Republican Party if (as most of the prognosticators expect and hope) Donald Trump loses. There’s been less speculation, though recent polling suggests it may be in order, about the fate of the Democratic Party if Hillary Clinton loses.
Top 10 Reasons Hillary is Not 50 Points Ahead in Polls!
John Lillpop
Recently, Hillary Clinton issued a challenge that even people who like her (I am told that such people do exist) simply cannot ignore her in this November's presidential election. To be perfectly honest, that particular question has never crossed my right-wing conspiratorial mind. Rather, I have been haunted by wondering how in the hell it is that Hillary Clinton is not in federal prison, or in a holding cell for the criminally insane!
Hillary: Demonic Possession or Natural Depravity?
The Devil is in All Her Details

Esther Goldberg
When I saw the headline in the National Catholic Register, “World Famous Exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth Dies at 91,” I was struck by a coup de foudre. “François,” I remarked to my husband. (His name is Francis, but my Quebec roots were asserting themselves.) “If we assume demonic possession, the mysteries that have surrounded Hillary Clinton all make sense.” “We don’t assume anything,” replied my very own devil’s advocate. “We insist upon evidence.”
David Brock’s Money Laundering Scheme Exposed:
14 Pro-Clinton Super PACs & Non-Profits Implicated

Andrew Kerr
David Brock has 7 non-profits, 3 Super PACs, one 527-committee, one LLC, one joint fundraising committee, and one unregistered solicitor crammed into his office in Washington DC. Uncovered records expose a constant flow of money between these organizations. The Bonner Group, his professional solicitor, works off a commission. Every time money gets passed around, Bonner receives a 12.5% cut.

An Easier to Digest View of David Brock’s Money Laundering Operation
Thomas Lifson
Thanks to a thorough review of publicly available financial reports of the IRS-certified nonprofit empire of David Brock, Andrew Kerr has exposed some potentially criminal activity that, at the least, requires an investigation the Department of Justice, the IRS, and probably various state authorities. Kerr summarizes his finding in three bullet points, but there is considerable detail offered:

“Basket of deplorables,” David Brock Edition
Paul Mirengoff
David Brock, who runs neck-and-neck with Sid Blumenthal for the prime spot in Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables,” has repeatedly asked for an inquiry into the Trump Foundation. Fair enough. But how about an inquiry into the affairs of David Brock and his Media Matters operation? There are solid grounds for such an investigation.
Bleachbit Under Subpoena: Could Someone at the FBI
Please Explain How This Does Not Constitute "Intent"?

Tyler Durden
At this point, our readers should be intimately familiar with the timeline leading up to the "Oh S^^^" moment when the Platte River Networks employee, Paul Combetta, deleted Hillary's emails despite later admitting to the FBI that he "was aware of the existence of the preservation request and the fact that it meant he should not disturb Clinton's e-mail data on the PRN server".
Obama Used a Pseudonym in Emails with Clinton,
FBI Documents Reveal

President Barack Obama used a pseudonym in email communications with Hillary Clinton and others, according to FBI records made public Friday. The disclosure came as the FBI released its second batch of documents from its investigation into Clinton’s private email server during her tenure as secretary of state.
Tiny Georgia Town Received More Syrian Refugees
Than LA and NYC Combined

Stone Mountain, Georgia – a city with just over 6,000 residents and a poverty rate well above the national average – has resettled more Syrian refugees than Los Angeles and New York City combined. Syrians aren't the only refugees placed in Stone Mountain this year. Since October 1, 299 refugees have been resettled in the Georgia town. That's roughly five percent of Stone Mountain's July, 2015 population.
A UN and Tribal Takeover? Hidden Provisions in Energy Bills Undermine America's Water and Property Rights
Lawrence Kogan
The North American Energy Security and Infrastructure Act of 2016, incorporates some 393 amendments. Incredibly, it is being driven forward by U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and other members of Congress behind closed doors. Probably very few have read the bill in its entirety. Virtually none understand its likely impacts on western and other rural land, water and property rights, potentially throughout America, or on the families and communities whose lives will be upended.
Powering Countries, Empowering People – Affordable energy brings jobs, improved living standards and pursuit of happiness
Paul Driessen
Something most people in developed countries tend to forget is how essential electricity is in maintaining our infrastructure, homes, livelihoods and living standards … how many people around the world still do not have electricity … and how dramatically their lives are improved once they get reliable, affordable electricity – as much as they need, whenever they need it.
A Three-part series: Part 1  –  Part 2  –  Part 3
Lawmakers Probe Tax Incentives Received By Solar-Energy Firms;
$25 Billion in Cash Grants During Obama Prompt Concerns

Congressional lawmakers have launched a formal investigation into whether solar-energy companies improperly received billions of dollars in tax incentives from the Obama administration. The Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee on Wednesday sent letters to seven foreign and domestic companies in the solar industry, expanding a more limited probe started earlier this year. The recipients included three firms in the residential solar industry and four solar utility companies.
Latino Activist, Who Criticized Trump's Comments about
Mexican Rapists, Arrested for Rape

Utah Latino activist Tony Yapias, a native of Peru, has been charged with rape for assaulting a woman he had a relationship with up until a few weeks ago. Yapias is reportedly an illegal alien himself originally who supports open borders and who harshly criticized Donald Trump for calling some Mexicans rapists.
Colorado Voter Fraud Revealed:
Slew of Ballots Cast by the Dead Spark Investigation

A CBS affiliate’s evidence of voter fraud in Colorado has sparked an immediate investigation by Secretary of State Wayne Williams. Election sleuthing by Brian Maass of KCNC-TV in Denver exposed multiple instances in recent years where dead Coloradans were still voting. “This is the kind of thing you hear rumored, joked about in Chicago, that kind of thing,” Mr. Maass said. “Tonight, that changes. We did find voter fraud in Colorado that essentially waters down your vote.”
New Report Reveals Stunning Vulnerabilities in U.S. Election System
The report comes as top national security officials discuss appropriate action to ensure the integrity of presidential elections in November. "The problem is the sheer absence of the technical aptitude required to understand the cyber, physical and technical landscape available for exploitation by adversaries," according to the report from cybersecurity think tank, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology.
Spanish Corporation Builds Wind Farm on USFS Public Lands,
Bars Access by Americans!

It was a private ceremony held on private property, for a public project being built on public land. And when members of the public showed, they were barred from entering by public employees. Welcome to “clean” energy in Vermont. Three state troopers guarded the entrance to the Monday morning ground-breaking ceremony of the Deerfield Wind Project, a 30-megawatt 15-turbine installation being built by Spanish developer Iberdrola on U.S. Forest Service land in the Green Mountain National Forest.
L.A. Times Climate Science Denial Article Instead Shows the Times Clearly Denying Well Established Climate Science
The L. A. Times published an article claiming that "Trump's climate science denial clashes with the reality of rising seas in Florida". The article fails to address easily available and comprehensive NOAA tide gauge data updated through the year 2015 showing that the Florida coastline is experiencing no acceleration in coastal sea level rise and that the rate of coastal sea level rise there remains constant and consistent over more than 100 years of long term period tide gauge data measurements.
The Experiment: Capitalism versus Socialism
David R. Legates, PhD.
Experimentation is a major tool in the scientist's arsenal. We can put the same strain of bacteria into two Petri dishes, for example, and compare the relative effects of two different antibiotics. What if we could do the same with economic systems? Wait – we already did.
War Crimes Tribunal for IS Detainees
Lacks Support from Obama Administration

Officials in Washington say that the Defense Department and ultimately the administration were concerned that court trials would distract from the military campaign. But the diplomats say that justice is essential in a region whose religious minorities have been terrorized. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the issue.
Mosul: Smuggled Diary Reveals Life of Fear Under Islamic State
"Ahmed" was an engineering student at Mosul University when so-called Islamic State (IS) militants stormed into the city in June 2014. From that day, everything changed. The university shut and life became a daily struggle to survive. This summer, after two years, Ahmed (not his real name) managed to escape. In the weeks before, at great personal risk, he secretly kept a diary of living in the shadow of death under IS.
Email Shows Federal Immigration Bosses in Overtime Push to
Swear in New Citizens 'due to election'

The email, from a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services field office chief and part of a chain of correspondence within the agency, urges the unnamed recipient to swear in as many citizens as possible "due to the election year." "The Field Office due to the election year needs to process as many of their N-400 cases as possible between now and FY 2016," reads the email, which was disclosed to by Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis.
Voters Reject Obama's New Middle East Refugee Plan
Voters strongly oppose President Obama's plan to bring 110,000 Middle Eastern and African refugees to this country next year, up from 85,000 this year, and view that decision as an increased danger to U.S. national security. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that nearly half (48%) of Likely U.S. Voters believe the United should take in no additional refugees from those areas.

Week ending 18 September 2016

The Legacies of Barack Obama
Victor Davis Hanson
On his recent Asian tour, President Obama characterized his fellow Americans (the most productive workers in the world) as “lazy.” In fact, he went on to deride Americans for a list of supposed transgressions ranging from the Vietnam War to environmental desecration to the 19th century treatment of Native Americans. “If you’re in the United States,” the president said, “sometimes you can feel lazy and think we’re so big we don’t have to really know anything about other people.”
What is the FBI Hiding?
Judge Andrew Napolitano
Earlier this week, Republican leaders in both houses of Congress took the FBI to task for its failure to be transparent. In the House, it was apparently necessary to serve a subpoena on an FBI agent to obtain what members of Congress want to see; and in the Senate, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee accused the FBI itself of lawbreaking. Here is the back story.
Officials Probe Bombings, Stabbings in
Three U.S. Cities in a 12-Hour Span

Authorities were still trying to determine if there was any connection between the incidents, particularly the New York and New Jersey explosions that happened just hours apart. But as of Sunday afternoon, officials hadn’t established a common link, New York City Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill said. “I am concerned,” O’Neill said during a news conference. “We have a bomb that detonated and no one apprehended.”
Cop Files $500 Million Lawsuit Against Black Lives Matter, Obama
Sgt. Demetrick Pennie, a 17-year veteran of the force, is seeking between $500 million and $1.5 billion in the complaint filed in federal court, the Dallas Morning News reported. The defendants in the class-action suit include Black Lives Matter; President Obama; Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton; the Rev. Al Sharpton; Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and billionaire activist George Soros.
Who Birthed the ‘Birther’ Meme in 2008?
MSNBC, Politico, Bloomberg, CNN, McClatchy and More Confirm:
Hillary’s 2008 Campaign Spread ‘Birtherism’ about Barack Obama

Those anonymous people ["Clinton supporters"] were hardly the only ones. In fact, as Joshua Green reported in The Atlantic in August 2008, a March, 19, 2007 strategy memo from longtime Clinton adviser Mark Penn proves that the Clinton campaign itself was pushing the conspiracy theory. Penn, in the memo, advocated that Clinton target Obama’s “lack of American roots.”

Clinton Insider Blumenthal a ‘birther’ Claimant
Two supporters of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign reportedly shared the claim that then-rival Barack Obama was not born in the United States and thus was not eligible to be president. One was a volunteer in Iowa, who was fired, Clinton’s former campaign manager said Friday. The other was Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal, according to a former McClatchy Washington Bureau chief.

Barack Obama Tribal Photo 'sent to Drudge Report by
Hillary Clinton staff'

Obama in Kenya Barack Obama has accused Hillary Clinton of using "shameful" smear tactics after a picture of him wearing tribal robes and headgear in a Muslim region of Kenya was circulated on the internet. Mrs Clinton's campaign team declined to deny that it had sent the photo to Drudge, whose report said the campaign was responsible for circulating the email.

Obama Slams Smear Photo
Obama campaign manager David Plouffe said in a statement: “On the very day that Senator Clinton is giving a speech about restoring respect for America in the world, her campaign has engaged in the most shameful, offensive fear-mongering we’ve seen from either party in this election. This is part of a disturbing pattern that led her county chairs to resign in Iowa, her campaign chairman to resign in New Hampshire, and it’s exactly the kind of divisive politics that turns away Americans of all parties and diminishes respect for America in the world," said Plouffe.
U.S. Wire Payments to Iran Undercut Obama
The United States made at least two separate payments to the Iranian government via wire transfer within the last 14 months, a Treasury Department spokesman confirmed Saturday, contradicting explanations from President Barack Obama that such payments were impossible. But a Treasury Department spokesman acknowledged on Saturday that on at least two occasions, the U.S. did make payments to the Iranian government via wire transfer.
"undercut" means he lied.
What Will the ‘NeverTrumpers’ Do If Trump Wins?
Roger L Simon
A few weeks ago, no one would have bothered to ask, but how the NeverTrumpers will behave should Donald Trump win the election is now a significant question growing in importance. Will they grant him the normal honeymoon period usually given newly-elected presidents or will they continue their non-stop onslaught on Trump as a vulgar, non-conservative parvenu about to destroy the Republican Party and everything good in our country?
Want Prosperity? Follow the Red State Model
Stephen Moore
What makes America an economically ingenious place is the competitive federalism model set forth by our Founding Fathers. They established our nation as the world’s largest ever free trade zone, in which 50 states use varying economic and fiscal policies to compete for jobs and people. And boy, have liberals come to hate that model. Why? Because it puts their policies of tax, spend, regulate and restrict on trial every day.
What Hillary Clinton Could Learn from Jeff Foxworthy
Timothy Daughtry
In a rare moment of candor, Clinton described half of Donald Trump's supporters as a "basket of deplorables," and went on with the old, tired accusations of "racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic" and so on. Of course, the audience of leftist elites applauded, and her subsequent statement of regret was about as convincing as her FBI testimony.
A "basket of deplorables". Really?
Debate Rules Being Set by Hillary Donors – Campaign Contributions from 'bipartisan' Debate Commissioners Given Exclusively to Clinton
The men and women who run the supposedly “nonpartisan” Commission on Presidential Debates have put their money where their mouths are – and it all has gone to Democrat Hillary Clinton. The amount of money is small by the standards of a modern presidential campaign, but it is one-sided.
Hillary’s Enemies List
Kimberly Corban
Women are being lectured that we need to vote for our nation’s first female presidential candidate simply because of our gender. As a woman, the very idea is a misogynistic insult. Do not insinuate that I am incapable of making my own educated decisions by telling me that my biology dictates who I should or should not elect to represent me.
Gun Grabbers Die Hard
Katie Kieffer
Gun grabbers are camouflaging sinister plans with slick catchphrases – hoping you'll barely notice when they pickpocket your pistol. Hillary Clinton is quietly building a massive gun grabber army. It's up to you to halt her momentum. Gun grabbers "die hard" because they insist on believing the same anti-gun theories even after encountering facts disproving their theories.
Black Voters Are Turning from Clinton to Trump In New Poll
Donald Trump is gaining support among African-American voters – whose enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton is eroding, a tracking poll released Saturday revealed. Trump saw a 16.5 percentage-point increase in backing from African-American voters in a Los Angeles Times/University of Southern California tracking poll, up from 3.1 percent on Sept. 10 to 19.6 percent through Friday.
David Brock Offers Money for New Dirt on Donald Trump
Hillary Clinton ally David Brock is offering to pay for new information on Donald Trump, hoping that damaging audio or video on the Republican presidential candidate will be submitted to his super PAC. Brock, founder of the left-wing Media Matters and operator of Correct the Record super PAC, recently posted the plea on Correct the Record's website and is referring to the project as "TrumpLeaks," NBC News reported.
Tim Kaine's Radical Roots
Ken Blackwell
According to the media, Tim Kaine took a life transforming "mission" trip to Latin America in 1980. Conveniently left out of these stories, are the radical reality of the Cold War in Latin America and Tim Kaine's Soviet sympathizing mentors. In fact, whatever Kaine's intentions, he more likely met Karl Marx than Jesus Christ while there. Connect the dots with a little history, and an alarming picture emerges of Kaine's adventures with radicals and revolutionaries in 1980s Latin America.
Kaine Slips: White People Need to Be Minority
Edmund Kozak
In a Freudian slip, the Democratic vice-presidential nominee appeared to inadvertently admit Thursday that Democratic policies are inherently harmful to white Americans. While speaking to a group of black Baptists in New Orleans, Tim Kaine seemed to suggest that in order to achieve "equity" between the races, white people need to willingly submit themselves to a state of repression similar to what black Americans have experienced.
New Mosquito-Borne Disease Detected in Haiti
University of Florida researchers have identified a patient in Haiti with a serious mosquito-borne illness that has never before been reported in the Caribbean nation. Known as "Mayaro virus," it is closely related to chikungunya virus and was first isolated in Trinidad in 1954. Most reported cases, however, have been confined to small outbreaks in the Amazon. Whether this case signals the start of a new outbreak in the Caribbean region is currently unknown.
Bring back DDT to save lives
Mosquito-Borne Diseases
Mosquitoes cause more human suffering than any other organism – over one million people worldwide die from mosquito-borne diseases every year. Not only can mosquitoes carry diseases that afflict humans, they also transmit several diseases and parasites that dogs and horses are very susceptible to. These include dog heartworm, West Nile virus and Eastern equine encephalitis.
Bring back DDT to save lives
Environmental Death
Kim Weissman
How many hurt people does it take to make environmentalists happy?
What kind of question is that, you may ask. Don’t environmentalists want to save human life and make it better? Actually, no. At least based on environmental policies, which today are driven by the extremist fringe, one would have to conclude that the ultimate goal of eco-radicals is to cause as much human misery, injury, and yes, even death, as possible. Consider that scourge of environmental extremists, the chemical DDT.
The Science Deniers’ Greatest Hits
‘Science is a process, not a destination’

Bill Frezza
In 1931 a book published in Germany, One Hundred Authors against Einstein, defended the "settled science" of Newtonian physics and proclaimed that Einstein's theory of relativity was a fraud... Real science is characterized by healthy skepticism, relentless questioning, and a constant testing and re-testing of theories, systems, and models. Casting dogma in stone – and then stoning non-believers – is a hallmark of intolerant religion, not science.
Senate Must Act Now to Disavow
President Obama’s Climate Change Treaty

Joseph A. Klein
The United States Senate must act urgently to save its treaty approval authority from irreversible damage inflicted by President Obama with the help of the United Nations. Congress has already allowed President Obama to get away with putting in force his nuclear deal with no more than a pro forma review. His administration considered it a “political” arrangement, not a treaty.
"Toxic chromium" Fear-Mongering
Paul Driessen
Erin Brockovich became rich and famous by promoting the notion that people in Hinkley, CA got cancer because of hexavalent chromium (Cr-6) in drinking water. Now Ms. B is trying to reprise her California success, by bringing the Cr-6 saga to North Carolina. She and the eco-activist organization Environmental Working Group have sent a well-publicized letter to the U.S. EPA, urging it to set tougher standards for Cr-6. They and certain NC health officials claim as few as 0.07 parts per billion of chromium-6 in drinking water may cause cancer.
Most Aren't Willing to Pay for Obama's Global Warming Plans
Most Americans won't spend more more than $1 a month in higher electricity bills to fight global warming, according to a new AP-University of Chicago poll. Only 57 percent of Americans would be willing to spend the extra cash to fight global warming, according to the poll, and 39 percent said they'd spend up to $10 a month to stave off warming.
Intent of 2nd Amendment is Crystal Clear
Remembering Thomas Cooley's Influence In Shaping American Law

Bill Federer
The dean of the University of Michigan Law School was Thomas Cooley, who died Sept. 12, 1898. Thomas Cooley was chief justice of Michigan's Supreme Court, president of the American Bar Association and the first chairman of the Interstate Commerce Commission. His commentaries were influential in shaping American law.
Pennsylvania Politicians Announce Their Intent to Violate the
Preemption Statute – Philadelphia, Allentown Lead the Way

In response to a recent Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling, several local Pennsylvania politicians announced their intent to enact or continue to enforce local gun control laws. These politicians are either seriously misinformed about the effect of the court's ruling or they intend to knowingly violate Pennsylvania law because they think there will be little, if any, recourse to their actions.
Constitution Day: Losing Touch with Our National Roots
Michael Swartz
Saturday [9/17] marks the 229th anniversary of the completion of our Constitution, which was submitted to the Congress of the Confederation for its approval on Sept. 17, 1787. Over the following months it was ratified by the several states, reaching the required nine when New Hampshire approved it on June 21, 1788. (All 13 colonies ratified it by the middle of 1790; Rhode Island was the last holdout.) Do Americans really know about our rich heritage?

Week ending 11 September 2016

'What is Aleppo?’ –
That’s a Question the Whole World Must Answer

Martha MacCallum
Thursday morning a candidate for the presidency of the United States was asked “and what would you do if elected, about Aleppo?” And then Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for president and former governor of New Mexico, went deer-in-the-headlights and dropped this verbal barrel bomb, “and what is Aleppo?” And thus a new Twitter hashtag was born. We should all be asking ourselves this question: #AndWhatisAleppo?
Dangers Rise as America Retreats
Dick Cheney and Liz Cheney
Fifteen years ago this Sunday, nearly 3,000 Americans were killed in the deadliest attack on the U.S. homeland in our history. A decade and a half later, we remain at war with Islamic terrorists... Defeating our enemies has been made significantly more difficult by the policies of Barack Obama. No American president has done more to weaken the U.S., hobble our defenses or aid our adversaries
Sunlight off World Trade Center
Striking Ray of Light Beams Off World Trade Center
Days Before 9/11 Anniversary
‘We’re the Only Plane in the Sky’
Where was the president in the eight hours after the Sept. 11 attacks? The strange, harrowing journey of Air Force One, as told by the people who were on board.
Air Force One
Nearly every American above a certain age remembers precisely where they were on September 11, 2001. But for a tiny handful of people, those memories touch American presidential history. Shortly after the attacks began, the most powerful man in the world, who had been informed of the World Trade Center explosions in a Florida classroom, was escorted to a runway and sent to the safest place his handlers could think of: The open sky.
Untold 9/11 story
Does Hillary Have Parkinson’s Disease?
Jay Michaels
Dr. Ted Noel, former Director of the NovaMed Surgery Center in Orlando, has recently released a video replying to critics of his earlier analysis of Hillary’s medical condition. That video makes a detailed, persuasive case that Parkinson’s disease best explains the neurological and other symptoms Hillary has displayed since 2005. Those who haven’t seen it should take a look.
Hillary's Team Keeps Changing Their Story on Abrupt 9/11 Departure
First It Was 'overheating' Then the Story Became Pneumonia

Hillary Clinton's doctor has revealed the 68-year-old has pneumonia – hours after video showed her collapsing into the arms of her Secret Service agents after being rushed from the 9/11 memorial service at the World Trade Center. Dr. Lisa R. Bardack released a statement through her campaign team after she performed a check-up on the presidential candidate at her home in Chappaqua, New York, on Sunday, after the 'medical episode'.
Gov. Mike Pence: I Was ‘Taken Aback’ and ’Speechless’ About Clinton’s ‘Deplorable,’ ‘Irredeemable’ Comments About ‘Millions of Americans’
Pence said that he was “simply taken aback” by Hillary Clinton’s decision to castigate millions of Americans, and was “speechless” about it. He said such comments by anyone, including Clinton, mean that such a person “who has that low an opinion of millions of Americans should never be elected president of the United States,” meaning that this adds to the list of things that already disqualify Clinton from the presidency.
Entire Media Freaks Out After Trump Over-Performance in Forum
Ashe Schow
Clearly, the mainstream media is panicking about Clinton’s drop in the polls. They’re lashing out at each other. The Post is mad at The Times, and everyone has decided that [Matt] Lauer is the problem. Lauer’s own employers are calling his performance a “disaster.” It seems obvious they’re all just upset that Trump hasn’t said or done anything to take the heat off of Clinton’s two weeks of bad news coverage.
"Shut It Down!": Reuters Orders Cameraman to Kill Positive Trump Footage a Shock Example of Media Censorship Caught on Tape
[off camera] The cameraman says, "I'm shooting this, I don't care what they say….I'll take a demotion for this…. you?" "Shut it down," insists the director," followed by another voice asking, "Shut this down?" The incident occurred as African-American Bishop Wayne T. Jackson presented Trump with a shawl, a bible, and offered his prayers as the black audience cheered and clapped. Perhaps aware of the devastating impact the optics of this moment would have on the media's efforts to demonize Trump as a racist bigot, a voice is heard off-camera saying, "He's getting a shawl!"
Clinton Foundation Deceived IRS on Tax Exemption from the Start
Clinton Foundation officials repeatedly skirted or ignored federal laws and regulations while converting the non-profit from its tax-exempt purpose of building a presidential library in Little Rock, Arkansas, into a $2 billion global machine selling political influence and access on an unprecedented scale, according to documents reviewed by The Daily Caller News Foundation.
Don't Let Comey Put a Criminal in the White House
Austin Bay
FBI Director James Comey doth protest too much. I refer to his "memo to staff" issued Wednesday September 7, four days before the eleventh anniversary of 9/11 and the fourth anniversary of the Benghazi massacre. In the memo, Director Comey assures America that he and his agency are "honest, competent, and independent" and his early decision to recommend no indictment of Hillary Clinton for her various classified information crimes was not difficult.
U.S. DHS Chief at Muslim Brotherhood-Linked Conference
Jeh Johnson: 'Your story is the quintessential American story'

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson spoke at the annual Islamic Society of America (ISNA) conference over the weekend, in what the Washington Post called an "impassioned speech" to empower ISNA's participants. ISNA is a group with Muslim Brotherhood origins and an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terror-financing trial.
Clinton Aides Attack, Threaten Reporter for Saying
Hillary Looked ‘Low Energy’ at Friday Press Conference

Pooped HillaryVideo of the Clinton press conference shows a tired looking, listless Clinton with heavy bags under her eyes reading a long statement before answering a few questions from the press. As she answers, Clinton’s eyelids droop repeatedly as if she is fighting off nodding off. The only time Clinton perked up was when she was walking away and was asked about her rival Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump appearing on Russian-owned RT television.
Yes, Hillary Knows Classified Information
Does Not Always Come with a 'Header'

Andrew C. McCarthy
Well, it looks like Hillary Clinton's oft-repeated canard – "I never sent or received any e-mails marked classified" – has been so thoroughly discredited that it now poll-tests poorly. Hence, she broke out a new wineskin for the same old rotgut at last night's candidate forum: the "header." Obviously, Mrs. Clinton is tactically morphing "marked" into "header" because some of her emails were marked classified.
Clinton Email Scandal:
What Hillary Tells Voters Isn't What She Told the FBI

Investor's Business Daily
No wonder the mainstream press is outraged at Matt Lauer's performance as moderator of NBC's "Commander in chief Forum." He asked questions about Hillary Clinton's email use that the rest of the media refuse to. And in doing so, Lauer exposed another aspect of her duplicitousness.
My Hero, Phyllis Schlafly, R.I.P.
Laura Ingraham
When I heard conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly had passed away yesterday at age 92, I stopped what I was doing with the kids, went into the bathroom and sobbed. What a friend! What a lady! What a fighter! What an inspiration! She was a true giant – one of the great figures of American history.

Standing Ovation for Donald Trump at
Phyllis Schlafly Funeral in St. Louis!

Schlafly was a constitutional lawyer, conservative activist, author, speaker, columnist and founder of the Eagle Forum. Phyllis was active promoting conservative agenda until her passing. She wrote a weekly column for over 50 years. Schlafly released a book in August, The Conservative Case for Trump, with co-authors Ed Martin and Brett Decker.

– Phyllis Schlafly's last column –
Trump in Mexico Recalls Reagan in Geneva
Phyllis Schlafly
Donald Trump's surprise visit to Mexico, where he met the Mexican president and discussed the many contentious issues between our two countries, reminds me of President Reagan's important trip to Geneva in 1985. Reagan was more than willing to sit down with the Communist leader of the USSR in an effort to build a personal connection between the two men without sacrificing America's vital interests in the Cold War.
Mark Levin: I'm Voting for Donald Trump
Mark Levin: I think this is a binary election – at least for the country – that either Trump or Clinton will be president of the United States. I happen to think despite the CNN poll and so forth there is a lot of work to do to make up ground, particularly in battleground states. But Hillary is so awful I just don't know. I'm not in the prediction business so it doesn't matter. So I'm going to vote for Donald Trump.
Hostage Rescue was Aborted While Obama Vacationed
Under the dim light of a quarter moon, a U.S. special operations team skimmed through the night skies above eastern Afghanistan, awaiting final mission approval from President Barrack Obama while speeding toward the objective. The commandos were fast on their way last month to rescue two western hostages held by hostile gunmen. As the raiders approached their target – a makeshift prison compound – they suddenly were ordered to stand down. The president, who was vacationing on the island of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, did not have time to give the required final go-ahead.
Obama - Always time for golf
Leaked Memo:
George Soros Foundation Seeking to Expand U.S. Online Voting

Note – Obama's Presidential Panel Dismissed Concerns About Hacking
George Soros's Open Society Foundations is seeking to expand the use of electronic and online voting systems nationwide, according to a leaked Foundations document reviewed by Breitbart News. While the directive was issued two years ago, the issue of electronic voting has become a hot button topic in this year's presidential election amid fears digital voting systems can be compromised.
When the Death of Justice Comes,
It Will Look Like a Terror Watch List

Charles C.W. Cooke
In 2014, the U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon ruled that the terror watch list was "arbitrary and capricious," and that its use violated both the U.S. Constitution and the Administrative Procedure Act. Now, the executive branch hopes to use that list to regulate the Bill of Rights.
Bloomberg Tries to Buy Gun Control in Maine
Krysta West
This November, Maine voters will be faced with an age-old question – how much freedom are you willing to sacrifice in the name of "safety"? Billionaire and ex-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has used Maine's Citizen's Initiative Process to almost single-handedly fund a campaign to make his version of universal background checks the law of the land in the Pine Tree State.
Going Against the Grain After Orlando Shooting,
LGBT Group Embraces Guns

Jonathan Fischer is never sure who’s going to be more surprised when he, as he likes to put it, comes out of the gun closet – the gun aficionados who find out he’s gay or the gay friends who find out he likes shooting guns... In the days after 49 people were fatally shot at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla., this summer, Fischer wanted to do something to make his community safer. So he started the West Hollywood chapter of the Pink Pistols – a loosely organized, national LGBT gun group.
Univ. of California Profs Demand Continuation of
Air Pollution Gravy Train

Steve Milloy
Nineteen research professors in the University of California system have written the California Air Resources Board urging more stringent air quality regulations. I'm sure all the federal money they get for their "research" has nothing to do with their request... Here's the federal funding for the principal investigators among the signatories – $307,476,712 worth of grants.
Calif. School Backs Down, Allows Child to Share Bible Verses
Just in time for back to school, the Palmdale School District has backed away from censoring a first grader's constitutional rights to share Bible verses with his classmates at Desert Rose Elementary School. The situation started with an encouraging note and Bible verse from mom Christina Zavala, tucked into a packed lunch for her little boy.
14-year-old Jailed On $1 Million Bond In Saginaw Shooting
A 14-year-old male remains jailed on a $1 million bond in connection with the shooting of another teen in Old Town Saginaw. Tanorris T. Lee is charged as an adult with assault with intent to murder and three firearm offenses in the early Aug. 30 shooting of a 17-year-old male on North Hamilton between Hancock and Court. The victim suffered five gunshot wounds, including one to the neck and two to the chest, about 12:30 a.m., police have said.
School District Boots Jesus Christ, Prayer and a Hymn
Todd Starnes
Jesus Christ is no longer welcome at a school district in Tipton, Missouri. And neither are prayers or a religious hymn. The Tipton R-VI School District decided to cleanse itself of anything remotely affiliated with Christianity after they were bullied by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. They even pulled down a giant portrait of our Lord that was displayed in the grade school's library.
WaPo Report: Globetrotting Obama Official Traveled In Luxury
Taxpayers Footed the Bill

Stefan Selig liked to travel in style. As he jetted around the world promoting American industry as one of the Obama administration’s top trade officials, he told his staff to book him rooms at luxury hotels from South America to the Middle East – with hot tubs, rooftop decks and gourmet dining. He rode with luxury-car services, spending $1,800 during a two-day trip to Boston last year.

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