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for the week ending 11 February 2018

 Admin. May Block Permanent Residency Requests From Visa Recipients Who Receive Government Benefits

(Wash Examiner) — The Department of Homeland Security has drafted a proposal that would negatively affect legal immigrants' chances of attaining permanent residency in the U.S. if he or she used public benefits prior to applying for that status, according to a report published Thursday afternoon.

The proposed new rules would allow U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services officers to consider an applicant's reliance on taxpayer-funded benefits, including food assistance, government pre-school programs, utility bill subsidies, and health insurance premiums.

The proposal states a person would be deemed a "public charge" if he or she relies on "any government assistance in the form of cash, checks or other forms of money transfers, or instrument and non-cash government assistance in the form of aid, services, or other relief."

Acting DHS press secretary Tyler Houlton said any change to current policy would stay within the law and is only meant to safeguard taxpayers' money. "The administration is committed to enforcing existing immigration law, which is clearly intended to protect the American taxpayer," said Houlton.
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Journalist Calls For Profs To Drown
Conservative Students – I'm Not Joking

(Campus Reform) — A liberal journalist and podcaster declared in a Twitter exchange Wednesday night that professors should drown conservative students instead of just grading them harshly.

Jesse Farrar, a former contributor for Deadspin and Vice, made the comment in response to a tweet from conservative activist Charlie Kirk calling attention to the anti-conservative bias in college classrooms.

"I get countless of messages from students who say professors are lowering their grades & penalizing them for being conservative," Kirk remarked in his original tweet.

"Leftists dominating higher education represent a grave threat to our country & culture, he added. "Conservative students shouldn't be targeted for disagreeing."

Farrar took issue with Kirk’s position, facetiously tweeting that “it’s not right” for professors to grade conservative students harshly because they “should hold the conservative students['] heads under water until they stop breathing, instead.”
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Man Tells Undocumented Immigrant To
Stop Peeing At Bus Stop, Gets Stabbed In Neck

WHEATON, Md. (WJLA-ABC7) — An undocumented immigrant urinating in public used a box cutter to repeatedly stab a man who had merely suggested he pull up his trousers and use a proper restroom, police say.

On Nov. 30, around 11 p.m., Montgomery County Police were dispatched to the Wheaton Metro bus turnaround along Georgia Avenue. Upon stepping out of their cruisers, officers saw a man with stab wounds and bloody slashes to his neck, face and stomach.

That victim, plus an uninjured eyewitness, pointed officers toward Salvador Gomez-Lopez, 46, who was allegedly drunk and belligerent. The two men explained that Gomez-Lopez was relieving himself in plain view of fellow bus passengers. When the victim questioned his actions, Gomez-Lopez reportedly reached into his backpack and grabbed hold of a razor-sharp box cutter.

What followed was a physical tussle that landed both Gomez-Lopez and the victim on the cold bus stop pavement.
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 Denmark Poised To Ban Islamic Full-Face Veils

(Independent) — The Danish government is poised to become the next European country to introduce a ban on Islamic full-face coverings in public places. The government said it planned to fine people who wore items including the burqa and the niqab which are worn by some Muslim women.

Under the proposals anyone found covering their face would be fined 1,000 kroner (£120), or up to 10,000 kroner (£1,200) if they are repeatedly caught.

"It is incompatible with the values of the Danish society or the respect for the community to keep the face hidden when meeting each other in the public space," Justice Minister Justice Soren Pape Poulsen said.

"With a ban, we draw a line in the sand and establish that here in Denmark we show each other trust and respect by meeting each other face to face," he said.

The restrictions have been supported by the Danish People’s Party – which the minority ruling coalition government depends on to push through legislation.
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'Sea Hunter,' A Drone Ship With No Crew,
Just Joined The U.S. Navy Fleet

DARPA Sea Hunter(Digital Trends) — A prototype autonomous ship known as the Medium Displacement Unmanned Surface Vehicle (MDUSV) has officially been transferred to the U.S. Navy from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) after a two-year testing and evaluation program. Named "Sea Hunter," the Office of Naval Research will continue to develop the vessel from this point forward.

Although there's no specific timetable for when the Sea Hunter would join active naval operations, the statement from DARPA indicated that it could happen as early as this year. The anti-submarine warfare vessel could be the first of an entirely new class of warship.

"[Sea Hunter] represents a new vision of naval surface warfare that trades small numbers of very capable, high-value assets for large numbers of commoditized, simpler platforms that are more capable in the aggregate," said Fred Kennedy of DARPA. "The U.S. military has talked about the strategic importance of replacing 'king' and 'queen' pieces on the maritime chessboard with lots of 'pawns.'"
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USS Michael Monsoor 'Exceeds' Specifications
In Acceptance Trials

(UPI) — A next generation destroyer named for a Medal of Honor recipient successfully completed acceptance trials, the Navy announced on Monday.

The Navy's Board of Inspection and Survey reviewed the USS Michael Monsoor and its crew on Feb. 1 in order to evaluate the ship's construction and compliance with Navy regulations.
USS Michael Monsoor DDG-1001
Many of the ship's onboard systems and processes "exceeded Navy specifications," the Navy said.

"DDG 1001 performed exceedingly well during acceptance trials," Capt. Kevin Smith, DDG 1000 class program manager, Program Executive Office Ships, said in a press release. "The industry and Navy team worked together to incorporate lessons learned from DDG 1000. The trials once again demonstrated how truly powerful and exceptional these ships are."
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Prosecutors: Mom Stabbed 2 Children To Death
In 'Ritualistic Incident'

BROCKTON (CBS) — A Brockton mother killed two of her sons in a "ritualistic incident," prosecutors said in court Tuesday.

Latarsha Sanders was arraigned on two accounts of murder after her two young boys were found dead in a Prospect Street apartment.

Police said the 43-year-old acted alone when she stabbed her five-year-old and eight-year-old sons multiple times. The eight-year-old boy was stabbed as many as 50 times, said prosecutors.

According to court documents, family members told investigators that Sanders had practiced Voodoo. The District Attorney did not confirm that the deaths were Voodoo related.
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Man Arrested After Burned, Chopped Up Body
Found In Cypress Park

CYPRESS PARK, Calif. (FOX 11/ CNS) — An arrest has been made in connection with the death of a person whose burned remains were found near a Home Depot in the Cypress Park section of Los Angeles, police said Tuesday.

Investigators said they believe the victim, whose name has not been released, had been chopped up and transported in a suitcase on a Metro Gold Line train from a shuttered Pasadena restaurant where the victim was killed and dismembered.

Officers responded to a report of a body on fire at 1:53 a.m. Thursday at 2055 N. Figueroa St., according to an officer with the Los Angeles Police Department's Northeast Division.

Arson and homicide detectives were summoned to the scene, police said.
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 Bermuda Repeals Same-Sex Marriage

(UPI) — Despite a Supreme Court ruling last year authorizing same-sex marriages, Bermuda's governor approved a bill reversing the right of gay couples to marry.

Governor John Rankin announced Wednesday that he signed into assent the Domestic Partnership Act, which was passed in December in the British territory's House of Assembly and Senate.

The new act defines "domestic partnerships," instead of marriages, for same-sex couples, though Rankin said the rights of couples in domestic partnerships won't differ from those who are married.

"The Domestic Partnership Act permits any couple (heterosexual or homosexual) to enter into a domestic partnership and gives same-sex couples rights equivalent to those enjoyed by heterosexual married couples; rights that were not guaranteed before the passage of this Act," Rankin said.
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 100's Die In Germany Each Year Due To Risky Masturbation Practices; Famous Celebs Included

(The Local [de]) — Across the Bundesrepublik, 80-100 people accidentally die each year due to risky masturbation practices where a lack of oxygen in the search for sexual satisfaction is the most common reason for death.

Just before the turn of the new year, a man in Hesse was found dead in his cellar. According to investigations carried out by the Hanau public prosecutor's office, the man had suffocated.

Authorities reported that he was found with chains tied all around his body, including his neck, and that there were no indications of external violence; the assumption is that he suffered from an autoerotic death. Bild newspaper had reported that pornographic images were also present when his body was discovered.

The search for the ultimate orgasm through depriving oneself of oxygen is the most common reason for autoerotic deaths, according to forensic examiner Harald Voß.
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