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metrication (mèt´rî-kâ´shen) noun
Conversion to the metric system of weights and measures.

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TYSK opposes the forced implementation of the metric system on the American populace on three basic levels:
  • practicality
  • functionality
  • culturally

The purpose of this Department is to educate others on the sometimes invisible hands attempting to co-opt our present American standard, commonly called Imperial, measurement system and the issues and effects such a radical change would cause.

Please read on and learn how something so seemingly trivial as how we measure a room for a new carpet can deeply affect your life, your safety, and your freedom.

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INTRODUCTION - Why this is a subject to be concerned about.

NEW 17sep2021:
The U.K. Left the EU, and Now It's Inching Away from the Metric System Too

Metrication 101 - Consider this a primer on the various aspects of converting to another system for our measuring needs. Each area is briefly discussed ... a good starting point.

Metric-land - So the metric system works just fine? Read the real-life experience of an American in Denmark with her fiancée and his family. The writer uses a light-hearted style to pin-prick the metric-Marxists' false claims.

Trouble with the metric system - Let's go 'down under' and build a tool shed. We'll try the metric system first. Another real-life adventure into the metric-Marxists' utopia. Highly recommended.

Metrication and Architecture - The problem with the metric measurement as applied to architecture is that it violates three important parts of architectural composition/design: Proportionality; Ergonomics; Cognitive Reducibility.

Metrication in the News - Most mistakes and mishaps directly related to the usage of the metric system are immediately covered up. This is only natural. You wouldn't want to advertise that you wasted material due to miss-measurement or damaged something due to faulty conversion would you? Yet, publicly funded and high visibility projects occasionally get caught in the media glare. See the tip-of-the-iceberg in these news-making stories.

Planning a Lunar vacation? - The Artemis Project is preparing for just that. A privately financed commercial venture to establish a permanent, self-supporting manned lunar base. Since this is a non-governmental endeavor and the efficient use of investors' funds is paramount to its success — practicality, functionality, and quality far outweigh the "one-worlders" desire for a common (i.e. metric) system of measure. 

Measure for Man - An essay by A.F.Whillock in perfect British form. Measurement should be made for man, not man for measurement. If the undoubted efforts expended developing the metric system had worked with more scientific and socially acceptable material, considered at the start, we would by now be employing sets of measures that were unifying links between all levels of use instead of barriers that metric alone often becomes.

Metrication and the UK Building Industry - No one seems to have asked yet; has it worked? is everyone happy with it? is it easier, as the metricators claim, or is it harder? is it better than the traditional system or worse?

Give Them an Inch... What Britain Really Thinks About Going Metric - A comprehensive, scientific survey of British citizens, from all age brackets, on the issue of going to the metric system.



Inch Perfect

The Impact on civilization



So what is wrong with metrication? For decades now we've been told that the metric system is the measurement system of the future and that only xenophobics are against its full implementation. Its advocates promise it will cure everything from the difficulties of manipulating fractions to improving our nation's trade deficit. In fact they have been promising this for so long it has become a mantra of the elitist media and academics. Yet, so far, it has failed on all its promises in nearly every venue where it has been forced into usage.

Many people are unaware of the behind-the-scenes efforts of the metric-Marxists to have the metric system forced into usage. Only when something happens that catches the fleeting glare of headlines is the average person even made conscious of the on going tug-of-war between Imperial and metric measurement.

Recently just such an event occurred. The $125,000,000.00 NASA space probe to the planet Mars became a total failure when the speeding satellite smashed directly into the red planet instead of making an observatory fly-by. Why? Because one group of scientists working for a sub-contractor made their calculations in metric notation and another group used those calculations to program the trajectory and thought the numbers were Imperial ... which is the standard for the U.S. Space Program. [read news story] [NEW follow-up news story]

Nothing like a $125 million oops to grab headlines. Certainly the spin (no pun intended) from the metric-Marxists will follow the same pattern used by their fellow-travelers in government. It will go something like this —

If only ALL of the various contractors had been working in metric this error would not have happened. In order to "encourage" such a change the government should sponsor and fund a program to reach full usage of the metric system within X-number of years throughout the United States.

Sponsor means force, either directly or indirectly through bureaucratic regulation, the metric system down our collective throats. And fund means the taxpayer - YOU - will pay for all the agencies and government employees required to implement the government's "sponsorship". Got the picture?

Of course the obvious will remain unstated. If the elitists had not pressured many of the private companies working under government contracts to switch to the metric system in the first place, no such error or misunderstanding could have occurred!

The purpose for this TYSK Department is to examine the ramifications of such a goal and to educate those not familiar with this issue.

Your author has been exposed to the metric system since junior-high school in the 60's and has utilized it for calculations in the electrical and engineering fields ever since. So I am not unfamiliar with it nor am I "afraid" of it.

However, I am strongly opposed to its forced usage or it replacing the current American Standard system now in use in this country. Fortunately I am not alone in this opposition. While you might expect other Americans to be at the forefront of this effort you would be wrong. As is often the case, most Americans are oblivious to the oncoming locomotive.

The strongest and most visible opposition comes from other nations where the metric system has been forced upon the public by their respective governments! Here you will find links, articles, and organizations from the United Kingdom, Australia, France (yes, home of the metric system), and others.

Hopefully we can learn from their experiences and prevent such a catastrophe from happened in this country. By being aware we can derail the train! Back to Contents



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