My Name is Freedom
and I am very much alive

by Angel Shamaya

This is not an introduction; you already know me. This is a reminder to keep Faith. My name is Freedom, and I am very much alive.

I am the Cement between every brick in the Foundation upon which good People build their lives. I am the spark of righteous indignation against Tyranny. I fuel the deep hunger for Liberty. You know me well. My name is Freedom. The people who seek to defeat me cannot stop me any more than they could stop the fiercest tidal wave with a spoon.

I feed the rage against injustice with whispers and screams that The People will win. I unify those who love me with common threads of respect and camaraderie. And I pour gasoline on the flames that burn through oppression, for I am Freedom.

In the face of gross injustice, I am the lighthearted feeling you have which tells you this too shall pass. I am the awesome power that infuses the working class to give their precious time and hard-earned dollars to groups who nurture me. I am the feared enemy of every evildoer and the champion of every underdog, for I am Freedom.

In truth, I am unassailable. The only thing that could possibly stop me doesn't exist and never will. I am so strong in my commitment to Thrive I help single, lone people go up against entire systems bent on laying them low. I am now working diligently to bring you together with the millions of people who love Me. That is who I am, for I am Freedom.

I am the harmony you hear in the voice of Reason. I feel the same sadness you feel when someone attempts to dim my brilliant Light. Trust me, my love, they cannot dim a Star. I will outshine every petty tyrant alive without ever breaking my stride. Would you expect any less from Freedom?

I am the wail in the wind when your brothers and sisters suffer ungodly crimes. I cry hard tears when I see my loved ones lose heart. And, the pain I feel doesn't even phase me, for I know my destiny. I was never born, and I will never die. I am Freedom.

I am the melody sweetly caressing your ears when someone calls out my name, a symphony of praise, the power to raise a fist to the sky and cry YES for all that is good. This is me. Freedom. Wars have been fought in my name as long as there have been people. "Let Freedom ring," they shout, and I do. Freedom rings.

I am the Inspiration for the United States Constitution. And I am the fire that kept burning through many sleepless nights while your Founding Fathers drafted your Document. I told them to put the Second Amendment in ink, and I helped them understand why it must remain intact. The Gun Clause was an inspired act of self-preservation by Freedom.

I was never born, and I will never die. I am Freedom.
When you heard the stories of good People being maligned by bad people gone astray, I cried with you. When you feel the anger and frustration at seeing crooked politicians attempt to mislead you, I am that Fire that tells you they will fail. I am the quencher of liberty-thirsty souls and the washboard for all that is good — The People's Prizefighter named Freedom.

As you burst out laughing at the absurdity that your countrymen will ever accept enslavement, I am the one tickling you. When people persevere against unfairness through what seem like insurmountable odds, it is I who gives them comfort and the strength to press on. The nonsense and lies put out by self-serving political "leaders" seeking to do me in are a big, hilarious joke. I say, "Bring it on, you cowardly weaklings!" (Sometimes Freedom gets a little excited; it is understandable considering nobody can ever whip me!)

The media cannot defeat my awesome power; they cannot even touch me. They are a meaningless speck of insignificant dust on my windshield as I accelerate toward the Human Emancipation by which I am known. Phony, plastic "reporters" can yap all they want, their words are empty air — for they can never never ever stop Freedom. Freedom thrives on the shallow challenges these little brats offer up, and gains strength anew every moment. That is who I am. I am Freedom.

I laugh in the face of public servants who believe their illegal actions will succeed; I assure you, they will fail. I burn through every wicked web they weave to capture me with a blowtorch. Every attempt to slow me down only feeds my enthusiasm to soar. I feed magic and creativity in every heart on your beautiful planet, singing loudly and merrily, romping through the fertile fields of your mind. My only message: Freedom is here to stay, and that is the way it is.

There is something very important I want you to know from this moment forward, Sweet Angel. I will win. Freedom always wins, and Freedom will win every time. Take heart, right now and permanently. My name is Freedom, and I am very much Alive. And I am going to live Forever. The people who work to overtake me may as well give up right now and return to their natural birthright — FREEDOM. Their chances of stopping me from winning are about as good as their chances of stopping a full-scale, multiple-strike nuclear attack with their bare hands.

Freedom is just getting started.

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