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16nov11 After CLASS, Is Granny Headed to the Ice Floe?
Long-term Care is Fastest Growing Medicaid Expense

John C. Goodman
Like Social Security and Medicare, the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports (CLASS) program was designed to collect “premiums” during employees’ working years and spend the money immediately – with no saving and no investment.
23oct10 Stopping A Global Killer – Malaria
National Geographic
It begins with a bite, a painless bite. The mosquito comes in the night, alights on an exposed patch of flesh, and assumes the hunched, head-lowered posture of a sprinter in the starting blocks. Then she plunges her stiletto mouthparts into the skin.
9aug09 Health Care Policy and Freedom
Welcome to The Heartland Institute’s Health Care Policy Issue Suite, a comprehensive resource for people who support a free-market approach to improving the nation’s health care system.
17may09 Single Payer: Why Government-Run Health Care Will Harm Both Patients and Doctors
Robert A. Book
The establishment of a "single payer" health care system would inevitably result in lower payments for physician and other health care providers. The immediate effect of having a single ("stingy") payer would be lower incomes for physicians and a reduction in the supply of active physicians, thereby impairing access to health care for all patients.
28jun08 Founding Father of Canada's Socialized Medicine Rejects the Monster He Helped Create
What would drive a man like Castonguay to reconsider his long-held beliefs? Try a health care system so overburdened that hundreds of thousands in need of medical attention wait for care, any care; a system where people in towns like Norwalk, Ontario, participate in lotteries to win appointments with the local family doctor.
16sep07 The Ugly Truth about Canadian Health Care
David Gratzer
Socialized medicine has meant rationed care and lack of innovation. Small wonder Canadians are looking to the market.
20jun03 SARS and the Bureaucratic Creep of
"Public Health"

David Boaz
Bureaucracies are notoriously unwilling to become victims of their own success. So, true to form, the public health authorities broadened their mandate and kept on going.
10sep01 New Research Indicts Ritalin
Kelly Patricia O’Meara
The outcome of this research was so surprising that team leader Nora Volkow, a psychiatrist who is associate laboratory director for life sciences, told the media that she and the team were “shocked as hell” at the results. “The data,” explains Volkow, “clearly show that the notion that Ritalin is a weak stimulant is completely incorrect.”
29aug01 Journal of the AMA:
Ritalin Acts Much Like
Advanced research has answered a 40-year-old question about methylphenidate (Ritalin), which is taken daily by 4 million to 6 million children in the United States: how does it work? The answer may unsettle many parents, because the drug acts much like cocaine.
6aug01 Why Democrats are so Angry
Neal Boortz
The Patients' Bill of Rights was never about new private health care rights for patients. It was all about moving the United States closer to nationalized – government-controlled – health care.
1jul01 Medical Malpractice
Kim Weissman
Contrary to their own inflated egos, however, the fact of having graduated from medical school does not automatically make doctors experts in social science, statistical analysis, Constitutional law, or history.
24jun01 Medical Control, Medical Corruption
In law, a profession with much freer entry, some lawyers get rich, others make middle incomes, and others have to go into another line of work. But thanks to almost a century and a half of AMA statism, even terrible doctors get lavish incomes.
22may01 Socialized Medicine in 10 Easy Steps
Merrill Matthews Jr., Ph.D.
A host of new programs show how Republicans unwittingly lead the political parade toward increasing government control of health care.
30apr01 Canada Proposes Increased Privatization
of their Socialized Medicine
"The logical argument here is if the private sector can deliver better, cheaper, safer, more effective health care than a public sector deliverer of that public health care, then we should at least have the courage to look at that."
30apr01 Doctors' Group Wants to Mix Medicine, Gun Warnings
The next time you get a checkup, the doctor might be checking your holster along with your temperature, and some in the medical community say that's just not right.
16apr01 PC, M.D.: How Political Correctness
Is Corrupting Medicine
Sally Satel
In the course of expanding the purview of public health to encompass the quest for social justice, the academic elite are warping the indispensable mission of their profession: the practical, here-and-now prevention of injury and disease.
29mar01 Disarming Questions
Jacob Sullum
The absurd idea that physicians are authorities on anything that can cause death or injury reflects the arrogance of a cartelized profession whose members flaunt their power as official gatekeepers, restrict competition with the government’s help, and routinely substitute their judgment for that of their customers.
28mar01 Boundary Violation: Gun Politics
in the Doctor’s Office
Timothy Wheeler, MD
Social activists are taking their war on gun ownership to a new battleground: the doctor's office. Does your doctor care about your family’s safety? Or instead, does he use your trust and his authority to advance a political agenda?
6jan01 Asthma Attack - The Unexpected Cause Of a New Epidemic
Our modern, clean, and relatively disease-free environment leads to increased susceptibility to asthma.
5jan01 The Trouble with Medicare
Both major political parties cater to the interests of the elderly; both favor more federal spending and government care, differing in nuance rather than substance.
26dec00 Too Clean For Our Own Good?
New hypothesis blames hygiene for allergy boom
24mar00 Snags In Canada's Healthcare
Canada needs to rely on America
for medical services that it can't provide.
18mar00 The Vaccination Parade is all 'For The Children'
We're told the government does these things "for the good of the children," of course. I Wonder if little Karissa Demery will grow up believing that.
27feb00 Preferred Treatment Proposed for Poobahs
When the government is in charge of doling out access
just see who moves to the head-of-the-line
11feb00 DMV Doctoring - Government Controlled Healthcare
Britain's system, a mix of government/private providers,
has a waiting list for services of 1.5 million
11feb00 Britain's Sorry Record
Under Socialized Medicine
Experts say the National Health Service has for years been administering "Third World cancer care" in Britain.
28jan00 Canadians Dissatisfied With Socialized Medicine
Premier Ralph Klein has proposed American-style,
for-profit health care for Alberta, Canada
20jan00 Few Canadians Would Recommend Their System
as a Model for Export
"There is not a day when the newspapers do not talk of the health crisis," ... "It has become the number-one problem for Québécois and for Canadians."
19jan00 Health Horror Stories from North of the Border
The waiting list for an MRI is so long that one man recently reserved a session for himself at a private animal hospital which had such a machine.
He registered under the name Fido.
9jan00 Heart Transplant Raises Questions
Canada's socialized health care system has age limits for potential transplant patients or organ donors.
7jan00 Feds Set to Crack Down on Hospital Giving Services Free
There used to be a substantial number of such free hospitals, but only a handful are left — to some extent because of the medicare rules.
15dec99 Canada Rethinks Its Medicare
Many affluent Canadians simply jump the queue by traveling to the US for treatment at their own expense.
"The key is a properly managed waiting list." This incredibly bureaucratic assessment of the problem is typical. Instead of solving the problem of waiting lists, manage the lists better!
5dec99 Doctors Deadlier Than Guns
The National Academies Institute for Medicine concludes that the U.S. health care system has some serious flaws


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