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"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.
It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies.
The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated;
but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end
for they do so with the approval of their own conscience." —C. S. Lewis (1898–1963)

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“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government
from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” —Thomas Jefferson

“It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error.
It is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error.”
—Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson
“Immigrants soon find their place in urban life, they soon adopt, externally, town manners and opinions, but for a long time they remain foreign to civic thought. One cannot make a social philosophy one’s own as easily as a new costume. . . More menacing than barbarians storming the walls from without are the seeming citizens within – those who are citizens in gesture, but not in thought.”
—Ludwig von Mises, Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis, p. 38 (1922)
“Just because you do not take an interest in politics
doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you.”
—Pericles, Greek statesman, 495–429 BC

“I am certain that nothing has done so much to destroy the juridical safeguards of
individual freedom as the striving after this mirage of social justice.”
F. A. Hayek, Economic Freedom and Representative Government (1973)

Truth is always stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sense. — Mark Twain

The most costly of all follies is to believe passionately in the palpably not true. — H. L. Mencken

To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil,
and in some small way to become evil oneself. --Theodore Dalrymple 

"Economic power is exercised by means of a positive, by offering men a reward,
an incentive, a payment, a value; political power is exercised by means of a negative,
by the threat of punishment, injury, imprisonment, destruction.
The businessman's tool is values; the bureaucrat's tool is fear."
— Novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand

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Obama's Legacy Makeover: An 8-Year Reality Check
Mark Alexander
Barack Hussein Obama entertained his dwindling legion of constituents with farewell remarks Tuesday night – the last stop on his extensive “legacy makeover” tour that began after Donald Trump defeated his designated heir, Hillary Clinton. I should note that by “last stop,” I mean as “president.” Unlike his predecessor, Obama has no plans to quietly recede from the nation’s capital, as has been the practice of former presidents since 1796.

A Window Into a Depraved Culture
Heather Mac Donald
The violence in the Chicago torture video does not arise in a vacuum. Most residents of inner-city areas are hardworking bourgeois citizens longing to live in safety and in racial harmony. But the video opens a window into a culture that America would prefer to turn its eyes away from – and which it has helped create.


Why the United States is a republic and not a democracy
A Republic v. A Democracy
Why the U.S.A. is one and not the other.

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Week ending 15 January 2017

Farewell to a Decade of Media Drooling Over Barack Obama
Rich Noyes
From the moment then-state senator Barack Obama showed up on the national stage to address the Democratic convention in 2004, the news media were in love. "Obama is a rock star," NBC's Andrea Mitchell exclaimed during MSNBC's live convention coverage back on July 27, 2004. The next morning, ABC's George Stephanopoulos echoed Mitchell's enthusiasm: "He's the Tiger Woods of the Democratic Party right now."
President Obama's Disastrous Record on Race
Jon Gabriel
On Election Day 2008, many Democrats welcomed a new post-racial America. The hideous blight of slavery and Jim Crow could never be forgotten, but our first African-American President would in some small way help atone for those sins and ultimately transcend them. Even Republicans shared the emotions of Grant Park, where thousands crying elderly blacks finally saw that America could elect a person of color.
John McCain: I Gave Russia Blackmail Dossier on Trump to FBI
Sen. John McCain admitted Wednesday that he gave the FBI a dossier detailing claims of a Russian blackmail plot against President-elect Donald Trump. The Arizona lawmaker, a longtime Trump critic, made the public statement as questions piled up about his alleged role in spreading an unverified and error-riddled document that Trump has denounced as "a complete and total fabrication."
Who's Really Behind the Russian Hacking Controversy?
Alicia Colon

All of sudden, there are numerous reports about how Putin's Russia tried to influence the election that Donald Trump won by hacking the emails of the DNC. The lapdog media, useful idiots in Hollywood and the Never Trumpers in Congress have seized on the unsubstantiated rumors in an attempt to delegitimize the 2016 election. Meanwhile, murderous jihadists continue their mayhem across Europe and here in the United States but this issue is no longer as important as the possibility that Putin elected Trump.
What Exactly Is Trumpism?
Victor Davis Hanson
From the 2016 campaign and from President-elect Trump’s slated appointments, past interviews, and tweets, we can see a coherent worldview emerging, something different from both orthodox conservativism and liberalism, though certainly Trumpism is far closer to the former than to the latter. Here may be a few outlines of Trumpist thought.
Bikers for Trump Ready to Provide a 'Wall of Meat' and
Stand up to Protesters

A motorcycle group led by a South Carolina chainsaw artist will ride into the nation's capital on Inauguration Day in support of the 45th President of the United States. Bikers for Trump, a group of motorcycle enthusiasts, will likely be toeing the line with protesters, who are also expected to be at the event. "The bikers are certainly used to being outnumbered and we are prepared to form a wall of meat," Chris Cox, the founder of the organization, told the FOX Business Network.
Is There Any Republican President or
Presidential Candidate Lewis Hasn’t Cried Wolf Over?

Glenn Reynolds
“Lewis questioned the validity of the previous Republican president, George W. Bush, on multiple occasions, as well. He told the Wall Street Journal ‘some of us think [Al Gore] won last time’ during an interview in 2001, and also supported the idea of impeaching Bush in 2005 over the NSA’s warrantless surveillance activity.”
Lewis compares John McCain and Sarah Palin to George Wallace
Trump Hits Back At John Lewis
John Hinderaker
Lewis is invariably described as a “civil rights icon,” but the man is an utter fraud. He has been coasting on his 50-year-old reputation for decades. Andrew Breitbart exposed Lewis as a liar when he claimed, falsely, to have been subjected to racial epithets by a crowd outside the Capitol.
Black Student Charged in Hate Crime Hoax
A Maryland teenager will face criminal charges in connection to a hate crime hoax after threatening black students at her school. A 14-year old black student at Arundel High School admitted to police that she created a Twitter account that sent racist messages hinting at an attack.
ISIL-Levant_map Obama's Lethal Israel Legacy
Why Does Obama Insist on Calling the Islamist Terrorists "ISIL"?

TYSK Flashback
In one press conference after another, when referring to the Muslim terror super-group ISIS, United States President Barack Obama will use the term ISIL instead of their former name ISIS or current name Islamic State. Have you ever wondered about that? We have.
Obama’s Mid-East Legacy is Tragic Failure
Alan Dershowitz
The Middle East is a more dangerous place after eight years of the Obama Presidency than it was before. With regard to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, the Obama policies have made the prospects for a compromise peace more difficult to achieve. When Israel felt that America had its back – under both President Clinton and Bush 43 – they offered generous proposals to end settlements and occupation in nearly all of the West Bank.
In a Cover-up Similar to Benghazi Airport Shooter's Conversion to Islam and "jihadist identity" Kept Quiet by Obama Admin.
The Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooter is a Muslim convert who years before joining the U.S. Army took on an Islamic name (Aashiq Hammad), downloaded terrorist propaganda and recorded Islamic religious music online, according to public records dug up by the investigative news site of an award-winning, California journalist. This is pertinent information that the Obama administration apparently wants to keep quiet, bringing up memories of the Benghazi cover up...
U.S. Small-Business Optimism Index Surges by Most Since 1980
Optimism among America's small businesses soared in December by the most since 1980 as expectations about the economy's prospects improved dramatically in the aftermath of the presidential election. The National Federation of Independent Business's index jumped 7.4 points last month to 105.8, the highest since the end of 2004, from 98.4. While seven of the 10 components increased in December, 73 percent of the monthly advance was due to more upbeat views about the outlook for sales and the economy, the Washington-based group said.
Alibaba Could Generate 1 Million New U.S. Jobs,
CEO Jack Ma Tells President Elect Trump

"We mainly talked about small business, and young people and selling American agricultural products to China," said Ma. He said he envisaged most of the jobs being created in the U.S. Midwest agricultural sector, and also mentioned garments, fruits, and wines as possible goods that could be successfully sold to Chinese consumers. "Jack and I are going to do some great things," Trump said to reporters after the meeting without commenting further.

Economic Growth Estimated to Double in Two Years
Due to Trump's Policies

According to a Deutsche Bank forecast, Trump's policies could "trigger a new age in U.S. economic growth that could serve as a global template." Trump's policies are projected to increase GDP to 2.4 percent in 2017 and to 3.6 percent in 2018, which is more than double than the average growth of 1.6 percent seen during Obama Administration.

Amid Pressure Apple Seeks to Expand Manufacturing in Arizona
Amid pressure to build products at home, Apple is seeking to conduct "high-tech manufacturing" at one of its American plants, according to a federal government filing. Apple has requested to make finished products in its facility in Mesa, Arizona, according to the document, first reported by Business Insider. Right now, it has permissions to make consumer electronics components there, the filing said.
Election Ushers in States Preparing for Right-to-Work Laws;
These Are Jobs Bills for the States

Not only did the 2016 election bring the country a new president, but Nov. 8 also ushered in the right political environment for a batch of states to pass right-to-work bills. Twenty-six states have right-to-work laws on the books, and labor experts are expecting lawmakers in at least three more – Kentucky, Missouri, and New Hampshire – to pass bills giving workers the power to choose whether they want to join a union or pay union dues.
Job Crushing 'Midnight Litigation' May Be On Tap as
One More Poke-in-the-Eye from Barack Obama

Conservative and pro-business groups warn that the Obama administration may pursue legal action to enforce some of its thousands of new "job-crushing" regulations before President-elect Donald Trump is sworn into office. Regulations promulgated in "the waning days" of President Barack Obama's lame-duck administration could constrain the new Trump administration, the coalition of groups warned Vice President-elect Mike Pence in a letter dated Dec. 28.
Safe and Healthy (Not Pristine) Air
Paul Driessen
America’s air is healthy and safe. EPA’s PM2.5 emission standards and regulations are clearly based on bald assertions, rank conjecture, epidemiological studies that provide no scientific support for the agency, and human testing that actually proves small particulates pose no toxic or lethal risk to risk to human health, even at levels dozens of time higher than what EPA claims are dangerous or lethal in outdoor air.
Drain the FCC Swamp – This Obsolete Vestige of the
New Deal Should Be Dissolved

Eric Steinmann
President Ronald Reagan ended his first term by abolishing the Civil Aeronautics Board. The CAB determined air passenger routes, airline slots at airports and ticket prices. The agency was an obsolete relic from Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal. Its elimination freed the airline industry for unprecedented growth and expanding service to nearly a billion airline passengers a year. The FCC is another obsolete vestige of the New Deal.
The Great California Earthquake of 2018:
First State to Default on Federal Loan

Andrew Solomon
I would like to direct your attention to something boring but infinitely informative regarding the nature of this mismanaged state. Employers who utilize labor pay into the FUTA, or the federal unemployment tax, at a rate of 6% and are credited back an offset of 5.4% that they previously paid the state, leaving a small federal liability of only 0.6%.
Dead People Doled Out $2.6 Billion Worth of Food Stamps
Dead retailers redeemed more than $2 billion worth of food stamps, according to a new audit. The U.S. Department of Agriculture's inspector general reviewed billions of transactions through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also known as food stamps. It found that thousands of stores authorized to accept food stamps were using the Social Security numbers of deceased persons.
How Venezuela’s Corrupt Socialists are Looting the Country to Death
Thor Halvorssen
Venezuela is no longer a country with a government, institutions and a civil society. It’s a geographic area terrorized by a criminal enterprise that pretends to govern, with a civil society made up of two sets of people: accomplices and victims. More than 30 million of the latter.
Obama 'Screwed' Us, Angry Cuban Migrants Say
"Obama has screwed all Cubans," Yadiel Cruz, a Cuban in Panama bitterly told Agence France-Presse on Thursday upon learning the U.S. president has suddenly made it tougher for migrants like him to get into America. The 33-year-old summed up what many compatriots were feeling as they digested the news in a Catholic shelter in Panama's capital, a waypoint on their overland trek to the United States.
Latinos Set to Toast Tequila to Trump
Hector Barreto
Next week, a group of patriots, who happen to be Hispanic, will gather to celebrate the inauguration of President-elect Donald J. Trump. It will be the kind of moment that runs counter to the narratives of the political and the media elite, but to those of us in the room, our celebration makes perfect sense.
FBI Reportedly Arrests Volkswagen Exec On Fraud Charges
Oliver Schmidt, who headed the company's regulatory compliance office in the U.S. from 2014 to March 2015, was arrested on Saturday by federal investigators in Florida, the newspaper said, citing people familiar with the matter. VW admitted in September 2015 to installing secret software known as "defeat devices" in 475,000 U.S. 2.0-liter diesel cars to cheat exhaust emissions tests and make them appear cleaner in testing.
U.S. Gov't Accuses Fiat Chrysler of Cheating on Emissions
The U.S. government is accusing Fiat Chrysler of failing to disclose software in some of its pickups and SUVs with diesel engines that allows them to emit more pollution than allowed under the Clean Air Act. The EPA said Thursday it had issued a "notice of violation" to the company that covers about 104,000 vehicles including the 2014 through 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Ram pickups, all with 3-liter diesel engines.

Week ending 8 January 2017

When "Peace" Means Capitulation to Islam
Giulio Meotti
ISIS's henchmen butchered 90 people at the Bataclan Theater. What did the French government do to avenge them and to destroy the Islamists responsible? Absolutely nothing. The day after an Islamist killed Westerners at a Christmas market in Berlin, no German military flight took off to bomb ISIS.
The Islamization of Germany in 2016 – A Chronology
"Germany is no longer safe."

Soeren Kern – The Gatestone Institute
Mass migration from the Muslim world is fast-tracking the Islamization of Germany, as evidenced by the proliferation of no-go zones, Sharia courts, polygamy and child marriages. Mass migration has also been responsible for a host of social disruptions, including jihadist attacks, a migrant rape epidemic, a public health crisis, rising crime and a rush by German citizens to purchase weapons for self-defense – and even to abandon Germany altogether.
Democrats Wage Anti-Trump Offensive for Their Own Gain
‘This is half the country going rogue in a fit of madness.’

Michael Goodwin
There are no modern precedents to the scandalous attempts to smear and undermine the president-elect. Nearly nine weeks after his victory and less than two weeks before he takes the oath, the voter-nullification plot is growing more vile.
Fiat to Invest $1 Billion in Michigan, Ohio Plants, Create 2000 Jobs
FCA, the U.S. arm of automaker Fiat-Chrysler, announced on Sunday that it would invest a total $1 billion in plants in Michigan and Ohio, which will add 2000 new jobs in the United States. The announcement, in what the company said was the second phase of a plan it first made public a year ago, came days after Ford Motor Company decided to scrap a plan to build a facility in Mexico, instead opting to invest in a plant in Michigan.
Record 95,102,000 Americans Not in Labor Force;
Number Grew 18% Since Obama Took Office in 2009

People over age 16 who are no longer working or even looking for work, for whatever reason, are counted as not participating in the labor force. When President Obama took office in January 2009, 80,529,000 Americans were not in the labor force, the highest number on record. That number rose steadily during his two terms, reaching a record 95,055,000 in November 2016, then setting another record (95,102,000) in December.
18 Major Scandals in Obama's 'Scandal-Free' Presidency that
Valerie Jarrett Forgot

President Obama and his mouthpieces have embarked on a bizarre scheme to hypnotize America into forgetting the many scandals of his presidency. They seem to think that intoning "this administration hasn't had a scandal" over and over again will make history disappear. It's the lamest Jedi Mind Trick ever, and is being pushed on people who know Star Wars is just a movie.
Lawsuits Pile Up Against Obama Administration's New
Transgender Medical Care Rule

The Catholic Benefits Association, which represents more than 700 Catholic employers including many hospitals, filed a lawsuit in federal court Dec. 28 in an effort to get its members exempted from the rule. Five states and several other Christian healthcare providers are already fighting the requirement in another case against the rule. A Texas judge halted the rule over the weekend.
Judge Denies Bail for 4 Remorseless Chicago Torture Suspects
The four appeared before Cook County Associate Judge Maria Kuriakos Ciesil who asked them, "Where was your sense of decency?" As seen in the horrifying video that appeared online this week, a young, mentally disabled white man was beaten, threatened with a knife and taunted with profanities directed at white people and President-elect Donald Trump. The suspects, who are black, face charges including hate crimes and aggravated battery.
Judge Allows Defamation and Malicious Prosecution Lawsuit
Against Marilyn Mosby to Go Forward

The lawsuit was filed by five of the six Baltimore Police officers charged in 2015 with the death of Freddie Gray. The judge ruled that the suit against Mosby and Baltimore City Assistant Sheriff Samuel Cogen can proceed, said Michael Glass, an attorney for Sgt Alicia White and Officer William Porter.
Soldier Attacked After Philadelphia's Mummers Parade
A soldier's mom is speaking out after a brutal attack on her son. The serviceman became a target for a violent group after the Mummers parade. He is now in the hospital with a long recovery ahead of him. "He's such a good kid. He did not deserve this." Lori Freni was supposed to see her 19-year-old Army serviceman son Austin head back to base after the holidays.
The California Gathering That Hatched Plan to
Prosecute Skeptics of Climate Change

Just before joining climate change activist and former VP Al Gore for a press conference in New York City, seven state-level attorneys general huddled with a representative of the Union of Concerned Scientists. The political activist, Peter Frumhoff, called for them and other elected officials to move decisively against major corporations and institutions for “denying” climate change. The seeds of that call to action in March were planted four years earlier across the country, when Frumhoff and other environmental activists gathered with trial lawyers and academics to plot strategy in San Diego.
House Passes Legislation to Erase
Last Minute Obama Admin Regulations

"This is about accountability, transparency and ensuring job creators aren't being crushed by droves of new regulations just before a President leaves office. Regulations, when necessary, should be implemented with time for a thorough public vetting and input from those impacted," said California Republican Rep. Darrell Issa, lead sponsor of the bill, in a statement.
FBI Says the Democratic Party Wouldn’t Let Agents See the
Hacked Email Servers

In a statement to WIRED, a senior FBI law enforcement official wrote in an email Thursday that “The FBI repeatedly stressed to DNC officials the necessity of obtaining direct access to servers and data, only to be rebuffed until well after the initial compromise had been mitigated.”
FBI Quietly Releases 300 Pages of Hillary Clinton Investigation Records
The FBI quietly released nearly 300 pages of records from its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server on Sunday night. This is the fifth release of Clinton investigation records from the FBI. The documents deal with the handling of computer hardware collected from Clinton’s lawyers for the investigation and also contain emails from FBI officials discussing the classification of Clinton’s emails.
Actions Have Consequences: Israel Announces Cut in Funding to UN
In response to last month’s United Nations Security Council resolution demanding an end to Jewish settlements within alleged Palestinian territories, Israel has announced plans to suspend an estimated $6 million in funding to the U.N. ‘The cut to Israel’s $40 million annual contribution to the United Nations represented the portion of the UN budget allocated to four committees on Palestinian issues, the Israeli mission said.’
‘Knives Sticking Out Of My Back’:
Global Warming Skeptic Tells Tucker Carlson Why She Left Academia

Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry told Fox News host Tucker Carlson she was so sick of politicization of global warming in academia she resigned from her tenured position at Georgia Tech. “I’ve been vilified by some of my colleagues who are activists and don’t like anybody challenging their big story,” Curry told Carlson Friday night.
New uniform rulesNew Army Regulations Let Soldiers Wear
Hijabs, Turbans and Religious Beards

The U.S. Army has issued a directive on grooming and appearance regulations that allows observant Sikh men and conservative Muslim women to wear religious head coverings. The policy, announced Tuesday, also permits Sikh soldiers to maintain their beards and female soldiers to wear their hair in dreadlocks. 
Cub Scouts Embroiled in Transgender Controversy
Todd Starnes
The Cub Scouts are facing a transgender controversy after an eight-year-old born a girl who identifies as a boy was asked to leave a New Jersey pack. Before I get into the heart of the issue, I want to explain why I have chosen not to identify the parent or the child. I find it reprehensible a grown woman would parade her child in front of the national media to advance some sort of cultural agenda. This parent is sacrificing her child's privacy and innocence for 15 minutes of fame.
Manhattan Culinary Staple China Fun Shutters,
Blaming Government Over-Regulation

For 25 years, China Fun was renowned for its peerless soup dumplings and piquant General Tso’s chicken. What left a bad taste in the mouths of its owners and loyal patrons was the restaurant’s sudden Jan. 3 closing, blamed by management on suffocating government demands.

Week ending 1 January 2017

Obama's Treachery Exposed
Joan Swirsky
After watching all the pomp and circumstance of the presidential inauguration of January 20, 2009, I remember turning to my husband Steve and saying: "The sole mission of Barack Obama and his henchmen is to destroy Israel." ... Samantha Power is Obama's Ambassador to the U.N. and it was she who delivered the curare-tipped pronouncement to not veto the vote. Power joins a long list of Jew haters that Mr. Obama has surrounded himself with.
So you honestly believe that Muslims
can integrate into American and European Society?

Andrew G. Benjamin
There’s no such person, nation, civilization, country, culture known as “Palestinian.” There’s no Palestinian history, cuisine, religion, architecture, ancient artifacts and archeology, language, literature or art known as “Palestinian.” The Palestinians were “invented,” exactly as Newt Gingrich a history professor stated, in Moscow circa 1964.
Something About This Russia Story Stinks
Matt Taibbi
We all remember the WMD fiasco. "It's déjà vu all over again" is how one friend put it. You can see awkwardness reflected in the headlines that flew around the Internet Thursday. Some news agencies seemed split on whether to unequivocally declare that Russian hacking took place, or whether to hedge bets and put it all on the government to make that declaration, using "Obama says" formulations.
Here's the Full Report Released by the
FBI and DHS On Russian Hacking

Notice what isn't in it…any evidence of motive to help Trump, as was previously claimed by the CIA anonymous leaks. And again there is no evidence whatever that the election itself was in anyway hacked. Nor is there even evidence that Russia actually did the hacking, simply that it is 'consistent' with Russian-directed efforts.
Aides to Russia's Putin Blast Obama Administration as
'foreign policy losers, angry and shallow brained'

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he will not expel 35 U.S. diplomats in revenge for hacking sanctions imposed by White House officials. The country's foreign minister had threatened to expel officials in retaliation to the White House's decision to banish 35 Russian officials from the U.S. – but Putin stepped in to say he would not engage in tit-for-tat politics amid election hacking claims.
‘Why Did They Do Nothing?’: Jonathan Karl Grills Democratic
Rep. Adam Schiff on Obama Response to Chinese OPM Hack

Referencing comments by incoming White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, Karl wondered if he had a point on the level of response by Obama when it came to issuing sanctions against Russia over allegations of hacking the election compared to inaction over China. “But doesn’t the incoming Trump press secretary have a point here on the response by the Obama Administration,” Karl asked.
Obama’s Late Hit on Israel
It’s His Final, Most Shameful, Legacy Moment

Charles Krauthammer
Many people don’t quite understand the damage done to Israel by the U.S. abstention that permitted passage of a Security Council resolution condemning Israel over its settlements. The administration pretends this is nothing but a restatement of longstanding U.S. opposition to settlements. Nonsense.
Transcript Claims to Show U.S. Worked with
Palestinians on UN Resolution

An Egyptian paper published what it claims are the transcripts of meetings between top U.S. and Palestinian officials that, if true, would corroborate Israeli accusations that the Obama administration was behind last week's UN Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements. At the same time, a report in an Israeli daily Tuesday night pointed to Britain helping draft the resolution and high drama in the hours leading up to the vote...

Leaked Document: U.S. Colluded with Palestinians
10 Days Before UN Settlements Vote

Haaretz [Israel], by Barak Ravid
United States Secretary of State John Kerry and White House National Security Adviser Susan Rice told a Palestinian delegation in Washington 10 days before the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution against Israeli settlements that the U.S. would not impose a veto on such a resolution if its wording was balanced, according to a document released by an Egyptian news site.
The Soviet-Palestinian Lie
The Gatestone Institute - Judith Bergman
"The PLO was dreamt up by the KGB, which had a penchant for 'liberation' organizations. First, the KGB destroyed the official records of Arafat's birth in Cairo, and replaced them with fictitious documents saying that he had been born in Jerusalem and was therefore a Palestinian by birth." – Ion Mihai Pacepa, former chief of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Romania.
Islam – The Undeniable Truth –
A quick video lesson in the history of Islam

Brigitte Gabriel [March 15, 2016] [16-mins]
The Feast of Stephen 2016:
We Are Living in a New Age of Christian Martyrs

Ralph Peters
The second line of the Christmas carol slips past us. We hear "Good King Wenceslas looked out…" But what about the next bit, "…on the Feast of Stephen?" What's that about? December 26th is St. Stephen's Day – the Feast of Stephen – long an important celebration in the Christian calendar and now largely ignored. It's time to bring it back.
Child Jihadists Hunt Down,
Execute Bound Prisoners in New ISIS Video

The half-hour-long production, from ISIS headquarters in Raqqa, shows child jihadists – boys about 9 to 12 years old – crawling through brush carrying rifles and snipping through a barbed-wire fence toward a training compound with one-story buildings and dummies as targets. Late, bound prisoners are first wounded then murdered at point-blank range.
Afghan Woman Beheaded for Going Shopping Without Her Husband
A woman has reportedly been beheaded by a group of armed men in Afghanistan after she entered a city without her husband. The horrific act took place in the remote village of Latti in Sar-e-Pul province, which is under Taliban control. The Middle East Press reported the woman had gone to the market to shop.
Obama Continues 'Seeding' Red States with Syrians;
Drops 502 Refugees on Nebraska in Final Weeks

President Barack Obama's deputies have dropped 502 additional refugees into Nebraska during the first three months of FY 2017, according to the Department of State. The refugee resettlement rate for FY 2017 to date is significantly higher in Nebraska than it has been during any other year in the more three decades the state has participated in the federal refugee resettlement program.
Pardon the Interruption:
Clinton Allegation May Force Obama to Act; Clinton to Admit

David E. Weisberg
In dashing through his last few weeks in office, will one of Pres. Obama's final acts be to pardon Hillary Clinton for any violations of federal law she might have committed while she was secretary of state? It's an interesting and complex question. We should first note that the Obama administration's decision not to prosecute Mrs. Clinton would not bind the Trump administration.
DC Court of Appeals Re-Opens Search for Deleted Hillary Emails –
This Time with Grand Juries and Subpoenas, if Necessary

Thomas Lifson
[D.C. Court of Appeals judge Stephen Williams] reversed a lower court decision that halted FOIA lawsuits by Judicial Watch and Cause of Action that had sought Justice Department probes into the possible existence of records of the deleted emails. This formal action of declaring the case not moot thus opens the door, just in time for the Trump administration Justice Department, to formal law enforcement investigation of the hiding of Hillary's email.
Obama Unleashes 3,853 Regs, 18 for Every New Law,
Record 97,110 Pages of Red Tape

President Obama´s lame duck administration poured on thousands more new regulations in 2016 at a rate of 18 for every new law passed, according to a Friday analysis of his team´s expansion of federal authority. While Congress passed just 211 laws, Obama´s team issued an accompanying 3,852 new federal regulations, some costing billions of dollars.
Federal Judge Blocks Transgender, Abortion-Related Obamacare Protections; Policy Violates Rule-making Practices
The decision sides with Texas, seven other states and three Christian-affiliated healthcare groups challenging a rule that, according to the judge, defines sex bias to include “discrimination on the basis of gender identity and termination of pregnancy.” In granting an injunction one day before the new policy was to take effect, U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor held that it violates the Administrative Procedure Act, a federal law governing rule-making practices.
Obama Admin Fires Scientist for NOT Lying to Congress;
U.S. House Now Investigating Illegal Lobbying

In the eyes of the law, lying to Congress is a crime. In the eyes of liberals, NOT lying to Congress is a crime. Dr. Noelle Metting learned that the hard way. She was fired by Obama administration officials for honestly answering questions from members of Congress, instead of reading from a lobbying script prepared for her.
U.S. Has No Aircraft Carrier at Sea for First Time Since WWII
For the next week, not only will there be no U.S. Navy aircraft carrier in the Middle East, but there will be no American aircraft carriers deployed at sea anywhere else in the world, despite a host of worldwide threats facing the United States. The carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and her strike group returned to Norfolk, Va., Friday following a seven-month deployment. The Ike launched hundreds of airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq and Syria from both the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf.
Obama's legacy - a weakened superpower
Democrat Congressman Selects Painting of Cops as Pigs
Hung Proudly in U.S. Capitol

A piece of art depicting police officers as pigs with guns terrorizing a black neighborhood is currently displayed proudly inside our nation's Capitol. The untitled artwork, which supposedly symbolizes the unrest that followed the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, was selected as part of the annual Congressional Art Competition. The painting was selected on behalf of Rep. Lacy Clay (D-MO).
Family of Murdered Singer Files Lawsuit Against
“Gun Free” Venue Where She was Shot

On June 10, 2016, American singer-songwriter, Christina Grimmie, was shot and killed by 27-year-old Kevin James Loibl while she was signing autographs ... The theater where Grimmie was performing was a gun-free theater. Now, the Grimmie family has filed a lawsuit against the theater, claiming negligent security on the part of the venue. The premise of the lawsuit is if a property owner bans law abiding citizens with guns, then the property owner should be responsible if a tragedy like this one occurs.
“Gun-free” zones create victims, not safety
Skeptical Climate Scientists Coming in from the Cold
Researchers who see global warming as something less than a planet-ending calamity believe the incoming Trump administration may allow their views to be developed and heard. This didn't happen under the Obama administration, which denied that a debate even existed.
Obama Quietly Signs the
"Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act" Into Law

Tyler Durden
As with any legislation attempting to dodge the public spotlight the Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act of 2016 (H.R. 5181) marks a further curtailment of press freedom and another avenue to stultify avenues of accurate information. Also called the Countering Information Warfare Act of 2016 (S. 2692), when introduced in March by Sen. Rob Portman, the legislation represents a dramatic return to Cold War-era government propaganda battles.
Drexel Univ. Professor Under Fire Wishing for 'White Genocide'
George Ciccariello-Maher, a white assistant professor of history and politics at the Philadelphia university, posted "All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide" on Twitter on Christmas Eve, according to media reports. He followed up on Sunday by tweeting, "To clarify: when the whites were massacred during the Haitian revolution, that was a good thing indeed."

Drexel Professor Reprimanded for 'White Genocide' Tweet
Claims it was Satire

"All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide," associate professor of politics and global studies George Ciccariello-Maher wrote on Christmas Eve. He then wrote on Sunday: "To clarify: when the whites were massacred during the Haitian revolution, that was a good thing indeed."
Ha! Bloomberg Blew $20 Million On Unenforceable
Nevada Back Ground Check Bill

Bob Owens
Like good little liberals everywhere, Nevada's anti-gun Democrats expected someone else (in this case, the federal government in the form of the FBI) to foot the bill for their edict. The feds have rejected it outright. Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt has noted it is entirely unenforceable.
Phantoms of Gun Control
Charles C.W. Cooke
[A] closer investigation reveals that a good portion of the “anti-gun groups” that are supposedly playing a role in our national debate do not actually exist in any recognizable form at all. I am recording that a sizeable number of namechecked gun control outfits are straight-up non-entities.
It Really WAS Risky for Santa On Christmas Eve
Here is a Recap of Some Federal Snags He Dodged

David Rosenthal
While most people know Jolly Old Saint Nick as a friendly figure, he too is not immune from the perils of administrative overreach and over-criminalization. Many have tried finding Santa's workshop – without success – but children have long mailed letters to the Santa Claus House located at 101 St. Nicholas Drive in North Pole, Alaska. This office location is the first source of trouble for Father Christmas.

Week ending 25 December 2016

Obama’s UN Betrayal of Israel is Only the Tip of the Iceberg
Mike Konrad
It is the recent UN vote abstention – which has hurt Israel – which has produced the most shock. Unlike Obama's federal shenanigans, which can be undone when Trump comes into power, the damage in the UN may be irreversible.  Russia and China would surely veto any recision of the resolution.
Obama’s Appalling UN Betrayal
New York Post Editorial Board
Friday’s failure to veto an anti-Israel resolution at the United Nations sets a new low in the annals of American diplomacy. It was a shocking betrayal of a firm U.S. ally, and of longstanding bipartisan U.S. policy – a sneaky, dishonest move by a lame-duck president to express his pique at the president-elect and land a final vindictive blow on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
What General Mattis Did So That a Marine
Could Spend Christmas with His Family Speaks Volumes

When General James Mattis was announced as Trump's pick for Secretary of Defense, the military community was over the moon. Mattis, who has dedicated his life to the study of war, is a legend in the U.S. Armed Forces. While he's known for his military genius and killing bad guys, there's much more to him than that. He deeply cares about his men.
As Obama Accomplished Policy Goals, His Party Floundered
In boasting about his tenure in the White House, President Barack Obama often cites numbers like these: 15 million new jobs, a 4.9 percent unemployment rate and 74 months of consecutive job growth. There's one number you will almost never hear: More than 1,030 seats. That's the number of spots in state legislatures, governor's mansions and Congress lost by Democrats during Obama's presidency.
Obama Shock: Another $6 Billion in 'midnight regulations';
New Overall Price Tag to Over $1 Trillion

"These five measures alone could impose $5.1 billion in costs and more than 350,000 paperwork burden hours. In addition, three other rules in proposed form could add $898 million in burdens and 146,000 paperwork hours, for a cumulative total of nearly $6 billion in potential midnight costs and nearly 500,000 burden hours from the two agencies," said AAF's Sam Batkins.
Obama’s Betrayal of Israel is an Act of Diplomatic War
Benny Avni
Under the resolution, a young Israeli renting an apartment in Maale Edomim, a Jewish suburb of Jerusalem, may be tried at The Hague for “flagrant violation of international law.” If the mayor of Jerusalem decides to repaint a wall in the historic Old City’s Jewish Quarter, he can be hauled to court for refusing to “completely cease all settlement activity.”
Netanyahu says Obama ‘ambushed’ Israel at UN,
Likens Him to ‘deeply hostile’ Carter

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday accused President Barack Obama of breaching a specific commitment to Israel by allowing through Friday’s UN Security Council anti-settlements resolution, and compared the outgoing president’s behavior to that of predecessor Jimmy Carter, “a president who was hostile to Israel.”
After UN Vote, Kerry Suggests Israel's West Bank Foray
Spawning 'terrorism'

Secretary of State John Kerry is defending the Obama administration’s decision to effectively allow the United Nations to condemn Israel for attempting to build more settlements in the disputed West Bank, saying the “unprecedented” effort has spawned terrorism and violence that jeopardizes lasting peace in the region.
Obama’s Team Cancels Muslim Registry to
Foil Trump’s ‘Extreme Vetting’ Plans

The Obama administration rushed Thursday to cancel a program set up in the wake of Sept. 11 to track and deport illegal immigrant Muslim and Arab men, hoping to hinder President-elect Donald Trump’s plans to impose “extreme vetting” on Muslim visitors. The National Security Entry-Exit Registration System had been dormant for years, but activists demanded that the Obama administration take it off the books entirely. They feared Mr. Trump could use the program as a shortcut to starting his own vetting.
School Lesson Says Christians are Treating Muslims Harshly
Todd Starnes
A classroom assignment on Islam says one negative effect of the Crusades is that Christians are still treating Muslims harshly. “I almost fell over,” said Barbara Light. Mrs. Light, of Westwood, New Jersey, was helping her 13-year-old daughter prepare for a World History test when she discovered some rather shocking lessons.
Muslim Students Demand Prayer Rooms in Every 'Major Building'
Students at the University of Maryland have released a list of 64 demands in their effort make the campus more amenable to "marginalized student populations." The project, known as ProtectUMD, is a collaborative effort between 25 student organizations at the University of Maryland, including Students for Justice in Palestine, Bisexuals at Maryland, and the Black Student Union.
How Women’s Liberation Began with Jesus
Ralph Peters
We can pinpoint the dawn of our civilization. It didn’t come in ancient Egypt or Babylon. It didn’t even occur in classical Greece, although Athens gave us an edge. We became civilized on the day, 2,000 years ago, when an itinerant rabbi named Jesus stopped a mob from stoning a woman to death. The truest test of a civilization, the basic qualification, is how women are treated. On that day 2,000 years ago, when Jesus stopped a village honor killing, our Judeo-Christian world changed profoundly.
NY Times Twists Religion Study to Mock Christians as
'Less Educated' Than Other Religions

New York Times reporter Liam Stack took an objective Pew Research Center study about religion and educational attainment around the world, and warped it into a story summarized by this mocking headline under his Tuesday story: "Christians in U.S. Are Less Educated Than Religious Minorities, Report Says." The report showed that worldwide, Jews and Christians were the most educated, and Hindus and Muslims were the least.
The Founding Fathers Got it Right, and California is Proof
James E. Campbell
The electoral-vote system in 2016 (as in 2000, when George W. Bush became president despite losing the national popular vote) functioned as its defenders have long claimed. It prevented a single region (in this instance, a single state) from overruling the verdict of the more populous and diverse nation. Donald Trump's election is difficult for many Americans to accept, but there is no good reason to question its democratic legitimacy.
It’s Climate Regulations That Threaten Us
H. Sterling Burnett, Ph.D.
In President-Elect Donald Trump’s Contract with the American Voter, a “100-day action plan to Make America Great Again,” Mr. Trump outlines several measures he says he will undertake to create jobs and spur economic growth. While much of his proposed agenda will help to improve the economy while also leaving reasonable environmental protections in place, I believe there are two additional environment-related policy changes that he could take to jump-start the economy.
Ocotillo, CA Residents Share Grave Concerns on
Wind Turbines Catastrophic Failures

“Since this project went in three years ago, we have had three major failures with the project,” said Jim Pelley. “The first issue was a when an 11-ton blade was thrown off one of the wind turbines and landed on a public road, after just a few months of these wind turbines being installed. In less than two years of service a wind turbine caught on fire and just last month a complete tower collapsed.”

Senator Hueso Seeks Answers on Ocotillo Wind Turbine Collapse
Destroyed Ocotillo turbineIn a letter to Beth O’Brien, Pattern Energy’s manager of external affairs, Senator Ben Hueso notes that this is the third serious incident that has occurred at the Ocotillo Wind Energy Facilitiy since it opened approximately four years ago. Prior problems include a wind turbine that burst into flames and another that hurled a multi-ton blade onto a public trail. He indicated that residents have contacted him with concerns and asked him to look into the matter.
World-wide Wind Turbine Accident and Environmental Impact Report
Updated NASA Data:
Global Warming Not Causing Any Polar Ice Retreat

Updated data from NASA satellite instruments reveal the Earth's polar ice caps have not receded at all since the satellite instruments began measuring the ice caps in 1979. Since the end of 2012, moreover, total polar ice extent has largely remained above the post-1979 average. The updated data contradict one of the most frequently asserted global warming claims – that global warming is causing the polar ice caps to recede.
Obama Regime Finalizes ‘Social Security’ Gun Ban,
Preventing Elderly from Being Able to Defend Themselves

On Monday the Obama administration finalized a Social Security gun ban that could prevent “tens of thousands” of law-abiding elderly citizens from purchasing guns for self-defense. Breitbart News reported this ban on July 18, 2015, when it was learned that the Obama administration was creating a ban on gun purchases that would apply to Social Security recipients who needed help managing their finances.
Maryland Cross: Religious Symbol or War Memorial?
Court Will Decide

To some it’s a blatant religious symbol, 40 feet tall, sitting on a median in the center of a busy highway intersection on government-owned land. To others, it is a 91-year-old piece of history, a symbol of honor, service and peace and a landmark to be preserved. In the coming months, a U.S. appeals court will have to decide whether the monument dedicated to the memory of 49 local men killed in World War I – known as the Peace Cross – is in keeping with the Constitution’s First Amendment and the separation of church and state.
Is California Splitting Away? Group Believes California
Should Form Its Own Nation

“Yes California,” a pro-secession group, filed paperwork with the state attorney general in November for a proposed 2018 ballot measure to strike language in the state constitution binding California to the United States. This month, the group announced the opening of a “cultural center” in Moscow – “the first of many planned California culture centers which will serve to build a bridge between the nation of California and the nations of the world,” read a statement on Yes California’s website.
Another Chicago Alderman Indicted;
Atty: Cochran Ran His Office in Typical Chicago Fashion

The attorney for indicted Ald. Willie Cochran said Friday that the South Side alderman may have been "stupid" in how he handled his finances but acted no differently in his dealings with people asking for help in the ward than Mayor Rahm Emanuel and City Council members from wealthier neighborhoods do all the time. Cochran on Friday pleaded not guilty to federal charges that allege he stole tens of thousands of dollars in charitable contributions meant for poor children and seniors in his ward, extorted money from a business owner in exchange for help on a zoning issue and took a bribe from developers.
Snopes Co-Founder Accused of Embezzling Company Money,
Spending it On Prostitutes

The founder of mythbusting website Snopes, which was recently tapped by Facebook as one of four “fact-check” organizations patrolling the site for “fake news,” embezzled $98,000 in company funds before spending it on “himself and the prostitutes he hired,” according to legal documents filed by his ex-wife reviewed by the Daily Mail.

Week ending 18 December 2016

Obamacare’s Grandpa Fought Markets in World War II
Michael Hamilton
Today’s crisis of rising health insurance and health care costs, exacerbated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), descends from policies the federal government started creating more than 70 years ago – during World War II and the postwar decades – argues Hillsdale College professor Dr. Gary Wolfram. President-elect Donald Trump and Congress should heed the history lesson, lest they repeat our past leaders’ mistakes by replacing Obamacare with Obamacare-lite.
The Role of Education in America-Phobia
Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh
Sadly, the establishment no longer educates teachers like some of my former colleagues who taught real American history, no matter how uncomfortable the truth may have been to some. They taught Civics and brought speakers to their classes who have experienced or survived communism, the Holocaust, and various wars. They infused pride in our American culture and honored our American exceptionalism.
Obama Held Off On Russian Hack Response to
Pursue Failed Syria Deal

President Barack Obama did not retaliate against Russia for breaching U.S. critical infrastructure for fear of destabilizing negotiations with Russia over the Syrian civil war, The New York Times reports. “Everyone agreed you had to push back at the Russians and push back hard. But it didn’t happen,” a senior Department of State official lamented to The NYT. Without any response from the White house, Russia continued its hacking campaign.
Assange Goes On the Offensive Over Claims Russia Hacked Clinton Email, saying Kremlin is NOT its Source and NOT a Hack but a LEAK
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange flatly rejected U.S. intelligence claims that his organization received leaked Clinton emails from the Russian government, saying the allegations are part of a 'foolish' and 'dangerous' effort by Democrats to overturn Donald Trump's election victory. Assange said his group has a strict policy against commenting on its sources, but he wanted to dispute allegations that Wikileaks was involved in a Russian-orchestrated campaign to swing the election for Donald Trump.

Ex-British Ambassador Claims Russia Did NOT Provide Clinton Emails – They Were Handed Over to Him at a D.C. Park by An Intermediary
A Wikileaks envoy today claims he personally received Clinton campaign emails in Washington D.C. after they were leaked by ´disgusted´ whisteblowers – and not hacked by Russia. Craig Murray, former British ambassador to Uzbekistan and a close associate of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, told that he flew to Washington, D.C. for a clandestine hand-off with one of the email sources in September.

Russian "Meddling" in Election: Most Overblown Story Ever?
John Hinderaker
It is certainly the most overblown story in a long time. The casual reader of newspaper headlines might well believe that the Russian government hacked into voting machines, or something of the sort, to influence the presidential election. But that is not the case. The third-hand account in the [Washington] Post admits that it wasn't actually the Russian government that did the hacking:
Elector Refusing to Vote for Trump is As Phony As a Three-Dollar Bill
No, he wasn't a 9/11 first responder. And no, he doesn't work for either of the two companies he claims to be working for. He's been in bankruptcy for the last five years and as far as we know he's unemployed. All of which raises the question: who picks these electors? [h/t]
Facebook Under Fire for Picking 'Liberal' Outlets to Fact-Check
Mark Zuckerberg is taking heat from the right for Facebook's new "fact-checking" initiative to police fake news. Conservative pundits and publications are charging that most of the third-party organizations recruited this week to filter fake news stories from Facebook have a track record of liberal bias.

Clinton Mega Donor George Soros Leads Line-Up of Liberal Billionaires Who Are Funding Facebook's Fake News Fact Checker
Billionaire Clinton donor George Soros is among a line-up of wealthy liberal figures who will fund Facebook's fake news fact checker. Other donors involved in the new fact checking feature include eBay founder Pierre Omidyar who has committed more than $30 million to the Clintons and their charities.
Black, Feminist, Sanders Supporter:
‘I Need A Job More Than I Need A Woman In The White House

Kim McKinney Cohen was a Democratic Party precinct captain who supported Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in the primaries, but on election day she voted for Donald Trump instead of her party’s nominee, Hillary Clinton. “It was my primal scream,” Cohen told Politico Magazine about her protest vote. “I wasn’t gonna take it anymore.”
Hillary scowl
The Claws Come Out! Hillary Staffers Rip Huma in Shocking Profile
In a shocking new profile published in Vanity Fair Wednesday, former advisers ripped into one of Clinton's closest aides – claiming she enjoyed the limelight a little too much and suffocated Clinton to where she couldn't embrace new campaign ideas... "She was enjoying the red carpet and enjoying the photo spreads much too much in my opinion," another added. "She enjoyed being a celebrity too much."
DeBlasio: Muslim Girl's Hoax Being Exposed is Bad Because it
Might Lead People Not to Blame Trump

Mayor Bill de Blasio said Friday he's "really angry" at the Muslim student who cops say lied about a bias attack on a Manhattan subway – because real victims will now be met with more skepticism. "We can't have deniers telling us that the rhetoric of many people, including Donald Trump, didn't lead to that. And she in effect is enabling those who say, 'Oh, this is not a big deal,'" the mayor complained.
Pakistani Village That Murdered a Dozen Teens for ‘Honor’
Again Shows Barbarity of Islam

Warner Todd Huston
A story of the “honor killings” of nearly a dozen teenagers at once in a village in the Kohistan region of Pakistan once again reveals the backwards, inhuman, murderous, oppressive, barbarity that undergirds Islam and it again forces America to ask just why Obama wants to bring this horrid people into the U.S.A.?
It's Official: Clinton's Popular Vote Win Came Entirely from California
John Merline
Clinton's overall margin looks large and impressive, it is due to Clinton's huge margin of victory in one state – California – where she got a whopping 4.3 million more votes than Trump. California is the only state, in fact, where Clinton's margin of victory was bigger than President Obama's in 2012 – 61.5% vs. Obama's 60%. But California is the exception that proves the true genius of the Electoral College – which was designed to prevent regional candidates from dominating national elections.
Obama Appointment of Debo Adegbile Seen as
‘Kick in Teeth to Cops’

President Obama’s decision to appoint Debo Adegbile, a top lawyer for cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal whose nomination to the Justice Department was rejected by the Senate in 2014, to a federal commission was met with harsh criticism from Sen. Pat Toomey (R., Pa.) and a top official at the nation’s largest police union, who called it a “kick in the teeth to the cops.”
Obama's utter distain for our nation’s law enforcement officers
Dakota Pipeline Decision is Obama's Last 'Screw You' to Rural America
Isaac Orr
The Obama administration's decision to deny an important easement needed to complete the Dakota Access Pipeline represents one last single-finger salute to Middle America from the outgoing president. Rural Americans face tough challenges, and by killing the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines and by imposing several costly regulations on energy development, President Barack Obama has only served to make these challenges worse.
Obama says FU to middle America
New Study Casts Doubt On a Key Metric for
Predicting Global Warming

New research suggests scientists may be wrong about a key measurement for projecting man-made global warming. Meteorologist Anthony Watts and amateur scientist Willis Eschenbach released new research suggesting "global climate sensitivity to increased carbon dioxide, and the potential feedback mechanism of increased water vapor in Earth's atmosphere, is actually far less than postulated by the IPCC."
$4 Billion Air Force One Nothing But a Clean-Energy Ruse
Bryan Crabtree
With a single Tweet, Donald Trump brought attention to the Pentagon's '$2000 toilet' in the sky. This time the price tag to the Pentagon appears to be north of $4 billion for a Boeing contract to build two new 747-800 airplanes for future presidents. This project is nothing more than a disguise by the Obama administration to fund an experiment into a super-expensive, clean-energy airplane (for which there is no market).
FBI New York Field Office Told to
Continue Clinton Foundation Probe

The instructions ordered agents to "go forward" with their ongoing inquiry into the Clinton Foundation which is focusing on issues of corruption and money laundering, according to the source. "There were no instructions to shut it down, to discontinue or to stand down on the investigation, but to continue its work," the former official said.
Senate Committee: Planned Parenthood Should Face
Criminal Charges for Selling Aborted Baby Parts

Chairman Grassley is referring several Planned Parenthood affiliates and companies involved in sales of aborted baby parts , as well as the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, to the FBI and the Department of Justice for investigation and possible prosecution. "I don't take lightly making a criminal referral.  But, the seeming disregard for the law by these entities has been fueled by decades of utter failure by the Justice Department to enforce it," Grassley said.
Liberal Indoctrination Trumps Education at U.S. Colleges
Jeff Crouere
The liberal group-think on issues such as climate change or "white privilege" is so pervasive that debate it not allowed. The presentation of a conservative viewpoint is either discouraged or completely forbidden. Conservative speakers such as author Ann Coulter and columnist Ben Shapiro have faced harassment and threats on college campuses. In the aftermath of the Trump victory, this liberal indoctrination has only increased.
San Francisco Leftists Outraged and Fearful That Immigrants are
Taking Over Their Neighborhoods

City meetings have become heated, divisive and prone to rhetoric where we openly discuss exactly which kinds of people we want to keep out of our city. This is an ethically incoherent position. If we in San Francisco so strongly believe that national immigration is a human right, then it seems strange to block migration into our own neighborhoods.
Report: 820,000 Criminal Illegals,
84% with Felonies, Serious Misdemeanors

Illegal immigrants with criminal records, the deportation priority of President-elect Trump, total at least 820,000, with most having felony and serious misdemeanor convictions, according to a new report. Some estimates have suggested up to two million criminal illegals, but the numbers cited by the Center for Immigration Studies still show an enormous group larger than the populations of four states, Alaska, North Dakota, Vermont or Wyoming.

Week ending 11 December 2016

Obama's Second Term was a Complete Failure
There's No Other Way to Describe It

Jim Geraghty
Every December, Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post picks the biggest political loser of the past year. In 2013, Cillizza's selection was Barack Obama. He cited the botched rollout of, the NSA domestic-surveillance scandal, the IRS's targeting of tea-party groups, and the continuing questions about the administration's actions before, during, and after the attack on Americans in Benghazi. In 2014, Cillizza's selection was Obama, again...
Rolling Back Environmental Progress?
Paul Driessen
Donald Trump plans to "roll back progress" on climate change, energy and the environment, activists, regulators and their media allies assert. The claim depends on one's definition of "progress." These interest groups define "progress" as ever-expanding laws, regulations, bureaucracies and power, to bring air and water emissions of every description down to zero, to prevent diseases that they attribute to manmade pollutants and forestall "dangerous manmade climate change."
Climate Deniers are Trying to 'Bork'
Trump's EPA Transition Leader
Nicolas Loris
President-elect Donald Trump's Environmental Protection Agency transition leader, Myron Ebell, is a huge threat to the green gravy train. Now, with billions of crony dollars at stake, the green slander machine is doing all it can to slime him... What's at stake for big green is billions upon billions of dollars taken from taxpayers and consumers and given to green crony businesses. Just for wind energy alone, grants, tax credits, loan guarantees, and other subsidies add up to at least $176 billion.
Trump Winning GOP Converts with Cabinet Picks
With two-thirds of his Cabinet filled out and many of his cabinet-level appointments selected, Trump has united his party far more successfully as president-elect with a series of standard-fare picks than he ever did as a candidate – even at the risk of backlash from supporters for failing to drain the swamp of Washington.
Rick Perry Said to Be Trump’s Top Candidate for Energy Secretary
Donald Trump has narrowed his search for energy secretary to four people, with former Texas Governor Rick Perry the leading candidate. People familiar with the president-elect’s selection process said two Democratic senators from energy-producing states – Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota and Joe Manchin of West Virginia – are also in the mix, along with Ray Washburne, a Dallas investor and former chairman of the Republican National Committee.
1st U.S. Offshore Wind Turbine Breaks
Before it Even Opened for Business

Three miles off the Rhode Island coast, Block Island was supposed to generate enough electricity to power 17,000 homes. But the five turbines would have cost $300 million each, effectively $17,600 dollars per home – and that doesn't include the costs of operating the turbines. The high cost of offshore wind doesn't worry environmentalists, because, as says about the project, "it's the precedent that counts."
ALL wind farms require fossil fuel backup for times the wind doesn't blow
Washington State Wind Turbines Generating Regret;
$100,000 Turbines to Create $1.39 in Electricity Daily

Three windmill-like turbines loom motionless over the city of Port Angeles' new Waterfront Park. The $107,516 spires stand immobile more than two months after they were erected and more than a year after the city council approved them. Once they are working to generate electricity, they will produce so little power – $1.50 worth of electricity a month in savings – that at least one council member is regretting her decision to purchase them.
ALL wind farms require fossil fuel backup for times the wind doesn't blow
Cape Cod Community Considers Taking Down Wind Turbines
The first turbine went up in 2010 and by the time both were in place on the industrial site of the town's water treatment facility, the price was $10 million. Town officials say taking them down will cost an estimated $5 million to $15 million, but that is just what Falmouth's five selectmen have decided to move toward doing. "The selectmen unanimously voted to remove them. We think it's the right thing to do, absolutely," Selectman David Braga said.
ALL wind farms require fossil fuel backup for times the wind doesn't blow
Wind Energy's Overblown Prospects
Larry Bell
Unfortunately, wind doesn't afford the benefits marketers promise. It isn't an abundant, reliable power source; doesn't appreciably reduce fossil dependence or CO2 emissions; isn't free, or even cheap; doesn't produce net job gains; nor does it cool brows of feverish environmental critics.
Summary of Wind Turbine Accident data to 30 September 2016 [UK]
U.S. Government Fights to Recover $130 Million
Lost to Abengoa Renewables Bankruptcy

The U.S. Government has formally objected to an attempt by Spanish Renewable Giant Abengoa's bankrupt US arm to walk out on $130 million of federal loans. Abengoa, a multi-billion dollar Spanish renewable giant, is still struggling with unsustainable debts. In March this year the U.S. arm of Abengoa started bankruptcy proceedings.
U.S. Steel Wants to Accelerate Investments,
Bring Back Jobs, CEO says

United States Steel would like to accelerate its investments and hire back laid-off employees now that Donald Trump will be occupying the Oval Office, CEO Mario Longhi told CNBC on Wednesday. "We already structured to do some things, but when you see in the near future improvement to the tax laws, improvements to regulation, those two things by themselves may be a significant driver to what we're going to do," he said.
The Continuing Relevance of the Constitution
Larry Arnn
Public policy is often exciting and urgent. When a war begins or ends, when votes are counted in an election, or when a major bill is passed, everyone senses the magnitude of the event. Some struggles end and new struggles begin. Consequences carry far into the future. Compared to this, and especially given the way we think today, the Constitution seems like a boring subject.
Taliban Rejects Peace Talks, Emphasizes Alliance with Al Qaeda
The Taliban rejects "peace talks" with the West and advertises its continuing alliance with al Qaeda in a newly released video entitled, "Bond of Nation with the Mujahideen." The video was produced by Manba' al-Jihad Media for Production, which has long been affiliated with the Haqqani Network and was folded into the Taliban's media arm years ago. The production was disseminated on the Taliban's websites and social media, including on accounts affiliated with the group's spokesman.
Bartiromo Knocks View of ‘elites’ During Campaign
The "Mornings with Maria" host emphasized that the 2016 election was about "the working man and woman." “I think it was very much about the working man and woman. And I think there’s a big portion of the population out there who was saying, 'You know that, I’m the forgotten man and woman. I’m the one who has not seen their wages move in 20 years,’” she said.
Conservatives Must Strongly Support Trump On Climate Change
Tom Harris
Not only has Trump been right on the money in his descriptions of the sub-prime science underlying the scare. He also clearly understands that there is little chance the developing world, the source of most of humanity’s greenhouse gas emissions, will follow the U.S. lead anyway, as it strives to lift billions out of poverty.
Pentagon Reportedly Buried Study Exposing $125 Billion in Waste
Senior defense officials suppressed a study documenting $125 billion worth of administrative waste at the Pentagon out of fears that Congress would use its findings to cut the defense budget, the Washington Post reported late Monday. The report, which was issued in January 2015 by the advisory Defense Business Board, called for a series of reforms that would have saved the department $125 billion over the next five years.
Louisiana: GOP Wins Final, Contested Senate Seat for 52–48 Edge;
"Cajun John Wayne" Clay Higgins Wins Congressional Seat

The 2016 campaign season has finally ended, with Louisiana’s runoff election cementing Republican control of the U.S. Senate. The GOP also is holding onto the two U.S. House seats that were undecided going into the state’s runoff election. Republican state Treasurer John Kennedy’s victory Saturday gives the GOP a 52-48 edge in the Senate starting in January.
Myth of the Prevalence of the 'Right-Wing' Terrorist Busted:
Only 13 Indicted Since 9/11

A Daily Caller analysis found that just 13 far-right extremists have been indicted on federal terrorism charges since Sept. 11, 2001, despite liberal journalists, groups and academics spreading the narrative that far-right extremists are just as or more dangerous than Islamic terrorists. Both the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center maintain lists of right-wing extremists. The lists combined contain 13 individuals charged with federal terrorism or terrorism-related charges.
The Myth of Racist America
Lloyd Marcus
Is there racism in America? Absolutely! Racism will exist along with every other sin under the sun until Jesus takes us home. But, is racism really an issue in the lives of most Americans? Absolutely not. Despite the Left's efforts to make everything about race, the truth is Americans of all races work and play together extremely well.
CNN Spends Election Cycle Calling Trump Supporters Racist,
Then Gets Hit with Class Action Racism Suit

After months of calling Trump supporters racist, CNN now faces a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit alleging racism from their own black employees. Now, the channel that openly called Trump a "bigot, racist and misogynist" who would "embolden bigotry" faces its own allegations of racial discrimination from black employees.
Danish Forensics Test 800 Asylum Seekers for Age –
600 'Children' Were Adults Not Truly Eligible for Special Treatment

This year, doctors at the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Copenhagen, have been exceptionally busy investigating the age of asylum seekers who have arrived without parents and say they are under 18... The Immigration Service is asking forensic experts for help if they suspect that a so-called unaccompanied minor in fact is an adult. From X-rays of the finger bone and teeth, the person's age is determined.

No Wonder Our Politicians Banned Age Tests:
Majority of Child Refugees Checked are Adults!

British ministers were tonight facing serious questions about their decision to ban scientific age tests for 'child' refugees after officials in Denmark revealed three quarters of those posing as minors are actually adults. Officials in Copenhagen used dental X-ray checks – which have been blocked in Britain because they are 'inhumane' – to rumble hundreds of adult migrants trying to clinch asylum by claiming they were children.
DOJ Sued for Records of FBI Interviews of Obama, Jarrett, others
Judicial Watch announced today that it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice seeking access to FBI reports of interviews – "302s" – of President Obama, Valerie Jarrett, and Rahm Emanuel. The interviews were taken as part of the FBI's criminal investigation of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.
College Student Threatened With Expulsion After Recording Professor's Anti-Trump Tirade – 'it's not education anymore, its indoctrination'
A political discussion in a college class touched off a firestorm. A college professor went off on president-elect Donald Trump in her Orange Coast College class. There are now threats of expulsion and threats of legal action. The human sexuality teacher – Olga Perez Stable Cox – called Trump's election "an act of terrorism."
Sheriff Clarke:
'Fake News' Started with 'Hands Up, Don't Shoot' Lie

Milwaukee County, WI Sheriff David Clarke said the entire phenomenon of so-called "fake news" began in 2014 with the "hands up, don't shoot" claim of the August 2014 shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. Clarke called it a "lie" and said it had been propagated by many mainstream media outlets.
Black Lives Matter “Protester” Convicted of Shooting
2 Ferguson Police Officers in 2015

A jury has convicted a man of shooting two police officers during a 2015 protest in Ferguson amid fallout over the fatal police shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown months earlier. A St. Louis County jury deliberated about two hours Thursday night before finding Jeffrey Williams, 22, guilty of two counts of assault, three counts of armed criminal action and one count of shooting from a vehicle. Sentencing is in January, and prosecutor Bob McCulloch said his office will seek life in prison plus additional years for Williams.
Dutch Far-Right Leader Wilders Rises In Polls After Discrimination Conviction, Would Relegate Liberals to 2nd Place
The party of populist anti-Islam Dutch MP Geert Wilders has risen strongly in the polls since the lawmaker was tried and convicted of discrimination, according to a survey published Sunday. If legislative elections due next March were held this week, Wilders’ Freedom Party would pick up 36 out of 150 seats in the lower house of parliament, making it the biggest single political group, it found.
France Passes Crackdown on Pro-Life Websites
France's socialist government is attempting to crack down on pro-life activists by criminalizing online advocacy at odds with the nation's abortion regime. On Thursday, the French National Assembly passed a bill that makes it a crime to post information online that challenges abortion. Pro-life activists who continue to operate online face up to two years in prison and a fine of more than $30,000.
Screw-Ups Led to Convicted Canadian Rapist Fleeing to Pakistan
What a complete and utter screw-up on all fronts. And now a convicted rapist has managed to elude Canadian justice by fleeing to Pakistan. How did this happen – especially, as it turns out, Moazzam Tariq has actually absconded once before? How is that none of the players in the justice system – from police to prosecutors – knew the Canadian permanent resident had also fled to his native Pakistan in 2010 after his arrest for dangerous driving?

Week ending 4 December 2016

Democrats Remain Stuck On Stupid
Jeff Crouere
In the aftermath of another devastating electoral loss, Democrats have not learned their lessons very well. In the U.S. Senate, Democrats elected 66-year old Chuck Schumer of New York as their Minority Leader, replacing the outgoing Harry Reid of Nevada. Schumer will offer more East Coast liberal leadership to a party that desperately needs to move ideologically to the center and geographically to the country's heartland.
Comey’s FBI Needs to Investigate Violent Democratic Tantrums
Austin Bay
It’s time for the FBI to conduct a detailed investigation into the violence and political thuggery that continue to mar the presidential election’s aftermath. A thorough probe of the protests – to include possible ties to organizations demanding vote recounts – will give the Bureau’s integrity-challenged director, James Comey, a chance to sandblast his sullied badge.
Why Trump is Courting Romney for the State Department
Thomas Lifson
All the brouhaha over the alleged rifts within the Trump transition over Mitt Romney misses the point. I think it is theatre, a distraction by the same man who was able to direct media attention where he wanted it all throughout the campaign. Donald Trump has a plan that eludes his critics, who can’t help thinking about politics the way it has always been played and still do not grasp his thinking nor the range of new tools he brings to the presidency.
Obama Administration Bows to Protesters,
Blocks Dakota Access Pipeline

The Obama administration bowed Sunday to protesters by pulling its previously issued permit for the Dakota Access pipeline, leaving the company building the project in limbo for now and pushing the headache to the Trump administration. The decision announced by the Standing Rock Sioux tribe calls for Energy Transfer Partners to reroute the 1,172-mile, four-state pipeline, which is about 90 percent complete, on the final 1,100-foot stretch in North Dakota.
Mexican Official on Carrier Deal:
‘Trump is telling the truth' about saving U.S. jobs’

A Mexican official from the city that just lost out on 1,000 jobs it expected to take from an Indiana Carrier plant says that Donald Trump is "telling the truth" when he rails against U.S. job losses. Jaime Garcia Astorga, secretary of economic development of Santa Catarina in the state of Nuevo Leon, told CNBC on Friday that "nobody" believed the president-elect was serious when he "made a lot of declarations" to voters about keeping U.S. jobs in the United States.
Pennsylvania GOP:
Governor Tom Wolf Released Electors’ Personal Information

The State of Pennsylvania released the personal information of GOP electors, leading to a wave of emails and phone calls which at least one elector described as “total harassment.” So far none of the electors have reported anyone actually showing up at their home but the state GOP has contacted the FBI and encouraged electors to contact local police just in case. Even if the overwhelming majority of the messages are polite, the fact remains that the sheer volume of messages (100 phone calls!) is harassment.
Green Party Drops Bid for Statewide Pennsylvania Recount
The decision came two days before a court hearing was scheduled in the case. Saturday's court filing to withdraw the case said the Green Party-backed voters who filed the case "are regular citizens of ordinary means" and cannot afford the $1 million bond ordered by the court by 5 p.m. Monday.
Democrats Want to Require Trump Nominees to Provide Tax Returns
Senate Democrats are pushing to require President-elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet nominees to release their tax returns, which Trump refused to do during his campaign. Currently the only Senate committees that can require such information are Finance, Budget, and Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. But Democrats want to expand that authority to other committees that hold confirmation hearings, and plan to propose changing the rules when committees convene for the next Congress in January.
Haim Saban says Keith Ellison’s DNC Win Would Bring ‘disaster’ to Relationship Between Jews and Dems
The scathing broadside delivered Friday by the Israeli-American entertainment mogul, from the floor of the annual Saban Forum, an event he funds bringing together U.S. and Israeli leaders and influencers, underscores the degree to which Ellison’s campaign for DNC chief could erode relations between establishment Jewish groups and the party.
Trump Administration Will Pressure Foreign States to
Probe Clinton Foundation

Isabel Vincent and Melissa Klein
Foreign governments will be encouraged to investigate the Clinton Foundation’s finances, as many are already turning off money spigots to the scandal-scarred group, The Post has learned. A source close to President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team told The Post that the new administration plans to pressure the U.S. ambassadors it will name to bring up the foundation with foreign governments – and suggest they probe its – financial dealings.
Obama Claims Immunity from Lawsuit Under
'the King Can Do No Wrong' Legal Maxim

William Perry Pendley
Just when you thought the lawlessness of the most lawless administration in history couldn't get worse, the Department of Justice files another legal brief. In response to a class action lawsuit by as many as 3,500 ready-to-hire air traffic controller applicants whose names were "purged" so the Federal Aviation Administration could hire based on race, federal lawyers asserted that the administration is immune from liability for denying constitutional equal protection because of sovereign immunity.
The end of this administration cannot come soon enough.
Oklahoma Senator Releases Federal Fumbles
Government Waste Report

Sen. James Lankford today released his second annual government waste and solutions report called, Federal Fumbles: 100 ways the government dropped the ball. The report represents $247 billion in wasteful and inefficient federal spending and regulations, but also includes solutions to each of the examples of government waste.
Federal Fumbles 2015 pdf
Liberal Pop-Culture Has Officially Outlived Its Usefulness in Politics
Glenn Reynolds – Jonny Coleman
“During the campaign, the vote-shaming social media blitzes and testimonials we were bombarded with by Hillary’s celebrifriends seemed grating and tacky. Now their smugness is tangible evidence of a larger problem within the Democratic Party: Its image is controlled and marketed by a very narrow group of corporate interests, tech libertarians and affluent celebrities. A few years ago we’d have called them the 1 percent.
Court Ordered Doc Release on NY AG Eric Schneiderman Trying to Get ‘Climate Change Deniers’ May End His Career
A state judge ruled in favor of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a think tank whose FOIA request the AG had denied. That gave Schneiderman 30 days to cough up documents concerning his agreements with other states’ AGs, and with a group of green activists, about their joint persecution of ExxonMobile and other entities for supposed “climate fraud.” The think tank’s lawyers believe the documents could show improper conduct by the AGs. If they do, Schneiderman faces serious trouble.
4 Resign from VA Facility After Veteran with Maggots in Wound Dies
Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs executive director Myles Deering said the maggots were discovered while the patient was alive at the facility in Talihina, about 130 miles southeast of Tulsa. Deering said the maggots were not the cause of his death. Deering said the veteran came to the center with an infection and died of sepsis, the Tulsa World reported.
Texas Moves a Step Closer to Making the Right to Bear Arms
More Affordable with Free License to Carry Fee

Wednesday afternoon, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick announced the pre-filing of a Texas Senate Bill that, if passed, would eliminate fees associated with obtaining a license to carry (LTC) permit in the Lone Star State. Currently, the cost to obtain a permit is $140 and to renew is $70.
‘Fixer Upper’ Hosts’ Pastor Responds to Buzzfeed’s Public Shaming
It's not exactly clear why Buzzfeed chose to publicly shame Fixer Upper hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines. Nor do we know why the online publication attacked the Christian couple's church. Maybe author Kate Aurthur got a speeding ticket while driving through Waco, Texas? Or maybe she dislikes shiplap? Or perhaps Buzzfeed simply employs virulent, anti-Christian bigots?
Indoctrinating the Young in Hate Factories
Ray DiLorenzo
If you want to learn to hate America, your nearest public school or college is waiting for you. If it is a university you want to attend, don't worry about the cost, the government (taxpayers) will pick up the tab as student loans are about to be forgiven to the tune of $108 billion and will probably go much higher. Our schools across the country have created and nurtured millions of godless, America-hating, angry, statist, whiny, cry babies and we will all be paying dearly for it, now and in the future.
Oops! Too Late: Nobel Secretary Regrets Obama Peace Prize
Geir Lundestad told the AP news agency that the committee hoped the award would strengthen Mr Obama. Instead, the decision was met with criticism in the US. Many argued he had not had any impact worthy of the award. Mr Lundestad, writing in his memoir, Secretary of Peace, said even Mr Obama himself had been surprised.
Castro’s Millions: Fidel’s Family Expected to Secure
Estimated $900 Million Estate

While fellow communists and assorted global leftist elites are using the occasion of his death to praise Fidel Castro as a hero of the poor, reports from both defectors within Castro’s world and journalists using publicly available information have estimated the Castro family fortune to be in the millions.
Italian PM Matteo Renzi to Resign In Wake of Referendum Defeat
Mr Renzi had staked his future on a "Yes" vote, vowing to quit if voters rejected his plans to reduce the role of the country's Senate and take back powers from regional authorities. The result plunges the country into political turmoil, with the effects likely to be felt on the markets and across the rest of Europe.
Bank of England to Change Currency to Make Vegans Happy
The Bank of England said its supplier of currency, Innovia, is working toward removing the use of animal fat in the production of its new plastic five pound note after objection raised by thousands of vegetarians. The bank said it did not know about traces of tallow, which contains animal fats, in the production of the currency when it signed the contract with Innovia.
This Forgotten WWI Antiseptic Could Be the Key to Fighting Antibiotic Resistance and the Common Cold
An antiseptic used in WWI hospitals has been revived after seven decades, and is showing great promise in preventing the common cold, and could be the key to fighting antibiotic resistance – one of the biggest ever threats to global health. The simple antiseptic, made from coal tar, was replaced by penicillin after the war, and fights both viral and bacterial infections in an entirely different way – one that could prevent pathogens from mutating to outsmart our medications.

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