An Open Letter to America

The author of this Essay (who wishes to remain anonymous) is greatly troubled by how far America has fallen from the ideals which made her great. The most telling of the symptoms is the fact that the Constitution is no longer seen as the standard by which our government and its laws are to be measured, but rather, it is now nothing more than a weapon to be wielded against one's political foes. We no longer teach our children the meaning of this document. We no longer teach our children the meaning of the flag. Read his letter to the personified America, and then leave your comments. Do you agree with his diagnosis of the country's ills? If so, what is to be done? If not, what is your assessment of America's condition?

My Dearest America,

It is difficult for me to find the words to describe how much I am hurting for you right now. You have changed so. Who are you? I believe you no longer know. There is a battle raging within you for your very soul. I'm afraid for you, my precious nation.

When you were young, your ideals were clear and you were devoted to them. They were based in absolutes inspired by the God that gave you birth. Eventually these ideals were written down as a Constitution so that they would not be forgotten. They were taught to your children enthusiastically, religiously, lest they be deprived of the benefit of those ideals.

Your flag, begun as a multiplicity of flags became a unified banner. Thirteen stripes. Thirteen stars. A banner which changed as you grew. Through your horrific mistakes and your magnificent victories, this emblem was stained with the blood of millions who considered your Constitution to be more valuable than life.

The foundational ideal of your Constitution is that government is an inherent cancer which must be controlled. Above all your Constitution adamantly demands a government be limited. Your Constitution places the responsibility for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness squarely on the shoulders of your people.

The ideals which forged you, America, were faith in God, individual responsibility, character, and sacrifice. You were unique among the nations of the earth in that your political revolutions, more often than not occurred without blood. The one time it required blood was to address the sickness of slavery with which you were infected.

America, once you knew who you were.

You have forgotten.

Why do you no longer teach your children your Constitution? Enthusiastically? Religiously? Is it because you no longer consider the ideals it contains to have value? It is very difficult to cherish anything if it has no value to you. If you claim your Constitution still has value to you, then ask your people this: have they read it? Even once? Most of them will answer no. Ask them: have they studied it? Planted it in their hearts so as to know when it is being violated? Many, many more will answer no. These are the children you have not taught. They are being deprived of the benefit of those ideals. You no longer cherish your Constitution, America.

Do you teach your children to cherish your flag? How can you when you've forgotten what it represents! I defy you to find a significant number of Americans who know how to fold a flag properly. How to display it properly. When to display it. How to retire it. Those who have served under it - yes, probably so. The rest? Today, I found your flag stuffed like a rag into the rafters of a shelter in one of your parks. No, America, you are not teaching your children about your flag. Not like you should.

I can understand why. The ideals penned in your Constitution were inspired by the God of your birth. You are at war with this God. Most of your children no longer consider His ideals to be absolute truth. To your shame, you have taught them so.

Do you doubt the truth of this? Do you still claim that you value your Constitution and flag? Then please, America, ask your people...

Why, for the sake that all a free Republic holds dear, did you embrace a Socialist as president? A second time!

Why do you tolerate leaders whose character is as deceitfully black as night compared to those who sacrificed everything in creating your Constitution?

Why do you allow government to take ever increasing portions of the fruits of your labor? What does government offer you in return that you could not provide better yourself?

Why do you so desire to rely on government to guarantee your safety, your health, your retirement, and the feeding of your children? Why have you allowed government to so subtly impede your freedom to do these things, so arrogantly proclaiming that it knows how to do these things better than you?

Why do you continue to allow government to monopolize the education of your children when upon graduation from high school most of them can barely spell words like Constitution, Republic, Democracy, Federalist, Socialist, and Communist, much less define them accurately?

Why do you allow government to continue to enslave a portion of your children through the shackles of unending, motivationless, dignity-destroying handouts?

Why do you allow government to dictate that children be taught everything about sex, including how to have it, while concepts like God, morality, responsibility and commitment are outlawed?

Why do you continue to allow the murder so many of your innocent, defenseless unborn and even partially born children, while the Constitution is used to justify and rationalize such barbarism?

Why do you believe your Constitution defends pornography, bestiality, and pedophilia?

Do you really believe those who gave their lives defending your Constitution intended to die for these things?

SadSamWhy do you allow your soldiers to be sent abroad to servitude under the constitution of a different nation? A godless, humanistic constitution which they did not swear to defend. Do you even realize that they must wear America's flag in a dishonored fashion on their uniforms, subordinate to the flag of another nation? Or that one brave soldier has faced court martial for daring to wear your flag in the honored place on his uniform, as an American soldier?

America, your Constitution does not defend these things! It directly opposes them! Your flag has gone into battle to oppose them. Millions of your children have died to oppose them. And yet you continue to allow the Constitution to be used wrongly as a defense of these things. And you continue to respect your flag less and less.

Are you so intent on becoming just another socialist nation? Tally the fates of socialist nations, America. I cannot bear the thought of that happening to you.

What is it that gives a thing value? A thing is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. Ask each of your children, America, what they are willing to pay for their Constitution. Your flag represents only that value. Nothing more.

America, for the love of God ... yes, that's right, for the love of God, tell your children to read their Constitution. Tell them to study it. Understand it. Tell them that the authors of the Constitution wrote papers explaining how the Constitution was to be interpreted. These papers are referred to as the Federalist Papers. Tell them to read those as well. Your children will be amazed, America. Amazed at the inheritance which has been denied them.

Once they have read and understood, then ask them to make a decision.

If what they have read has value to them, then ask them to pick up the flag and embrace it as the emblem of something precious. Stain it with their sweat, tears, and if need be, their blood.

If what they have read is of no value to them, then you must decide how to deal with these people, America, because they will attempt to change you. They will try to turn you into that which you were born to oppose.

America, your life's blood is pumped by the heart of your Constitution. If you continue to ignore it, you will continue to grow sick. And eventually, you will die. Please listen, America. Please. I love you too much to lose you.

A son.

November 6, 1996


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