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“To take from one, because it is thought his own industry and that of his fathers has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers, have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, the guarantee to everyone the free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it.”
—Thomas Jefferson, letter to Joseph Milligan, 1816

Be wary of strong drink.
It can make you shoot at tax collectors, and miss.
—Robert A. Heinlein

"We must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our election between economy and liberty, or profusion and servitude."
—Thomas Jefferson

Great Myths of the Great Depression
Mr. Lawrence W. Reed
In this essay based on a popular lecture, Mackinac Center for Public Policy President Lawrence Reed debunks the conventional view and traces the central role that poor government policy played in fostering this legendary catastrophe.
(PDF_16 pages)     Online Link

"I just wanted to speak to you about something from the Internal Revenue Code. It is the last sentence of section 509A of the code and it reads: 'For purposes of paragraph 3, an organization described in paragraph 2 shall be deemed to include an organization described in section 501C-4, 5, or 6, which would be described in paragraph 2 if it were an organization described in section 501C-3.' And that's just one sentence out of those fifty-seven feet of books." — Ronald Reagan

"Economist Larry Kudlow and I have devised a tax burden measure we call the average effective federal tax burden on American workers. We take total combined federal income and payroll taxes paid and divide that number by total family income in the economy. This measure of family tax burdens provides a very different tax story than the fictions the media has been spoon-feeding us. The federal family tax burden has risen from 23 percent to 26.5 percent just since Bill Clinton has been president. And this level is not the lowest in 40 years; it is the highest. ...The total taxes collected from federal payroll and income taxes has almost tripled since the start of the Clinton era."

Cato Institute's Stephen Moore [from The Federalist, 9 May 2000]

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7nov15 The New Flat Tax: Easy as One, Two, Three
J.D. Foster, Ph.D.
The current tax system discourages saving. It discourages investment. It discourages entrepreneurship. It causes decision makers to misallocate the nation’s resources, limiting productivity gains, wage gains, and the nation’s overall level of international competitiveness. And, it is far, far too complicated. The New Flat Tax is the remedy.
17feb13 Helga's Bar
A dummies guide to what went wrong with the economy
15nov11 Obsessive Housing Disorder
Nearly a century of Washington’s efforts to promote homeownership
has produced one calamity after another.

Steven Malanga
The ideal of homeownership has become so sacrosanct, it seems, that we never learn from these disasters. Instead, we clean them up and then – as if under some strange compulsion – set in motion the mechanisms of the next housing catastrophe.
15sep11 Rethinking Bastiat and Broken Windows
Amity Shlaes
Frederic Bastiat argued to officials, legislators and anyone else who would listen in Paris that September: smaller government, more freedom for individuals, and fewer grants to interest groups. That might yield a more stable economy and so a more stable France.
29jun05 Oil Prices: Cause and Effect
Alan Reynolds
Why is crude oil so expensive? Why does it matter? The price of crude didn't rise from $12 in early 1999 to nearly $60 because the world suddenly ran out of oil. On the contrary, the world supply of petroleum has risen 10 percent since then.
30jul04 Socialism is Evil
Walter E. Williams
What is socialism? We miss the boat if we say it's the agenda of left-wingers and Democrats. ...The essence of socialism is the attenuation and ultimate abolition of private property rights.
14jan03 Are You Rich?
Maybe You Just Don't Know It

For individual American taxpayers, rich appears to be a subjective, elusive and ever-changing condition, dependent on a variety of factors, including income, expenses, net worth and even state of mind.
27oct02 Some Fundamental Insights Into
the Benevolent Nature of Capitalism
George Reisman
By the "benevolent nature of capitalism," I mean the fact that it promotes human life and well-being and does so for everyone.
24aug01 Ten Deceptive Myths About Social Security,
The Budget and the Economy

Daniel J. Mitchell, Ph.D.
Rather than debating forthrightly about how fiscal policy can get the economy moving, politicians from both parties are squabbling about which side's fiscal agenda will "raid" the Social Security surplus.
5may01 Tea Party, Anyone?
Our patriot Founders cast off their government after its imposition of a tea tax exceeded the limits of their endurance. But tax protest is no longer so easy as dumping crates into Boston Harbor.
3feb01 This Just In: Price Controls Cause Shortages
The only fact of nature operating here is the hard-and-fast rule that whenever you come across a screw-up this big, you know the government is behind it.
23oct00 Stock Market Bull Clinton
Recall that Item Number One of the republicans' much maligned Contract with America was to force a balanced budget through a Constitutional amendment, which Clinton adamantly opposed.
14jan00 The Washington Shuffle
Working with the GAO, Sen. Fred Thompson identified $210 billion of federal overpayments, erroneous payments, and wasteful practices. This figure is limited exclusively to the executive branch.
10dec99 The Death of Social Security: A Modest Proposal
Social Security, a program whose assets have been arrogated by unscrupulous politicians over the years, should be privatized. But how does one go about accomplishing this commendable goal?
1nov99 Federal Reserve System - Banking Fraud
Private central banks, including our FED, operate not in the interest of the public good but for profit.
31oct99 The Oncoming Monetary Collapse
The reason why we have fiat money and not gold-as-money is that gold-as-money is incompatible with the ability of banks to create money out of nothing.
30oct99 The Real Story of the
Money-Control Over America
When we can see the disastrous' results of an artificially created shortage of money, we can better understand why our Founding Fathers, insisted on placing the power to "create" money and the power to control it ONLY in the hands of the Federal Congress.
27feb99 Saving Social Security


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