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Gun Violence

by: Kim Weissman
August 29, 1999

Well, now we have the definitive answer to school violence. According to an eminent psychologist from the Harvard Medical School, boys are shooting up schools because – they are not girls. "For some boys who are not allowed tears, they will cry with their fists or they will cry with bullets."

That’s right. According to this Harvard psychologist, raising boys to be strong and silent is promoting the outbreak of mass school shootings, and he suggests that educators foster friendlier schools, provide more counseling, and don’t forget to hug. This after at least three decades of feminizing society, teaching boys that the strong and silent role model of the John Wayne variety should be abandoned in favor of the soft and emotive Alan Alda model.

Perhaps the reality is precisely the reverse.

After three decades of teaching boys not to control their emotions, teaching boys that the proper response to any setback is not to control, but to express their anger, teaching boys that it is good to wear their emotions on their sleeves, all culminating in the election of a leader who cries at the drop of a poll and emotes every time he sees a television camera, the feminists have created what they consider to be the "ideal" man. The feminists have created exactly the type of male they wanted, and, lo and behold, they don’t like what they have created. Alan Alda has turned into Frankenstein, and the feminists are perplexed.

How can this be? Men and women are identical and interchangeable, aren’t they? A million years of genetic evolution can be swept aside by feminist social engineering, can’t it?

Perhaps the psychologist will next explain to us all why, a generation ago when the strong and silent type was the idealized male role model (and guns were far more readily available, by the way), there were no school shooting rampages. Perhaps he will then explain why the shooting rampages have started only after three decades of feminist social engineering, only after three decades of gender confusion and "values clarification", only after three decades of leftist destruction of all the civilizing societal institutions which had been evolved over generations; only after the leftist assault on religion, morality, the family, and socializing organizations such as the Boy Scouts; only after the politically correct have declared fathers to be irrelevant nuisances in children’s lives; only after three decades of the left teaching society that there is nothing wrong with the wanton slaughter of a million and a half unborn babies every year.

Thomas Sowell was more accurate than the good psychologist in his assessment of, shall we call it, the "root causes" of such school violence: the creation of "moral anarchy".

"Since the 1960’s especially, we have systematically undermined personal responsibility. … Morality has been seen as just a bunch of arbitrary hassles imposed on us by the ‘power structure.’ Most people have no idea what an all-out war against morality has been conducted in our public schools from coast to coast over the past generation. ‘Values clarification’ programs under a variety of names encourage children to create their own personal rules of conduct, independent of the traditional morality taught to them by their families, churches, and other social institutions. …The high price of moral anarchy has yet to be recognized by those giddy with these dangerous experiments with children’s minds and with the future of American society."

That Harvard psychologist, despite (or perhaps because of) his prestigious degrees, doesn’t know what he is talking about. Either that, or he himself has been so brainwashed by our feminized culture that he hasn’t the courage – another throwback to the strong and silent personality type – to see or accept personal responsibility for the monsters in our midst he has helped to create.

Sorry, sir, your leftist pals have gotten precisely what they wanted. Have the courage to accept responsibility for the damage you and they have wrought, and stop whining.


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29 August 1999