Do The Democrats Really Hate America?
Part II

George M. Haddad
November 9, 2003

We woke up one morning and found ourselves technologically coherent but socially stripped, religiously sterile and politically hijacked.

It began with Tom Brokaw's Greatest Generation. The marginal generation of offspring which sprang from the major exodus of immigrants from their native lands to this country. It was my generation a generation which spawned the hippies, yippies, flower children and the eventual Woodstockers. This is the group whose pseudo-psychologists gave birth to sensitivity training with its drive to control human behavior and the human mind. The group which met on occasion to fight for the environment and cleaner air and yet left its garbage at every doorstep. After seeing its handiwork the greatest generation would have liked to rewind and start all over again.

It took a few years and a great deal of patience but then the splinters from sensitivity training began to show up in a labyrinth linkage of touchy-feely, non-substantive sentiments which eventually led us into the promised cultural revolution we now recognize as Diversity, Political Correctness and Multiculturism. These behemoth isms which have been inculcated into the minds of Americans by the harbingers of a Godless society can only be addressed in part at this writing.

It was yesterday that ethnic groups came into this country, the land of opportunity, settled in their own neighborhoods and as the children grew into adulthood, there was a quiet, peaceful, dispersion and assimilation into the entire community. America was known as the melting pot.

Today, they band together as before, funnel into the social welfare agencies, learn what their entitlements are, form political action committees and become learned in the ways and means of getting a piece of the pie.

What has caused the alteration of aims and goals from the spirit of giving to the new land to the consciousness of the gimme-gimme syndrome or the taking from the new land?

It can be measured from the time of the 60s Woodstockers as they matured into elitists who infiltrated the Democrat party and gained control of its goals, its aims and its platform. These are the progeny of the greatest generation who staged widespread sit-ins at colleges, burned their panties when the cameras were rolling, stormed government offices at every level, believed that the world could never make it without them and through their pot smoking moaned that life had done them wrong.

They have spread as locusts from every facet of our daily living and into most of our institutions. They have infected and dominated our society at every level including the major branches of government as well as the world of entertainment, the main stream news media, the unions, and the field of education. Even the comics strips now reflect their presence and are utilized to help alter the minds of the young with such agitative and incitive cartoons as Doonesbury and Boondocks. In the late sixties the first wave laid the foundation and the second wave moved into the vacuum.

The Woodstockers, their progeny and others of their ilk were able to alter the landscape of a once honorable and proud American party. They stole its heritage and transported it to socialism. As a political party the democrat party surrendered its soul and its legitimacy and became a wasteland of whiners, bitchers and losers. This Party was sold a lemon while thinking it was buying lemonade.

During the 40 years of societal and political domination by the democrat party there have been incremental changes in our culture which have tended to dilute our values, sterilize and neutralize our education system and lower institutional standards all under the guise of being reformers.

The democrat party of today is neutered by elitists who have never accepted the fact that historically the free enterprise system has been able to handle anything effectively and their socialist doctrine throughout the ages has never been able to meet the challenges of any society. Their frame of reference does not include the knowledge that this country has done more in every facet of human life and endeavor in the last 225 years than the rest of the world has done in 2000 years.

Once entrenched in the 70s and feeling secure, our western hemisphere Bolsheviks incrementally introduced Diversity. The obvious outgrowth of the sensitivity training period. It was instrumental in replacing the evolution of the melting pot to the revolution of multiculturism. Whereas the melting pot accepted people for what they were, multiculturism took people and emphasized what they were not. It became a provincial concept which balkanized races and nationalities. The two edged sword of socialism as pointed at the heart of our free enterprise system. It was honed with the acceptance of the doctrine of Diversity on one edge of its blade and the rotted tenets of Political Correctness on the other.

We have seen that diversity is divisive. Diversity is digression. Diversity aided in creating affirmative action. A program which introduced a race and gender to the premise that they are inferior and need help even at the expense of others. A program and a philosophy of life which claimed to solve a problem but refused to accept the result that it only created another one. Diversity is a polarizing factor. In the name of Diversity we curry license to coddle fanatics, nourish zealots, reward abhorrent behavior and dismiss as normal the concepts of aberrant life styles. Diversity places an emphasis on the differences in people rather than on their uniqueness as individuals and children of God.

Diversity means dividing groups and magnifying their differences not about extolling their virtues, honoring their traditions or understanding their cultures. In keeping groups constantly aware of their differences you can divide and conquer. There is diversity in ethnic expression, nationality and race but its ambiguity is evident as it mandates conformity in thought, action and deed. Although tried, diversity cannot be successfully legislated since it is an antithesis to the wants and needs of the human equation. Diversity is an obstructionist tool which creates destructive dissent and promotes gridlock by its very nature. Diversity has run rampant.

Lenin himself believed that when people are divided "we can control the summit." With the advent of diversity we have lost focus and the end result has been an acceptance of a creed which has been basically Leninistic in its goals.

In the solving of problems diversity calls for attack rather than for airing and expressing honest differences of opinion. Diversity is the new King of the Hill which has now led us to the formulation of a Diversity Day. We no longer have a George Washington Day nor an Abraham Lincoln Day but we will have a Diversity Day. Naturally, what must follow is a national holiday where all institutions such as banks, post offices, government, and businesses all come to a screeching halt. If this makes for too many holidays then we can eliminate the Fourth of July so that nothing gets in the way of this new fascination.

Whereas diversity has been an attack on the mores of a total population with an aim to altering a nation's culture, political correctness has been the attempt to manipulate and control thought through the mandated selection of words.

Never before in American history have we had as consistent and thorough an assault upon free speech, free enterprise, the sanctity of private property and individual liberty.

Utilizing the pincers of the communications media on one flank and public education on the other, the dominants of the democrat party have been able to squeeze into our culture a form of thought control and the application of a tourniquet to the free flow of ideas. The backwash has encouraged an irresponsible judicial activism which has prostituted our constitution.

In the communications industry we have seen what was once a proud and honest profession revert from being called the fourth estate to being considered a fifth column. The majority of the communications media has subverted its own cardinal principles. In supporting the tenets of the Socialists as it has so ably done it has been completely unaware that it is a party to its own destruction. As written in the Nieman Reports of 1956, Lenin is quoted as having stated, "Why should freedom of speech and freedom of the Press be allowed? Why should a government when it believes it is doing what is right allow itself to be criticized?" And the main stream reporters of the written news, radio and television have unwittingly succumbed. James Russell Lowell wrote that "Democracy gives every man a right to be his own oppressor" and the news media is fulfilling that prophecy.

As of this writing the word is out that Hollywood is producing a documentary on the life of Ronald Reagan which will be the epitome in the retarded inferences of revisionist history. When questioned, one Hollywood director remarked that "it is not my job to be concerned with the facts, I am in the entertainment business." An institution which continually preens is on track to being eventually pruned.

The public education system, in most quarters, has been a strong proponent of political correctness and all its manifestations. It has taken the 10 Commandments from its hallowed halls and replaced them with a moral vacuum, a secular numbness and a national paralysis. In too many school systems across the land there has been a dilution of the proud history of our American and western civilization. Its sins of omission and its revision of our history is nigh on to criminal. The public education system abhors competition. This is the commodity which lays bare its ineptness. The Detroit Public School system, which is amongst the worst in the country in student retention and achievement, fought with maniacal fury to keep the city from receiving a 200 million dollar gift for the building of charter schools. The gift was withdrawn. The children were sacrificed.

Political correctness as governance for controlled thought is a slippery commodity which is easily manipulated by the elitists of this relatively new socialist party. It can be changed at any given moment to meet the exigencies of the day. It is mindful of the words of a former senator who stated, "I live by my principles and one of my principles is flexibility."

Political Correctness is in itself racist for it claims the high road on freedom of thought and action. It is repressive and obtrusive. It has placed in its cross hairs a word such as racist and used it to crucify free expression. It has helped in the changing of meaning of words. Now we see that perversion is referred to as an alternative life style; depravity is now called creative self expression; adultery is freedom of behavior, promiscuity is nothing more than harmless leisure time activity and taxation is listed as investment.

The nature of socialism is in itself parasitic. It asks its disciples to feed themselves upon the work of others. Socialism is the death of the human condition and the oppressor of free spirit. It is the total submission to government as well as the precursor of tyranny. To deprecate our way of life and to embrace the philosophy of Marx and Lenin is to wallow in quick sand and believe that you're being massaged. This is basically the heart of today's democrat party as it lives and breeds dependency on government. It is through this process of conditioning and domesticating of free minds that power is built.

The democrat party today which is governed by the aforementioned elitists has unabashedly flouted a platform with which to make Karl Marx proud. Under the tutorship of Lenin it has learned how to go for the jugular. The 40 years of rule has created a disdain for the mind-set of the total populace knowing full well that anything repeated often enough, no matter how coarse, abrasive and contrary to a Constitutional Republic will eventually be believed.

Why does half our population, the disciples, support the premises and the promises of socialism?

It can be based mainly on civic and political ignorance. After having been born into it or talked into it or bribed into it the plebeian, the proletariat and the patrician classes of our country tend to be too busy trying to earn a living rather than paying attention. Thus the sheep have been dutifully bleating to the blather of their shepherds. The elitists have been depending on that and so far they have been successful. Only an awakened citizenry can dispel, derail and overthrow the goals of eventual despotism.

Today it is interesting to watch the assorted left wing wannabee presidents, all with the same message, all of the same ilk, running from pillar to post, from church to synagogue to mosque, from industrialists to farmers gleefully panting with a message as to "how much we can do for you and how much we can give you."

Lawrence Reed, President of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy in Midland, Michigan, has reminded us on many occasions that "Government has nothing to give anybody except what it first takes from somebody" and, "A government that's big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you've got."

The little Ds, the disciples, must eventually awaken to the fact that they have been supporting a juggernaut which in the recent past has determined how much water should be in their toilets; what diets they should be on; what size and type car to buy; where to live; whether the puddles in their back yards are wetlands; that higher taxes are an investment in their welfare; and it is unhealthy in our country for them to attain any degree of financial wealth since we must all be equal.

The President of the United States today is in an untenable position. He must fight terrorists from without and a terrorism of fifth column snipers from within. These so-called Americans are and have been aiding and abetting the enemy and doing everything in their power to undermine the morale of our soldiers both here and abroad. Their behavior pattern and contemporary history since Korea and Vietnam proves this.

Is there a light available which can be shed into their darkened minds? Maybe. It is said that there is no faster conversion to religion than an atheist in a foxhole and similarly there will be no faster conversion to patriotism than another 9/11.

America must be reclaimed before then.

George M. Haddad has a Bachelors Degree in Sociology and a Masters Degree in Social Administration with extensive work experience with the mentally ill. The former Executive Director - National Institute for Burn Medicine - affiliated with the University of Michigan. He is retired from the National Staff of the YMCA as a troubleshooter in financial management and administration and has worked as a management consultant to non-profit corporations. He has written frequently on medical, social and political issues and has many published articles to his credit. He currently writes from Franklin, Michigan and can be contacted at

Copyright George M. Haddad

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10 nov 2003