"Ignorance gives politicians a free hand to exploit the politics of envy.
Our education system creates a growing surplus of that ignorance."
— Walter E. Williams

schools, education, freedom, self-government
"Give me the children, I will give you a nation."
"When an opponent declares 'I will not come over to your side', I calmly say
'Your child belongs to us already. What are you? You will pass on.
Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp.
In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community."
— Adolph Hitler (1939)


"A general State education is a mere contrivance for molding people to be exactly like one another; and as the mold in which it casts them is that which pleases the dominant power in the government, whether this be a monarch, an aristocracy, or a majority of the existing generation; in proportion as it is efficient and successful, it establishes a despotism over the mind, leading by a natural tendency to one over the body."
— John Stuart Mill, 1859

"In one century we went from teaching Latin and Greek in high school to offering remedial English in college."
— Joseph Sobran

An entire generation of children has been indoctrinated into mind-sets that resonate with hedonistic socialism. When these children come of age, what choices will they make? What will be their view of government? When they assume positions of leadership, how will they change America? The well-publicized 1983 report, A Nation at Risk, concluded with this dire statement: "The educational foundations of our society are presently being eroded by a rising tide of mediocrity that threatens our very future as a nation and a people."
Translation: There is a basic incompatibility between self-governance and a dumbed-down citizenry. — Linda Bowles

– Important follow up Information –
Two decades after the release of A Nation at Risk, the Koret Task Force on K–12 Education, a joint endeavor of the Hoover Institution and the Koret Foundation of San Francisco, has released, Our Schools and Our Future … Are We Still at Risk? [PDF] Far from stemming the rising tide, the task force points out, the recommendations of the National Commission were only selectively adopted. The resulting reform was more symbolic than substantive, and the declines, shortcomings, and inadequacies in public education so starkly set forth in A Nation at Risk have continued to accumulate.

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Hillsdale College Launches '1776 Curriculum,'
Promoting 'Honest History' in K-12 Classrooms

The Hillsdale 1776 Curriculum, according to the school's website, provides an entire lesson plan that covers the American founding and the Civil War for students in kindergarten to grade 12, as well as complete civics and government courses for middle and high school students. It also contains homework assignments, quizzes, tests, study guides, and supplementary primary and secondary resource recommendations for teacher and student use.

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In depth analysis by Prof. Edward Feser
Why Are Universities Dominated by the Left?
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The Opium of the Professors


Frequently Asked Questions about
Education in America

The average per-pupil expenditures for public, elementary, and secondary schools have nearly doubled, rising from $3,931 in 1971-1972 to $7,524 in 2001-2002, in constant dollars. The average private school tuition, according to a 2003 study, is $4,689.

— The Academic Bill of Rights —

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22dec21The Kitchen Militia --
The Renewed Line of Defense for Education

Tom DeWeese
The alarm sounds throughout the countryside. As the alert is heard, one by one, two by two, the patriots respond. They are a loosely organized, ragtag band, without official leaders or official orders. Some gather in small groups, others work alone. But, armed with an overpowering idea of truth and an urgency to protect their children, they are determined to expose and drive back their foe.
7jun21 Critical Race Theory: What It Is and How to Fight It
Christopher F. Rufo – Imprimis, Hillsdale College
Critical race theory is fast becoming America's new institutional orthodoxy. Yet most Americans have never heard of it – and of those who have, many don't understand it. It's time for this to change. We need to know what it is so we can know how to fight it. In explaining critical race theory, it helps to begin with a brief history of Marxism.
15oct20 1619 Project -- The Left’s Final Assault on America
Scot Faulkner
The 1619 premise is: “Our democracy’s founding ideals were false when they were written.” Everything that happened in American history flows from the “original sin” of slavery. Every concept, document and institution that shapes and guides America was actually designed to promote slavery and therefore must be eradicated to atone for centuries of racial oppression... To succeed, the 1619 Project must ignore mountains of facts and fabricate mountains of lies.
26apr19 How Colleges Are Ripping Off a Generation of
Ill-Prepared Students

Walter Williams
Earlier this month, the 2017 National Assessment of Educational Progress, aka the nation’s “report card,” was released. It’s not a pretty story. It’s grossly dishonest for the education establishment and politicians to boast about unprecedented graduation rates when the high school diplomas, for the most part, do not represent academic achievement. At best, they certify attendance. Fraudulent high school diplomas aren’t the worst part of the fraud. Some of the greatest fraud occurs at the higher education levels -- colleges and universities.
27aug18 Dem Socialists Pushing to Infiltrate Schools Because
'They Can't Win in the Battle of Ideas'

Radio host Michael Knowles said on "Fox & Friends" that Democratic Socialists are urging Socialists to become teachers because they can't win a "fair fight." A pamphlet by the Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA), in conjunction with the Democratic Socialist Labor Commission, outlines a push for socialists to "take jobs as teachers" as a way to move teachers unions "in a more militant and democratic direction."
Get the 11-page DSA pamphlet
2apr18 How A Generation Lost Its Common Culture
Patrick Deneen, Ph.D.
My students are know-nothings. They are exceedingly nice, pleasant, trustworthy, mostly honest, well-intentioned, and utterly decent. But their brains are largely empty, devoid of any substantial knowledge that might be the fruits of an education in an inheritance and a gift of a previous generation. They are the culmination of western civilization, a civilization that has forgotten nearly everything about itself, and as a result, has achieved near-perfect indifference to its own culture.
7dec17 K-12: The Schools You Deserve
Bruce Deitrick Price
Thomas Jefferson declared: “The government you elect is the government you deserve.” Wouldn’t the same go for a school system? If you select it, you must deserve it. Plato said an early version of what would later be attributed to Edmund Burke: “The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” Albert Einstein put it this way: “The world is in greater peril from those who tolerate or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it.” In education, we have a startling amount of tolerating and encouraging.
12mar16 Can Our Colleges Be Saved?
Should There Be National College Exit Tests?

Victor Davis Hanson
The public is steadily losing confidence in undergraduate education, given that we hear constantly about how poorly educated are today's graduates and how few well-paying jobs await them. The cost of college is a national scandal. Collective student loan debt in America is about $1.2 trillion. Campus political correctness is now daily news. How could higher education be held accountable and thereby be reformed?
13sep15 History, American Democracy, and the
AP Test Controversy

Wilfred M. McClay
The chief purpose of a high school education in American history is as a rite of civic membership, an act of inculcation and formation, a way in which the young are introduced to the fullness of their political and cultural inheritance as Americans, enabling them to become literate and conversant in its many features, and to appropriate fully all that it has to offer them, both its privileges and its burdens.
8jun15 I'm a liberal professor, and my liberal students terrify me.
Edward Schlosser
The student-teacher dynamic has been reenvisioned along a line that's simultaneously consumerist and hyper-protective, giving each and every student the ability to claim Grievous Harm in nearly any circumstance, after any affront, and a teacher's formal ability to respond to these claims is limited at best.
16may15 24/7 Public Schooling Breeds Goosesteppers and
Cultural Orphans

A. Dru Kristenev
Every time an education advocate, particularly one who is not a classroom teacher such as Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, suggests that taking children under the wing of government for fulltime supervision is a good idea, hackles should rise. There is only one reason to oversee education as a never-ending training camp: to pattern students’ thinking according to approved government standards, which means compulsory assimilation.
31aug14 ObamaCore: 'Why Johnny [Still] Can't Read'
The Systemic Dumbing-Down of America

Mark Alexander
In 1955, TIME magazine published a cover story, "Why Johnny Can't Read," an early indictment of post-war centralized government education institutions, which were graduating students who couldn't make the grade... Arguably, federal government diktats regulating state and local government schools have resulted in a progressive and systemic dumbing-down of generations of young Americans. Indeed, Johnny still can't read.
24feb13 John Dewey: Bosom Serpent of American Education
Kelly O'Connell
In considering modern liberal plagues, are there any worse than America’s debased “free” education system? John Dewey, patron saint of American education, ruined our school curriculum while adamantly rejecting religion yet touting of secular humanism. The American education system is built from a model designed by Dewey, one which rejected the classics, any emphasis on rhetoric and logic, or rote memorization.
22feb12 Department of Education:
Catholic Schools Beat Public Schools

Terry Jeffrey
When students take standardized national tests, students from some schools outscore students from others. In the most recent round of National Assessment of Educational Progress tests, which are administered by the U.S. Department of Education, the winners were indeed indisputable. Catholic schools thrashed public schools. It wasn't close.
4apr11 "Girlie Man" Culture of Government Schools
The notion that gender egalitarianism is central to the education process has caused dire consequences to Western Civilization. If proponents really sought political, social and economic equality between the genders, one might examine their claims with a sense of impartiality. However, the record of a feminized construct clearly demonstrates that equivalence is not their intention.
27dec10 What's Happened to Public School Curriculum?
Phyllis Schafly
The most widely used history textbook in U.S. public schools is “A People's History of the United States”. This history textbook is a very leftwing version of U.S. history, full of multicultural, feminist, and class-war propaganda. It is based on the thesis that America is not a republic but an empire controlled by a few white men.
10oct10 Fair Trades
Christopher Orlet
You would think with all the quasi-socialists on urban school boards, members would be more worker friendly. In my day, socialists used to hold scholars in contempt, while glorifying the proletariat. I never thought I'd say this, but I miss those days.
15mar10 They Spend WHAT?
The Real Cost of Public Schools – 44% More than Reported

Adam B. Schaeffer
Although public schools are usually the biggest item in state and local budgets, spending figures provided by public school officials and reported in the media often leave out major costs of education and thus understate what is actually spent.
10feb10 Daddy’s not a dinosaur, Mama’s not a moron
Judi McLeod
Moms and Dads thought that their children were safe in class as they set out to work each day.  Little did they know that Daddy was being portrayed as a dinosaur and Mommy a moron by a system bent on indoctrinating rather than educating the young.
7nov09 How Teachers Are Poisoning Our Children
Jim O'Neill
On their official web-site, the NEA is currently promoting the radical anti-establishment doctrines of Saul Alinsky.  The NEA is actively, and openly, advocating the overthrow of capitalism, free enterprise, and conservative (read that , pro-American) values.
15feb09 Education or Edjukashun?
Alan Caruba
There are two great threats facing America today. One is the vast ignorance of our history and of the way we govern ourselves, and the other is the growing numbers of functionally illiterate Americans.
18may08 The Nightmare We Call Our Schools
Alan Caruba
The greatest complaint of parents with children in today's school is that they are factories for indoctrination of values that run contrary to their own "old-fashioned" views. It is doubtful still that parents have any idea how bad the situation is in their local schools, even if their children attend those in prosperous suburbs.
28jul07 Saudi in the Classroom
A fundamental front in the war.

Stanley Kurtz
Unless we counteract the influence of Saudi money on the education of the young, we're going to find it very difficult to win the war on terror. I only wish I was referring to Saudi-funded madrassas in Pakistan. Unfortunately, I'm talking about K-12 education in the United States.
28jul07 A Chronology of School Choice in the U.S.
Independence Institute
School choice predates American nationhood. Until the mid-19th century, families chose from among a variety of autonomous schools and home schooling. Gradually, tax-funded government schools displaced independent schools leaving only the wealthy able to exercise true choice – able to afford tuition as well as taxation. (PDF)
2apr06 Public Education Against America
Marlin Maddoux Manuscript Found – Published!

Rev. Austin Miles
It is the most thorough, fully documented inside-look at the public school system yet to be published. Every parent in America should read this book to learn what the government schools are actually teaching their children.
6may05 American Education On A Slippery Slope - Part III
George M. Haddad
Schools like rubber bands can be stretched too far. They are into everything in the life of the child and neglecting the justification for their existence.
27apr05 American Education On A Slippery Slope - Part II
George M. Haddad
We have overwhelming evidence that American Education and parents are flunking their assignments. Unfortunately as the floor is caving in from the rot we are haphazardly attempting to save it by utilizing chewing gum and Elmer’s glue.
25apr05 American Education On A Slippery Slope - Part I
George M. Haddad
When [the teachers] decided to become unionized they inadvertently switched from a profession to a trade. They had unwittingly become collectivists. They transferred a once proud profession from a strong partnership to an adversarial position with parents.
14apr04 The Destruction of American Education
Alan Caruba
Would that we could “tweak” the entire education system in America and make it work again. The reality, however, is that the thing is broken. It doesn’t work.
18sep03 Self-Esteem v. Self-Respect
Margaret L. Snyder
When American students are compared to students of other countries the only category in which they come out on top is…self-esteem. In other words, they don't know nearly as much as they think they do.
25aug03 Educating for Ignorance
Alan Caruba
It is no accident that in the same time period since the 1960s as our educational system has been undermined we have seen our society undergo ugly changes.
31jul03 Johnny Can't Add but
Suresh Venktasubramanian Can

Fred Reed
In 1999, the National Academy of Sciences released a study noting that over half of U.S. engineering doctorates are awarded to foreign students. Where are Smith and Jones?
26may03 Educating Anarchists
Alan Caruba
It is ominous, indeed, that the widespread use of mind-altering drugs coincides with the rash of school-related violence seen in recent years.
9may03 Poison Textbooks
John LeBoutillier
Besides the well-documented 'indoctrination' that goes on in classrooms all across the country, the PC leftists and America-haters have also taken over the content of most textbooks used in elementary and high schools.
13apr03 The Failed Education 'Reforms'
Tom DeWeese
The school "curriculum" today is 100 percent behavior modification, not academics. To the system, students are intended to be properly trained human resources.
11apr03 Contradicting CAIR's Spin:
The Islamic School Book Controversy

Paul M. Weyrich
Even before 9/11 there were Americans concerned about Islam and that its most devout followers would bring harm to America. A reading of these textbooks should certainly make more Americans aware that Islam is a religion that will be slow to change its ways.
6mar03 Government Schools have U.S. on the
Fast Track to Third-World Status

Bob Ellis
We have to do something radical to fix our education system in America. I'm not the first to say it, but if a foreign enemy had done this kind of damage to our educational system, we would be up in arms.
22dec02 The Truth About the G.I. Bill
Thomas J. DiLorenzo
It made the centralization of education possible for the first time in American history. That in turn opened the door to the ruinous politicization of higher education that has marked the past half century.
15sep02 What The Heck Is The Alinsky Method?
Albert V. Burns
Lay, or community, participation in the decision making process, for the education of our children is an illusion – in fact lay citizens are being squeezed out.
9jul02 Specious Science in our Schools
Alan Caruba
In science classes, in courses about history, civics, and throughout the perverted curriculum of our nation's schools, our children are being indoctrinated, not educated, to hate America, its economic system, and its values.
6jun02 The Art and Science of Irrational Education
Diane Alden
What is important is to recognize that the entire educational establishment, the philosophy behind it, is coming out of the same cesspool of thinking that gave rise to fascism and Nazi Germany and Lenin and Stalin.
12jun02 Government-Mandated Immorality and
Self-Esteem in Public Education
Patrick Mallon
An intelligent child, conditioned to feel good, when there is nothing earned to feel good about, loses his center, his integrity. His instinctive decision-making pattern and thirst for knowledge and challenge then disconnects from reality.
21may02 Anti-Social Studies
Kay S. Hymowitz
"Though most states require some history credits for certification, judging from the courses that fill today's college catalogues, your child's fourth grade social studies teacher is more likely to know about 19th-century lesbian writers than the Constitution."
3may02 Weakened Culture, Weakened Schools
Phillip De Vous
If we are serious about reinvigorating the social and cultural institutions of the West, we need to understand the spiritual crisis that is at the heart of many of our educational institutions.
6apr02 History of America's Education Part3:
Universities, Textbooks and Our Founders
April Shenandoah
"Suppose a nation in some distant region, should take the Bible for their only law-book, and every member should regulate his conduct by the precepts there exhibited!… What a Utopia; what a Paradise would this region be!" John Adams, Feb.22, 1756
27mar02 History of America's Education Part2:
Noah Webster & Early America
April Shenandoah
Most education was done by the home or church. This is where the ideas and character were implanted in our founders. Such training produced one of the greatest group of men - in thought and character - of all time.
22mar02 History of America's Education Part1:
Johnny is in trouble
April Shenandoah
Johnny is in trouble - not because he is playing hooky from school, but because he is attending school. Some of the most negative influences that young people can face today are found in public schools.
8mar02 Public Education versus Liberty:
The Pedigree of an Idea
Public education as we know it grew from a desire by 18th century monarchs to mold more malleable subjects. Pupils were not primarily supposed to learn reading, writing, arithmetic or anything else, but were meant to become obedient citizens.
25jan02 Our National Education System:
A $49 Billion Disaster
Alan Caruba
We now have an education system in place designed to take control of children even before they enter the school system and to insure that everyone will have to conform to its dictates until they are in the grave.
24nov01 Is Boston University Historian Really a "Peace Professor"?
Charles A. Morse
Given the record of communism in the twentieth century, with over 100 million people liquidated, and given Zinnīs lengthy record of support for communist causes, itīs quite clear that when Zinn speaks of peace he can only mean the peace of the grave.
16nov01 Public Education Not Patriotic
Don Feder
Feeling patriotic? Support public education. That's the totally disinterested message of Sandra Feldman, president of the American Federation of Teachers.
7oct01 The Subversion of Education in America:
A Special Four-Part Series

By Alan Caruba
7sep01 The World's Most Unselfish Act
Karen De Coster
"If you don't homeschool your kids, that's your choice. However, keep your empty-headed slurs to yourself, shut your mouth, and put these folks on a pedestal, because they deserve it."
3aug01 Teacher's Pets
William McGurn
Those of us who have long dismissed the National Education Association as a tool of the Democratic Party have been badly mistaken. Apparently it's just the opposite. As documents now sealed under a judge's order indicate, it's the Democratic Party that is the tool of the NEA.
15may01 Why Parents and Taxpayers have No Say in Education
Tom DeWeese
The concerned parent addressing the local school board has no power to influence any decision, nor do the taxpayers who must ultimately pay the costs of an educational system everyone agrees is failing to prepare students to read, to write, to master the basic elements of arithmetic and mathematics.
15may01 America's Glorious Educational System:
Radical Lessons
Only when the educational system becomes an extension of the traditional family will it again become a positive cultural reflection, and return to educating, leaving socialization to the families.
1may01 U.S. Schools are the Real Killers
The fact of the matter is that most U.S. public schools today are intellectual and moral wastelands. The result is an explosive mixture of nihilism, narcissism, ignorance, and resentment.
29apr01 The American Crisis
So we have come to the present dismal state of knowledge in our nation, and that is the real crisis that faces America — not some phony environmental 'crisis', not some overpopulation 'crisis', not some arsenic-in-the-water 'crisis', not some too-much-money-in-politics 'crisis'.
9apr01 Close the Department of Education
Vin Suprynowicz
The federal Department of Education operates no schools, and educates no children. Public schooling in this country got along just fine for more than a century before the department was created in 1979 by President Jimmy Carter.
8apr01 Poor Readers Have Gotten Worse,
U.S. Study Shows
The widening gap between the best and worst fourth-grade readers underscored the failure of a multibillion-dollar government investment to raise the woeful performance of the nation's lowest achievers, federal education officials said.
19mar01 Prison-like Schools Breed Violence
Dr. Thomas Szasz
By turning schools into virtual prisons and tools of social control, says Dr. Szasz, we've created environments that breed boredom and frustration and are bound to drive a small percentage to violent acts.
18mar01 Educrats Declare War On
Remaining Parental Rights
The presumption in America today is that our children belong to the state. The state allows those children to remain "out on loan" to their natural birth parents only so long as you meet all the government's requirements.
17mar01 It's Time To Look At
How Our Teachers Are Trained
To those who embrace [the radical] agenda, Western civilization is something to be scorned rather than understood and perpetuated. American history is taught as a sorry record of injustice and oppression of minorities. The diversity of human thought and experience is reduced to a set of crude variations on the theme of racial, ethnic, class, gender and homophobic bigotry.
15mar01 The Success Side of American Education
Walter Williams
It's generally agreed that American primary, secondary and, increasingly, undergraduate education is a failure. But that assessment depends upon just what evaluation criteria is chosen.
10mar01 A Painful History
Thomas Sowell
There is a large body of literature by education gurus – going all the way back to John Dewey in the early 20th century – urging schools away from their traditional role as conveyors of an intellectual heritage toward being "agents of change" in society.
4mar01 "Outcome Based Education" Has Replaced Information Based Education
The harsh truth about the subversion of the nationīs schools has not been a Democrat or Republican program. It has occurred no matter who was in office or who controlled Congress.
20feb01 The "Fix" That's Destroying
Education In America
Parents and politicians must stop believing the Education Establishment's propaganda that says teaching a child in the twenty-first century is different and must be more high tech than in days past. It simply isn't so.
4feb01 Illiterate America
About 40% of college grads take no courses in English or American literature and nearly 31% have never taken a math course. More than 56% can't calculate the change from $3 after buying a bowl of soup for 60 cents and a sandwich for $1.95.
2nov00 The Great American Textbook Scandal
In the intensely lobbied textbook selection process in states like California, intellectual content takes a back seat to salesmanship, political correctness, self-esteem for the students and the need to dumb-down lessons so that one product can capture a large market.
8oct00 Glorification Of Ignorance
"One trend that bothers me is the glorification of stupidity, that it's all right not to know anything...". — Carl Sagan
30aug00 Why Jonny Cant Rede
There are problems we can't solve, like AIDS, and problems we won't solve. Education falls into the second category.
30aug00 A Teacher's Lament
Let me see if I've got this straight, Mr. Clinton and my fellow Democrats; You want me to go into a schoolroom full of kids, and fill their every waking moment with a sense of being nurtured, and a love for learning.
24aug00 Workshop Wonderland – Who's teaching the teachers?
Jerry Jesness
[Many] workshops are misguided, or foolish, or actually dangerous, should the ideas they present fall into the hands of teachers or administrators naive or ignorant enough to take them seriously.
10aug00 Just A Matter of Time
The public wants and expects the "Three R’s" to be taught while the education establishment is interested primarily in "molding" the young minds entrusted to their care in favor of "social adjustment and ideological indoctrination."
4aug00 Could They Really Have Done it on Purpose?
The public schools cannot be reformed because they're not failing. They're succeeding beyond all expectations at precisely what they're supposed to be.
16jun00 David and Goliath Revisited –
Will California Outlaw Homeschooling?
In a battle over power and money, California officials are targeting homeschoolers with truancy laws.
14jun00 Home Schooling Spells Success
The winner of the 2000 National Spelling Bee explains
what the life of a home schooled student is like.
10jun00 8th Grade Final Exam – 1895
Unearthed and passed on to me by a reader, herewith is the
8th Grade Final Exam from Salina, Kansas – 1895.
17may00 Too Late to Save Public Education
Private enterprise is going to have to take over the job of educating America's youth. The village idiots who have been running the village for their own aggrandizement have left no alternative.
15may00 Teachers Tax
Once this new Teachers Income Tax opens the floodgates of dedicated school funding, you might as well try to block the Hoover Dam spillways with a spoon.
10may00 Genocide In The Classroom
As happened under the Nazis and Communists,
once a race or class is assigned collective guilt, all protections fall away.
20apr00 The Rise of the American Empire
No amount of reform will solve the educational and social problems of public school since the schools were designed to create these very problems.
14apr00 Education Reform? The Devil's in the Details
Mindful of Ronald Reagan's words, "You can't control the economy without controlling the people," Bill and Hillary Clinton have found the way to control the economy by controlling America's schoolchildren.
22mar00 How Hillary Sold Out School Reform
They were concerned that if they failed everyone who deserved it, they would have to fire a politically unacceptably high ratio of the teachers.
27feb00 Their True Colors
A man whose job is supposedly to promote learning, actually holds that allowing parents to set up tax-free IRAs for expenses related to educating their children offers "little or no practical benefit"?!
24feb00 Rights You Won't Learn About in Public Schools
The Constitution does not even mention the word education,
let alone empower the government in this area.
12feb00 Orwellian Education
The most radical, social engineering schemes this side of the New Deal
8feb00 Money Isn't the Solution to Illiteracy
30 to 40 percent of urban children can't read at all and
more than 50 percent can't read at their grade level
28jan00 How Government and Public Schools
Subvert Homeschooling and Private Schools
18dec99 Homeschooling and the Myth of Socialization
"These are the same people who give Ritalin (a very strong narcotic) and other drugs to schoolchildren, in place of discipline."
21nov99 Mosaic 2000
However well intentioned Mosaic 2000 may be, the use to which it will be put by this administration is guaranteed to be political. And extreme.
30oct99 Success Concealing Failure
While Americans won the lion's share of Nobel Prizes again this year, not one of these winners was actually born in the United States.
27oct99 Flogging the SATs
The soft bigotry of low expectations
16oct99 Kids With Character
We are finally realizing that we as a culture have failed to inculcate in our children the standards such as respect, responsibility and caring that are required of a virtuous people
15oct99 Teens Want Parents To Offer More Guidance
The study found evidence that sex education actually encourages teens to explore sexual activity
14oct99 The Creation Of Senseless Violence,
Psychiatric Drugs, And Kids Who Kill
The rise in senseless violence in America is date coincident with the increased use of mind-altering drugs.
7sep99 The Abolition of Man
by Tony Snow
With such idiocy abounding, education is ripe for revanchist rebellion.
18aug99 Back-to-School 1999
LOTS of LINKS for further research included with article!
12jul99 Redeclaring Independence
High schools and colleges today barely even pretend to teach America's contributions to the cause of liberty throughout the world.
Court Bans Bizarre Curriculum in
New York Schools

"It isn't the court decision that's so remarkable; it's the evidence of what was actually going on inside the schools."
The Incredible Shrinking Parent
Too many families have abdicated much of the responsibility for their children to their government school.
"School Choice Could Help Alleviate Violence"
It's no coincidence that school violence is mostly a problem of public schools.
What College Tuition and Fees Are Paying For!
"In academic argument, I have noticed, the radicals almost always win, even though they rarely constitute a majority. Conservatives usually don't care enough to take a strong stand against them."
Bilingual Education in California
"Senor, what do you have to do to get into your school?" they asked. "The schools don't teach my children English."
Homosexuality in Schools
"Ninety-eight percent of parents out there have no idea what's going on in their schools. We know we've got a problem when they prosecute you if talk about God anywhere near a school, but it's OK to teach students that anal sex is an acceptable method of birth control."
The Dumbing Down Of America's Colleges
"Maybe the reason why young people can't write good English is that so few colleges teach writing any more. In 1914, nearly all universities had required courses in English composition; by 1964 the figure was 86 percent; today, it's only 36 percent."
Today's Quiz
Evesdropping on a contemporary classroom.
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Policy Inst.

Independence Inst. Education Policy Center

American Policy Center

Eagle Forum Education Center

School Choice without Vouchers

Koret Task Force
K-12 Education

Exposing the transformation of American culture through education

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

National Association of Scholars

Education for a Free Nation

Alliance for the
of School
and State

Factoid – Points by which the average SAT score of a home-schooled student
exceeds that of other U.S. students : 81
(Harper's Index)

International Test Scores

Math and science offer the only common basis for comparing American schools to the rest of the world. Other subjects vary from one country to another. Results of the Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) involving a half-million students in 41 countries are authoritative.

The infamous
Marc Tucker Letter
as entered in the Congressional Record by Rep. Bob Schaffer (R-CO)
on Sept. 25, 1998.
"Dear Hillary: I still cannot believe you won. But utter delight that you did pervades all the circles in which I move... "
Early Childhood Development/Learning
"The Children's Bill of Rights"

Links take the reader through but some of the material on the "early childhood brain development/early childhood learning" war being waged on the American family.
The Intelligent Student's Guide
to the New World Order

What is the New World Order?
How does it affect YOU?

The Public School Nightmare

"Lesser" men would be unable to interfere with policy makers because, while they could still complain, they could not manage sustained or comprehensive thought. Well-schooled children cannot think critically, cannot argue effectively."

The Delphi Technique

Combating The Delphi Technique


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