Do the Democrats Really Hate America?

George M. Haddad
September 30, 2003

Today's so-called democrat party is really a distribution of two parts, the sophisticated and the naive. Or more aptly, the Elitists and the Disciples as will be shown.

They have been called Leftists, Extreme left, Anti-war left, Anti-war progressives, Liberals, Liberal Democrats, Conservative Democrats, Progressive Democrats, New Democrats, Progressives, Socialists and to non-revisionist historians they have been likened to the Tories of the American Revolution who were not averse to sabotage and to selling us back to England.

The true platform of the so-called democrat party has been unfolding in an incremental manner since the New Deal days of Franklin Roosevelt and the Great Society of Lyndon Johnson until today it is unabashedly the standard bearer for the philosophy of Karl Marx with its giant aim on continued higher taxes, perpetual larger government and eroded individual and property rights. Although Lenin referred to his western world allies as "useful idiots" a more accurate description would have been "useless idiots." A review of the recent history of this alleged Democrat party is quite revealing.

Which party sided with Communist countries Nicaragua and El Salvador and protested any aid of any kind to the freedom fighters of these nations? Which party refused aid to Afghanistan when it was raided by Communist Russia. Which party gave away the Panama Canal, a project which had not only cost the American taxpayer billions in creation but also opened the door for the eventual take-over of this strategic transport maritime site by the Chinese?

Which party was responsible for sending us into a Korean and Vietnamese war without providing the necessary arms for battle to its own Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force? Which party was directly responsible for sending back a child to Communist Cuba whose mother gave up her life in order that the child live in a free society? Which party donated billions of our tax dollars to the Russians for the alleged dismantling of its obsolescent nuclear missiles while allowing it the wiggle to build bigger and better ones? Which party has continuously thrown up road blocks in the attempts to develop and research the necessary weaponry for the defense of our country in a nuclear age?

Which party was responsible for the drive to downgrade and decimate the total military force of the United States. Which party was responsible for disregarding the Constitution and allowing the debacles at Waco and Ruby Ridge? Which party underhandedly sold classified technical secrets to the Chinese and used the White House as its Merchandise Mart by selling bedrooms and gala parties for election time fund raising?

Which party detoured the final impeachment process of a president whose legacy is bemired in the most corrupt, insidious and treacherous presidency in our history? Which party was and is responsible for keeping us from drilling for our own oil and thus retaining a dependency on other nations for this crucial and possibly nation-saving commodity? Which party was obviously willing to shred our Constitution in the interest of winning a presidential election at any cost even to the extent of its own democrat packed Florida Supreme Court shunning its state constitution and the rule of law? Which party did everything in its power to negate the military votes in the last presidential election? Which party has continued to fight for gun control and for keeping the American citizen from the wherewithal of self defense. Which party is in constant attack mode on American commercial corporations and American industry as a methodology to weakening the Capitalist and Free Enterprise System? Which party is in constant programming mode for our subservience to the United Nations. An organization dominated by despotic third world countries and which numbers itself amongst the most corrupt political entities on the globe.

Which party, upon leaving the White House ransacked Air Force One, looted, destroyed and pillaged the White House? Which party castigated Bush #1 for not continuing the move into Baghdad and has been crucifying Bush #2 for doing so.

This is the party which created and introduced political correctness to the point of national paralysis. This is the party which loves the poor people because they are the easiest prey. This is the party which has fomented the concept of reverse discrimination as the answer to discrimination. This is the party which history will prove has been wrong on all counts.

It is time for the Disciple Democrats to wake up and smell the problem. Your Elitists are not your allies. The United States of America is under siege. The fact that the so called democrat party is really the Socialist Party of the United States has never been more evident. This premise is primarily due to the fact that the total liberal platform follows the cardinal principles of Karl Marx and the implementation genius of Vladimir Lenin. The scenario we saw in Florida was programmed and we saw the Socialists, for the first time, actually taking a firm stance in order to test the system and the safeguards of our Constitutional Republic.

To those who doubt, it is about time that a better acquaintanceship with Marx be made as well as reading and listening to the Liberals Political Platform. The concepts of divide and conquer as well as fomenting class envy are two of the common denominators.

It is at this point that the words of Henry David Thoreau have implicit meaning when he wrote: "There is no odor so bad as that which arises from goodness tainted."

For his 8 years Bill Clinton with accomplice Al Gore had quietly circumvented our Constitution at every turn and the rule of law had been diluted incrementally to the point where there was no longer the outrage of a once moral society. To further under gird this concern it is well to keep in mind that never before in our history had a party ever supported an individual with one hundred percent loyalty and with the credentials of being a pathological liar with a maggot morality. Thus he got away with it and the little Disciples, although well meaning and naive, could have stopped it. Instead they continued to be duped and became thus guilty parties to the sin of omission and unfathomable folly.

One of our real problems is that the last few generations have not been exposed to American history. Our educational system of the last 40 years is broken and has been responsible for that. We have history books which commit a half page to George Washington and 3 pages to Marilyn Monroe. Realistically a person will find it difficult to know where he is going until he knows where he has been. With lack of knowledge regarding our history, our free enterprise system and continued commitment to freedom and liberty, people have been much easier led. And after all, that's the primary goal towards the inception and sustenance of any totalitarian society.

A case in point unfolded in Birmingham, Michigan by the students of a private school led by their obviously Woodstock oriented teachers. As our troops were beginning the assault on Baghdad these young high school heads full of mush were allowed out of school and were picketing at the busiest corner of this community and demanding that the troops come back home. What better way to aid, encourage and abet the enemy? Their parents were unwittingly paying heavily for the indoctrination of another generation of fifth columnists not too far removed from those who sprang into prominence during the Korean and Vietnam conflicts. This is what we are breeding through our educational system in too many quarters of our nation. And paying for it. It is a grim reminder of the student who in class was asked the question "who is George Washington?" and his reply was "what position does he play?"

Yesterday, my parents came to this country because it was the land of opportunity. Today too many of the foreign born are coming here because it is the land of entitlements. The more whiners and dependents you can wean and breed the more powerful you become.

History has proven that and our present Socialists are banking on it. And again we beg the question. Which party, in the nineties, allowed over 100,000 aliens to be sworn in illegally as American citizens with the prime purpose of winning their vote?

Which party is constantly parroting upholding the alleged and mythical doctrine of Separation of Church and State and rushes to the churches immediately at the point of each election.

With all the chicanery in vogue at this moment you will not see or hear much about it in the communications industry which we jokingly call the major news media. Thank goodness for the internet, the small local papers, and the conservative TV and radio personalities or a coup d'état would have most assuredly been consummated

Even today, with our involvement in the strangest and most provocative war in our history, this party is continuing to present road blocks to the efficient administration of our leaders. We find that judicial and executive appointments cannot be made, defensive weaponry is continually being blocked, the military is under constant attack and disparagement and dependence on foreign oil is encouraged.

The attacks on our President and on the present government leadership by the Elitist democrats and liberal news media is far in excess of their concern relative to bringing Hussein, al Qaeda and the Taliban to heel. In the surge for power our own president is regarded as a worse enemy than the terrorists. This is what constitutes the democrat party of today. It is only a shell of what was once substantive, strong, valued and honorable.

There are two great oddities in motion in this present era of our history. The first is that there are so many people who actually believe that when they vote a democrat ticket they are actually voting a democrat ticket. Basically, they are not. These are the Disciples. Secondly, it is a psychological phenomenon of our time that the very industry, the fourth estate, is not cognizant of the fact that historically proven, when the Socialists gain full power it is they against whom the Socialist forces will move first.

It was the famed psychiatrist Karl Menninger who once wrote, "The extraordinary propensity of the human being to join hands with external forces in an attack upon his own existence is one of the most remarkable of biological phenomena."

Socialistic fervor under the guise of patriotism can hardly be considered being American.

We can only hope that the apathetic will cease to be pathetic and will wake up to the real danger which we are all facing at this given moment in time. In reality we are under siege not only by the terrorists but by those who claim to be patriots.

None dare call it treason.

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George M. Haddad has a Bachelors Degree in Sociology and a Masters Degree in Social Administration with extensive work experience with the mentally ill. The former Executive Director - National Institute for Burn Medicine - affiliated with the University of Michigan. He is retired from the National Staff of the YMCA as a troubleshooter in financial management and administration and has worked as a management consultant to non-profit corporations. He has written frequently on medical, social and political issues and has many published articles to his credit. He currently writes from Franklin, Michigan and can be contacted at

Copyright © George M. Haddad

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12 oct 2003