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Last week, the Clinton media heralded that ´´things are returning to normal´´ now that the impeachment trial is over. And indeed this week, things are back to normal, with the unfolding of yet another Clinton scandal. Now it´s Jane Doe #5, Juanita Broaddrick, who says that Bill Clinton raped her in 1978 when he was Arkansas´ attorney general.

Mrs. Broaddrick had maintained for two decades that she was not raped. But last year, FBI agents questioned her as part of Ken Starr´s investigation, and she disclosed the incident in detail, as she subsequently did in an interview with NBC.

Asked why she did not report the incident in 1978, Mrs. Broaddrick responded with a patent post-rape reply: ´´I just didn´t think anyone would have believed me. ... I think I was in denial.´´ Now she says, ´´I feel like I have gotten the biggest weight off my shoulders. I did it because of my twin granddaughters. ... When they ask me about this in a few years...I didn´t want them asking me, ´Why didn´t you come forward?´´´

Juanita Broaddrick is no ´´Little Rock prostitute claiming Clinton fathered her child.´´ She is, according to federal investigators, a very credible witness. As NBC´s Lisa Myers told Broaddrick, ´´The good news is you´re credible. The bad news is you´re very credible.´´

Mr. Clinton´s attorney David E. Kendall says, ´´Any allegation that the president assaulted Ms. Broaddrick more than 20 years ago is absolutely false. Beyond that we are not going to comment.´´ Did he assault her less than 20 years ago? What exactly does ´´beyond that´´ mean? Perhaps Mr. Clinton is again parsing words -- in this case ´´sexual assault´´ -- and he has not been asked about the case in words specifically suited to his peculiar vernacular. ´´My counsel has made a statement...and I have nothing to add to it,´´ said Mr. Clinton, when asked for comment on the allegation.

Clinton attorney Lanny J. Davis complained about media coverage and the facts: ´´Is journalism about reporting facts or not? Where have we gone when an unsubstantiated allegation becomes a fact...?´´ Of course, it is Mr. Clinton who has led the country to the place where ´´facts´´ are irrelevant. And, ironically, a growing chorus of his media now finds Mrs. Broaddrick´s story, and those like it, more credible than anything Mr. Clinton has to say.

Additionally, despite his 60% so-called ´´job approval´´ ratings, the same percentage of Americans consistently report that they do not trust Mr. Clinton. It´s just that the public, like Clinton and his Democratic defenders, place their immediate condition of prosperity over principle. The exercise of such principles, they have been warned, places their welfare in peril. But it is our nation in peril when its people no longer trust its president.

As for Jane Doe #5, the Arkansas statute of limitation on rape has expired. Though Juanita Broaddrick has no legal recourse, she joins the ranks of now-countless plaintiffs who have charged the protagonist of ´´the most ethical administration in history´´ with now-countless acts of corruption. Mrs. Broaddrick falls among other known victims of one category of Clinton acts of corruption: sexual assault. She joins Eileen Wellstone, Carolyn Moffet, Elizabeth Ward [Gracen], Paula Corbin [Jones], Sandra Allen [James], Christy Zercher, and Kathleen Willey. Mr. Clinton is banking on the bet that America´s statute of limitation on outrage has expired.

Sexual assault -- rape and sexual domination -- is decidedly not ´´just about sex.´´ It is about power. Bill Clinton´s locus of desire is not centered on sex, but an unmitigated lust for power. In his narcissistic quest to satisfy that insatiable lust, he is doing to all Americans what he did to Juanita Broaddrick. We are the John and Jane Does of the Clinton era.

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