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From the TYSK Insider Newsletter dated: 12 May 2011
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If there was any doubt left in your mind that the MSM will parrot and champion of almost anything their chosen president says, his appearance at a “presidential town hall” (that is code for a staged campaign event) on Wednesday should remove that doubt. In fact, this gem was put up by CBS News – CBS News Town Hall Meeting on the economy.

On Tuesday I sent out a message, “More Oil Bull From Obama”, in which his claim that under his watch oil production was the greatest ever was thoroughly refuted with the U.S. Dept. of Energy’s own figures. Now his staffers may or may not read the TYSK Newsletter but, they certainly read plenty of other “opposition” articles and know full well that the real oil production figures are all over the Internet. So for him to continue repeating this narrative it is clear he knows darn well that no one in the lap-dog media will challenge him. Here is a portion of the transcript from his town hall Q&A session:

HARRY SMITH: And speaking of energy pro -- policy, we want to get to our first questioner. Peter Baca is here. Peter -- let's -- fire away. [Whoops! Harry almost gave away the fact that he had the script in front of him and knew BO was going to again repeat the BS about oil production.]

PETER BACA: Good day, Mr. President. The American people have seen gas prices double and in some areas triple within the last year or so. This impacts every single American today, including the likes of retailers, grocers, and such. What changes can the American people expect to see and what actions, if any, are you willing to take to relieve this growing inflation? In other words, what measures can we anticipate?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, first of all, I think it's important to -- to know that -- although -- I don't -- pump gas myself these days, (LAUGH) the Secret Service doesn't let me -- (LAUGH) we pay attention every single day to what's happening with oil prices. Because you're absolutely right, this is something that affects everybody. You know, if you're some -- somebody who works -- has to drive 50 miles a day -- to get to your job. And you're not makin' that much to begin with. And you may not be able to trade in your old car for a new hybrid.

obama_pleasedSo, you're only gettin' 12 or 15 miles a gallon. This is taking a big chunk out of your budget. And you're right, it's also affecting businesses. Because nothing affects consumer sentiment, how people feel about the economy, more than gas prices, because they see it every single minute when they're driving, right? You're -- you're passing and you're -- seeing the -- the -- the -- the prices go up -- every time you go by a gas station.

So, this is something that we've really gotta -- get a handle on. Now -- some of this was inevitable, because the economy started growing again. When the economy -- was in deep recession, everybody was using less, because folks weren't producing as much, companies were not as active -- and so, worldwide demand for oil went down. And when the economy started growing again, worldwide -- demand for oil went back up.

What's also true is the disruptions in the Middle East. Particularly in Libya, ended up having some impact. Because people started worrying, "Well, even if there's still some supply now, what's gonna happen in the future." Those are -- things that we could not completely control. What we can control is number one -- are we producing as much as we can here in the United States? And in fact, we're producing more oil now than any time since 2003. [Notice how he has added the little qualifier, “since 2003”, knowing full well that it will be completely overlooked and the message folks are supposed to take away is, “more oil now than any time”.]

So, production is actually up. [See. No qualifier is used now.]  Even after what happened in the Gulf, we're still saying to oil companies, "You can drill, as long as you do it safely. We don't want to go through another oil spill like we had -- last summer. But -- we are gonna give you permits [Only ONE permit has been issued since the BP leak – in March. It was not for a new well but, to allow drilling in an existing, formerly capped well.] if you show us that you've got a good plan for containing it if something goes wrong." The second thing -- that we can do is we can make sure that speculation and -- and price gouging isn't taking place. And so -- my Attorney General's been assigned to make sure that nobody's taking advantage of the current oil situation. And as oil prices -- on the world markets go down, we want to make sure that's reflected -- in the pump. But frankly, the most important thing we can do is to have a long term energy policy.

[CBS News Town Hall Meeting on the economy, Wednesday, May 11, 2011, at the Newseum in Washington.]

I’d like to believe that he isn’t fooling anyone but, I know better. The general ignorance of the people about things related to oil and energy coupled with the spin provided by the MSM mean the president’s snake oil sales pitch will convince an alarmingly large number of folks. That is one of the main reasons we all need to remind others we engage in casual conversation that Obama is destroying our economy and our energy supply on a daily basis.


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